Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Blogtalk Radio..End of the Road for Christy Clark

The archive is up.....Blogtalk radio featuring Norm Farrell...Canadian Glen and yours truly..topics covered...

Site C.....BC Hydro..Run of River....our never ending election, lazy agenda driven mainstream media...Judith Guichon...Craig James....Mike De Jong..Christy Clark.....we cover a myriad of BC centric topics....have a listen.

Tune in, Turn on, get angry.....become informed...2 hours of The Straight Goods....

The Straight Goods

Cheers Ears Wide Open

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Anonymous said...

A very enjoyable two hours of informed political commentary despite Norm's occasional microphone glitch. Thank you!

Also thank you for your outstanding work and progressive advocacy on BC politics and issues over these many years. I started reading BC Mary on BC Rail, then discovered Ross K in 2010 followed quickly by you and Norm.

The three of you contribute more to the well being of this Province than all the MSM pundits combined.

Thank God for smart, principled progressive bloggers.