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Christy Clark Party Leaves the Disabled Behind/Gordon and Michael Campbell`s Legacy Carries On

The seeds of change have arrived, today in the legislature two of the most Conservative members of the BC Christy party(BC Liberals) unleashed a scathing rebuke of Community Living BC, Randy Hawes, Gordon Hogg....Not only are they Conservative but both of their ridings went Conservative in the last Federal election,Randy Hawes is the Abbotsford MLA and Gordon Hogg is the Whiterock MLA....

Gordon Campbell and Michael Campbell don`t believe in children or the disabled, they are but a costly nuisance to this BC Liberal party.....Here is a little cut n paste from the Globe n Mail..


Liberal MLAs join call to end group-home closures

rod mickleburgh

In an emotional presentation to the legislature on Monday, veteran Liberal MLA Randy Hawes expressed deep concern that services being provided are inadequate, and adults with severe developmental challenges – to the distress of their families – are being moved out of group homes where many have lived for years.

He rejected past assertions by the government and its service agency, Community Living B.C., that no one is being moved out of a group home into private residential accommodation against their will. “We know that hasn’t been what has been happening.”
The Abbotsford-Mission MLA, who appeared close to tears at one point, was speaking during debate on a motion by NDP MLA Nicholas Simons. The motion, which called for a moratorium on further group home closures, was talked out before it could come to a vote.
Gordon Hogg, another Liberal backbencher, also expressed concern over the situation, which has prompted the demotion of former Social Development minister Harry Bloy and the firing late Friday of Community Living CEO Rick Mowles.
Mr. Hogg said some of the decisions made by CLBC have hit at society’s core values “and [they have hit at] them in a way which I’m not comfortable with.”
The MLA for Surrey-White Rock was referring to well-publicized recent examples which had distraught parents questioning removal of their developmentally disabled adult children from group accommodation, where they had been comfortable, to private homes.
“They give us all cause for concern – perhaps more than cause for concern,” Mr. Hogg told the legislature.
In his address, Mr. Hawes referred to the disabled daughter of a single mother. Once the daughter, who needs round-the-clock care, turned 19, there were no more services for her. “The mother was told: ‘If you have to give up your job, I guess you have to go on welfare.’ That’s not right.
He called for a “top-to-bottom examination” of CLBC, to include parents, advocates and government experts, and better services for the disabled.
“We need to give [hope to] those families that today aren’t seeing hope … and we need to give it to them now.”
Newly appointed Social Development Minister Stephanie Cadieux rejected NDP accusations that the system is under-funded and in crisis.
“[The CLBC] is an organization going through a period of change, and definitely, there are bumps in the road,” Ms. Cadieux said in an interview. “But I am confident we will see them resolved.”
She said Mr. Hawes’s criticism is evidence of concerns felt by both sides of the House, though she contended that many are also happy with the current direction. “It’s really a very good system, but there are challenges, and we have to work through the challenges we face.”
However, Faith Bodnar, executive director of the long-time advocacy organization B.C. Community Living Action, said the situation is as desperate as anything she has ever seen. Disabled individuals are being re-evaluated and stripped of services, at the same time as others are moved out of their group homes.

“We are in crisis here,” Ms. Bodnar said, adding that for the first time in memory her organization is receiving calls from CLBC employees stressed by what is happening. “If they are calling us, I’m saying, ‘That’s serious.’ ”
She said the government needs to halt ongoing changes and involve all stakeholders in a re-evaluation of CLBC policies.
“Let’s press the pause button,” she said. “People are desperate. It seems the system of services and support is being dismantled before we really realize what we’re doing.”

Dawn Steele and First Call raised the first alarm bells about what Gordon Campbell and Rich Coleman were up to, first they used an IQ test to REMOVE people from services, if your IQ was 70 or under you got service, if they deemed you had an IQ of 71 you were out of luck, and the stories came out, Disabled people getting tested and tested over and over again as the Crown agency Gordon Campbell created  was attempting to disqualify as many people as possible, ...Yes, this CLBC is another creation of Order of British Columbia recipient Gordon Campbell, what were those people thinking, giving Gordon Campbell an award for destroying lives!...

"Outside noise"...Norman Farrell has the story, this rich bitch could care less about children, let me re-phrase that, she only cares about healthy rich children, a rare commodity in BC, the land of record high child poverty, the undisputed child poverty leader in Canada, we led that catagory every single year since the BC Liberal(Christy Clark party) party was elected in 2001....11 years in a row leading Canada with child poverty...Are you proud Gordon Campbell, how about you Michael Campbell?....Christy Clark doesn`t care about families either, she cares about Pamela Martin`s family, Chris Olsen`s family, Gywn Morgan`s family, Dave Basi`s and Bobby Virk`s family...

I couldn`t imagine anything more stressful than seniors and struggling poor people being told their supports for their children are gone, being told to lose their job and go on welfare, ..... Stephanie Cadiuex and Christy Clark stated today that there is just no money for the disabled!...In-fact in question period Christy Clark stated..

"Where would the opposition get the money for CLBC?"

The question period from today is here, I would like everyone to watch Christy Clark`s shameless performance!

Here is a picture of a $670 million dollar leaky roof paid for by your tax dollars.

Here is a picture of the $500 million dollar over budget $990 million dollar money losing Vancouver convention center.

Now where oh where could the BC Liberals find money?...What about Carole Taylor removing the minimum bank tax in BC...Those banks are sure hurting with their record profits, Will McMartin has the low-down on that crime here..

And then there is the Canada line that cost not the reported $1.6 billion but over $2.7 billion dollars, over-runs hidden from the public, Rail for the Valley has the dirty details here...

How about the Golden ears toll bridge that is losing $25 million dollars per year, it too was over budget by $400 million dollars, so much for P3s

And who doesn`t remember the crimes committed by Kevin Falcon and all the lies about the Sea to sky highway, Laila Yuile broke the story about shadow tolls on that highway and yours truly who reported the real cost of the sea to sky highway....Shadow tolls and a staggering $100 million dollars per year maintenance contract ...A staggering service contract worth over $2 billion dollars!..Read the shocker here...

So, to answer your question Christy Clark..."Where will the opposition get money for CLBC".....Your right Christy, there is no money but we all know where it went don`t we!

To wrap up, I can`t stand it when the BC Liberal criminals say .."Where would you get money from" when $billions have been wasted, revenue streams given away to corporate BC Liberal party donors!

And ....Randy Hawes is out!...Gordon Hogg is out, The BC Liberal liar party is imploding in every direction, more defections are coming fast, stick a fork in them they`re done!

And I would like to leave you this...

British Columbia general election, 1933

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The British Columbia general election of 1933 was the eighteenth general election in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. It was held to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. The election was called on September 13, 1933, and held on November 2, 1933.[1] The new legislature met for the first time on February 20, 1934.
The Liberal Party won

What does 1933 have to do with this story, well, it`s called IDEOLOGY...Because guess what happened in 1933 in BC under a BC Liberal Conservative Government.


Founding of the BC Conservative Party

The BC Conservative Party, (also known as Tories), was formed in 1900 when the Liberal-Conservative Party selected its first provincial leader, Charles Wilson.[2] Several Opposition factions contested the 1900 general election against the non-partisan government but these were loose formations.[2] In 1902, the Conservative Party convention passed a resolution to stand candidates in the next general election.[2] Party government was introduced on June 1, 1903 by Premier Sir Richard McBride when he announced the formation of a Conservative government. The subsequent 1903 election along party lines.[2] McBride believed that the system of non-partisan government that the province had been using was unstable and inhibiting development. His Conservatives won British Columbia's first election fought on the party system on 3 October 1903 with a two-seat majority in the British Columbia Legislative Assembly. The Tories implemented a policy along the lines of those of the national Conservative Party, which at the time favoured government intervention to help develop industry and infrastructure.
The Conservatives under McBride, and his successor William John Bowser, held power for thirteen years until they were defeated by the Liberals in the 1916 election. In November 1926 the Liberal-Conservative Party officially changed its name to the Conservative Party.[2]
The Tories returned to power in the 1928 election under Simon Fraser Tolmie. This was the last time the Conservatives would form a majority government in the province.

[edit] Decline of the Conservative Party

The Tolmie government was unable to deal with the Great Depression, and was wracked by infighting and indecision. The party was in such disarray that, despite being in power, the Conservative provincial association decided not to run any candidates in the 1933 election. Instead, each local association was to act on its own

British Columbia

As in other jurisdictions in the early 20th century, prejudice against physical and mental disability, and concern over societal costs of caring for the disabled, existed in British Columbia. The devaluing and eventual enmity to disabled life popularized rapidly, and spread from disabled children to disabled adults.

Additionally, the substantial immigration rate of the 1910s and 1920s spurred a feeling of xenophobia among the Protestant, educated elite of British Columbia. Slavic immigrants in particular were accused of having very high incidence of undesired characteristics[citation needed], which are now generally attributed to culture shock and language barriers.

The aversion to "abnormal" or "strange" people coupled with the perceived societal drain caused by immigrants, the deformed, mentally ill, and mentally disabled created an environment conducive to the enactment of a sexual sterilization act.

Thus, in July 1933, five years after Alberta, British Columbia passed its own sexual sterilization act. A three member Eugenics Board composed of a psychiatrist, a social worker, and a judge, was given the duty of authorizing the sterilization of any institutionalized person who was deemed capable of propagating undesirable social characteristics.
 So there you have it, the BC  Conservative Liberals have "evolved" from 1933....They no longer sterilize disabled people!

They merely cut off all funding and throw them to the Wolves!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

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Anonymous said...

Call my cynical, but why now, does Hawes and Hogg speak up? They haven't stood up in the years they've held their government positions. Maybe there is an election looming?

Hard to believe anything the lieberals say anymore.

And to see them keep bringing up the 90's? Give it a rest. We're must worse off now then we've ever been.