Monday, June 26, 2017

Will the Real British Columbia Government please stand up, or is that sit down

Tune in Wednesday June 28th 6:00 PM PST for an enlightened BlogTalk radio broadcast featuring the illustrious Norman Farrell  .....BC's foremost critic of BC Hydro...Norm has revealed so many BC Hydro inconsistencies...illusionary profits, forecast failures going out over a decade, debt accumulation, and now of course...the impending Site C economic case, dire warnings from a myriad of respected nonpartisan sources...IPPs power buying disaster...

Norm Farrell...

Along with CanadianGlen..

Canadian Glen pulls no punches, he'll be weighing in on the legality of Guichon sending BCers back to the polls and possibly denying John Horgan and Andrew Weaver of forming government. (link directly below)


Site C...BC Hydro...throne speech..MSM....political games, critical thought and look forward..

and i'll be there too...what are the chattering classes whispering, who's in, who's out...are we going back to the polls....back to the polls with a suddenly resurgent BC Conservative party getting back in the game?...not 10 candidates but a near full slate?...Conservatives won't win a BC provincial snap election but they'll be there to pick up the carcasses of a dead BC Liberal Party...

Factions.....BC Liberal party, behind the scenes, the new buzzword is "sides"

Tune in Wednesday June 28th at 6:00 pm....

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