Monday, September 21, 2015

British Columbia Provincial Liberal Party, Accounting LIES Exposed, Mainstream B.C. Media Silent, For Years Silent.

 This posting is entirely based on the comment of Mark Zain, ..The comment was under a Harvey Oberfeld blog posting..

Here is the link to Harvey Oberfelds posting..




Grant g here.....Harvey Oberfeld is upset that the BC NDP of the 90`s, according to Mike Harcourt, who proudly and truthfully proclaimed on the CBC that the record of the NDP of the 90`s was far superior   than the record of the BC Liberals(rebranded Social credit party) Harvey Oberfeld is upset with the fact that the CBC didn`t bring in someone neutral...Even though real facts bear out that the NDP of the 90`s outperformed the BC Liberals by a country mile....Read Mark Zain`s link-filled comment and ask yourself...

You see folks, Harvey Oberfeld is right in a way, Mike Harcourt is definitely not neutral, because, occasionally even partisans can tell the truth.. ..Mike Harcourt spoke the truth...

As for Harvey Oberfeld, he seems unconcerned if the facts stated by Harcourt on the CBC are true....As for me, I don`t care who speaks and where one speaks, all I`m concerned is the truth...


Mark Zain nails the truth..

I present you Mark zain`s comment..

Mark Zain // Sep 20, 2015 at 3:18 pm

"The Secret Dirty Truth that Christy Clark & the BC Liberals DO NOT ever want you to know and find out ever about the real BC economy & BC Liberal Jobs Plan – What the Corporate Mainstream never revealed to protect the BC Liberals to get their tax cuts and advertising funding; Hiding behind smoke & mirrors Finally REVEALED & EXPOSED:
The Dirty Facts:

1) It took BC 140 years to accrue a $30 billion debt in its history since its very creation.

2) Since the BC Liberals took over, Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark increased that to around $165 billion in just around 12 years, which is $135 billion more in debt and contractual obligations.

3) 25% of that increase in debt has been generated under Christy Clark’s leadership in just 3 years!!!

They always get elected based on the “Job Lies” they keep promising now fully exposed.
The Hard Economic Facts according to Statistics Canada:

1) BC is last or 10th place in Canada of all the provinces based on “% Change in Employment Rate”. (2006-2014)

2) BC is the only province with NEGATIVE “% Change in Employment in Canada”. BC is again last or 10th place in Canada of all the provinces based on the “% Change in Employment Rate”. (1996-2014)

3) BC is again last or 10th place in Canada for “Service Sector Earnings Change”. (2012-2014)

4) BC is not last, but 8th out of 10 places in Canada for “Goods Producing Earnings Change”. (2012-2014)

5) BC has the worst performing “Employment Rate Change” in Canada. (April 2011- April 2015)

6) The BC Liberals under both Gordon Campbell & Christy Clark has the worst “Average Monthly Job Growth” & “Average Monthly Job Creation” in the last few decades.

7) BC had the highest “BC Log Exports, m3, Monthly Average”, but the LOWEST “BC Log Exports – Value per m3″. (1991-2015)

8) BC Job Growth has massively dropped from “14.5% to 1.8%” from 1991-2015.

Very scary times indeed.
With Statistics Canada data compiled, the data charts in the links below reveal the true BC Liberal dirty truth. This info can never be deleted & shredded.
Warning: You can get sick to your stomach after seeing all the charts that exposes the Dark Truth.

“Horgan Speaks to the Premier”

“Campbell Misled Public on NDP Finances”

“Remembering the Desperate Nineties”

“Sliding from have to have-not”

“Not Last in Sparkle Ponies”

“You Can’t Pray a Lie”

“All the Spin that’s Fit to Print”

“The Struggle is Real for Families in B.C.”

Do you call that “Debt-Free BC” as you see on the BC Liberal election buses and ads? Forget about the “balanced-budget” illusion as the total debt is what really matters.
Oh, yeah how is that “BC Liberal Jobs Plan” going? Nowhere, but down, worst in Canada in employment performance.Yet, the BC Liberals have given those making over $150,000 a year a tax break. With large energy companies such as Encana, Teck Cominco, & the Albertan energy companies donating to the BC Liberals and gov’t paying billions in their royalties, the future is screwed and the province raped. 
“Alberta Oil and Gas Millions Fuel BC Liberal Machine”

BC Hydro is buying power from private “Independent Power Producers – BC Liberal donators” at least 4x’s the energy cost when they can be producing their own cheap energy as their dams are overflooded. As a result, BC Hydro is billions in debt and our electric bills have skyrocketed by more than 50% and even more.

The BC Liberals were voted on big promises (LNG – selling out the province) and the fake illusion of a prosperous smoke and mirrors economy funded by media advertising. Their time must come to end.
And that’s the tipping point as there are even more.

“Globe omits Christy Clark caught Cheating During University Election”

We can no longer keep watching this but to kick and vote them out for good. Enough is enough.
Many of us have been fooled, but not anymore. This is one mistake that we cannot afford to make ever again as our current and future generations are greatly impacted by the choices we make.

Copy/paste & share it to everyone. This cannot be kept quiet any longer. If this was the NDP, the media would be hiding in Christy’s backyard stalking their sundeck for any news until someone has to resign kinda how the media loves to beat the BC Fast Ferries and Adrian Dix’s skytrain ticket to death.

We must do our part and spread the word as more people are waking up everyday to the grand BC Liberal deceit and deception. The BC Liberals represent the 1% and we are the 99% resistance against the corporate takeover and selling away the resources of our future generations. It is time for mass resignations and recalls before they delete and shred any more public documents and leave behind nothing left for the future generations. 

The Future is Yours."


Harvey Oberfeld usually responds to commenters with a response, ...Mark Zain`s comment received nothing but silence from Harvey Oberfeld..

And that is no surprise to anyone..

I couldn`t have said it better Mr. Zain....Bravo

Najib Razak (Petronas boss) Malaysian Prime Minister is now being investigated by the FBI for money laundering..

Christy Clark and Rich Coleman`s LNG Guru ...$700 million deposited in his personal bank account...
My Gawd, you BC Liberals will do business(sellout) to any criminal, ...UNREAL!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


sd said...

Let's hope that in the next provincial election the facts get talked about. No nice guy this time it's too important!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work!
- Mark Z

Grant G said...

This posting was your well written compilation Mr. Zain..

I chip in here and there.


Anonymous said...

Why is like that only 5 people in BC are connecting the dots?

sd said...

Please check out the N.Y.T. recent article about the F.B.I. investigating Najib Razak on corruption charges.

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