Saturday, October 8, 2011

The British Columbia Jobs Mystery

What the hell is going on in British Columbia, the latest Ipsos Reid poll has the NDP crushing the BC Liberals and the big shocker, female voters have seen the light, no, actually female British Columbians have seen the real Christy Clark and have turned away in droves, the NDP have a 22 point edge in female voters...

That number is huge for two reasons, the first reason is, when Christy Clark was appointed BC Liberal leader last spring she had all or most of the female vote, she had soccer moms and security moms but now, now she only has the Slut Walk females, the only female vote Christy Clark has retained are those who stick their asses in the air and say, look at me, look at my tight ass, look at my lips and ignore my incompetence, I am not casting any aspersion towards bubbly perky teases, but sooner rather later we will need Governance, the HST removal, resolutions on ferry fares, on BC Hydro rates, on insurance costs, every decision has been put off and delayed,  the Christy Clark slut routine might still be retaining the follow their penis male voter but her losses on the female side of the electorate are gone forever, Christy Clark has been B Bopping around the Province throwing out hair-brain ideas hoping and praying that something sticks and she can call an election, RCMP grandstanding with Ottawa, despite the rhetoric from Shirley Bond about cost control guarantees, you can`t guarantee security costs, you must police towns according to need, not to budgetary restrictions and then there is Christy Clark`s demands for cameras in court for drunks while real criminals walk because of trial delays and a new pre-election holiday(family day, and 18 months away) and permanent John Cummins attack ads, are you kidding me!!!

I want to know what is going to happen with hydro rates, ferry fares, service levels, health care, I want to know when that damn HST will vanish but all we`re getting is permanent election campaigning, how about Christy Clarkhaving photo-ops at Surrey school portables or closed group homes, Surrey needs 5 new schools today and there isn`t even a shovel in the ground, BC Liberals had no problem closing 170 schools but as for building new ones!..The Government could put thousands to work tomorrow building new needed schools in Surrey..

I along with most males really don`t understand the female mind but...But I do know human nature and one thing I learned a long time ago, "Hell have no fury like a woman scorned"....And Christy Clark has scorned female voters by simply winking and nodding and lip quivering at every photo-op and that has turned off those voters, actually it has more than turned the tide of female voters against her, the public may have allowed a few slutty Christy Clark moments but not every moment, whether Clark was cleaning up broken glass or stepping out of a float plane, there is a time and place for 6 inch heels, 

Wives and girlfriends can see right through their husband`s mind when they ogle the TV screen when Christy Clark appears every night, don`t ask me why but there is always a segment of male voters who like their females ditzy and titillating, Whereas BC female voters see a pompous wanna-be premier who is out of her league and mentally challenged, a pom pom cheerleader better suited serving cocktails than pretending to be in charge of our Province....And that female voter will not be recovered or brought back into the BC Liberal fold......There will be no Pamela Martin riding to the rescue, even if Pammy wrote a couple more emails, you know she has written a whopping 8 emails so far, one per month, $20 K per email, what a racket!

This of course is really good news for the BC NDP, but what I really wanted to talk about was the latest phony jobs report from Stats Canada, something happened, the report went screwy, I`m not too sure who or how Stats Canada was infiltrated by the BC Liberals but it was done, and coincidentally the Stats Canada jobs report was released just an hour before Christy Clark was to appear on the Billy Good show, BC has been bleeding jobs for the last year, 28,000 thousand jobs gone year over year, new home construction is in the tank, Vancouver island, the Sunshine Coast, the Hinterlands, everywhere in BC is bleeding jobs,  there are but few jobs if any available so how on earth did British Columbia create 32,000 full time jobs in one month when BC created ZERO jobs over the last year!!!!!!....I believe the word CREATED is the apt description for this story!

Something happened, somehow all of BC`s teaching jobs were added to the NEW JOBS list.....And perhaps you think this is sour grapes, you would be wrong, this jobs report was, in my opinion deliberately screwed and skewed and I`m not the only one calling this jobs report FISHY!!!

Here is some cut n paste from the Stats Canada jobs report article in the Vancouver Sun

British Columbia's full time employment surged in September pulling the province's unemployment rate down to 6.7 per cent, the first notable employment gain since July 2010.

Employment rose by 32,000 positions in B.C., according to the latest labour figures from Statistics Canada.
All of the gains in B.C. were in full time work, as part time employment fell by 8 per cent, month over month.
September's employment gains in B.C. are significant, after a year of little change.

Since September 2010, B.C. has added 35,000 jobs,(32,000 jobs last month alone, this was added by Grant G) including last month's gain. That's a 1.5 per cent increase over the last 12 months.
Employment growth across Canada in September was about four times more than what the experts were predicting.
There were 60,900 additional people employed last month, while economists had expected a gain of just 15,000.
The September nationwide unemployment rate fell to 7.1 per cent from 7.3 per cent in August. That's the lowest the jobless rate has been since December 2008.
Economists expected the rate to be unchanged last month.
Friday's positive report followed two months of stagnant job-market conditions in the country. There were 5,500 fewer people employed in August.
Breaking the numbers down by category, there were 63,800 more people with full-time jobs last month and 2,900 fewer considered part time.
The public-sector accounted for a gain of 36,900 workers, while there were 14,900 fewer in the private sector and 38,900 more people were self-employed.
Perhaps not surprisingly for the month September, most of the job gains came in the area of educational services. There were 38,000 additional people working in the category last month, Statistics Canada said.
Employment in education was up 20,000 from where it was in September last year.

Avery Shenfeld, chief economist with CIBC World Markets, noted how the education numbers also tend to skew the job numbers down at the end of the school year.
Noting the effect education had on the overall numbers, the decline in private-sector employment and losses in industries such as manufacturing that are often bellwethers of the overall economy, Shenfeld called the September jobs report "an impressive tally in the headlines, if not quite as much in the details."
Some of the other industries seeing job gains were accommodation and food services, natural resources and public administration.

Besides manufacturing, declines were seen in sectors such as finance, insurance, real estate and leasing, and information, culture and recreation.
Service sectors in general saw employment an employment gain of 54,200 people, while there was a smaller rise of 6,600 people working goods-producing sectors.

Scotia Capital economists Derek Holt and Karen Cordes Woods were also skeptical of the employment trends, despite the strong overall gain.

"Details were much softer and more mixed in the report than the headline suggests on multiple counts," noting some of the same issues as Shenfeld as well as gains in the volatile self-employment category and the fact that hours worked last month declined 0.3 per cent.

BMO Capital Markets economist Robert Kavcic said the numbers are "warding off any concern that the Canadian labour market is enduring a material slowdown," adding that it is "good news in a period of economic uncertainty."
Still, Kavcic pointed out the rate of employment growth in Canada has slowed to an annualized rate of 1.2 per cent in the third quarter from 2.4 per cent in the first three months of this year.
"With economic growth expected to remain soft through year-end, look for employment growth to remain modest as well," he warned.
Statistics Canada said employment in September was up 1.7 per cent, or 294,000 people, from where it was a year earlier. Most of the gains have been in Ontario and Alberta, and in full-time employment.
with a file from Evan Duggan

Read the full story at above link


So how is it that the experts were shocked by the numbers, especially the education numbers, and is it a coincidence that this report came out 1 hour before Christy Clark played softball with Billy Good on CKNW and at the same time that the BC Liberals were starved for any good news on the employment front...

How is it BC lost 30,000 jobs in the last year and we gained every job back in the month of September, how come all these education and teacher jobs are leading the pack, how come public sector educational  jobs leads the employment gains, how is it Canada has 20,000 more teachers year over year,  how come BC Teachers are taken off then put back on the employment numbers????How come indeed, and how come no one from the BC Government can give any detailed numbers as to where the job growth came from?...Something went terribly wrong with the latest jobs report, could it be that Christy Clark pulled some Federal Liberal strings within Stats Canada??...That is exactly what I think has happened....And before I let you go,  anyone who believes I might be a little off on this story better read this story first..Some more cut n paste from the Vancouver Sun


Employment is growing in British Columbia, but likely not at the pace suggested in a “surprising” labour force report issued by Statistics Canada, economists cautioned Friday.
It is always important to take these numbers with a grain of salt,” said Thomas Lemieux, an economics professor at the University of British Columbia.

The federal agency reported a dramatic surge in the number of working British Columbians last month. Employment in the province rose by nearly 32,000 positions in September, an increase of 1.4 per cent over the previous month and the first notable employment gain since July 2010.
All of the gains in B.C. were in full-time work, as part-time employment fell by eight per cent, month over month.

Bryan Yu of Central One Credit Union said the statistics are inconsistent with B.C.’s employment trend in recent months which has hovered more closely to a difference of 0.3 to 0.5 per cent, either positive or negative. More likely, Yu said, the numbers are the result of random error stemming from the way the data are collected.
Labour force estimates are based on a sample of individual survey respondents and are subject to sampling variability

The smaller the geographic area or industry, the greater the margin of error because the sample size is smaller. “We don’t see these kinds of increases very often and generally what happens is that they are followed by some pull back due to sampling variability,” he said.
Like Yu, Lemieux questioned the accuracy of the September data, but called it a “good sign” for British Columbia

That’s a 1.5 per cent increase over the last 12 months.
Nationally, employment growth in September was about four times more than what the experts were predicting.
dahansen@vancouversun.comwith files from Postmedia News

Read the whole story at below link

There is something very fishy about the latest jobs report, I suspect that Both Harper and Christy Clark have found complicit persons to abet them in this numbers fraud...I have asked Stats Canada for more clarification on the numbers, especially the teachers numbers....But as far as I can tell this jobs report was a fraud and I haven`t heard the BC Government or PAB really jump on the story, perhaps they too know the numbers are bunk!

I have a feeling that this very special jobs report was ordered up a couple of months ago in anticipation of a fall election, maybe it`s just my suspicious nature????

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

The only jobs I had heard about was, the smelter tear down in Port Kitimat. But, the American company who won the contract, brought their own workers with them. The few BC people who did get jobs, were treated very badly by the Americans. They didn't even get safety gear, they were having to breathe in Aluminum dust. The abuse was so bad even though these people badly needed jobs, some of them did quit. Breathing any dust from metal, is a hazzard and certainly not healthy.

There were also more mill lay offs. A family I know. The father and husband has gone all over BC, except for Vancouver and Kelowna, they could never afford to live in those communities. He was finally only working weekends, and now no work at all. He said, no-one would even take any resumes. He would love to know where those jobs are?

It's being said, BC is losing their population. It's just too damned expensive to live here.

There is also a brain drain, happening in BC. We are losing our university degree citizens.

Canada actually is called, the rip off country. When citizens can save up to 50% by shopping in the U.S. There is really something very wrong in this country.

BC is the most expensive province in Canada. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals cater only to big business and the elite. So, such as our prescription drug costs, are through the roof.

It is the big businesses and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals plus Harper, who have destroyed this province. Price gouging in Canada is outrageous. Harper said he would do something about the cost of gasoline. He lied he has done nothing. The price of oil has dramatically dropped. Yet gas has gone up even higher. Harper is doing a terrible job, at governing Canada. He only focuses on his own selfish goals, and to hell with the people.

In BC, price gouging is absolutely blatant. Yet, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper, forced the HST onto the very people who couldn't afford it. Businesses can price gouge at will.

I read some time back. BC is losing billions of revenue, because of BC citizens are shopping in the U.S. and also Alberta. Unless I am missing something, I see no logistics in the HST, even for the province. It was just a scam, to give to big business

Gary E said...

It's one thing to say we have 32,000 new jobs in BC but how many of those jobs went to British Columbians? As anon above says there are plenty of new jobs in Kitimat but any Canadian working there is being oppressed by an American boss. And the majority working there appears to be "other than Canadian."
Then we have a whole bunch or new jobs in the coal fields now being bought up by the Chinese. And who are they hiring? Chinese nationalist workers, that's who. I'd like to know how many British Columbians Vs. Other countries workers are being hired here.

BC Mary said...

Good work, Grant. Wish I could grapple with the statistics the way you do.

I'm wondering if you invented a new word. With the abundance of ugly hair-dos this year, it seems super-correct where you say

Christy Clark has been B Bopping around the Province throwing out hair-brain ideas

and yet, she really is Hare-brained, like a rabbit, if she has figured out that cleavage sells.

Anonymous said...

Occupy city X is finally unable to be ignored and is making the msm and suddenly job numbers "improve.

Don F. said...

As always I agree with 100%! There is something very absurd about all of this and to have this presented by the likes of Global without explanation is very suspicious. Perhaps teacher going back to work now is considered new jobs by these wackos or perhaps like BC Hydro using future payments as assets today these are projected, no-one seems willing to say where they are! Insane as usual.
Take Care Grant

Anonymous said...

I suspect that school boards lay off a number of personel at the end of the school year for obvious reasons, then hire them all back in september.(cafeteria staff, maintenance,bus drivers etc.)

I assume they would go on EI during the summer, so a lot of statscan information would be derived from the september drop in EI claims.

This is probably a traceable pattern which would put the lie to the 'increased' employment numbers.

kootcoot said...

"I`m not too sure who or how Stats Canada was infiltrated by the BC Liberals " and it is being marginaized by the HarperCons.

Harper doesn't believe in statistics or facts, the Canadian Taliban under Harper is guided by ideology.

Billion dollar CRIME bill to address unreported (imaginary) crime.

Some of the first cuts from Ottawa are in the scientific agencies and environmental regulators and monitors. Same in Bee Cee!

Anonymous said...

I thought BC had lost 17,000 jobs in June, right at the start of summer? Full time jobs at that? When stats Canada named all the provinces that gained jobs, BC wasn't one of those provinces. What are these jobs, and where?

We know about the Chinese taking a crash course in English, to work the mines. We know China bought a huge chunk of the tar sands. I won't be surprised if the Chinese will phase out our workers, and replace them with Chinese workers.

We know the American owned mines, will bring their own miners. The dismantling of the smelter in BC, is an American company, who brought their own workers. All the vehicles license plates, look like a map of the U.S.

Even if BC gets some of the ship building contracts. Christy named SeaSpan for the contract. SeaSpan, is the new name for, The Washington Marine Group, another American company, that will bring their own ship builders. Christy's brother Bruce, I believe was involved with The Washington Marine Group.

Harper and Campbell totally dismantled BC. There are no jobs for the BC citizens. Harper and Campbell are both very vindictive. We pissed them off, by rejecting the HST. Anyone opposing Campbell lost their jobs.

As we see, Christy has done nothing about, saving jobs for the BC people, at the smelter teardown.

Either that, or perhaps Harper is getting Canada ready, to be merged in the U.S.