Thursday, December 27, 2012

David Obee`s Love for Christy Clark on Display

               (David Obee and the Times Colonist, yellow journalism worthy of a fail)

It really is that obvious, David Obee is in love with Christy Clark, there can be no other logical explanations, either that or David couldn`t resist writing a column with the word "Cougar" and the acronym "MILF" both contained within, but what really puzzles me about his descriptors and pretzel logic is David Obee`s conclusion..


 "A short interview with a radio station in the Comox Valley would normally be forgotten before it ended, but bloggers and political observers are doing all they can to ensure that this one stays alive.

Clark’s answer is being cited as yet more proof that she degrades women, that she is an embarrassment to women, and so on. That two-sentence exchange has, it seems, given the Clark-haters enough fuel to carry them well into the new year.........

 For those who hate Clark, the question was just about perfect. No matter how she answered, she could be raked over the coals for saying or doing the wrong thing. ..........

 There is no shortage of reasons to criticize the premier but let’s base our thinking on what she has or has not accomplished, and what she says she will do. Isn’t her vision for the province more important than her appearance?
It’s another reminder that women in politics face more and tougher challenges than their male counterparts. Need we wonder why it’s so tough to convince women to run?"


 Who in the hell do you think you are David Obee to scold me or any other British Columbian who has trouble with Christy Clark pretending to be our premier?...I didn`t vote for her nor did any British Columbian...

What a load of Victoria Times bullshit, and yes, I am being kind, let`s start with the first part, who are these Christy Clark haters, I don`t hate Christy Clark, bloggers and politicos, at least those who are concerned with the future hate Christy`s incompetence, it`s nothing personal, .....Mr. Obee,....Let`s start at the beginning, Christy Clark is a school drop out,

Christy Clark  quit S-F-U after she was caught cheating on school body elections, her grades before she quit were sub-par at best, to this day Mr. Obee your hottie friend Christy Clark remains educated at a high school level only...I don`t want a premier with a mere high school education, oh, did I mention premier Clark was elected premier by a mere tiny majority within the BC Liberal party...When is the next general election?

David Obee, who the hell is the hater? Let me tell you a true story about Christy Clark and her cknw radio career....

On November 10/2009...Between 12:30 pm and 1:00pm Christy Clark stated on air that BC Ferries under David Hahn was delivering every year $500 million dollars in profit back to the province..

I david Obee called Christy Clark and informed her on air at that time, on that day, that BC Ferries was losing money, big money and what she stated about BC Ferries finances was a blatant lie, well David OBEE, Christy Clark blew me off and hung the phone up, being the persistent type I emailed Christy Clark, I sent her links to BC Ferries annual audits, link after link proving that BC Ferries was losing big money, making NOTHING, I called her radio manager, only to be ignored, well, my next move was to contact the CBSC(Canadian broadcast standards council) and filed a complaint, ..

My complaint, along with all the evidence I provided the CBSC was upheld and Christy Clark was forced to retract on air, Christy Clark was not happy, a little old phone-in caller forced her to retract on air, THE BIG BC FERRIES LIE.....Now what about this hatred you say we have towards Christy Clark, are you sure David OBEE?, are you sure who the real hater is?....

A short while later, just before the Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics cknw was giving away Olympic event tickets as radio prizes, and guess who was caller number 8.....That`s right David Obee, I managed to be lucky caller number 8 on the Christy Clark show ....And when Nick answered the phone for the Christy Clark show and said..."congratulations you are caller number 8, you win"

and then when Nick recognized my voice(and name), he informed Christy Clark who won.....The next thing I heard was Christy Clark screaming in the background, "Hang up on him, he isn`t getting any prizes from my show"

As Laila Yuile would say, "Don`t mess with a blogger"

The prize I won was 2 tickets to opening night at Molsen`s Hockey House, Christy Clark out of revenge and hatred made sure I received no Olympic prizes, after being stalled and delayed for 3 weeks, Tom Plasteras(station manager) gave me, on request from Christy Clark, 2 tickets to Don Rickles appearing at a Richmond casino as a replacement prize...They swapped prizes and gave me crap, why?......

Because Christy Clark is the real vindictive hater, not me, not the public, the fact that I forced Christy Clark to retract on air over a whopper lie about BC Ferries`s finances is not, and never should be justification to exact petty little revenge on a little old radio caller, ....That David Obee is an example of a real hater, of the real Christy Clark..not your pathetic excuse making for Canada`s premier embarrassment, a one Christy Clark!

David Obee....Here`s a big slap across your face, kachii...Wow, you could have had a V8 instead.....And then David Obee you really dived into the Christy Clark mud-filled pig sty and said this....Absolutely amazing finishing paragraph.....

"There is no shortage of reasons to criticize the premier but let’s base our thinking on what she has or has not accomplished, and what she says she will do. Isn’t her vision for the province more important than her appearance?"

Well, lets have a look at what Christy Clark has or has not accomplished David OBEE...
 Christy Clark while running for the BC Liberal leadership told the public she would a need mandate from the public, she admitted to all that she couldn`t legitimately hold office for near three years without the public giving her and the party an electoral nod..She reneged, she lied...Christy Clark also told the public she wouldn`t use a persuasion campaign to keep the HST, $7 million dollars on stickmen ads later, after a failed mail in ballot, BCers soundly rejected the HST and yet the tax stands, still here, not until 1 month before the next election will that hideous job destroying consumer gouging tax be gone(maybe)...In other words Christy Clark lied, again!

And her lies were just beginning, we have had reviews on Translink, on BC Hydro, on ICBC, on CLBC, on BC Ferries, what we found out was...BC Ferries was out of control with David Hahn and his friends each granting the other $million dollar salaries even while the corporation was bleeding red ink...We found out that ICBC had hired hundreds of BC Liberal friendly managers, a hiring explosion, some sort of BC Liberal depository, a place to put friends in da money...Coincidentally, when Kevin Kreuger resigned in June of 2012, in his first interview after his resignation with Bill Good, Kevin Kreuger stated this, and I quote...

"I`m looking forward to returning to my old managerial job at ICBC" snip ...I guess this practice at ICBC is an old tradition...

How come the hiring at BC Hydro and ICBC was almost exclusively BC Liberal friendlies?

So what does Christy Clark do, or not do, she reneged on the election, reneged on the HST persuasion, BC Hydro is near broke, BC Ferries is broke, Translink broke, CLBC scandal ridden and children in need treated worse than animals, investigation after investigation and then there`s Christy Clark`s legislative moves, she shuttered the legislature in the spring and rammed trough a dozen bills without debate and refuses to hold a Fall session, the same garbage Gordon Campbell pulled...

Christy Clark failed, and continues to fail with Enbridge, she gave away our BC authority to the Feds and with a mere 30 days notice we can get that power back, still Christy Clark refuses to go along with the vast majority...Christy Clark`s "frosty" visit with Allison Redford, a silly game, Christy Clark invited herself to speak in Calgary at the Calgary school of public policy as an excuse to pretend to meet with Allison Redford...A silly joke David Obee, Christy Clark and her silly games, her 5 demands of Enbridge, the first 4 are no-brainers and the 5th is a non-provincial issue, that being compensation for risking the coast, environment, no money, no environment, no money and you gutless media refuse to call Christy Clark out on these gaffes and her fence straddling.....

Yes David Obee, David Shreck thought Christy`s cleavage was over the top at the legislature, it was, ...If indeed it was appropriate Christy would have maintained the dress level, she didn`t, she changed her legislative attire and replaced her slut-wear for the geeky female professor look, the thick glasses and business suits, from one extreme to another, this change occurred after Christy was lambasted for stepping out of a float plane wearing high heels and a tight orange skirt in Prince Rupert for a loading-dock photo-op..And then there was Christy Clark play acting as a cleaner, picking up glass after the Stanley Cup riots, wearing a tight skirt and high heels, with public paid photographers in tow...

Meanwhile Christy Clark burns through Chiefs of Staff faster than Cheech Marin burns through doobies, oyster bar junkets, missing persons Pamela Martin, only seen during BC by-elections, Christy Clark pretending to be a Conservative and hires Ken the groper Boesenkool, Sara the gum Macyntire, who, where are they now?

Gaffe after gaffe, lie after lie, excuse after excuse, deficit budget after deficit budget, shuttered legislature, House Bills rammed through, the use of closure, the guillotine, no debate, an undemocratic move even an elected premier should be ashamed of, and then no Fall sessions in the people`s house, another Fall session canceled, this time canceled by a liar and reneger, a unelected, uneducated partisan shrew canceling democracy, .....And then, while the legislature is shuttered, a $70 million dollars ad blitz, ads full of lies and mis-information, pre-election partisan ads paid for with borrowed deficit monies,..

And the same balanced budget bullshit pulled by Kevin Falcon, Colin Hansen and Gordon the thief Campbell is being pulled by Christy Clark...

And you David Obee are calling me and others Christy Clark haters, calling us haters for the sake of what?....Did you ever consider the voters are tired of the lies, of no-mandate Governments, tired of the same old same old bullshit, tired of Christy Clark who promised an early election, a quick end to the HST and a new style Government?

and Christy delivered nothing, she has proven herself inept, uneducated, a liar, a phony, and you David Obee owe me and all British Columbians an apology, we don`t "hate Christy Clark" we want good, honest Government, capable Government, we want a leader that`s true to their word, a leader that didn`t drop out of school, a leader that isn`t a quitter, a leader that can speak English, a leader that doesn`t use the words..."Yea know...I think yea know, my Government yea know."...  

David Obee, your column was pathetic, just look at your last paragraph..

 "There is no shortage of reasons to criticize the premier but let’s base our thinking on what she has or has not accomplished, and what she says she will do. Isn’t her vision for the province more important than her appearance?"

She lied, she promised an early election, she said she needed a mandate, she said she wouldn`t use a persuasion campaign to save the HST, she has spent borrowed money like a drunken sailor, she has embarrassed BC from coast to coast, she can`t speak English, what she said she would do she reneged, she canceled, she has run deficits, every deficit bigger than forecast, she`s argued and lost with our Auditor General John Doyle, financial fraud, hidden investigations into her office staff, $millions in severance pay to friends..Shuttered legislature, Bills rammed through without debate, Fall sessions canceled..Same old lie and string pullers Gordon Campbell used..

As for Christy Clark being a MILF......Perhaps you haven`t seen the pre-surgery Christy Clark.


David Obee, for a journalist you are pretty thick, stunned actually, when did not wanting a school drop out, a bitter liar, a prize take-awayer, a vindictive shrew and Gordon Campbell copy, a person who can`t speak English, a reneger, a totally unqualified, unskilled, uneducated, unelected, political party chosen face and betrayer of British Columbia as our Premier become classed as baseless hate?

For the real story about the MILF, about a staged story and poor little picked on Christy Clark.

Let go of your Penis David Obee and open your eyes!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Don F. said...

Perfectly stated Grant, leave no cause for confusion. Evey word the truth!

Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell, Harper and Christy all have the same typo personalities. All of them have the ability, to look you in the face, and blatantly lie. None of them mind, using dirty tactics. Some of them cheat to win elections.

Meanwhile. Christy's b.s. asinine TV ad that says, BC's economy is growing and stable? Our cost of living, was just jacked up again.

Her lying b.s. of thousands of jobs for BC? She is bringing over more Chinese, to take the BC mining jobs, from our own miners. They must speak Chinese Mandarin, to qualify for the mining jobs, in our own damned, English speaking Canadian province.

In China, Shenzhen has the highest minimum wage of, $236 per month. No wonder, Harper gave all company's permission, to hire cheap Chinese labor. They are all lined up at the trough, squealing for cheap Chinese labor to exploit. China refuses to pay Canadian wages.

Christy backs Harper to the hilt, just as Campbell did before her. They all are traitors to this country.

Christy is all for cheap Chinese labor. AND to hell, with her BC family's first.

Anonymous said...

What the heck. I'm never going to be popular anyway, so I would just like to say that Christie believing she is a MILF goes beyond the realm of probability. It was a political comment and she lost on it. Though she was doubtless pretty good looking in her day.

What I would like (from my government, whether led by a MILF or not) is a job, not to see foreign workers brought in because they are cheaper and or younger and more profitable to largely foreign corporations. China at the moment.

Imagine you are in control of a buncha hamsters, some BC hamsters which are expensive to keep and some foreign hamsters which were starving in their own country. Mix em together from your ivory tower and see if they get along, being as how they are real human beings and generally like to get along to get along. If that works bring in lots of foreign workers from foreign (Chinese) companies in order to get campaign contributions for your election and comfortable retirement.

Nothin against them, but I don`t have a comfortable retirement so I need the job. Whose country is it anyway.
Global Free Trade is just another way to exploit everybody who never had a voice on exporting jobs and raw materials from here where we need them. (and lets not even get into farmland, which we will need in the not too distant future - already food prices are through the roof thanks to transnationals and laws against selling food to your neighbour - especially meat and dairy. and Monsanto with their sterile seeds) All the little people who lost or will lose their high paying jobs to globalism already know that. Shit sandwich. Christie may want to support herself working for ever lower paying jobs in the interest of a government which does not work for the people who live here. But I kinda doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I dunno. I'm looking at pornography and I'm looking at politics and I'm having trouble seeing the difference between them. They all want money and they all want me to think they are sexy but after awhile it all really looks the same to me. Buncha rusted out cunts trynna make a pile on the average person's gullibility. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, guess I don't belong here anymore. Good Luck Grant.

Anonymous said...

So I went on a porno site and looked up 'rubber'. what came back was 'lifelike rubber oriental sex dolls' What a relief, I guess our problems are solved! Not Japanese of course as their sex dolls are probably made Toyota and way out of your price range boyo. Still, Chinese sex dolls... if the wiring is okay and there isn't too much lead in them, should be okay for us yokels here in BC.
And if that doesn't work, hell you can always hire a buncha ignorant real women to fill the hole in your net life and real life. Nothing like separating the sexes in order to exploit them. Just ask Gloria Steinem and a whole buncha other operators for profit.
I like women, I like the kind who want to form a partnership and make out as best we can together. I don't like any other type.