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Alberta Redford, Ottawa Harper, Chinese Checkers, Grand Theft Environment

Cal Dallas, Alberta`s minister of inter-provincial relations just told British Columbia to get stuffed, no money for you, that`s fine with me, no amount of moneyt is worth it, all this will do is rile up all British Columbians both pro and con..

This idiot from Alberta makes the hilarious claim that if Alberta shared royalties with BC it could possibly be ..

"Dallas says there may be constitutional issues if Alberta were to pay B.C. for it’s support of the pipeline."

That is so funny, this Alberta redneck also compares apples to oranges..

"EDMONTON — Alberta’s intergovernmental affairs minister says giving British Columbia a bigger chunk of the economic benefits expected from the proposed Northern Gateway oilsands pipeline isn’t an option and doesn’t make sense.
Cal Dallas says each province has its own resources to develop — Saskatchewan doesn’t share it uranium wealth, and Ontario and Quebec don’t cut cheques to other provinces for money they make from mining."

Funny stuff indeed, does Saskatchewan uranium infringe and potentially destroy another province?..Does mining in Quebec and Ontario run the inevitable certainty of fouling rivers and coastlines with life destroying poisons, no it doesn`t...There you have the Alberta mind at work, cowboy mentality and pretzel logic, he must be related to Jack Mintz..

I wrote last year that the Stephen Treason Harper controlled Christy Clark Government, was Christy Clark absolutely stunned to think she could negotiate money after the fact, a federal review panel, a federal only environmental assessment(because BC ceded all environmental assessments on Enbridge and several other contentious projects) and a Stephen Harper veto he granted to himself..Laughable indeed....All this headache with Ottawa, all the BC Liberal ineffectiveness was caused by one thing...
 CB_Christy Clark

British Columbia`s BC Liberal Government because of what Gordon Campbell, Colin Hansen, Kevin Falcon, John Von Dongen and every other lying bitch/bastard Liberal did by selling out BC and went to bed with dirty Harper and accepted the HST, now to get out of it, to have HST bribe repayment schedule over time British Columbia Liberal sellouts gave away all the clout BC had, Christy Clark buckled, Falcon buckled, every effing Liberal buckled under, ..Because the criminal Gordon Campbell tied the Gordian knot around our proverbial throat these Liberal creatures have been begging for crumbs and kissing Harper`s feet

All this pain, all our provincial power sold down the river because of Gordon Campbell, John Von Dongen and every other Liberal stooge fucked us over big time...

Human error causes most oil accidents, that can`t be prevented, there are other risks that can`t be mitigated, that being terrorism, hundreds of miles of unguarded pipe, slow moving super tankers can have bombs placed in them, fast speed boats can place munitions magnetically directly to the side of these monster boats, you can have mechanical breakdown of super tankers, suicidal captains, medical distress caused accidents, none of these issues can be mitigated, not to mention the many times per year hurricane force winds batter our northern coast.....These 5 new demands presented as must-dos before BC accepts Enbridge`s killer pipeline...Oil response teams, where, how many, which river, what ocean site, how do oil response teams contain diluted bitumen(Dilbick) that sinks under the water and sheens oil for years, how do you contain sheen with 100 kilometer winds and 30 foot seas, you don`t, storms blow for days on end on our northern coast...

Employment opportunities for First Nations?..What, you mean the 50 permanent jobs in Kitimat after the construction of the pipeline, a pipeline built by Enbridge staff and Chinese labour, there are no jobs..And then there`s this demand by Christy Clucking Clark...Equity sharing with First Nations..That`s a sick joke, the deadline for equity deals with Enbridge expired 2 months asgo, the only offer to First Nations amounted to $20 dollars per year per First Nations citizen....

Oil was down $3 dollars per barrel today(that`s important, we`ll come back to that later), with China who owns their own state in the oil patch, China which owns an equity stake in Enbridge`s Gateway pipeline, China who today proposed paying double the worth and buying Canada`s largest oil patch company..Well...
"HONG KONG/CALGARY (Reuters) - State-controlled CNOOC Ltd launched China's richest foreign takeover bid yet on Monday by agreeing to buy Canadian oil producer Nexen Inc for $15.1 billion, forcing Ottawa to decide whether security concerns outweigh its desire for foreign investment in its energy resources.
CNOOC, China's third-largest oil company, hopes to sell the deal to shareholders and the government with a hefty 61 percent premium to Nexen's Friday stock price. It promised to retain all employees and to make Canada home base for its Western Hemisphere operations.
CNOOC is offering $27.50 cash a share for Nexen, which has oil sands operations in the Canadian province of Alberta, shale gas in the province of British Columbia and extensive exploration and production holdings in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and offshore West Africa."


Here`s the deal, Gateway pipeline is oil for China, China owns its own oil patch companies lock-stock-and barrel...and here`s the really big news, China, yes China once this pipeline is built and up and running, China has full options to buy the entire pipeline to Kitimat, 

Let me repeat that, China has the legal option to buy Enbridge`s Gateway pipeline lock-stock-and barrel, so what you will have is Chinese tankers, Chinese oil patch workers working in a 100% Chinese owned oil patch company shipping oil to Kitimat in a 100% Chinese owned pipeline, the royalties won`t exist for both Canada and Alberta, China has bribed everyone in sight to make this happen..

That`s why Harper and Canada aren`t talking about filling Canada`s 877,000 barrel domestic shortfall of oil we import every single day...That`s why there are no plans for a national energy plan with refineries and fulfilling Canada`s domestic needs, creating thousands of Canadian jobs.....

"Chinese firms are rushing to snap up Canadian oil sands resources and invest in ongoing projects - to the tune of $15 billion in the past 18 months in Alberta alone. They are motivated by a desire to jump into one of the world's lowest-risk oil investments and to quench the exploding energy demands of Asian markets - even though getting the product from Canada to Asia is just a pipe dream now."

Chinese state oil company CNOOC has agreed to buy Canadian oil sands producer OPTI for $2.1bn (£1.3bn).
The deal - which must be approved by regulators - is the latest move by state-run Chinese firms to buy stakes in North American oil producers.
Canada's Alberta province is believed to have the third-largest reserves of oil in the world.
However it is far more expensive to extract oil from Canada's oil sands than from conventional fields.
CNOOC says it will pay OPTI shareholders $34m, but will also take on the firm's $2bn worth of debt.
The firm's main asset is a 35% stake in the Long Lake oil sands project in Alberta.
OPTI says the deal will allow it to continue to invest further in the project.
"CNOOC is a technically experienced and well capitalised company," said OPTI chief executive Chris Slubicki.

That investment above has nothing to do with today`s CONOC $15 billion dollar proposal for nexus, do you need more proof that China is running the Gateway pipeline..

Email-ID 1105205
Date 2011-01-21 15:38:57
it is Prince Rupert that is the gateway they're talking about. i'll send
here next a PR release I dug up, on plans for Prince Rupert port and

On 1/21/11 8:33 AM, Peter Zeihan wrote:

yeah - that might be better for PR reasons

they'll need a mega-massive port expansion for that tho -- add in a

couple billion more

On 1/21/2011 8:28 AM, Mark Schroeder wrote:

i think BC is actually building a new port/new infrastructure up in

the northern part of the province, Prince Rupert I believe.

I can try to get a bit of insight on this if I'm lucky.

On 1/21/11 8:25 AM, Peter Zeihan wrote:

while technically possible, going over the Canadian Rockies would be

a technical challenge to say the least

im guessing that the price tag on this would easily go
above $15b
(about triple what the current estimate is)

there's are very good reasons why all the crude goes south on flat

land to the midwest

so not impossible, but china would have to pony up for all of that

itself (its done stranger things for less, so who knows)

Vancouver as an oil supertanker port -- now THAT would do some

interesting things to Canada's view of China

On 1/20/2011 10:19 PM, Chris Farnham wrote:

Will this undermine the supply to the US at all? [chris]

China Invests in Canadian Oil-Export Project



CALGARY-China is helping to finance the development of a proposed

$5.51 billion dollar oil pipeline to Canada's West Coast that
would open the Asian market to Canadian crude, which is now
chiefly consumed by the U.S.

State-owned China Petroleum & Chemical Corp., or Sinopec, is among

a consortium of Canadian oil producers and Asian refiners
investing $100 million in Enbridge Inc.'s proposed Northern
Gateway pipeline, Enbridge Chief Executive Pat Daniel said during
a Web cast investor conference Thursday.

The Northern Gateway pipeline would pipe an average of 525,000

barrels of crude oil a day from Canada's oil-sands region to a
port in British Columbia, from which it would be shipped to Asian
markets. Regulators aren't expected to rule on whether the project
can go forward until next year. If approved, construction is
scheduled to be completed in 2016.

Canada's oil sands hold an estimated 170 billion barrels of oil,

making it the second-largest oil reserve in the world, after Saudi
Arabia's. The U.S. is the only export market for Canadian crude
oil, and Canada is the U.S.'s largest single supplier.

"We think it is hugely in Canada's national best interest to have

a second outlet for our crude oil," Mr. Daniel said, " that
we can become a price-maker with regard to crude-oil pricing,
instead of a price-taker."

Sinopec and other investors have put up $100 million to help

Northern Gateway get through the regulatory process, which
includes producing environmental-impact studies and consulting
with native and environmental groups-some of which oppose the

Mr. Daniel said Enbridge itself has already spent $100 million on

the regulatory process. The Calgary-based pipeline company applied
for approval to build Northern Gateway in May, and expects
Canada's federal energy regulator to approve it by the middle of

Mr. Daniel said confidentiality agreements prohibited him from

naming the other investors, but said he could name Sinopec because
the news had been previously reported by Canadian newspaper the
National Post.

The proposal has met fierce criticism from native groups and

environmental nongovernmental organizations. Some warn of the risk
of spills from the pipeline or from oil tankers, while others are
chiefly opposed to further growth of the oil-sands industry, which
has come under fire for its substantial greenhouse-gas emissions
and fears of water contamination.

Mr. Daniel said he is confident Enbridge could win over

opposition. The company in November proposed giving a 10% equity
stake to native groups in an attempt to win them over, Daniel

"That's been very well received and we're hoping to bring more

First Nations on side as a result of that," he said.

U.S.-listed shares of Enbridge closed down 39 cents at $55.32 on

the New York Stock Exchange Thursday.

Write to Edward Welsch at


Chris Farnham

Senior Watch Officer, STRATFOR
China Mobile: (86) 1581 1579142


We are dealing with Canadian treasonists, Stephen Harper, Alison Redford , all BC Liberals...

China will ship their own oil from their own oil patches, shipped on their own tankers, shipped through their own pipeline, a pipeline built by Chinese workers, Chinese workers laying Chinese manufactured pipeline, what next, simple, China drives down the price and any royalties to Canada and Alberta are tiny, ...

And from that wiki-leak email..Experts talk about how tough a pipeline to build, 2 mountain ranges to cross, earthquake zones, mud slides, avalanches, the best experts use the fugure $15 billion to build a pipeline from Edmonton to Kitimat, how come Enbridge claims $5 billion?..Simple, Chinese labour, Chinese pipes,......

"while technically possible, going over the Canadian Rockies would be
a technical challenge to say the least

im guessing that the price tag on this would easily go
above $15b
(about triple what the current estimate is"


We will have to fight the Federal Government(3 years and Harper is done)...We will have to fight the BC Liberals(9 months and they are all but history)

And we also have to fight the Chinese, they own their own oil patch lands, and now they own the Gateway pipeline, as soon as the pipeline is built China will pay-off Enbridge and fulfill their legal options and take over Gateway, it will be a total foreign exclusion zone deal...

Canadians will be excluded..

Follow the money friends, look to Harper, all BC Liberals, look at Alison Redford..

The greatest Canadian shell game fraud ever perpetrated....The costs, British Columbia`s pristine rivers and wild west coast, all our marine species..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Love that beautiful little face, with gorgeous blue eyes.

We will have to tell Premier Redford. BC can't share their resources, because Gordon Campbell thieved and sold them, along with BC's assets. Then Harper and Campbell frantically worked, to dismantle BC, and to totally ruin this province financially, before evil Campbell got the boot.

Harper is a traitor, committing treason. No province or Canadian has to obey Harper's treason of giving Canada to Communist China. Especially because, over 2/3 and counting Canadians firmly believe, Harper used the robo-call cheat election fraud, to win his so called majority.

Fadden of CSIS warned of Communist China's huge inroads into Canada. He was exactly right. Harper has merged Canada, in with Communist China.

Harper will no doubt, bring his Communist China army, to guard the Enbridge pipeline, as well as work it.

Redford is bringing, U.S. war veterans over, to either/or actually work on the pipeline, or perhaps to guard it. No-one seems to know for sure. The U.S. has the exclusive rights, so they say.

Alberta will be my sworn enemy forever. Alberta's disgusting greed, will destroy our beautiful province.

The dirty tar sands are an evil abomination, on the face of Canada.

Welcome to Communist Canada, courtesy of P.M. Harper.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting comments by Jim Doak on BNN about why we should not sell to China!

e.a.f. said...

The cat looks lovely. the blue of the eyes, is just great.

So that was the good news in the columnm,the cat.

But China is the cat let amongst the canaries. China owns way too much of our country. Their control over major companies in Canada will expand to control over our politics, o.k. they have that with Stevie Slime but there will be more.

There is no need for this pipeline through B.C. & the thought of tankers off of our coast is beyond it all. Yes the winds are huge & seas high. Tankers may well not be able to withstand mother nature, regardless of how well they are built. A couple of rogue waves & the crew may panic & that is all she wrote.

B.C. has survived without the pipelines & will continue to do so. We don't need them. We don't get anything out of it. why would any one want to foul our own country for the benefit of another & certainly not China, with all its human rights issues.

What has happened is we have just been annexed by China, not the Americans, China. China has an interest in buying as much of Canada as they can. Its much more stable than Africa & South America; China has 30 million men who will never find wives there becauseof their one child policy; they need an escape hatch,if anything ever goes wrong there, like maybe a revolution.

The China we see on t.v., with large modern cities, etc. is not the true China, with hundreds of millions living in rural communities with limited resources & money; people working in dangerous factories for little money & no rights. Just watch "China Blues" the next time the knowledge network runs it. That is the real China.

Harper has made it very easy for foreign workers to come to Canada. All the company has to do is say they can't find Canadians to do the job (no one checks to see if that is true) & they can bring over foreign workers who may be paid up to 15% less. We know foreign workers have been paid much less than the prevailing rates, i.e. construction workers brought in from Europe & Central America. If we need workers we can train our own people. We have a very high unemployment rate. The fastest growing group of people in Canada are F.N. children. They need to be provided education & jobs. What is Haprer doing for them? Nothing. Just giving any jobs they might have had to China.

It is time we had a look at the Trudeau policies regarding foreigh ownership. A country which does not own its own resources & its own land isn't a country is condemed to poverty.

Anonymous said...

Premier Clark has received her orders from dear leader. The mission come out swinging, duke it out with Redford, ask for Ottawa to intervene and straighten out the entire mess, and get this all done well before the next BC provincial election.

In the fall sitting the Harper government changes any necessary laws retroactively and throws some crumbs back to BC, Christy accepts her masters crumbs on behalf of all BC'ers as a great deal for all BC and the best we could have ever expected.

The liberals lock BC into an iron clad 999 year bitumen tanker deal before next May pending approval by the NEB.

None of this would have been possible without the bimbo marching to her harper clans directives, had she remained silent until after the NEB review the timeline would not have been possible before next May.

This is all going to be a done deal before Dix/NDP get up to bat.