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> A Multi-Million Dollar Sham Called The Oppal Inquiry Into >>>> Missing Women in British Columbia?

A Multi-Million Dollar Sham Called The Oppal Inquiry Into
          Missing Women in British Columbia?

                          December 22, 2012. Robin Mathews
Have British Columbians been taken to the cleaners?  Has what might be called a total con-job been done on them … to say nothing of the murdered women victimized over years in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and elsewhere in B.C.?
Are the police, the judiciary, the press, the Christy Clark/Shirley Bond government and the NDP Opposition all involved in staging, or assenting to, an elaborate, expensive, tax-payer funded Hoax? 
Probably.  That’s how things go in British Columbia.
That is normal procedure in British Columbia where the population is too passive, too accepting, too gullible to prevent major con-jobs.  Some still remember what we may fairly call the murder of Robert Dziekanski in 2007.  That is more than five years ago.  Murder charges should have been laid within two weeks of the act.  Three officers were charged with perjury in May 2011, four years later. 
Nothing else has happened going on for six years.
In 2003 a Special Prosecutor was appointed to conduct the BC Rail, Basi, Virk, and Basi matters.  The appointment was an opulent violation of legislation.  The illegitimate appointment erases ALL the work done on the BC Rail Scandal in the courts.  The Special Prosecutor was paid, we are told, $10.7 million for his work.  MLA John van Dongen has gone to court to protest at the $6 million paid to the legitimate Defence lawyers.  He is presently acting to prove Christy Clark in conflict of interest over the BC Rail Scandal.
He is not challenging the illegitimate appointment of William Berardino as Special Prosecutor nor the payment to prosecution of $10.7 million.
In June 2011, we also know, after a hockey game, some silly, foolish, vandalistic people rioted and broke the law.  They were stupid – but not alleged killers, not alleged perjurers, not knowing people illegitimately appointing others to lucrative positions. The rioters have been flowing through the courts with matchless efficiency.  The Vancouver Police Chief is, apparently, delighted and proud of the millions of your tax dollars spent to have some 200 people “processed”.
The Rule of Law.  But for whom?  For the powerless.  For the rest – for the powerful and their servants, there is protection from the law at any cost to the taxpayer.  Protection. Cover-up. Media approval.  Cabinet support.  Opposition silence.
What are the questions not answered in the Wally Oppal Missing Women Inquiry?  They are simple.  What really went wrong?  And how did Wally Oppal get appointed?
Second question first.  Wally Oppal, I firmly believe, should never, never, never have been appointed. 
Wally Oppal was a Supreme Court judge, and an Appeals Court judge, and then he became Attorney General of B.C. – what we call “the chief law officer of the Crown”.  He had to be one of the best informed people concerning the law in Canada.  And yet ….
And yet in 2008-2009 he used the Special Prosecutor process improperly to have charges laid against two of the alleged Bountiful Bigamists. Even alleged bigamists have the right to live under The Rule of Law. 
Violating the Special Prosecutor appointment process – as one of the best informed legal minds in Canada – Wally Oppal found his actions were challenged as the trial began.  Madam Justice Sunni Stromberg-Stein agreed a violation had occurred, agreed Wally Oppal had gone “Special Prosecutor shopping”, declared that the appointment of the Special Prosecutor was “unlawful”. 
That was a very, very damning decision.  Stromberg-Stein threw out the case, and her finding was upheld in a subsequent case.
It doesn’t need a top legal mind to know that Wally Oppal should never again, ever, have received a public appointment.  But he was given the multi-million dollar Missing Women Inquiry appointment.  Reasonable and prudent Canadians may fairly ask if be was appointed … because he would be especially owing to the people who appointed him?
We need not answer that question.  We may simply repeat he should never have been appointed.
Then the Inquiry questions follow.  Women from the Downtown Eastside, we are told, allege a number of things.  (1) Police officers sometimes drove the women to the Pig Farm parties.  (2) Public figures were sometimes at the parties.  (3) Some women believed some police knew about and approved of “erasing” troublesome women. (4) Some alleged the Mafia used the Pig Farm to “disappear” unwanted bodies. 
If true, if any of those allegations or suggestions are true, there are people who would want them erased from history. 
Surely Wally Oppal should have wanted to know who transported women to the parties.  Surely he would have wanted to know who attended the parties. Why didn’t he?  Surely he should have wanted to know if police officers drove women to the parties, and which police officers (if any) attended parties.  Why weren’t those matters front and centre in the Inquiry? Didn’t Wally Oppal want to know those things?
Why didn’t he want to drive the Inquiry hard, loud, openly and make absolutely sure police were not involved in the processes of murder? 
Stories floated on the Vancouver air that long-term, astonishing, crude and seamy activities went on: rape, bestiality, murder … and much, much more – involving more than Willy Pickton.  Why didn’t Wally Oppal press and press in the Inquiry to know if more than Willy Pickton were involved in the “activities” at the Pig Farm, in the murders?
What a Grand Performance he is capable of: stern rebukes, passionate outpourings, deeply expressed empathy.  No doubt the police (and others) are happy to be called careless, irresponsible – anything bad … just so long as Oppal avoided what needed to be avoided: the real questions.
The Inquiry is over.  It cost millions of dollars.  Lawyers profited. Others profited.  The media is hurray’ing.  The cabinet is pleased.  The Opposition is … silent. 
Nothing has been achieved.  Wally Oppal presented recommendations that any school child could have thought of. The press mulls them over as if they are serious. Wally Oppal may expect many, many more similar, lucrative appointments.
That’s how things go in British Columbia.


Anonymous said...

An "opulent violation of legislation" in relation to the 2003 appointment of a Special Prosecutor who was to look into the conduct of BC Rail, Basi, Virk, and Basi?

What was the violation?

Anonymous said...

I believe we will soon be living in a country where, human lives will be very of very little value. The corruption and evil in this country, turns my stomach.

The BC judicial system in BC is so corrupt, it makes you cringe. The trial of Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, is far from the only corruption, we have seen of BC's judicial system. Think of the elite in BC who, only needed a special prosecutor, to get away with their crimes? None of us would get away with a DUI. We have even seen murder, let off the hook.

Harper when on TV said. He is a devout Christian. How he "preys" every day for guidance. I wonder what prayer he uses, as he is selling Canada to Communist China? What prayer, when he gave Communist China the right to sue any Canadians if, they block China's takeover of our country?

Does that make Campbell and Christy, Christians too? Campbell works for Harper, BC was sold to China long ago. All of the devils were "preying" and dancing, as they destroyed this country.

What prayer has Christy used, as our BC judicial system, gave Communist China, our BC mining jobs?

Harper and his so called Conservatives. The Campbell/Clark so called BC Liberals, are all devout Christians. They came right from, the ninth ring of Dante's Inferno.