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Christy Clark, Fuzzy Language or Semantics?

Fuzzy math, language of political spin, messaging, what`s in word, a statement, with BC Liberals the meaning is hidden, speaking in code, what I`m talking about is BC Liberal language of fuzzy meaning and misdirection..

Remember BC Rail, Gordon Campbell in 2001 campaigned on not selling it, that promise was revoked as soon as the 2001 ballots were counted, yet for many years every lying Liberal clung to Gordon Campbell`s spin that it wasn`t a sale, it wasn`t sold, it was but lease, a nine hundred and ninety nine year lease(999)...Ha, the pure audacity to call a thousand year deal/lease not a sale, alright, we know Gordo Campbell and his brother Michael are the lowest form of scum ever to reign in British Columbia, there are many more examples of Fuzzy Liberal Language, and math..

Let`s go back to the 2009 provincial election, Colin Hansen, Kevin Falcon and of course Gordon Campbell claimed our deficit was going to be a mere $495 million dollars, well,  lo and behold the day our elected fuzzsters broke the news about the dreaded HST we were also informed about the true BC deficit, it wasn`t "$495 million dollars maximum" it was $3.8 billion dollars, they weren`t even close, out by a factor of 8, fascinating language indeed, a deliberate lie pre-election that morphed into a Liberal necessity to foist the HST upon us, fuzzy Liberal math before voting day that spawned fuzzy Liberal language just days after our election...."The HST is not on our radar"

Once again the language pre-election was distorted, Gordon Campbell and company again resorted to their stand by position that....They said nothing of the sort about the HST not coming in, the difference is, "not on our radar" is a far cry from denying they were not only contemplating but deliberately conspiring to bring in the HST...As we know, Carole Taylor flatly rejected Gordon Campbell`s 2005 attempt to stab us with more excessive taxation(the HST), for what we didn`t know was this, "not on our radar" actually meant this..

{Not only are we bringing in the HST but were bringing in the tax days after you idiots re-elect us}..And that`s exactly what the BC Liberals did...

I wrote many a story on the HST, in fact I was the only one who wrote about and made known the smoking gun evidence that Campbell was plotting to bring in the HST, unexpected deficits had nothing to do with Gordon Campbell`s decision to HST us..

Remember the BC Progress board?...For those who don`t know what they were or how the BC Progress board came to be...Well, they were a creation of Gordon Muir Campbell, when the treasonous Campbell was elected in 2001, the always playing politics Campbell wanted a measuring stick that he could run, influence, and use to both promote his Government and use to guide his own personal agenda, in other words the now defunct BC Progress board was a monthly periodical magazine that talked business, trade, GDP, Government direction and the like...Gordon Muir Campbell created the BC Progress board and actually appointed members to it, well, isn`t that interesting, Gordo now had his own magazine that he ran, a magazine disguised as an independent body, it wasn`t, it was a rah rah cheerleading political rag, a rag that cheerleaded evey move Campbell made..

In December 2008, five months before the 2009 BC election, the BC Progress board wrote and advised the BC Government that the best thing Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals could do for corporations was to....

"To implement the HST"......And the most shocking thing about that December 2008 story in the BC Progress board report was...

The Progress board made a special note on how unpalatable the HST was to consumers, to voters, it cited examples how when the HST was implemented in other provinces the ruling Government who brought it in was tossed from office!!!!!

So what we had was, Gordon Campbell`s hand-picked advisors writing for the BC Progress board highlighted (5 months before the 2009 election)how great the HST was for corporations but made a speciel notation and warning that implementing the HST would spell political doom, there was no doubt that Gordon Campbell was bringing in the HST, he lied to everyone, he lied pre-election because he knew, he was warned that bringing in the tax would end his political future, the BC Liberals would never have won the 2009 election if they even hinted at the possibility of bringing in the HST..Yes indeed..

Gordon Campbell is a bold faced liar, or if you like, a bald faced liar, take your pick..

Here is the passage from the December 2008 BC Progress board on the HST.


" Assuming harmonization of British Columbia with the federal GST could be achieved without signiicantly increasing or decreasing provincial revenues, implementation would face a number of challenges. Moving from a tax on business inputs to a tax on consumer goods and services entails a substantial and highly visible shift of the tax burden from businesses to consumers, even IF reduced costs are Eventually passed on to consumers in the form of lower prices. The revenue that would be lost from rebating taxes on business inputs would be replaced by broadening the tax base. Consumers would face higher taxes on a wide range of services and new housing currently exempt from the PST. Assuming a rate of 7% for the provincial portion of the harmonized sales tax, the total federal-plus-provincial sales tax rate would rise from 5 percent(the current GST rate) to 12 percent on items such as restaurant meals, home heating oil, basic cable and telephone, and new condo units. In the short and medium term, lower-income British Columbians could see declines in real income as consumer prices rise. Public opposition to such a shift would be a substantial concern to policymakers. Similar concerns have thwarted sales tax harmonization by all provinces west of Quebec(except Alberta) since the GST was introduced in 1991."


Here is the link to the BC Progress board report, it`s a PDF file, unfortunately after I initially reported the article the file seems to have been closed. it won` open, but it`s there, fortunately I had the passage before Campbell purged the link.

Liberal fuzzy speak, Liberal fuzzy math..

Let`s jump forward, fuzzy math and Liberal double talk still remain, the Port Mann tolled bridge, they`re spending literally $millions advertising this toll bridge, but actual details on the toll structure are vague, not mentioned, but I do remember, Kevin Falcon, Gordon Campbell, Blair Leckstrom have all stated on the record..

"Tolls will be $3 dollars each way on opening day"

Is this more double talk, why don`t they tell the truth, tolls will be rising above $3 dollars in the first year, and adjusted for inflation yearly, when ridership rat-races to other bridges tolls and revenues fall, tolls for the remaining bridge users will have to rise, similar to BC Ferries, raise rates and ridership falls, ridership falls rates rise to cover shortfalls, tolls will be $5 dollars each-way by the end of 2013....Why such tight language, why highlight "opening day" for toll cost, the reason is simple, it`s cover for more BC Liberal lies..

Now let`s talk LDB privatization scam...First off, BC has the highest booze prices in North America.

British Columbia makes roughly $900 million dollars in PROFIT EACH YEAR ON LIQUOR SALES(mark up/TAXES), that`s the profit, total liquor sales from retailers totals about $2.2 billion dollars per ...Now here`s the important part...The cost of operating LDB warehouses and staff to distribute liquor costs the British Columbia Government $32 million dollars per year.

That means this, the total cost of distribution is a grand total of...1.5% 

In other words, if British Columbia sold off the LDB, and Excel Logistics could distribute liquor for FREE, the most prices could fall is by 1.5%..Virtually NIL...But we know Excel Logistics will be leasing BC warehouses and are stuck with the present labour force for at least 5 years, so there is no way that prices could drop, even if Excel found 50% savings on distribution costs the most prices could drop would be 3/4 of 1%....But how would they make money?....The liquor costs are static, the tax load remains unchanged, there is only one way Excel logistics can make any money is by jacking up distribution costs!!!

Fuzzy BC Liberal math, fuzzy BC Liberal language, you see .....Margaret Mcdiarmid, Rich Coleman have been using specific talking points, and today Christy Clark in a press scrum echoed those same talking points...What talking points might I be talking about..

"If there isn`t a savings for taxpayers there won`t be a deal" Christy Clark (July 15/2012)

Mcdiarmid, Coleman, now Christy Clark are using very specific language, for if they give away the LDB the only savings Government will see is the $32 million dollar distribution costs, but those costs don`t disappear they are merely transferred to Excel Logistics...Yet BC Liberal double speak, Liberal fuzzy language there is a perceived saving??

You see, nowhere has Rich Coleman, Magaret McDiarmid or Christy Clark ever used the phrase...{A savings for consumers}...Time and time again the language is specific,

 "A savings for taxpayers" snip..

So when Excel Logistics raises liquor costs across the board by 10% the cost to BC consumers is roughly $220 million dollars per year while Liberal fuzzy speak...

 all they talk is about the "savings for taxpayers" (432 million per year)

So what is it Christy Clark, are we talking about "semantics"  again?.....That $32 million dollar distribution cost per year isn`t going away it`s merely being transferred into private hands..

Christy Clark, Are you going to play BC Liberal words games, are you sacrificing/transferring $hundreds of $millions in new liquor costs onto consumers, while claiming that is justified by $32 million in distribution costs being moved from Government to Excel Logistics?

That Christy Clark is not semantics, that`s accounting fraud!

The bottom line is this friends, Excel Logistics isn`t in the business of charity, distribution as it stands now is very efficient, there are no savings to be found there by privatizing, a 10 year deal with Excel Logistics, prices will rise 10% to 20%...Over 10 years that`s between a $2.2 billion and $4.4 billion dollar consumer hit..

All that money being gifted to Patrick Kinsella and Excel Logistics, all that money being stolen in a criminal transaction..

Lastly, It doesn`t matter to Christy Clark and the Fuzzy Liberals, the election is over, Liberals will be reduced to maybe 0 seats, Christy Clark`s and her master`s(Patrick Kinsella)agenda is to steal as much as possible before they fall.

And for everything else you need to know on this scam, Bob the Hammer Mackin has the Straight Goods, he has filed countless FOI`s, radio appearances, many a story, the go to man on the LDB theft, the real deal, chasing down ministers, they hear the name Bob Mackin and they run out the back-door....

*****Five stars Bob Mackin, credit due where credit is due..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



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Fuzzy = sociopath