Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vancouver Sun, BC Liberal`s Crutch,

What the hell is happening around here, this province, this country, mired in political spin, wallowing in a sickly syrupy sauce, it`s everywhere, the days of subliminal messaging are over.

Remember way back when, theatre movies would insert a few frames of a bottle of Coca Cola during a hot desert scene, so fast and innocuous was the messaging you never knew you were hit, the goal of course was to make you thirsty while in close proximity to anxious concession stands, and it worked..

Today things are different but certainly not new, yes indeed, Germany during Hitler`s rein brought messaging and propaganda to an art form, some subtle but most was blunt as a boulder, Joseph Goebbels was a master spinner, in fact I believe that line about coercion is attributed to him.."Repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth"..

Here I was last Saturday afternoon, visiting a friend in the valley, having my laptop with me, friends with their computers on we were multi-tasking, one friend was playing games, another shopping and me listening to cknw`s audio vault, and yes it was a social affair, music was being played, 101 fm classic rock, the time was near 6:00 pm, news hour time, so there is the visual scene, a small group(6) all wired to the internet, music filling our airwaves and ears, HD television on as well, funny times my friends, "we aren`t in Kansas anymore Dorothy" ....And I think 1 or 2 of us were drinking as well but that couldn`t explain the echo chamber we all simultaneously found ourselves in, it was utterly amazing and scary at the same time, on the cknw audio vault was a BC Government jobs ad, you know the one, the one with soothing music and tempered speech, Global TV had another BC jobs ad running, my online gaming friend had Enbridge ads streaming across his screen, seemingly out of nowhere and atop my shopping friend`s screen were more BC jobs ads, in a 1 hour period we were bombarded with BC Government jobs ads, Enbridge ads promoting their futuristic path forward, that`s really funny, Enbridge calls the dirty black toxic goop in their pipe..And I quote.."The path to Our Future"..What a depressing thought, a future dependent upon a black goop pipe, next thing you know we`ll be told life itself in BC won`t be possible without massive LNG exports...Actually they are, I`ll come back to that..

When I pointed out to my friends all these simultaneous propaganda infomercials, family dinner time and all media and communication modes involved, no form of contact was excluded, radio, television, print, streaming movings, Veetle, online newspapers, every single method of connecting with you was being blasted over and over again and truth be told once informed everyone turned up volume levels and we had more then once multi infomercials from the BC Government running all at the same time, voice-overs clashing on computers and visuals on the big screen and you would swear we`d entered a 21st century electronic water torture chamber, it definitely had the "Manchurian candidate" feel to it...

Propaganda, simple propaganda, once you identify the offending messages its effectiveness becomes null and actually has the opposite effect, and it`s not just BC jobs ads, it BC Hydro and BC Lottery, ICBC and by extension from Governments to crown corporations matters not, for all the ads are taxpayer funded ads and it`s not only ads but the spin within, Global BC news was using on-air hostesses to advertise future BC Liberal Government ads, advertising set days and hour right down to the minute when the propaganda ad will run...Heck, 2 weeks ago on the cutting edge of the ledge show Keith Baldrey admitted Global news hours time slots are funded entirely with Government ads..

Global is so brazen and bias they allow ads disguised as their own programming, Joseph Gobbels would be proud..

Anyway, the reason for this post, the Vancouver Sun(Stun)...They have a bold headline about LNG, if one didn`t know better and wasn`t an avid reader or used to picking up scant facts in a sea of written sewage.

Yes indeed, the Vancouver Sun is in fact an enabling Government propaganda distributor and game player, for too many media outlets just don`t run bad ads they engage in their own form of spinning falsehoods into propaganda yarns, today is a perfect example, ..

I was perusing some articles in the Globe n Mail, it was about Petronas proposed takeover of Progress Energy Resources, the takeover bid that was denied, apparently Petronas is saying in the article that...I`m paraphrasing here...If Ottawa allows the takeover to proceed we will build an extra-big LNG plant in B.C. ...They claim the really big plant will require 70% of all current gas production in BC..But, and here`s the rub, if the takeover is not allowed Petronas will only build a small LNG plant...In another words it`s subtle threatening, it`s also spin...For within the Globe n Mail article there is a little balance, it does mention that LNG facilities around the world are facing skyrocketing build budgets, and there is mention that companies are finding difficulty signing up long-term profitable contracts, and even the furthest along project, that has an export license has still not secured buyers of this gas, the project has stalled..Petronas is different, not only are they a state owned company, not the private sector, the price of the gas is less important to Petronas because if they can`t sell to foreign buyers the Philippine Nation is their own domestic customer, so Petronas doesn`t need any buyers at all ..Ah, but that creates another huge problem, we`ll come back to that a little later...

So in a nut shell, the Globe n Mail story had a story about Petronas flexing muscles and offering extra goodies for BC if the takeover is allowed, but throughout the story in the Globe....They use the words potential, planning, proposed, if deals cand be struck, if contracts signed....Here`s a taste of that article..


Petronas vows bigger B.C. LNG plant if Ottawa okays Progress bid 


Petronas is pledging to build a larger, more valuable LNG export plant on Canada’s West Coast if Ottawa approves its takeover of Progress Energy Resources Corp.
On Tuesday, the two companies, operating under an existing joint venture, announced that they will begin engineering work on Pacific Northwest LNG. The facility would be located in Port Edward, a small fishing village just south of Prince Rupert on British Columbia’s north coast. The companies said they have completed a detailed feasibility study and will start work on “pre front-end engineering design.”.......

 It’s an important step forward for the project and for B.C., which has high hopes that multi-billion-dollar LNG plants will stir substantial new economic activity.......

But Petronas, the Malaysian energy giant, is using the announcement to apply pressure on government to approve its $6-billion takeover of Progress. If the takeover is not approved, the two companies will, under their joint venture, build a plant capable of exporting 7.6-million tonnes per year, with a possible expansion to 11.4-million tonnes.
If the deal is approved, however, Petronas said it will build a facility capable of exporting 60 per cent more, with a base design of 12-million tonnes a year that can be expanded to 18-million tonnes.
In a statement, the companies said the plan will cost between $9-billion and $11-billion, depending on its size – although analysts have estimate the fully built project could cost upwards of $20-billion.......

At 18-million tonnes, the Petronas facility would process 2.4-billion cubic feet per day of natural gas, equivalent to 70 per cent of B.C.’s current gas production, according to National Energy Board statistics.
The larger facility “will also result in concurrent enhancements to the productivity and efficiency of related upstream activities,” the companies said in a statement. They promised up to 3,500 direct construction jobs and 200 to 300 long-term operating jobs.....

Numerous LNG plants have been proposed for the West Coast, including projects led by Royal Dutch Shell PLC, BG Group PLC, Exxon Mobil Corp., Apache Corp. and others. Sources in Kitimat say other companies have looked at the area, too, including Chevron Corp., although it’s not clear how serious other proposals might be.

LNG projects in Australia, which is in the midst of a major LNG boom, have seen spiralling costs and increasingly challenged economics. Difficulties have emerged in Canada, too. Apache is the lead partner in Kitimat LNG, a project that has already secured an export licence. But the company’s final investment decision has been delayed as it seeks lucrative oil-linked sales contracts, at a time when U.S. competitors have sold some LNG using contracts linked to far lower North American natural gas prices.
Companies like Petronas are widely considered to be among the most likely to succeed in building LNG facilities in Canada, since they would be producers as well as buyers of the product, shielding them from some contract uncertainty.



First off, this is still just a proposal, now a subtle threat, propaganda, look at the employment numbers, 3000 to 3500 jobs during construction and after construction perhaps 200-300 full-time jobs, and that`s on the really big LNG plant..

To be clear, if we ever get any LNG plants going they won`t be a big employer, the BC Government MAY get royalties and taxes but as for jobs, it`s less workers than 1 saw mill...Remember that part I said I would come back to, ..The part about Petronas, a State owned company is both a seller and USER of LNG, just think about that for a minute...

If Petronas was the owner of a massive LNG plant in B.C. and also a huge buyer for its own Filipino citizens to which they supply and sell LNG to...Would Petronas really care if the price was so low that royalties can`t be paid?...And with no long term contracts couldn`t Petronas bring the LNG to its home and sell for whatever?..An arrangement like that is ripe for exploitation, would Petronas pay $15$ per BTU for domestic use?..just think about that set-up...And I`m sure you noticed all those other companies proposing plants but building none, Apache, Chevron, ...Look to Australia my friends, projects double or triple over budget, ..Our resource extraction royalties are being blamed for our deficits, even though record raw logs and record shipments of coal are going to China yet somehow our royalties are but a $few hundred million or less, even Alberta is running deficits, this year a $3billion dollar deficit, and the last 5 YEARS ALBERTA HAS BEEN IN DEFICIT..

BC Jobs ads, the propaganda, on November 19th on Global BC news at 5 and 6 pm ran a story about the BC Government holding a jobs fair in California ...The newscast used the number and bandied around a huge worker shortage number, that was a staggering....

600,000 workers required...Let`s look at that Petronas LNG plant, let`s go high end, 3500 peak jobs, times that number by 10 LNG plants, that`s only 35,000 jobs at peak, and 10 haven`t been proposed, in fact the one furthest along and with an export license can`t find customers....Propaganda on steroids....

Anywho, this post isn`t about Global propaganda news, or Petronas or Christy Clucking Clark, this story, this post is about the Vancouver Sun..

You see friends, I read the Globe n Mail story early this morning, the Vancouver Sun hadn`t woken up yet, they didn`t post the Petronas until early this afternoon, around lunch time actually, and of course, the Globe n Mail online version of the story left cyber space and entered the Vancouver Sun elect Christy Clark and the lying BC Liberal spin zone, the story was transformed into a deception-filled, poorly written, void of facts campaign ad..

Let`s start with the title change


 Petronas and Progress announce go-ahead for $9-billion LNG plant at Prince Rupert

Wow, what a title, one might be confused into thinking the project is going to be built, a go-ahead, and that`s what the Vancouver sun has done, they spun proposals and portrayed it as for-sure-things, no mention of long-term customers signing the dotted lines, the giveaways were easily spotted, this project is still a twinkling in a 1% percenter`s eyes, no detailed plans are even close and I suspect that unless Petronas is given a green-light to take-over Progress energy nothing will happen, and even if it does, one must wonder if Petronas is only securing supply for it`s own domestic customers, and believe me, Petronas`s home populous are not wealthy like Euros or North Americans, they can`t afford big LNG dollars....A poor populous, a place where the wealthy search for and find plenty of domestic slaves more than willing to be exploited for a fistful of $dollars....

Pay attention to the Vancouver Sun, this line gave it away

"The joint ventures partners have completed a feasibility study and are now ready to begin the next phase, referred to as the pre-front-end-engineering design phase"



Go read both articles about the same story, see the spin zone in action, Apache is further along the process with an export license, with a pre-front-end-engineering design plan and a natural gas pipeline route chosen, they have everything in place, that would be everything but customers, what does Petronas know, or more aptly and more importantly, what does Petronas want, why was the takeover of Progress Energy even proposed, the Feds said it wasn`t in Canada`s interest, that doesn`t make sense unless..

Unless everyone and their dog know that Petronas`s goal is securing a cheap domestic source of gas and royalty payments to foreign countries are offensive, the need of control, the need of setting the price, the need of driving prices down and especially, the need of working with a desperate BC Liberal Government who care only about surviving the short term and making good deals for BCers is not on the agenda, meaning this, if Petronas gets the nod they will set the terms, threaten layoffs and threaten shutting down unless free electricity and royalty relief are on the table...Right Rich Coleman?

Around the world these LNG projects are skyrocketing over budget(so it seems?) and deals are being struck to reduce royalty payments, to reduce electricity charges, to reduce everything down to bare bones, to reduce everything to the point where only income tax on workers do Governments receive...

A wink wink nod deal, ya know Christy, wink wink nod, if we have to pay royalties and electrical charges we will have to close up, and think of those poor workers losing their jobs, they too are too expensive and we`ll need foreign Asian workers..

And on a side note, this propaganda, the BC Government crying the blues about worker shortages when we keep losing jobs, the Joeseph Goebbels method personified..

How come CP is killing these jobs..


Canadian Pacific to slash 4,500 jobs by 2016 as railway restructures 



 Restructuring to cheaper labour and robots, CP stock has done nothing but rise in value for the last 3 years, if there is indeed a future shortage of workers how come a railway that would be shipping goods and supplies across B.C. and Canada to all those workers is shedding jobs?

Funny, no mention in the Vancouver Sun or Province of these 4500 vanishing jobs!

 Only a story spinning so fast the words fly off the pages..


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Hugh said...

Gas company sucking water out of BC Hydro's Williston Reservoir to use for fracking gas:


Anonymous said...

Smart meters were installed to bill us common folks for all the hydro used by the corporations. Don't be fooled. Watch out hydro prices will rise largely and the peak power use times will come in to play for the regular household consumer so that the corporations pay less but draw huge amounts of power. Research shows the amounts of water used by fracking which in itself is bad for the environment, livestock all the way down the food chain.

Anonymous said...

Canada has become, rotten to the core with corruption.

BC was the most corrupt province in all of Canada. Quebec may have beat us out again. BC is never that far behind Quebec.

How people can be so damned stupid, beats the hell out of me. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, thieved and sold everything of value out of this province. Thieving and selling an entire railroad, is quite a feat. The trial, was laughable.

Anyone who thinks, they will get a resource job in BC? They had better rethink that one. Campbell sold BC's resources out to China, long ago. Christy lied about Chinese miners being temporary. Why did Ida Chong say, she was bringing over more of her countrymen, to take BC's mining jobs then?

We know. Fracking is linked to earthquakes. We know fracking poisons the clean underground water, for miles. At the rate, the BC Liberals are poisoning our clean water??? We will eventually run into a lot of trouble. At least people can have, free home heat, from fracking. All we have to do is, light the water on fire, coming out of our faucets. I doubt, if any living creatures or humans, can evolve fast enough, to tolerate gas in our drinking water?

Anonymous said...

I have taken the liberty, of passing along all of our good bloggers information, to friends and relatives. I have asked them to pass the information on to everyone they know, and on and on.

They also need to know about Christy's lies. The thousands of jobs from Enbridge and the mining jobs, we aren't going to get. There are thousands of University and College Graduates with huge student loans, who need good paying jobs very badly. The jobs, they have to speak Chinese Mandarin, to obtain. Right in, our own English speaking province.

Anonymous said...

I was disgusted to hear the share price for CP went up after the news of jobs cuts. What the hell happened to Canada? It used to be that people cheered when new jobs were announced in a company as it meant things were going well. Not now. The owners and shareholders hate workers and anything else such as paying taxes that prevents them from gaining ever more wealth. Wealth that most of them don't even need. The filthy rich are a lot more filthy these days.

Anonymous said...

Wow,since I don't watch CTV much I missed that segment. I wonder what these Americans will think when they realize who their actually are working for {China}. But what's with the UBC comments mentioned in the Indio newspaper. And don't you love how the one "expert" says that we've"missed the boat" on training B.C workers.By the way, didn't mean to post twice last night but it was late and I wasn't sure it went through. Mission Teacher