Friday, December 7, 2012

British Columbia is Booming Only In the Spin Zone

Fresh from the Straight Good`s truth zone...

Canada adds 59,000 jobs in November, B.C. job numbers steady

I`m not talking about that Vancouver Sun headline, I`m talking about the facts on the ground, Christy Clark`s jobs/propaganda campaign, and of course, the Vancouver Sun and Global BC`s pimping for Liberals campaign, and you can throw Daryll Bricker of Ipsos Reid and Vaughn Palmer into the bought spin zone mix too..

Vaughn Palmer in his last column and Ipsos Reid in their last poll analysis kept referring to BC`s booming economy, all part of the the messaging, some subtle but most blunt as a boulder..

 "Thus it would appear that fewer women saw the favourable economic conditions translating into results that mattered to them....

 But it would appear that men were more inclined to overlook her shortcomings and stick with her party, perhaps because of its economic record...

To recap, it would appear that women, as a group, aren't making the same connections as men between the performance of the economy and their own priorities for B.C. As well, women may be less forgiving than men of Clark's stumblings as a leader......"
Do you see the references from Vaughn? ....he keeps subtly referring to the economy and province while infering the positive where none really exists...Now that`s not to say some sectors of the economy aren`t performing but all the glaring negatives cropping up in other area`s are all but ignored...

I have written before about the Palmer Method of planting subliminal thoughts(I`ve penned it ("The Palmer Effect)" ...Palmer writes, according to the title

("Clark's lack of popularity with female voters could be election's defining factor....Women are less likely to say the province is heading in the right direction")

seemingly a critique of the Liberal party, but the goal is the opposite, the seeds Vaughn Palmer is planting aren`t set to sprout for several months, He`s trying to paint a picture of a good economy, a mental picture of men forgiving Christy`s obvious flaws because the economy is roaring, a picture of.

a picture of female voters only being personal shrews by voting against the economic wizardry of Christy Clark and and fiscal Liberals......

In other words, it`s a sleight, an insult, are you women too stupid to see the glory of the Liberal borne prosperity, combined with a jobs ads blitz, a business councils blitz, all the complicit media like the Vancouver Sun and Global BC, all firing in unison while Christy and De Jong predict a magic balanced budget just months before our election, without having to supply even a smidgen proof...

Remember that Karma thing, sometimes it comes back to bite you in the ass..

Can`t you see, the subtle theme, let`s jump to Mr. Brickers spin...

First the title of the poll.

"BC Liberals Take Back the Right


Provincial Mood

The overall provincial mood should favour the incumbent BC Liberals. Nearly six-in-ten (59%) British Columbians think the BC economy is in ‘very good’ or ‘good’ shape, compared to nearly four-in-ten (38%) who think the BC economy is in ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ shape. To put this number in context, only 25% of British Columbians thought the BC economy was in good shape in the spring of 2001 when the BC Liberals were first elected and the incumbent NDP were reduced to two seats.
And thinking of things more broadly than just the economy, slightly more British Columbians think things are headed more in the right direction (46%) than in the wrong direction (42%) in the province right now....."


Mr Bricker was then aired on cknw and other outlets and spun like a top, referring to a good economy if not booming economy and declared men were voting for the economic prowess of the Liberals despite obvious flaws within Clark while females seemed to be prepared to vote against the economical well being of the Province over petty personal catty-like issues...

Seeds of general over-all good economic news are being planted and the stand-by.."It`s the economy stupid" theme, everything coming together then...

But then stepped up karma, John Doyle, Statistics Canada, unions fighting Chinese coal companies, voices, citizens writers bloggers truth tellers and the new media.. 

The BC Auditor General has come out firing, first off, John Doyle said this year`s deficit is  actually $2.5 billion dollars, nearly 1$ billion dollars higher than what these BC Liberals are claiming, ....Hey Vaughn, Hello Bricker..Get this through your tiny pea-brained heads..

When we are running multi-billion dollar deficits and losing jobs by the thousands we are not in a booming economy..
This my friends is what you call karma..These paid pimps have been talking the talk, lavishing on us, no, carpet-bombing propaganda and spin in the most expensive persuasion campaign in Canadian history, statistics tell us you media folk are wrong....BC Liberal Government ad blitz campaign seems designed for another reality, one of major job growth and bulging bank accounts, a reality that doesn`t exist presently,
British Columbia lost 16,000 jobs 2 month ago and in the latest Stats Canada jobs report BC lost even more jobs..Canada as a whole gained jobs but not BC, we are not number #1, not number 2, 3 or 4 in job growth, we are way back in the pack, despite what Christy`s propaganda ads say, the ads are lies, they should be pulled, false advertising charges should be laid..

Somewhere truth in advertising and BC Liberals paths diverged sharply, this Government doesn`t even pretend it isn`t tricking you, picture a swindler selling knock-offs, or picture the obvious low-life heavy working-over a gullible mark, for too long BCers have been treated as marks, we`ve been told lies, been promised the moon the sun and stars been promised everything by this bunch, only to see their promises turn into pretty packages containing nothing but deliberate guile..

And the truth bites the Vancouver Sun in the balls(again)..You see their headline,...

Canada adds 59,000 jobs in November, B.C. job numbers steady..

Here is what the headline should read

British Columbia continues to bleed jobs as Canada gains, 4800 more BCers jobless


Well Vaughn, Mr. Bricker, if losing jobs month after month and running multi-billion dollar deficits for the last 4 years, going on 5 years is a booming economy, God help us all if we ever slowdown!


British Columbia
Population 3,824.7 3,827.8 3.1 35.3 0.1 0.9
Labour force 2,484.8 2,480.2 -4.6 22.4 -0.2 0.9
Employment 2,317.4 2,312.7 -4.7 29.4 -0.2 1.3
Full-time 1,812.7 1,812.6 -0.1 30.8 0.0 1.7
Part-time 504.8 500.1 -4.7 -1.4 -0.9 -0.3
Unemployment 167.4 167.5 0.1 -7.0 0.1 -4.0
Participation rate 65.0 64.8 -0.2 0.0 ... ...
Unemployment rate 6.7 6.8 0.1 -0.3 ... ...
Employment rate 60.6 60.4 -0.2 0.2 ... ...


The numbers prove there is no magic BC Liberal beans, they have racked up debt 8 out of 12 years, and even some of those years are suspect, we did sell BC Ferries and BC Rail, ..BC ferries sold to ourselves then buried in debt, we still owe both, BC Hydro drowning in debt with hidden deferrals and power buying gimmicks..Job creation numbers, housing starts, there is nothing impressive or accurate in the mainstream media`s revisionist history of BC`s economic performance of recent yore...

 That tale must not be allowed to stand, forget three legged stools, BC Liberal economic record would be hard-pressed to find even two sturdy legs.. 


I`m afraid that female voters are a whole lot smarter than what the mainstream media are making them out to be..

 Female voters see a liar, a con, a shallow woman who would say anything, do anything to win, from the sneaky to the expensive to the downright dirty, no rock left unturned, these futile stunts won`t work with female voters because they`re smart enough to know better...They know Christy clark is an idiot, and idiots can`t be in charge, could you imagine Sarah Palin as president..

Meanwhile, if Mr. Bricker really read that poll right, his commentary should have been..

Many men are still following their dicks, and are prepared to vote for a flip-flopping wind direction changing corporate bought Harper controlled dummy because she titillates their small heads and even knowing the Liberal party couldn`t run a lemonade stand deters them none...

I was just paraphrasing of course   


 The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

You are on fire Grant, #1 blogger all week and we appreciate the effort!

Anonymous said...

Palmer must have missed Christy's statement. The Chinese miners already here, are only temporary. Won't that mean more job losses for BC?

It somewhat threw me when. Ida Chong contradicted Christy. She said, she was bringing more of her countrymen, to take the BC mining jobs?

Palmer must be counting the resource jobs, BC people aren't going to get, as well too?

Strangely we have, thousands of University and College Graduates with huge student loans. They really need, good paying resource jobs. Do BC people, actually have to speak Chinese Mandarin, to obtain those jobs? In our own English speaking province, or what?

Murray River is going to court, to have Chinese miners removed. There are far too many BC citizens who, desperately need those jobs. Palmer must have missed that one too?

Grant G said...

And I turned on my radio in the middle of the night, and I heard things I need to know, now I can see the light..

All your voices are welcome here..

From coast to coast

Thanks for the "on fire" comment..

And a little advice to the dark-side.

The NDP don`t need to take-out Christy Clark and reduce her to polling numbers in the teens..

We want her there, reaching and reaching for that brass ring, not sent packing and opening up doors for someone competent....

Maybe someone`s desire and plot to have Christy removed is coming apart at the seams..

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

istvan said...

I just recieved an e mail saying that harper sold a chunk of Canada to the chinese.!!!!

Bill said...

Great analysis Grant. A lot clearer and sensible than the doctored spin of Mr Palmer and the coconspirators of the say something, imply something else compromised MSdeflectors.

The BC Liberals with their "family friendly" scribblers and telepromptors are using tax payers money to desperatley hold onto power. This time their bombarding us with BS will not work. Can not happen soon enough.


Grant G said...

Istivan, you have been very quiet lately, glad that bothers you too..

Peace and persistence..

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Utter BS Christy.

Hugh said...

125 layoffs at Domtar. So why hire Chinese temp mining workers. Why not train people.