Friday, June 2, 2017

John Horgan, Andrew Weaver...BC's New Government

Grant G and Canadian Glen......BC's hottest political talk...

the first 25 minutes is Canadian Glen on Nova Scotia's May 30th election, then after a short technical issue I join Glen in slicing and dicing BC's political hot potato.....Who is gunning for Christy Clark, how long will BC Libs be lost in the wilderness....who played who....hope you enjoy the commentary..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Ears Wide Open


Anonymous said...

As always, awesome discussion and a strong finish. My money's on your prediction, though my preference would be Glen's. I don't expect Christy will go quietly - too much is riding on it WRT those who support that party and benefit from its being in power.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the conversation and insightful perspectives from you and Glen. Way better, way, way, way better than the traditional MSM pundits.

I think your prediction has about a 90% chance of coming true but hope Glen's 10%er happens. We have a much more aware citizenry now so it is possible that the LG will blink in the face of public support for a Green-NDP government.

Also if a speaker must be completely independent (complete nonsense!) that means a party must win a majority by at least 3 seats . . .

You can be damned sure if the BC Liberals had flipped Courtenay-Comox for a 44 seat bare majority there would have been none of this bullshit about a completely independent speaker. And Linda Reid was certainly partisan.