Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why can`t we be Friends?

Well friends, we couldn`t have gotten off to a better start, did you catch the Bill Good/John Horgan interview today, it was fantastic, Horgan bettered Bill Good by a country mile, the callers were very receptive to John and Good had no luck trying to rattle him....

A caller asked about a BC Rail inquiry and slapped Bill Good with some sass, then Horgan took over  the interview and it quickly turned into man against boy, not in as much as authoritative against the weak but Horgan knew the file and was sharp where as Bill Good was throwing around tired old rhetoric..Cue-up the Audio Vault, the segment was between 9:30 am and 10:00 am, ...You know the routine, cue up January/12th/2011, 9:00am, fast forward to 9:34 ish, the good parts are near the end of the segment....I really don`t know how long Bill Good can maintain his position on no BC Rail inquiry and his insistence that there was a complete trial and all the evidence was seen, it really is pathetic, we have Philip Til, Michael Smyth, John Macolm, everyone of cknw`s radio voices screaming for an inquiry and than there`s Bill good, what an embarrassment to the station!

The race is on and one thing is apparent, whoever wins for the BC Liberals has a major problem, that problem is BC Rail, everywhere the NDP leaders go, wherever the Liberal leaders go the question of BC Rail is asked, it`s not going away especially when you have the NDP leaders hammering the drum on an inquiry, eventually......

Eventually the BC Liberal leaders will be forced to concede to a BC Rail inquiry, or at least one or two will promise an inquiry but I guarantee that promise is never kept by a Liberal,......I kinda been arguing with BC Mary about the inquiry, as much as I respect Mary for being the end all of everything BC Rail, which she is.......By the way folks,  nothing new has come out from Tsakumis or the 4 warrants released in the big dailies that Mary, Ross, Teileman and others didn`t know years ago....

My argument with Mary is political, Mary wants only facts to prevail, no partisan sniping, Mary wants politics completely removed from BC Rail and the inquiry, but as I have said, there will be no meaningful public inquiry unless the NDP takes power, that statement is not political but fact, the BC Liberals have been screaming fast ferries, fudget budgets and doom and gloom of the 90s for a decade and all of a sudden everything should be ignored because the Liberals are wanting to play nice, lets be positive, BC Rail, nothing to see move along ....Sorry Mary, that`s not real life, even....Even the Justices are political......Let me give you one example, Gore versus Bush..

Remember 2000, the Florida ballots, the pregnant chads, the punch cards, Al Gore got robbed of the presidency, the recount was getting closer everyday, ultimately the supreme court of the US decided the case, the Justices`s voted 5 to 4 in favour of Goerge W Bush....The smartest judges in the world(maybe) and the decision went 5 to 4...The 5 Republican appointed judges voted Bush, the 4 Democrat appointed judges voted Gore...Right down party lines, life is political....

I have to say I am very disappointed in AGT, I reached out to him only to get treated like crap, not just me but Mary, Laila, Robin Mathews, all other bloggers, .....I`m glad you are the king of bloggers Alex, too bad you have zero class, bragging about all your scoops, all your readers, BC Mary posted a hundred plus scoops, Ross K connected dots like the scientist he is, Teileman and others attended court day after day while you did nothing but report on a few memos of data, nothing new just more confirmation of the facts that were already out there, in fact the release of the 4 warrants in the Province newspaper shed more light than did your memo`s...

As I said, the memos are self serving, I believe a lot of what Basi said is true, but I also believe they(Basi/Virk/Clark/Kieran/Bornmann/Campbell/Mclean/Kinsella) were dirty for years,  memos for Basi was probably a standard practice for years, talk code leaving yourself an out, after all, it`s on the record he took bribes for years, perhaps the lawyer of record could elaborate, did Basi have years worth of memos or did Basi only have these memos?

kinsella, Gordon Campbell, the Clarks and David Mclean, those are the players in this game that need to take the stand, everyone else are bit players under orders from those first two names.

Don`t get me wrong AGT, your contribution is appreciated but no more than Ross K`s, Mary`s, Koot`s, Robin Mathews`s, Teileman, Citizen reporter, North Van Grumps, even me, I wrote a few stories on the matter, well before you even touched BC Rail, and as much as Bruce Clark, Christy Clark, Bornmann, Kieran, Basi, Virk, Kinsella, are up to their eyeballs in corruption there are only two people to blame, the big blame, Gordon Campbell and David Mclean...They masterminded the whole deal, a corrupt, rigged bid under the noses of a corrupt BC Liberal Government, the dirty rats were all playing, those in the Liberal party who weren`t playing were looking the other way while the theft occurred...But let me be perfectly clear, without citizen journalists the BC Rail case would have died before Tsakumis even looked at it...

As for scoops, a quality journalist doesn`t have to advertise their scoops or their popularity, in fact, AGT also claims that all the internet blogs that reported on BC Rail are about electing the NDP and nothing to do with BC Rail, well Mr. Tsakumis, the only blog that falls into that category is me and let me tell you this....This is the people`s blog, we fight the good fight and as for electing NDP....Horgan will be premier, your man Falcon  is cooked, every BC Liberal is cooked.....

Now as for me, I`m not even a card carrying NDPer, you were a member AGT of the BC Liberal party, the biggest crimes in BC history have been committed by Campbell Liberals, debt has tripled, P3s bills everywhere, resource sector reeling, you elected the crooks, not me, ......If a third viable party came around perhaps I would support them, BC First, REFED, Conservative, whoever, but one thing I know for sure, the Gordon Campbell Liberals are crooks and thieves and they must be removed from office, for to allow them another term is condoning their sins and giving license to commit more crimes, they must be removed....

Lastly, Millennium development, Kash Heed, John Les, elections BC, Jack Mintz, Marc Jaccard, Hoggan and associates, scoops come and go, we`ve had our share, good reporting, quality posts, we try, sometimes we hit home runs and other times it`s a struggle, class and respect are to be earned, you Mr. Tsakumis are failing, at least on earning any respect, .......Meanwhile AGT, you aren`t trying to elect BC Liberals, Federal Conservatives or NPA members are you?, ......That`s what I mean about respect and class....Those qualities can`t be taught to some.

I have watched all the leaders, the game is over friends, Horgan will be premier, there is an aura around Horgan, the man speaks with a clear decisive voice, he`s respectful, honest and a straight shooter, the BC Liberals have flamed out, they are all linked to Gordon Campbell, none of the Liberal wannabe leaders can make another first impression, Horgan is a man among little boys and girls, it`s called destiny...

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Alex is letting his ego get in the way. I agree that the BC Rail giveaway has been reported for years. Just because he is now listening doesn't change anything. This awakening has been a long time coming and years to late. The theft happened a long time ago and just now we want to call the cops?

Anonymous said...

Hate to bother you for no reason--but i can't find that Horgan interview anywhere.

Grant G said...

I just tried the vault, it works for me....Click the link in the post....Click the one that bring up the date...January 12/11...Then click the other side for the hour...9:00 am...Fast forward to 9:34...Listen through to 10:00 AM

jaydee said...

John Horgan is the most well-informed honest, well spoken of any candidates heard to date. He is a class act and honest, knew his facts on everything on 'NW and spoke openly and honestly about his plans for a better B.C. What a guy, the best I have heard in many years, including all of the parties.

Well down Mr. Horgan you are the absolute best. Keep hammering away on your policies nobody can better what you say and how hard you have worked on Energy and looking after your Constituency who are all thrilled to have you as MLA. Wish we could be so lucky. With Hogg in my riding he was just one of the Campbell puppets and agreed only with everything that dictator Campbell said and did. He had no time for his constituents nor did he ever say what WE wanted. This is a classic example of the best of the best, Horgan, and one of the worst of the worst, Hogg, and the best of the best bloggers, Grant G......wish I was in the Juan de Fuca Riding.

Grant thanks for making Horgan more well known to me and many other people as well. You have done an excellent job keeping us informed and again I thank you and Horgan for giving us someone to vote for.

I joined NDP again and donated and told them it was only because I need to help elect Horgan, he is the best guy ever. Would really like to see you sign up to vote Horgan. I was surprised to see in your post that you haven't done that. HA HA HA, I'll be more than happy to pay your memebership and make a donation on your behalf if you are so inclined, as my thankyou gift for all that you have done for us.

I get excited just thinking about you winning the leadership and finally leading the party into a future of democracy and returning B.C. to the people.

Although I am far from your riding and can't vote for you as Premier John Horgan...nice sound to that...I would love to help your run so if there is anything I can do from Surrey (south) to help out please contact me through Grant G or my email address which you can get from Grant if you accept my offer and I can be of help. Maybe phone campaigning for your leadership vote, or door to door or whatever it may be.


Anonymous said...

Alex (Puff Pastery)Tsakumis has shown what a bad blogger can be all about. He is a johnny-come-lately. It seems only what he says is the truth... bull. There has been many more truths by all the bloggers, and if AGT doesn't like you, he smears you with half-truths. He is a good lieberal for sure. Grant don't stop. At least your letters are from real people, not friends and made up replies. Best wishes sir

Kam Lee

BC Mary said...

Hi Grant:

I didn't know we were having an argument. And don't you hate when people try to decide what you're thinking - and then get it wrong?

You sure got this wrong, where you say
My argument with Mary is political, Mary wants only facts to prevail, no partisan sniping, Mary wants politics completely removed from BC Rail and the inquiry, but as I have said, there will be no meaningful public inquiry unless the NDP takes power, that statement is not political but fact, the BC Liberals have been screaming fast ferries, fudget budgets and doom and gloom of the 90s for a decade and all of a sudden everything should be ignored because the Liberals are wanting to play nice, lets be positive, BC Rail, nothing to see move along ....Sorry Mary, that`s not real life, even....Even the Justices are political......Let me give you one example, Gore versus Bush..

You're giving me Life Lessons ... and you get it wrong? Well, let me say again: I haven't changed. My focus is on BC Rail which, in my view, is the key to all the Campbell corruption.

After the unbelievable shut-down of the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial on Oct. 18, 2010, everyone (including me) went into overdrive ... and the BCRail trial hit the streets. It seemed obvious that we might get closer to the TRUTH via a Public Inquiry into all aspects of the BC Rail sale. Not the $6million bribe in isolation, but the whole deal.

When Campbell decided to resign (more or less), the general focus shifted. Mine did not. I still believe that if we unlock the doors to how BC lost its publicly-owned railway, we'll have the key to unlocking the whole corrupt Campbell regime. So I stayed focused on BC Rail.

It was soon apparent that Big Media would jump in and talk, talk, talk about what Christy said, What Kevin did, what George wanted, etc etc., all amounting to hot air but keeping people distracted from the real issue: Campbell corruption and BC Rail as key to that clean-up job.

But you say "Mary wants politics completely removed from BC Rail and the inquiry". That's not only ridiculous, it's a downright stupid thing to say. On The Legislature Raids, I've been archiving Campbell corruption for the past 5 years ... 1,800 postings recording it all.

Wouldn't you say that we're pretty much in agreement on this?

Grant G said...

Actually Mary...I`m arguing with myself..."Me good, you bad"

That`s life...We will have to agree to disagree Mary, I`m not the enemy Mary...I`m not taking the bait...Good Day

Anonymous said...

Why are you wasting bytes on personal issues with AGT? Currently, his site is playing a useful and important role, along with BC Mary's, Tieleman's, yours....

So what if he's full of himself and wants all the credit? When the history of this chapter of BC Politics is written, the names of the journalists who persisted and uncovered things will be consigned to bibliographies.

For better or worse, it won't be AGT or any other blogger that's nominated for next year's Websters.

Do you really want him to like you?

Grant G said...

Jean...I may or may not re-new my membership in the NDP party...

I had my reasons for letting my membership lapse(Carole James)..

I give everyone a voice here, yes, Horgan is my choice because he has shown class and the ability to engage the public...

I also am troubled with..."Should journalists/writers become connected to any party"

Then there are people like Baldrey whose wife works for the BC Government, Sean Leslie`s wife working for PAB, or the hilarious statement from Bill Good yesterday("I am not a BC Liberal")....Bill Good reminds me Richard Nixon!

I will weigh my options

Grant G said...

No...You are right, who WOULD want to be compared to AGT(Not Me!)...

One more thing BC Mary...Unless a BC Rail inquiry goes whole hog "Political" the railway will be gone forever, no one will ever see a jail cell..

Tho howls of "Political witch hunt" will be heard through out the legislative halls...It will have to come to that before any light gets shined in those dark dank corners!

I have faith in people, none of the process...

"Let`s have a political witch hunt"

Don F. said...

I really enjoyed listening to John Horgan setting Bill Good straight on why the need for an inquiry!
How can a man [Bill Good}procurer of such a narrow mind be in a position such as he is? This is part of what is so radically wrong with our province, the lack of foresight or the ability to reason, the man sounded drunk to me or perhaps on some pretty potent medications?
There is come division between the main bloggers for sure but that is to be considered a healthy thing, egos and different methods of working will enter every situation and especially one of such great importance.We have to find a way to achieve a common goal but that doesn't mean we all have to love each other.
I am impressed with what I am seeing and hearing from Mr. Horgan, i would like to see him debate with the likes of Christy Clark or Falcon, it would be over in mere minutes!
This roller coaster doesn't seem so treacherous to me anymore as the days move forward and the entry of Mr. Horgan to the ride seems what is needed to bring some sanity to it all. Interesting days ahead.
Thank you Grant for is and every post!
Don F.

Anonymous said...

My vote will go to the party, willing to wipe out the corruption in this province. The sale of the BCR, was corrupt and an election lie. We would like to see Campbell in prison, where he belongs. The HST wasn't on Campbell and Hansen's radar, another election lie. The BC HST, which we were forced to pay, goes directly to Harper, and does nothing for the BC citizens. I do understand, the terrible mess Campbell has made, of our beautiful province, is going to be a hell of a job to fix. A lot of the damage, can't be fixed. Another big problem for BC is Harper. Campbell works for Harper. We must remember, Harper's part in the forced HST onto the BC people, come Federal Election time. I was in disbelief when, Harper chastised the BC people, blaming us for Campbell's resignation. Not one word, what Campbell has done to the people. Campbell is full of, hate, spite, malice, and so vindictive, his sanity is suspect.

John's Aghast said...

STOP IT!!! This is not a pissing contest! I really don't give a Rat's Ass who did what - as long as we all pull TOGETHER for the return of BC Rail to the rightfull owners and the perpetrators of this scam are behind bars.
And one of them has an Order of Canada? I believe. Maybe it should be 'Steve Fonyo-ized'.

I went from believing GC did the right thing - government shouldn't be running railroads, to maybe there IS something amiss here; but it will all come out in the trial; to ABSOLUTE indignation and FURY! You bet. Steal from me, that's one thing. But steal from me and then rub my face in it AND CHARGE ME $6 MILLION FOR THE FACE WASHING!! You sir, have overstepped the boundary and I will not rest until you've faced the consequences.

So, stop the bickering, at least until we've reached our common goal. Then you can step forward and collect your awards and accolades.
Thank you, Ladies & Gentlemen

ron wilton said...

Amen John.

Anonymous said...

Jean above posted and said: "
Although I am far from your riding and can't vote for you as Premier John Horgan...nice sound to that...I would love to help your run so if there is anything I can do from Surrey

My understanding is every member can vote for the leader:

Memberships have to be received by the 17th of January.

Grant, even if you don't vote, can you provide your readers with the web site addresses for all those running for leader (or just John's if you prefer :)

Hard to find if you don't know the specific address.

We have gotten numbers of calls from different candidates making sure we're signed up.

Grant G said...

Look at the John Horgan House section..

Your answer is there.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Grant! People bitch and moan about you all the time, but you are a great force for change and betterment in BC. I'm not a great writer and can't crank it out like you do, but if there is a way that I and people like me can make a difference in this election, if you have any ideas on how we who want a change from neocon to humanity in how our province is governed, you might write a column on that. I'm just asking you to marshal your resources in the name of a better future for BC.
Also, I would like to share with everyone a video, the link to which was posted on a site in Kamloops or somewhere; which is a couple of KIDS who have stripped the mystery from how our debt works both federally and provincially. I have wondered about why we pay interest to private banks when we have a national bank (owned by us) which is just sitting there largely unused. It wouldn't be important except that that is where a LOT of our tax dollars go. The government says 'Oh well, it goes to pension funds and Canadians buy bonds and yada yada...' but they don't go into how much just goes to rich investors/banks which are foreign owned.
One last thought: Although there is all this media spotlight on election and a change of leaders, I don't believe that with the current political climate the Liberal Crime Family is going to call an election any time soon.

Anonymous said...

I wrote this to AGT and present it here because Alex will never publish it:
Oh great and private school educated Alexis (mi coronel, mi sarjento, me presidente) when are you going to come to the point? Any point, we're not fussy. You could talk about public debt and private profit, you could talk about the egregious campaign laws here which allow foreign capital to control local politics, you could actually talk about the corruption which led to a private corporation (CN) financing a provincial party (the Liberals) with the express purpose of buying the public railway for pennies on the dollar. You could talk about how the Liberal government literally gave away BC Ferries resources (the fast ferries) in order to get re-elected when they had right in front of them a study from an engineering firm which advised that that very firm could convert the fast ferries to the use for which they were intended for the price of 45 million dollars. That’s all three ferries, old chap; instead of which the Liberal Crime Family decided to spend 540 million on ferries from a government subsidized shipyard in Germany when that work could very well have stayed right here in BC and benefited everyone who lives here.

I’m sorry, but you try my patience with your private school shtick and I wonder if you even have a point beyond info-tainment for a bunch of intellectually challenged groupers right out of a Dostoevsky novel.
Change, my friend, will come and pass you by, still practicing your private school accent on the world which engulfs you. I would go further, but anyone with imagination can make their own picture.

Paul said...

Bill Good Show - Wed Jan 12 - 9:00 - 10:00 AM (news and commercial free MP3)

John Horgan interview @ 17:44 of the podcast.

Listen or download (17.5 MB)