Saturday, January 22, 2011

Get your Head out of the Clouds!

No friends, I will not give Vaughn Palmer any kudos for helping bury Kash Heed, sometimes the crimes and actions of individuals are so egregious that the facts speak for themselves, Vaughn Palmer didn`t chase down Kash Heed, in fact the Vancouver Sun and all the big media have been praising Kash Heed ever since he joined the Campbell crime family.....

Kash Heed, Barinder Sall, Peter Dhillion, Sameer Ismail, Dinesh Khanna, and Satpal Johl, Jerry Heed, they were all caught playing illegal games, they flew too close to the sun and got roasted to a crisp, at this point in time it doesn`t matter who the major/minor player in the election fraud was, as an election team they all lose, Kash Heed will lose his MLAship and if he fights in court will lose a whole bunch of money too..

It wasn`t Vaughn Palmer who beat the drum over the Kash Heed affair, the John Les affair, another guilty BC Liberal that the big media let go, Palmer,Baldrey and Good ignore the John Les case...Let me be clear, the special prosecutor in the John Les case didn`t clear Les or exonerate him, what the prosecutor said was..

We can`t prove that John Les ordered his Chilliwack city council to break laws that benefited John Les, despite the terrible optics, we can`t prove John Les profited through guile and influence, it`s possible that Chilliwack city hall employees were merely naive and it`s just a coincidence that John Les profited..

That was the gist of the special prosecutor`s report on John Les scandal, the three stooges quickly shuffled that story away and it`s likely we will never see it again,  Kash Heed is trying the same defense, it wasn`t me, it was my employees who acted alone to advance my career....

I am sick and tired of the media and especially Baldrey/Palmer and Good downplaying every BC Liberal scandal, just yesterday Bill Good said to a angry caller who called the Liberals corrupt....Bill Good said...and I quote.."Do you have proof"?...The caller then mentioned BC Rail, the HEU contract and Campbell`s drunk driving....To which Bill Good responded back...."Gordon Campbell has been elected twice since then"......

In other words the stooges are prepared to forgive all BC Liberal crimes...

Listen up stooges....BC Rail we were told for years was "Before the courts, the whole truth will come out"?....Well? We had no trial and we never heard the story, the tearing up of the HEU was before the court for years, the United Nations chastised the BC Liberals for breaking laws, breaking human right laws, .......

Let me remind you how the HEU scandal went down, in 2001...Before the election Gordon Campbell promised to honour the HEU contract, in fact Gordon Campbell put that promise down on paper, he did an interview with the Guardian magazine and made that promise....Campbell wins the 2001 election....What did Campbell do a year later?

Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell called a secret Saturday late night session at the Legislature with just him and his cabinet in attendance, no media, just Campbell and the wrecking crew....What they did next was....They passed a bill and had a contract shredding party among themselves...9000 workers fired overnight, the HEU law suit was then filed by the union..

The case went all the way to the supreme court of Canada where Gordon Campbell in 2008 lost the case, $20 million dollars in legal fees to fight the union, a money settlement of another $90 million dollars to make amends, ...What happened to Vaughn Palmer covering that story, the Campbell Government had $20- million dollars to fight the HEU all the way to the supreme court of Canada yet has no money for a BC Rail inquiry!

Vaughn Palmer, Baldrey/Bill Good, those political hacks today are screaming about BC Rail, but what they are screaming is... "No inquiry, no inquiry"  nothing to see, nothing to learn, move along....I say to you that Vaughn Palmer is smart enough to know that Kash Heed is going down and merely jumped on the band wagon, the fact that Vaughn Palmer wrote a critique of Heed does not mean that Palmer has changed his ways and will now report sightings of the Sun, he won`t, it`s damage control...Heed is toast and now, expendable ...

The Vancouver Sun ran a editorial(no author) the other day, it talks about how BC`s debt rose from $35 billion dollars in 2005 to to over $50 billion today

Where was that story during the last election writ period, Vaughn Palmer, Baldrey and Bill Good are fully aware of the extent of BCs runaway debt under the BC Liberals, yet they keep chiming in about the 90s and how great the BC Liberals are as money managers when no party/no Government in the history of British Columbia has added so much debt so quickly as the Campbell Liberals.....BC Rail theft was a crime that needs a complete inquiry(not a simple review about paying legal fees) ..The Stooges are in total agreement..NO BC RAIL PUBLIC INQUIRY!...Yet 90% of the public are demanding an inquiry...

John Les was guilty(IMO)...John Les used the "It`s not me defense, it`s my bad employees who were greasing my bank accounts through land releases, it`s not my fault my employees broke laws that benefitted me"

That John Les defense was pathetic, the shredding of the HEU contract was a sleazy midnight move that the media failed to properly  report and actually endorsed, Kash Heed is guilty on many counts and must take responsibility....Colin Hansen is a bold faced liar, Christy Clark is a bold faced liar, Falcon is a liar, De Jong can`t keep his lies Straight, Abbott is also a liar, Bill Good, Vaughn Palmer,Keith Baldrey are all liars....They lie with false facts and lie through omission, they lie about people leaving BC in the 90s, they lie about housing starts and job growth in the 90s,......I am tired of them lying Liberals when we have the numbers, Will McMartin can confirm.

Don`t get me wrong, I am not taking credit for the Kash Heed story, I didn`t uncover the facts only reported them factually, last year!....

The BC Liberals have had cost over runs on everything the Government has built, nothing is on time or on budget, we have a Canada line losing money, the Golden Ears bridge is bleeding money, the Convention center is bleeding money, we were lied to about Olympic security costs, we have been lied to over and over again on those costs and ongoing costs... While friends of the premier Ken Dobell and Patrick Kinsella have been involved with most of  Gordon Campbell`s contentious builds or sell-offs! I get tired of the carte blanc permission and get out of jail free cards big media issues to the Liberals.

Vaughn Palmer is two-bit stooge who has produced mainly garbage articles for years, his credibility is gone, Palmer with those stunts of re-posting stories about Vander Zalm 20 plus years later, all in an attempt to smear, real classy Vaughn! Keith Baldrey has no credibility, he lost it years ago as did Bill Good....Palmer/Good/Baldrey...No talent, no skills, no ability except the ability to lie their faces off!

And I will repeat this again, ...A few are upset with my comment at Laila`s place....Opposition`s can`t tell their every move years before the election, any good ideas get stolen by the sitting Government, imagine you have two executives vying to be the new boss at a company, you wouldn`t tell your opponent what your new mouse trap does!...............Despite the writing`s of Laila`s contributors...They write of ethics, they write of the future and the community garden, they write of forgetting the politics, just bring all the great ideas forward and get along as one big happy family....

And Santa Clause is coming to town too....That`s not life, I worked, worked hard only to have company men or the bosses relation`s take credit for my work, I have been laid off while lazy unskilled relatives of the owners move up...I have had red dots placed beside my name, over and over again superintendents or foreman have advanced their positions on the backs of others workers sweat...The same thing in politics...Laila`s post was about why the NDP leaders aren`t bringing forward major policy, well Laila....There is no election, you don`t turn over your cards and plans this early in the game, no ill wind intended Laila...We need your work, it sizzles, forgive my passion.

Life isn`t fair, politics is a blood sport, the stooges get no forgiveness from me, when the election writ gets dropped the stooges and the big media will go back to their tired routine and lie about the 90s, the BC Liberal debt machine will be hidden and all we will hear is about fast ferries and the 90s...


Palmer/Baldrey/Good/CKNW/CTV/GLOBAL/CANWEST....Guilty of failing to report real news, guilty of not presenting facts, guilty of shamelessly lying and promoting a corrupt Government...

And if anyone wants to compare me to the king of bloggers Alex G Tsakumis(For being nasty and gloaty) .....Have at her...I have been called worse, not much.

Let me put it this way, I am sick and tired of the media ignoring BC Liberal crimes, I am tired of Reid, Schrek, Farrell and others who dwell in the Carole James pout brigade, I am tired of people who lose focus and fall back into the same old media trap....Like the never ending story of internal strife in the NDP...A NON STORY....Things were worse in the BC Liberal camp, the media,  BILL GOOD will talk forever about the NDP strife, Good will yammer away for years about how the NDP can`t govern because they fight,.......Baldrey was still trying to play up the nasty bloggers and email threats story on Craig James, that`s right, if the Adrian Dix and Kash Heed story didn`t surface Balderdash was going after anti-hsters again. Baldrey, Global news and Vaughn the pawn Palmer will carry on with their apologetic ways, every sin will be forgiven, even today on the Sean Leslie show...Not one word on the Kash Heed scandal.....But Sean Leslie had plenty to say about Adrian Dix`s membership sign up....You see the pattern friends, the actions of an NDP wannabe leader Dix is getting more attention than a Illegally elected Kash Heed who has been caught in a web of lies and obstruction.........Could you imagine if it was Leonard Krog under that cloud, or any NDPer , the howls from the media would never stop.

So friends, be prepared to wallow in the mud and fight dirty or get used to the sidelines...We have a job to do. 

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Jon H said...

I agree with everything you said 100% as I'm quite sure the majority of BC citizens do also. It makes me sick that people are in awe of Vaughn Palmer and his phony criticism of Kash Heed.Like you said, where did his allegiance lie for the past 10 years? With the scum sucking BC Liberals. Hey Vaughn, don't change your tune as soon as the heat is turned up on your buddies, we all know you're just like that bunch of phoney, lying and corrupt bastards. So just fade away into the sunset, the time where anyone takes anything you say seriously anymore has come and gone.

Anonymous said...

Grant - I'll say it again - way to go!
I'm probably as guilty as anyone of giving people the benefit of the doubt or trying to resolve tensions by asking everyone to get along BUT I'm so glad that there is someone (you) who holds no punches and forces me to face reality.

the creator said...

Grant,I understand your total disgust with Gordon Campbell and his gang of wretched,weasle MLA's. But to suggest his death is a bit over the top. WE ALL DIE SO BE PATIENT!

istvan said...

AND JUST what is wrong with a community garden?

Grant G said...

Does anyone not get it...The BC Liberals are the most corrupt Government in BC history.

They will be removed from power, the media is very sophisticated, some people get manipulated without any knowledge, subtle propaganda..

The BC Liberals will stop at nothing to avoid the books being opened, they will lie, cheat, steal, can we even trust elections anymore...

Istvan....Without the internet news, bloggers, web sites, without a wired Province the NDP would never win...It`s a mass conspiracy, we must win big,,,

Recognize the propaganda, sometimes even smart bloggers fall for the media manipulation.

Stick to the issues

G.W. Andrew said...

Keep hitting 'em hard with the truth, good man.

And your question--"can we even trust elections anymore...?"-- is an important one, and must be addressed going forward.

For, recently, it has occurred to me that this government has so much to hide that they may not be able to risk losing their grip on power.

To my eyes, the province is starting to resemble Cook County in Chicago. And we are at the stage where we are going to have to make an appeal for u.n. observers to come in and witness our next provincial election--if we actually get to have one.

P/S: i'm not kidding.

ron wilton said...

Well just in case, I have an epitaph already in the works for his tombstone.

"Here 'LIES' Gordon Campbell"

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that all the usual PAB shills are hanging Heed out to dry on the messages boards like CBC?

The BC Liberals and their stoolies are trying very hard to distance themselves from Kash.

If I were Heed I would see the writing on the wall - your "friends" have abandoned you and you are going to hang - so sing.

kootcoot said...

Grant, Grant, get a grip, I agree that:

"I say to you that Vaughn Palmer is smart enough to know that Kash Heed is going down and merely jumped on the band wagon, the fact that Vaughn Palmer wrote a critique of Heed does not mean that Palmer has changed his ways and will now report sightings of the Sun, he won`t, it`s damage control...Heed is toast..."

But, you would think I was proposing Vaughn Palmer for the effing Order of Canada for Christ's sake. I merely pointed out that FOR ONCE, he didn't jump on board with the sniveling rest of the flock of sheep that pass for journalists in BC and did an honest portrayal of Kash and Karry Heed. He also went after the leadership of the LIEberals for refusing to call Kash on his pathetic conspiracy theory defense and playing the victim.

The fact that Vaughn got something right for a change doesn't absolve him or anybody for 15-20 years of fairy tales about the wonders of Campbelloid "management" anymore than the fact that a broken clock is right twice a day means it is working well.

If my fourteen month old toddler takes a step, I will praise him, but I won't act as if he won the decathalon in the Owelympics. I don't see how anyone moves ahead if even a baby step in the right direction brings out even more vitriol than the usual garbage. If that is the way it is then why bother talking about it at all- everybody stay in the same place and do the same effing thing forever, I'm certain that will be the route to progress.

I never even thought Vaughn was much as a music critic, he was already out of his depth. Maybe he has a personal hate on for Kash and Karry, but you know I don't care, personally I will give him a break for a day for getting it right for a change. It isn't as if there aren't still a bunch of idiots out there saying stoooopid stuff today or that Vaughn won't revert to his normal form tomorrow.

If you say someone is lying when they aren't then it doesn't mean anything when they ARE lying! Vaughn has given us unlimited opportunities to call out his lies, it seems over the top to double down when he isn't lying, by accident or because he saw the light, was stoned on something, or found Jesus!

jaydee said...

Nothing wrong with a community garden as long as they don't plant Campbell under one, the vegies and flowers would die.

Elections cannot be trusted nor can the needless HST referendum (the numbers are already in). The Campbell plants are already in place as they are everywhere.

Always remember the one truth Campbell did say, "I will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure there is never another NDP government in B.C." Remind ourselves every day.

Good says "Gordon Campbell has been elected twice since then". In total he has 'won' three, all based on lies, the corrupt mainstream media and gerrymandering. I read somewhere that it wasn't gerrymandering but whoever said it should tell my Webster that.

Thanks Grant.

Anonymous said...

As far as Vaughn goes - it fits the pattern. All of the BC Liberal shills (PABs) "mickblack", "DevonK", etc are dissing him. I'm just curious why? In the past nothing (literally!) could make the BC Liberals break rank. It seems pretty orchestrated - so what did Kash do to bring it down on him?

jaydee said...

Refer to Basi/Virk 'trial' and guilty plea reward, $6 million of our dollars. Then his buddy Campbell will call him a criminal, one criminal to another.

Leah said...

It has been suggested that if Falcon were to win the leadership, he would not call a snap election...opting instead to use the time left on Campbell's clock before the next general election. I say...look out!

I fully expect to see our province co-opted by the folks who are hell-bent on insuring a neo-con government in BC forever if Falcon wins. How to do that? Introduce computers into our elections, as they have in the States. No system can be corrupted as thoroughly, or as quickly, as one where computers are involved. Let's keep our eyes open for this abuse to rear its ugly head.

I'm hoping I'm wrong, I really am. But for some reason - this has been nagging me for weeks.

Evil Eye said...

We have the most corrupt political government in Canada and in provincial history. In fact it is a government that is on the take.

The foul odor of this government has tainted the mainstream media to such a point it has become largely irrelevant. Everywhere the Premier goes the stink of corruption follows; BC Rail, casinos, highways, transit (fare-gates via Ken Dobel), lobbyists, trucking industry, and so on.

Yet people will still vote for this evil mob of self centered mobsters and their ilk, because they too are corrupt.

The NDP had better wake up to the fact that the public wants change, not idealogical mumbo-jumbo, and if they go the same route as they have done before, evil will win over the dumb.

kootcoot said...

Anon @12:06AM sez:

"I'm just curious why? In the past nothing (literally!) could make the BC Liberals break rank. It seems pretty orchestrated - so what did Kash do to bring it down on him?"

Jaydee the next commentor may be referring to this as well, but I would suggest that it is a case of what Robin Mathews means when he points out that in the BC Rail Corruption Trial the charged were the "three brown men." Two of these brown men then were given the honour of being called criminals by the Capo of the Campbell Crime Family (who had originally hand picked them for their MA positions, (as potential scapegoats?)

Then there is the commentor who more than once recently at Mary's has left comments such as this:

Sandhu, and now
Johl and

All so-called "brown men" and all implicated in crimes.

Perhaps part of the LIEberal Way is to have "brown men" on hand for those times when a sin is too obvious to hide completely and a scapegoat is necessary. If I were a member of the Indo-Canadian community and was willing to be exploited at all with bulk membership sign-ups I might give some consideration to which party I wanted to be exploited by and how that party intended to USE me.

It would appear that the LIEberals find "brown bodies" handy for throwing under the bus when traction is needed.

Perhaps StoneWally should start watching his back!

Anonymous said...

Got to agree with you Grant - on both the BC Liberals and our D3, 9%, Gordon "the liar" Cambell.

I don't think I have ever read of a more devious and despicable political leader in Canada - ever.

The party and Campbell lied to get elected and have continued to lie since.

Someone needs to sort Campbell out once and for all - he is damned lucky he doesn't live in another country like Mexico, US or other places where they deal quickly with scum like Campbell.

Keep on doing what you are doing Gary, you have a lot of people agreeing with you.


Anonymous said...

Good point Jaydee. Basi/Virk were the first two hung out to dry... I wonder what form Heed's payout will take?

jaydee said...

Grant if I may....For anyone who hasn't already read The Tyee, 'Don't Take Digital Innovation for Granted' January 21, 2011, it is important that we do and that we take action.

jaydee said...


The three 'brown men' were willing and knowing partners in crime. A rat like Campbell is the price you pay. Far too many 'brown men' involved in organized crime in this province, including the government.

Oppal should have covered his back in the last election. It seems Campbell underestimated the block voters like he underestimated the HST. If his pal Campbell had any further use for him he would have gerrymandered Delta South too or left him where he was. They both got what they deserved.

All these thugs need to be deported. Bains I read got out one year ago, served 1 of nine years. 0 on the corrupt MSM.

Anonymous said...

This province is so filthy, rotten with corruption, because of Campbell. The Liberal ministers and mla's, fully support Campbell, so the candidates, will be no better than he is. Campbell and Hansen lied, deceived and cheated to win the election. The rest of the party went along with the cheat. The BC Liberals, should leave the province, because, we don't want that kind of scum in our province, let alone lead us. I don't doubt one bit, Basi/Virk were set up to take the fall for Campbell. He called them criminals, and cut their throats, for following his orders. Campbell, does not do his own dirty work. Craig James had better be careful. Campbell won't hesitate to cut his throat, to save himself. Don't forget, Campbell begged the BC peoples forgiveness for his DUI. He then kicked us in the face, for doing so. That is the kind of, low character that Campbell has. You always, have to watch your back. If you don't, Campbell will knife you.

Anonymous said...

I am certain that there is a BIG FEDERAL connecttion via the Federal Conservatives. I somehow think that big business is in this up to it's head - in all respects. Campbell was picked for his Psycopathic and other equally questionable tendencies.

Of course money talks and there are a lot of people who would do almost anything for a few bucks - no principles or moral fibre if you will.

Let's not forget our Stephen Harper - especially the way he likes to brag about how well Canada has done under his leadership !!!!


RonS said...

I have been sickened of Campbell since he was mayor. This man (I use the term loosely) is the lowest of low and has proven it over and over again. What did people expect when they elected him?

If you watched his antics while mayor we should have known that it would carry over to the premiers office. The same cast of characters he trough fed while mayor were chomping at the bit to get him and his flunkys elected to the legislature.