Monday, October 17, 2011

For heavens sake....Stop the Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

I only have a few words, Karma, Omen, humanity, justice, and let the punishment fit the crime......It`s times like this that have me thinking and almost believing that Japan deserved the earthquake and Tsunami....Humankind is set to reach 7 billion people this month.....I wonder how many dolphins there are?...How many whales? How many sharks?

How many goddamn corrupt bought off effing politicians are there.....The Hell with being politically correct...

If you are faint of heart don`t watch the Documentary......The Cove

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I can't bear to watch it. Hearing about it was bad enough. I am sickened and furious by the Japanese slaughter of the Dolphins. This is an outrage. Shame on Japan.

The slaughter of the whales, is another of their shameful assaults.

Hopefully Green Peace will also go after them for slaughtering the Dolphins.

I am going to send a donation to Green Peace. Japan needs to be driven from the oceans.

Grant G said...

Try donating to OSP...

They are the new and almost only voice for saving dolphins and whales..

Grant G said...

Oops..That is OPS(Oceanic preservation Society)

Anonymous said...

O.K. Thanks Grant.