Tuesday, January 18, 2011

British Columbia to Lose 15,000 More Jobs next Month Because of the HST!

 The HST Illusion, now you see jobs, now you see them all vanish!

It amazes me at times what stories grow legs and actually gets reported by a pathetic BC mainstream media.

Today all the BC Liberals leaders were selling themselves to the BC Chamber of Commerce,  who should the Chamber endorse, Clark, Falcon, Abbott,......Every BC Liberal today said to the Chamber of Commerce that they fully endorse the HST, all of them, the Chamber of Commerce wants the HST and the BC Liberal leaders want the HST and who do you think the Liberals will listen to?....The public whom they have disrespected for a decade or the Chamber of Commerce who have had their every wish granted...

Can you imagine, big business through the courts tried to kill the hst petition, the BC Government sat back and let Geoff Plant and big business try and stifle Democracy, Craig James and Phil Hocstein have conspired to sabotage the Ida Chong recall through intimidation and scare tactics, as well as Elections BC delaying the start by over a week, the Recall of Ida may fail, but be rest assured the recall of Don Mcrae in Comox , Terry Lake and Donna Barnett will succeed, the whether is warming up and recall teams will be better prepared.....Hocstein, Big industry, the BC Chamber of Commerce all want the hst at the expense of the  struggling middle-class, every BC Liberal not only endorsed the hst today they actually were promoting the hst and if they expect the public to believe any BC Liberal will remove the HST regardless of what the people vote for on the HST referendum is fooling themselves, that is precisely why all BC Liberals flatly refuse to enshrine in law that a simple majority on the HST referendum will be binding....They are refusing for but one reason, they are leaving the door open for the same big business lobby to use the courts to kill the referendum, that can be the only reason...

And this time the big business lobby will win in a court of law, the BC Liberals know that, according to the act itself that 50% of all registered voters in the Province and in 2/3rds of all ridings must vote one way for the referendum to be successful, in the last BC general election only 54% of all registered voters even bothered voting, in other words, it would take everyone who voted in the last election to all vote against the hst in all ridings, that my friends is all but impossible,.....We have of course the word of Gordon habitual liar Campbell who has stated that he will honour a simple majority vote and respect the vote, all the potential BC Liberal leaders are echoing Gordon Campbell`s claim that a simple majority will be honoured yet not one of them, not Falcon, not Christy Clark, not De Jong, not Abbott, no BC Liberal feels the need to enshrine in law in the BC Legislature in the upcoming spring session that a simple majority will suffice....Why won`t these  BC Liberals make it law?...

The answer is simple folks, the BC Liberals are again planning on having the big business lobby to use the courts to kill the hst referendum results, and according to the law of the land, according to Elections BC, and according to the courts themselves the big business lobby will win and there is nothing the BC Liberals can do about it, we my friends are being taken for an HST con job ride....These aren`t my words, the act, the law, it`s on Election`s BC web site, below I have cut n pasted the section and wording of the referendum act,  if I am wrong someone point it out to me___________________________________________________________________________________
Any registered voter can apply to have a petition issued to gather support for a legislative proposal. A legislative proposal can be on any matter within the jurisdiction of the provincial legislature. A registered voter who wants to start an initiative petition must obtain an application form from the Chief Electoral Officer. The completed application form must be submitted to the Chief Electoral Officer with a processing fee of $50 and a copy of the proposed law in the form of a draft Bill.
If the application is approved, a petition is issued to the applicant (called a proponent) 60 days later. The proponent then has 90 days to collect signatures of 10% of the registered voters in each electoral district. The proponent may be helped by volunteers when canvassing for signatures.
When all the signed petition sheets are submitted, the Chief Electoral Officer has 42 days to verify that enough valid signatures have been collected. If the verification process shows that sufficient signatures have been collected and the financing requirements have been met by the proponent, the Chief Electoral Officer sends a copy of the petition and draft Bill to a Select Standing Committee of the Legislature.
The Select Standing Committee on Legislative Initiatives must meet within 30 days of receipt of the initiative petition and draft Bill. The Select Standing Committee has 90 days to consider the legislative proposal. The Committee must either table a report recommending introduction of the draft Bill or refer the initiative petition and draft Bill to the Chief Electoral Officer for an initiative vote.
If an initiative vote is required, a vote will be held on September 24, 2011, and on the last Saturday of September in every third year after that date. If more than 50% of the total number of registered voters in the province vote in favour of an initiative, and more than 50% of the total number of registered voters in each of at least 2/3 of the electoral districts in the province vote in favour of an initiative, the Chief Electoral Officer must declare the initiative vote to be successful and the government must introduce the Bill at the earliest practicable opportunity.
After a Bill is introduced into the legislature, the requirements of the Recall and Initiative Act have been satisfied, and any subsequent reading, amendment, or passage of the Bill will proceed as with any other Bill, with no guarantee of passage

You see folks, the above is the law, Gordon Campbell can`t promise anything, he won`t be there anyway, the big business lobby could also delay the HST for years in the court, are we going to have 5 more years of BC Liberals saying...

"No comment on the hST, it`s before the courts"

And if you think we are being paranoid, where were all the BC Liberals today?...You know, they were all at the BC Chamber of Commerce placating the business big wigs and promoting the HST!...Don`t you see the hypocrisy, BC Liberals talking out of both sides of their mouth, telling the public they will listen to the people while telling the BC Chamber of Commerce how they strongly believe in the HST...Who will lose that battle, you got it, the public loses as the BC Liberal surrogates use the court to slam the people again!

It amazes me, the Conference board of Canada has just downgraded their forecast for economic growth in Canada(again), every year the Conference board of Canada blows smoke up the Province`s ass, the media hypes the story and months later the forecast is quietly downgraded and the media goes silent, what stories grow legs in BC..Only stories that the BC Liberals want pushed, for days and days Global news and CKNW have been bashing the Ida Chong recall campaign, Michael Smyth has been attacking teachers for days about their resistance to the Fraser institute ranking tests, Adrian Dix has been getting dragged through the mud for days about his altered memo from the 90s...Yet the biggest story of the year in BC so far was gone in a blink of an eye, today would have been a perfect time for the potential BC Liberal leaders to defend the public on the HST, you think even one BC Liberal wannabe leader would have stood up and told the BC Chamber of Commerce that the public, the people, the voters don`t want the HST and last month British Columbia lost 22500 jobs

The only Province to lose jobs, not a few jobs but a ton of jobs, the biggest story of the year and it the BC media let it go, who has asked the BC Liberal leaders about it, did they discuss the issue today with big business?..Not a chance, the Liberal clones all rah rah rah,ed  about the HST today, what about Jack Mintz, Jack Mintz before he was paid money to change his mind studied the HST and predicted job losses because of the HST, you can read that story here, make sure to read Jack Mintz`s exact quotes!

What we have are BC Liberal lying their faces off and they will never get rid of the HST, if they refuse to enshrine in law, in the BC Legislature that a simple majority will be enough to pass the referendum, if they refuse there can be only one reason,(They have no plan to ever remove the tax)...It would take an hour to pass the bill, the NDP wouldn`t oppose the bill, no long debate, present the new Act/Bill , read it, vote on it and move on....

I have had sources tell me that BC will have another 15,000 lost jobs next month, how many more jobs will we lose because of consumer confidence, cross border shopping and people pulling back, when will we have a discussion based on facts, not Fraser institute spin!

22,500 lost jobs during the hiring season, the media, the BC Liberals, the stooges felt the story not worthy when we can talk about NDP dissidents and recall plots to overthrow the BC Liberal party.

All we get form Colin Hansen and the BC Liberals is.....

"Nothing to see here, move along, HST is great, trust us, the greatest place on earth"

Really, who wants to talk about those job losses when we can be distracted with spin!  Could you imagine the wails from the media if it was the NDP in charge of Government!

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Anonymous said...

BC is dead last, at the, very bottom of the pile, of all the other provinces in Canada, because of the HST. BC people spend billions of dollars, shopping in the U.S.A. because of the HST. BC people, close to the Alberta border, shop there because of the HST. Small businesses and restaurants, are still closing their doors, because of the HST. BC is a province of natural resources, the HST does squat for the people. Besides which, we don't even get to keep our enforced HST, in our own province. It goes directly to the other snake in the grass Harper. Where is all the money, Campbell and Hansen said we would save, from the HST? Why, they lied AGAIN, as usual. There are no savings what-so-ever. In fact, our cost of living, has gone sky high. We need to remind people again. Do not purchase any goods, from businesses registered, with the C.O.C. Everyone, needs to make sure they don't support the businesses registered with, Hochstein's ICBA. I buy my meat, eggs, vegetables, and am having my bathroom reno done, all through the underground, at far less costs. BC is collapsing, we are going downhill so fast, losing so many jobs. People, set up your undergrounds, so you can survive.

Anonymous said...

I read a post, where it said, BC had the most job losses in Dec also. On TV is said, food costs are going to triple, because of an early frost. I had also heard on TV, if we think things are bad now, we are to brace ourselves, things are going to get much worse. Campbell's theft and sale of our rivers, means, our hydro is going up to 55% higher. Campbell also had closed 51 mills. Some of the mills were shipped to China, along with our raw logs. They said, during Campbell's time in office, he has lost us 36,000 mill jobs. BC is also, the most corrupt province in Canada. Canada has produced the worst crop of politicians, in our Canadian history. Campbell is certainly known, as the most corrupt premier, in BC's history. Our province has been thieved by Campbell. Our assets are sold and gone forever. Even our tourism is failing, because of the HST, BC has taken a huge drop, in that category, as well, this coming year, will be even worse.

Anonymous said...

I guess the BC people, should set up their own underground newspaper. It is obvious, our media is busy sucking up to Campbell, for the $40 million, he stashed away for, the BC Liberal governments lying ads. The story of, poor, poor Craig James, getting nasty e-mails. Our bloggers, get numerous death threats. One blogger, got a death threat for his wife and children. One blogger was physically attacked. Shoulder checked, not once but twice, nearly being knocked down, with children along side. One blogger had his office broken into and trashed, with a pointed message, left for him. Recall canvassers, are being stalked, by people in dark clothing, right up to the residents stoops. They need to be in pairs, for their safety's sake. Canvassers have people hovering over them, wearing "observers" badges pinned to them??? People didn't realize, they could only sign the recall, in their own ridings, hence signed twice. Craig James, sent out letters, threatening people with, $10,000 fines. Craig and Campbell, had the RCMP investigating seven of these people. One was an elderly lady in her eighties, terrorized. Where are the media for the people? Why, they hear nothing, see nothing and do nothing. We don't have $40 million, to pay them. The media, have become a disgrace to their professions. Honor, is no longer among them. They use their own dirty tactics, against the BC citizens, as do, Campbell and the BC Liberals. How disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Dirty tricks indeed. Read this from CTV:

Global TV seems to be having a bad day: one reporter mentioned in story related to Kash Heed and another reporter accused of sexual offenses: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Global+reporter+charged/4128966/story.html

Grant G said...

Thanks alot 6:21pm.......Those are great links, I don`t want to get into the sexual charges against Bencene but the Kash Heed link!!!!WOWSA...

I already knew that Kash Heed will be stripped of his MLAship very soon, Kash Heed and his entire campaign team are going to be charged...Bring on the bi-election,

And this will help the recall efforts....I`m going to put a direct link to the Kash Heed story on the right hand side!!!

Time to Build Kash Heed`s prison cell!

Gary E said...

When police forward a recommendation for charges Political figures should resign. Period
I cught the Heed story on the Achannel at 5 pm and then watched Global for the full hour. No Heed story unless I blinked and missed it.

Anonymous said...

Did you see this story from the North Shore News?


BTW I understand the reluctance to get into the other story.

/6:21 pm

Gary E said...

anon 7:18

Thanks for reminding me of that NS news story. I always wondered why Urquhart never stepped forward when the rumours started.

I assume the "other story" is the one (not) unfolding about Heed right now. If so why don't you expand on your understanding. Because I have absolutely no faith in the Yellow Journalism in the province. And I really need to understand some of the goings on.

Crankypants said...

CTV broke the Kash Heed story on their evening news and I think that Global got caught with their pants down, again. So much for Baldrey's investigative reporting.

As for the HST referendum, whenever it is finally held, one has to know that Campbell only committed to accepting a simple majority against the tax because he knew that he had an out by way of the courts. I'm pretty sure that Plant, Hochstein, Finlayson and Winters assured Campbell that they would have his back on this one, and each of the people vying to replace Gordo were given the same assurances.

On the job losses last month, it is noteworthy that they were pretty much all full-time jobs, not the part-time jobs that Hansen was so giddy about that were increased from the previous couple of months. I did notice that he didn't have a splashy press release on December's numbers. What really caught my eye on the job numbers reported for December was that Canada gained about 23,000 jobs across the whole of Canada, which if I remember correctly were mostly full-time positions. That means that the other nine provinces and territories actually gained about 45,500 jobs from which they had to deduct BC's losses. That is not performance by anyone's standards.

There has also been an advertisement running on CKNW by some company that states that Canadians should look into buying homes in the USA. Their spiel is that one can either phone a 1-800 number or go online to get the details. According to the ad, one can purchase up to 10 homes per month without any cash investment and earn up to $30,000.00 per month in the process. Maybe my company pension plan that lost so much money that they had to reduce our pensions by 24% effective July, 2008 should jump right on this windfall opportunity. "Money For Nothing"? Maybe the CBSC should worry less about a contentious word in a 25 year-old song and more about truth in advertising.


Anonymous said...

This HST is just another tool to download any responsibility towards our province and country to you and I. Corporations just don't want to pay taxes anymore and only want profit for nothing. They are now above it and think that this responsibility should be left to the nanny left. Let 'them change the diaper'.

After taking all they can from free trade, unions and government what is left? AS far as I see it, they just keep on sucking. Sucking all the wealth they can get and justifying it any way they can. This argument happens to be because they think that they create all the jobs and wealth in BC.

I call bullshit. These big corporate assholes need to contribute to our society if they want to do business here. If BC is not good enough then go fuck off and set up somewhere else.

Ayyy, my anger overflowed today.

istvan said...

Whats with 'special prosecuters'.Why do these crooks get 'special'treatment? You break the law,you pay the price.But no,these people get 'special'treatment.There is something wrong with this picture.

istvan said...

YES! 5:47

Anonymous said...

The BC Liberals, have to have special prosecuters, or it's to prison, they would go. There is one set of laws for, Campbell and the BC Liberals. There is another set of laws, for the citizens. What is wrong with the picture? To lie, thieve, corruption, criminal agenda's, and all of other criminal activities, the Liberals participate in, are protected. The everyday citizen, would do prison time. Campbell thieved the BC citizens BCR and sold it. He should have had his assets seized, and thrown in prison, for dammed near, a treason charge, grand larceny and corruption.