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Why Are The NDP, The Liberals, And The Greens Handing The Election To The Harper Conservatives?

Why Are The NDP, The Liberals, And The Greens Handing The Election To The Harper Conservatives?

  Written By Robin Mathews  Sept. 2015

Sand Box Nobodies

To begin.  Like dumb school-yard bullies, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau have agreed to Stephen Harper’s terms for the final two Election Debates.  They will exclude Elizabeth May. 

No better than them on the primary question – the major issue in the Election – Ms. May should, nonetheless, be in the debates. The two males could have done nothing but improve their own chances by insisting on her inclusion. “No Elizabeth May”, they should have said, “means No Thomas Mulcair, no Justin Trudeau”.  That would have been doing the right thing, and shaming the graceless neo-liberal robot, Stephen Harper.

The Major Election Issue
The major issue in the Election touches every other issue (which is why it is major):  Stephen Harper’s dishonesty, his abuse of power, of ethics, of law, of decency, of fundamental democracy - Stephen Harper’s near- criminal and (perhaps) criminal destruction of democracy and the rule of law as prime minister of Canada.

None of the Opposition Party leaders will talk about that. Nor will any of their candidates. They have given away their most powerful weapon in the Election campaign. And in doing so they betray Canadians, Canada, and Canadian democracy.

The Three Male Monkeys – And The Issues

The so-called Economic Debate is about to be held – with the three male monkeys: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, and Speak No Evil.

Will the Opposition leaders point out [ECONOMICS] that Stephen Harper lied about the immense cost of the F-35 fighter plane?  Will they say Stephen Harper abused the senate to make money and was involved in the alleged bribery of Mike Duffy (a part of the on-going economic misuse of the senate)? Will they ask the price of destroying Marine Science Libraries? Will they talk about the near-criminal (new) power taken to borrow for non-budgetary spending without Parliamentary approval? About omnibus bills to hide spending and to hide attacks on Democracy?
Will they accuse him for Party political advertising using public money? For spending $50 million to bribe in Tony Clement’s riding?  For suppressing monies for necessary scientific research? For stealing money from crippled veterans?  For being fined $78,000.00 by CRTC for dirty Robo-Calling two years after the 2011 election, in 2013 in Saskatchewan? For pleading guilty (after five years of denial) to (criminal) acts in the 2006 In-and-Out Election Scandal – the investigation costing Canadians at least 2 million dollars? For making a wholly “dirty” economic treaty with China?

Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil”

In the so-called Economics Debate on September 17, the NDP and Liberal leaders (or one of them) could erase Stephen Harper from the Election campaign – simply by telling the truth about his economic wrong-doing and  his political thuggery. The matters mentioned above only scratch the surface.  One or both male Opposition leaders could make mincemeat of Stephen Harper on the Real Issue.

Neither of the male Opposition leaders will do it in the debate – and Elizabeth May wouldn’t do it, either, if she were there.  She could be perhaps more effective by going on the attack outside the so-called “leaders’ debates”. She won’t do it.

Foreign Treaties expert Professor Gus van Harten (Osgoode Law School) has openly and widely condemned the China economic treaty that robs Canada of sovereignty and endangers the well-being of all Canadians – saying any new government must begin terminating the treaty immediately.  The three Opposition Party leaders (and all their candidates) ignore the subject completely in the Election campaign.

The three Opposition Party leaders reveal to many a Canadian that they are moral cowards, sycophants to illegitimate and criminal power, ethical morons only fit to spend time with frauds, incompetents, fawning lackies, paid admirers … and Stephen Harper.

GOD Save Canada … because the present Opposition Parties will not do it.

Written by Robin Mathews 


 Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind


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Hugh said...

The CETA with EU has ISDS, as does China-FIPA and other trade deals.

This lets foreign investors and companies sue Canada for decisions they don't like made at any level of government in Canada.

The case of Eli Lilly suing Canada for $500 million under NAFTA is an example of ISDS.

2.7 million Europeans have signed a petition against CETA and TTIP:

Don F. said...

Absolutely Grant,
Gives me a sick feeling in my stomach watching this unfold. He's got them dancing to his tune and they don't even see it.
They have enough ammo to have him crawling off the stage never to show his face again, but no...
It's like living our last provincial election all over again!
For shame!

Anonymous said...

how about save BC also