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Judith Guichon and Craig James..Partisans?

Written by Grant G 

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"What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

There has been much blather by corporate newspapers and BC Liberal pundits about Judith Guichon ordering a snap election rather than letting John Horgan and Andrew Weaver attempt to govern..

What I am about to say must be clearly heard by Judith Guichon and Craig James...

We just had a provincial election(May 9th)....there is no indication that a snap election would yield a different result....most ridings were won with wide fact there is only a half-dozen or so ridings(at this time) in play....a snap election most likely would yield the same result....if the NDP picked up one seat...42 to 42 with 3 Green seats....if BC Liberals picked up 1 seat they would be at 44 seats...putting us right back where we are now....with the media calling 44 to 43 majority unworkable..."instability"

A snap election...the cost..$50 million dollars....more so..a snap election means the end of August for voting day..and if the results are the same...we will go through this agonizing game of thrones(groans) end of August vote..2 more weeks to swear in a government...another 2 weeks for throne speech, throne speech number III in 2017..or IV...and if the result of a snap election is 43 to 41 to 3...BC Liberals could play this game once again...2017 budget has not been passed, ..Government monies run out in September..not to mention a myriad of urgent provincial matters needing tending..

it is now a matter of legislative urgency to install a government...we need a government sooner rather than later..

Judith Guichon has donated $$$money to a political one political party only..BC Liberals..

Who appointed Judith Guichon to the position of Lieutenant Governor?..Governor General(Federal) on the advice of Stephen Harper....a rightwing corporate conservative Prime Minister...

So, we have our LG appointed by a rightwing, now deposed Stephen LG who donated money to one political party...BC Liberals....There is no indication a snap election would change the current legislative make-up...

Therefore Judith Guichon, if Guichon calls for a new election upon the defeat of Christy Clark's government,,,that would be deliberately causing legislative instability...FACT.

Craig James...I watched Craig James, clerk of the BC Legislature make a political statement pre-throne speech unprecedented political interfering statement by Craig James...

Who is Craig he neutral, is he a partisan, is he a BC Liberal my opinion, and others..yes..

Here is Craig James background info..


VICTORIA — British Columbia’s former chief electoral officer spent more than $40,000 on travel in just four months, including airfare for his wife to join him at a conference in Kenya, a self-appointed government watchdog has found.
IntegrityBC released documents Tuesday showing Craig James — acting chief electoral officer from June 2010 until August 2011, and now clerk of the B.C. Legislature — claimed $43,295 from Elections BC for travel between Aug. 25, 2010 and December 12, 2010.
“This is an individual who chose to fly in the lap of luxury whenever possible on flights, and to stay at some of the finest hotels throughout North America,” IntegrityBC executive director Dermod Travis said Tuesday.
“It demonstrates a sense of a culture of entitlement,” he added, saying his non-profit organization requested the travel expenses after receiving a tip about the costs.

Documents show James’ expenses included $14,523.58 for he and his wife to fly to Nairobi, Kenya, to attend the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association annual conference.
BC Liberals also illegally appointed Craig James to the position of Chief Electoral Officer...BC Liberals flaunted Parliamentary rules...not a peep from the mainstream media..

There's more....Craig James in his role as Chief electoral officer came under fire for what appears to be...partisan decisions..

Craig James yesterday in our Legislature overstepped his authority, he made a political speech pre throne speech...and what Craig James said was not only disturbing, it was wrong...the rules Craig James cited were interpreted wrongly..(you can read the political posturing Legislative clerk Craig James said in below link)

So disturbing what Craig James said....even rightwing political experts are dismayed..

I urge everyone to listen to this audio program featuring Norman Spector..Elizabeth Cull and Martyn very close attention to the last few minutes of audio..

Friday Political Panel on Liberals' throne speech and NDP-Green prospects


So...we have Craig James in the pockets of the BC Liberal Government....we have Judith Guichon, a rightwing Stephen Harper appointed Lieutenant LG who donated money to only one political party(BC Liberals).....We have murmurings about a snap election being the choice of Judith Guichon....yet there is a strong likelihood that a snap election call would yield the same result, with a slim chance 1 or 2 ridings turn...not enough to fundamentally change the scenario we now find ourselves in...
So...will Craig James do more partisan game-playing...Does Judith Guichon leave British Columbia without a functioning Legislature until September, or longer...
Will these legislative appointees do the right thing or send B.C. down the undemocratic rabbit hole...

Will British Columbia see Parliamentary trickery...breaking convention, secret in private discussions that result in Parliamentary/Legislature this..

Over to you Judith Guichon and Craig James...
Pitchforks and torches...possibly coming to a legislature near you...

The Straight Goods
Cheers Eyes Wide Open 


Anonymous said...

I could not believe Craig James' incredibly partisan comments in Hansard about the supposed role of the speaker. Thanks for posting that link, Grant, so people can read it for themselves. It should make their blood boil.

Of course, Craig James---the supposedly "neutral" Clerk of the House---was appointed into that position by Rich Coleman . . . oh yeah, none other. Funny how many things circle back to Rich.

If B.C. ever has a corruption inquiry, I wonder where they would start . . .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You are right AGAIN. I watched the Liberal speech by Craig James for just a couple of minutes before deciding this was just another Liberal ad. This government is one complete sham filled with lies & deception. ( something else the MSM would never write )

Guy in Victoria