Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NDP Tidal Wave A Cometh

Have you noticed CTV National news running Conservative sponsored ads attacking Thomas Mulcair, three years out from a Federal election and Stephen Harper`s pants are full of feces, in other words the Harper party is scared shitless...

As discussed and predicted here months ago, Stephen Harper is in freefall, one year into a four year term and Stephen Harper is on the ropes.

I was thinking about the recent Alberta provincial election where pundit after Conservative pundit predicted a Wildrose Victory, what happened, what turned, besides Wildrose members letting slip their homophobia and racism, what really caused Alberta voters to turn on Wildrose and Danielle Smith was Stephen Harper, Stephen Harper and his minions came out swinging in favour of Wildrose, the oil party, a political party made up of 25 ex big oil men, the party of dirty oil, and with that, with Harper already hated(even in Alberta) sent Alberta voters flocking back to the devil they knew, a bigger majority for Allison Redford than the one she already held....

Stephen Harper`s blatant support for Alberta`s Wildrose party destroyed it before it even began..

And incidentally, one Andrew Coyne had a major article that was posted online just an hour before the Alberta polls closed, as soon as the polling doors were closed and exit data was analyzed those in big media pulled Andrew Coyne`s article in a lame effort to protect his reputation, Andrew Coyne didn`t have the balls to admit he drank the Federal Conservative kool aid and was out to lunch on the Alberta election...So when I hear Thomas Mulcair and Andrew Coyne got into a shouting match a smile came to my face, despite Coyne`s reputation as a writer and pundit his predictions and analysis is not his, he`s a two-bit copying machine and backdoor Conservative, his forethought is worth nothing, similar to BC`s el bloatto who couldn`t pick a winner in a one-horse race, a big fat zero for three, Vancouver civic, BC By-elections and Alberta provincial elections..

Justin Trudeau, a favorite target of many dinosaurs, and after Justin Trudeau thumped out a Conservative bully, Trudeau put up, the Conservative coward wilted like a Arizona rose in a mid July heat wave, Justin Trudeau will indeed run for and win the Federal Liberal leadership, and he will indeed revamp that party, Justin doesn`t just talk the talk he walks the walk, he doesn`t hide behind a fictional list of friends and associates from the walk of fame, he doesn`t threaten with lawyers, Justin Trudeau shoved his fist down the Conservative hole and walked away a winner, those who have star quality, those who indeed walk and talk with legends have no need to beg people to believe their stories, small man phobia, or a little man who drives the biggest truck to make up for attributes lacking, punditry and bullshit, many online writers have no need to play Mr. big,.....Those who are larger than life don`t have to remind readers of it twice per post and on every comment...Bullshit walks and quality class writing speaks for itself..

Andrew Coyne is but a stenographer with a well-honed name, a man with no courage to stand by his writing`s, the line is fine from stenography and theft, the difference is none..


 Norman Farrell posted this the night of the Alberta election,


2 hours later the story vanished, BUSTED, Andrew Coyne was exposed as a two-bit stenographer, a herd follower, so when Thomas Mulcair argues with Andrew Coyne, life is good, Coyne`s best days never happened, a name and reputation made up out of nothing, Andrew Coyne...The Stenographer.

Thomas Mulcair, we didn`t have to wait for months for polls to confirm what was written here in the past, it was clear that Harper committed election theft, a fear based campaign, it`s unfortunate that Ignatief didn`t fight back sooner, Justin Trudeau will tear into Harper`s waning support, not enough to take away the NDP`s run to majority Government in three year, polls are coming fast and furious..

Back east, NDP and Mulcair are on fire....



Newfoundland NDP surges to first place in polls in historic shift

Federally, the New Democrats under Thomas Mulcair have picked up 16 points since the May 2011 election to lead with 49 per cent, well ahead of the Liberals. They have slipped four points to 34 per cent support, while the Conservatives are down 11 points to only 17 per cent in the province.

While the drop in support for the Tories puts the party in range of their low mark of 16.5 per cent from the 2008 federal election, when the Conservatives were hampered by then-Premier Danny Williams’ campaign against them, the New Democrats are well above their best-ever result of 34 per cent from that same year.
The NDP is absolutely dominant in the St. John’s area, where they have 65 per cent support ________________________
And in Central Canada Harper is in need of a blue pill, Viagra comes to mind, perhaps even Viagra can`t keep Stephen black hole Harper from being swept over the Niagra into the land he belongs, Republican doctrine of denialism, also known as scienceless world

NDP Leading Conservatives: Poll Finds Strong Support For Thomas Mulcair's Party And Positions


The New Democrats have increased their lead over the governing Conservatives to four points according to a new survey.

The new poll by Forum Research conducted on May 23 shows NDP support remaining steady at 36 per cent while the Conservatives have slipped one point to 32 per cent since the firm’s last poll of April 24-25. The Liberals, at 20 per cent, have dropped two points.
These variations are all within the margin of error. This indicates that, despite the attacks on Thomas Mulcair’s Dutch disease comments and the introduction of the Tories' new EI plans, Canadians remain unmoved by the rhetoric.


Harper and his attack ads, using Mulcair and a Dutch Disease comparitor, it`s falling on deaf ears, Canadians everywhere realize that Stephen Harper has been affected and diseased with Facism, Corporatism, a liar, a con man, a prime minister who only concern is for oil billionaires and Swiss bank accounts, people, fish and fresh air are merely obstacles to be removed, an oil soaked rapture awaits Stephen Harper and if it means destroying every watershed and classifying finned fish as evasive species than so be it...Harper will only be stopped with the thud of a gavel or the clank of prison bars, or in three years when the now awake people send Harper and the Cons into the dustbin of failed politicians...

No one cares about Alberta, Conservatism will reign there until the people see that despite decades of extraction they`re broke, a legacy of dead fish and poisoned waterways and nothing to show for it except cancer..

Thomas Mulcair also reigns supreme in British Columbia, one by one as the silver haired demographic dies off, a generation living in virtual fantasy land as they rely merely on main stream media, and even that silver demographic is slowly coming online too, the scary NDP mantra spun by the haters, by the self awarding pundits, those who claim to walk on water but are only capable of spewing fiery venom while hiding behind their big-man truck...Yes, Dutch Disease rings hollow in BC, Enbridge will be rejected by the public, the voting public, Christy clark can sit on a fencepost until it rots, John Cummins can promote pipelines until the grim reaper drags his sorry ass into the bellows of hell, a nasty man who dwells in the cellar of hatred and fear mongering..


Yaffe: Romance blooms between B.C. and Mulcair’s federal NDP

Quebec is not the only province having a love affair with Tom Mulcair. B.C. has leaped onto the federal NDP bandwagon.

What gives? British Columbians traditionally are wary of Quebec-centric political leaders. Yet a mid-June Angus Reid poll showed as many British Columbians would have voted for the NDP — 40 per cent — as Quebecers, 42 per cent of whom back the socialist party.

“With continued dominance in Quebec, B.C. could be the second plank of an NDP election victory in 2015,” says political blogger Eric Grenier, who operates the polling website ThreeHundredEight.com.
Grenier, writing for the Huffington Post, observed: “The federal New Democrats have led in 10 of the last 12 polls in [B.C.].”

He notes NDP support is strong in especially fast-growing parts of B.C., a province that will gain six seats from redistribution in time for the next election, all of which augurs well for Mulcair’s party in an election expected in 2015.
While NDP popularity has not changed in Quebec since the 2011 election, in B.C. the new numbers reflect a dramatic shift.


Enbridge pipeline through BC is the defining issue of our lifetime, the biggest story ever, Christy Clark refuses to speak for the people, she ran from her Federal Liberal roots and embraced Stephen Treason Harper when he was in freefall, she can`t win as either, Conservatism is dead in British Columbia, Facism under the BC Liberals is dead too, Canada is embracing the left, embracing people first and business second, embracing Thomas Mulcair and Adrian Dix...

And there`s another poll out today, an Angus Reid poll, BC Conservatives and BC Liberals are stuck on 22% , female voters detest Christy Clark and are repulsed by John Cummins, the NDP are leading by healthy margins in all 4 regions of British Columbia. and as for who would make the best premier...Christy Clark 15%...John Cummins 12%...And even worse for Christy Clark..Her shattered Liberal team is running in third place in the riding rich lower mainland..

Don`t believe the name-dropping bullshit....

Time to go fishing ..Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


e.a.f. said...

stevie slime's ads attacking Muclair & the NDP are so yesterday. They aren't even done well.

They make all sorts of accusations but have nothing to back them up. I think people are wise to stevie's bag of tricks.

With the report on the Kalamzoo River out it is clear Embridge won't be building much of anything to anywhere.

Stevie's ads refer to the Dutch disease, well today the Dutch decided to not go with the F-35s. Didn't think they were a great deal after all. Maybe the Dutch know more than Stevie slime does.

Haper has done himself much harm with the "budget" bill, extended yrs. prior to collecting a pension, election scandals, etc. I don't think his anti Mulcair ads are going to be working.

Anonymous said...

Canada, the true north strong and free.

Anonymous said...

Just got off of Tsakumis site. HE is pissed at left wing supporters who don't like his rich buddy Peter Brown. It seems if you don't agree with everything he says then you become a target of his wrath. I like his writing - but not most of his opinions. More people should be reading this site if you lean left - at least you won't be insulted for having difffering opinions.

Anonymous said...

Like what you have to say, no holds barred and from the hip.
The day Herr HarpenFuhrer was elected to a majority will go down as the blackest day in Canadian history.
Can't agree with your take on Justin Trudeau,he seems like a fruit loop type. As one blogger said, he has his mothers look...... and her brains too.

Anonymous said...

The robo-call cheat election fraud, is a huge strike against Harper. He is trying to quash the investigation. William Corbett of Elections Canada, suddenly resigned. Harper has installed one of his own good old boys, Yves Corte in Corbett's place. We have to watch out for that one. Harper is well known, for his dirty tactics, dirty politics.

Same with the dispute of ridings election results. Harper is installing, two new Conservative judges. What are the odds, one of Harper's new judges hears the appeals? I think the appeals are stalled, until Harper's new judges are on board. One judge will be installed in August. Heads up people. We need to watch this one too.

My biggest fear before the NDP are in office is, Harper has far too many years left, to completely destroy this country.

In BC, hopefully the NDP can clean up some of the horrific mess, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals have produced in this province.

Enbridge has installed an office in Prince George. Hmmmm....a very stupid thing on their part. BC people are more angry than ever, over that one.

Seems there will be more BC Liberal ministers walking away. Too late, we haven't forgot one of them, who backed Campbell to the hilt, with his thefts and corruption.

kootcoot said...

Grant, this is one of your best posts EVAH, especially the opening salvo. You really exude the essence of having proofread or hired and editor, because your grammar and spelling are better than you know who and equal to any college educated idjit.

Bravo, I would toss roses but I can't throw 'em that far. Keep swinging for the fences and rejuvenating my hope for the future.

Thank you

Grant G said...


Please, don`t quote AGT here, he stole the line from someone else, his political insights are biased, rude, childish..

He`s a wee little man pretending pundit..

He`s a bold faced liar, Cortes island comes to mind..

He knows no one, he`s full of shit, not Reagen, not Mulrooney, not Conrad, not Hitch..He`s all bullshit all the time..Cortes island whopping lie extraordinaire..LOL

And he writes nothing quotable..

Enjoy the smell of fat Greek Feet..

Good Day

kootcoot said...


I would tweak your line about Grant to read "no holds barred and from the HEART"

Also since you've always struck me as a thoughtful person, I would suggest you check your beverage glass to see if what you are drinking is some of THE Kool-Aid. Your repetition of the approved corporate and Harperite meme about Justins looks and brains would suggest that their subtle attack on the scariest Liberal for the Harpercons is getting traction even with thoughtful people.

Besides, even if Justin the Asskicker is a bit froot loops, the entire Harper entourage is totally off the scale fruit loopy and in a much more scary way. I mean, if a crew of whack job fundamentalists, half of whom think their own grandfather rode his pet dinosaur to school aren't fruit loopy, then fruit loops do not exist, just like Climate Change doesn't exist and just like Canada really, really needs some manned ballistic missiles, otherwise known as the JSF-35, which couldn't make it from Toronto to Vancouver unless accompanied by an AWAC mother ship to provide navigational assistance and Air Fuel Tankers to avoid crashing in Northern Ontario or Manitoba for lack of fuel.

Oh yeah, dem stealthy features so highly touted as the raison d'etre of this useless piece of crap? The Ruskies, the Chinks and even the North Koreans have already figured that out and the modern day equivalent of the old Migs (IIRC Sukhoi 51) are being equipped to see and take them down already. Of course they could just go for the low hanging fruit, the fuel tankers and the AWACs, and thus render them a one time, one way disposable item, hence the term manned ballistic missile! In a dogfight the JSF-35 couldn't take on a fifties era A4D-Skyhawk, or maybe even a WWII Spitfire. Well, I guess it could take one on, but it would not be pretty for the JSF-35