Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Man Who Destroyed the BC Liberals

Fascinating to say the least, the Cheshire cat and his army, remember that saying, "Revenge is a dish best served cold"

Bill Vanderzalm not only spearheaded the HST tax revolt but he also drove Gordon Campbell out of the Province, albeit to a cushy gig in London, and the more I think of it he actually did much much more than that, and for that we all owe Bill Vanderzalm a debt of gratitude.

What might I be talking about?......Bill Vanderzalm has destroyed the BC Liberal party, the HST, the referendum, the results, the threats and ultimately the consequences, for now teachers get zero pay increases(even though they rank 5th in Canada by province in pay) because the HST was voted down and that goes for all public servants including paramedics, and the HST will be the Governments excuse for cutting services.....

Bill Vanderzalm has threatened to mobilize his army if the PST isn`t reinstated much quicker than the 19 months to March 1st/2013...

And I would like you all to remember this quote from the Friday press conference in regard to the HST defeat.....Both Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon stated and I quote...

"The public has spoken, the HST was defeated, it`s time to move on" snip

But George Abbott just stated today that teachers get zippo for pay increases because the HST is gone.

Maybe you are wondering why I enlarged and put in bold the word gone, that answer is simple, the HST isn`t gone, theorectically the HST could be here for another almost 2 years, so how on earth can the BC Liberals use the HST defeat in 2011 as an excuse for shitting on everyone when the tax is here until 2013?

The Christy Clark caretaker Government is prepared to collect the HST for almost 2 more years and almost 3 years in total for a cash grab of roughly $ 1.8 billion dollars over that time frame and that`s not counting the $2 billion  dollars per year business will be getting(Big business)......The extra cash in this grab is more than enough to return the Feds the bribe money(our money).....

Harper will sacrifice many seats in BC if he doesn`t concede on forgiving the money, Harper also believes his gains in Ontario will make up for his ultimate seat losses in BC

Let`s examine the dynamics and remember that Friday quote from cluck cluck Clark...

"It`s time to put the HST behind us and move on"

Harper has been pushed into a corner by Bill Vanderzalm...Campbell is gone and the Christy Clark caretaker Government is blaming every shortfall in money, every wage negotiation, every healthcare disaster and every damn thing that Gordon Campbell put his hands on is also going wrong and bankrupting the Province and all Christy clucking Clark and her sinisters(typo error intended) can do is blame the HST.

The HST is like "stink on a monkey"...It ain`t going anywhere, the BC Liberals can`t get out of their funk until the HST is gone and the PST returned, it will linger on and on and drag the Liberals into extinction, the more they use the HST as a crutch the more their support will wane and as a result of Gordon Campbell pollinating our crown corporations they will continue to bleed money out of BC, it`s a no win situation that gets worse and worse over time and I haven`t even got to the fun part yet.

The truth be known is that the BC Liberals haven`t given up on the HST yet, Harper is steadfast to keep the HST and is pressuring the BC Liberals to keep the HST........ and if need be to fall on their swords with the BC electorate, Stephen Harper doesn`t care if the BC Liberals flame out and get decimated over the HST....The tax is that important to Harper`s big business buddies, his corporate friends carry more clout with him than does Christy clucking Clark......And there is one more thing Harper has calculated that will keep his steadfast support and defence of the HST .....Harper has calculated that the BC Liberals will lose the next election anyway so just ram the tax down British Columbia`s throat and be done with it, that is the message from Ottawa to Christy Clark, Harper will not speed up that time line for the sole purpose of putting pressure on the BC Liberals to keep the tax....This is really getting entertaining and there is so much more.

The Province itself, next year, the year 2012 will be a very slow economic year with the HST hanging around, $ million dollar homes in Vancouver, all vacation property, all big private sales on boats and vehicles, services, renos, the broke and already in debt average British Columbian will wait to save large cash, there is no doubt about that, even restaurants won`t recover fully until the HST is gone, we are talking about turning the province of British Columbia into the basket case of Canada, we were dead last in Canada in economic growth over the last year with the HST, I guarantee that we will be dead last again and again until the HST is gone, the whole of the province will suffer as a result of the tax fiasco and that "stink on a monkey" will remain for The Christy Clark caretaker Government until we are extricated from this tax uncertainty, also, it won`t just be the people screaming at the Government, business will suffer and they too will be asking, demanding a faster transition to a tax system, either PST/GST or by crook the HST....The business of BC can`t wait 19 months.

That $billion dollar smile of Bill the BC Liberal Terminator Vanderzalm could light up BC Place by itself, my hats off to you Mr. Bill Vanderzalm.

"revenge is a dish best served cold"

Bill Vanderzalm, the man with ice in his veins!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Mr. VanderZalm took on this government and the HST because he, like many of us, saw the HST for what it was - a tax shift from big business onto consumers. He has contributed thousands of hours to this cause and never wavered.

The thousands of volunteers who spent hours collecting signatures should also be commended. It certainly was a non-partisan, grass-roots movement and we won.

Politicians from all parties need to pay attention. They said it could not be done and they were wrong. Take heed, the people of BC have had enough of the lies and corruption. We want change and change is coming.

Grant G said...

Thanks Gary, Have fun, today is my travel day.

Talk to you next week friend

Anonymous said...

Yes sir! The people defeated the sheeple. Teachers teaching students must be to blame. Education, earthquakes, floods, drought,hurricanes, corruption, fires everywhere. It's all the teachers fault.
It is sad that this belief seems to be a right wing talking point all around North America. Whenever there is a need to cutback, why are the teachers first in line? How about cutting back your own salaries, Chrusty? How about Hahns salary for sinking B.C. Ferries?
Lying sacks of crap! All of them.

Anonymous said...

The BC Liberals have used underhanded tactics, for over a decade now. Of course the BC Liberals will use the HST as an excuse, not to give teachers a raise. Because, nana nana nana, you voted the HST out. That's just how stupid the Liberals are. They think we don't see through, their silly little juvenile games. Campbell put BC into horrendous debt. He wasted millions and millions of dollars. He sold this province out, trying to cover up the financial mess he made. Forcing the HST on people in a deep recession, was asininely stupid. Selling our assets. Giving our mills away to China along with our raw logs. Get rid of our jobs, and then slap us with the HST. Has to be BC Liberal logistics.

Harper was desperate for BC's HST. He needed to finance his wars, the jets with no engines, ships to be built, his prisons, his fake lake. That's why Campbell, Hansen and Harper forced the HST onto the people.

Harper also gives, banks, mines, large corporations, gas and oil company's billions of our tax dollars. I watched that happen, on the House of Commons TV channel. The minute Harper won his majority, he gave big business, another tax reduction.

The entire country is a mess. Other country's are taking notice. This is getting embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Well teachers, the recession is for the BC citizens, not for politicians and the elite. Government employee's, pay no tax on restaurant food. But, we do. Ida Chong, who ate her way through, $6.000 for her fine dining? Thousands of family's don't have that much to spend on food, for the entire family.

The BC Liberals, also help themselves to our tax dollars, to pay legal costs, for the two patsies, that took the fall for Campbell. Remember, the BCR wasn't for sale election lie? We paid the BC Liberals, for stealing from us.

Politicians can thieve from the people, at will. We are forced to pay for their corruption. All they need to get away with their crimes is, a special prosecutor. We also pay for that. A special prosecutor, can even get politicians off, a DUI charge. We can't.

RonS said...

I find it ironic that our WWll soldiers fought to rid Holland of facists. Here we have a Dutchman showing us how to rid our government of Facists. Who'da thunk? I worked on the HST referendum and put up YES signs. I don't believe we won with ouly 55% of the vote. I believe it was much larger. I can say from my own little poll I kept as I made my rounds that it was more like 80% yes to extinguish.

I believe James and Co. used any and all means to disquallify the YES votes to get the margin of defeat much closer to save a little face for the LYING LIbERalS and to put a little doubt in the YES voters. In labour disputes it's generally known if you don't get more than 80% union support for a strike or rejection of contract then the door is open.

This is what James and Co want, the door open so at some point the LYING LIbERalS can say it was close to even so they can ram a new HST on down our throats.

Chinese Sneakers said...

From afar anyway, it also looked like Chris Delaney did some good work on this file at Zalm's right hand.

Anonymous said...

It has been fun to watch the HST go down the voting drain. Vander Zalm provided a lot of entertainmnet, along with leadership.

It is rather funny, although the HST will continue for some time the lieberals have started talking about cut backs because of the vote. It doesn't make a lot of sense. Do the lieberals think the voters are that stupid, oh ya, right they didn't think they would loose the HST vote either.

Harper wants and needs the HST as a way to keep his corporate sponsers happy. Now the message has been sent. People actually think they are more important than corporate profits. It will remain to be seen how they deal with that. I do hope people remember Harper wanted the HST for B.C. and he rewarded campbell for implementing it.

We need an overhaul of the tax system. 'A good approach will be Warren Buffet"s comments regarding the need for the mega rich to pay their fair share.

Canada needs to implement taxes on our natural resources leaving this country. If we don't get the manufacturing jobs from these natural resources at least Canadians should be getting more money for them. Why make other countries rich and ruin our enviornment along the way?

Anonymous said...

Harper made it abundantly clear, corruption, deceit, lies and cheating to win in Canada is fully permitted and what's more, rewarded.

Campbell with the most foul and dirty political record, ever in the history of this nation, was rewarded by Harper, as High Commissioner to England.

Harper is running all over the globe, to con country's into accepting, the dirtiest energy on the planet, the dirty tar sands oil. He is peddling the dirty crud, as clean energy to boot.

We all knew the HST referendum, would win by a huge number. No-one believes the number of the yes votes, damn right they were higher. There are a hell of a lot more, family's and everyday people, than there are big businesses and the elite. Craig James and Elections BC, have been caught, in corruption before.

Anonymous said...

I was told today that there was a news story about it being illegal for the Liberals to call an election before May 2013. Could someone verify this to me. It was mentioned on Jack FM news today. Thanks.

cherylb said...

Grant - please encourage your readers to sign and share this petition regarding Gordon Campbell's ineligibility to receive the 2011 Order of BC.


Anonymous said...

Grant says, 'Harper will sacrifice many seats in BC if he doesn`t concede on forgiving the money, Harper also believes his gains in Ontario will make up for his ultimate seat losses in BC'
But Harper is counting on his majority to see him through for the next four forgetful years. Likewise Christy has battened down for as long as possible because as soon as the HST was defeated she knew that she wasn't going to be a shoe-in as the next leader of our humble province. On the positive side, they haven't got the new prisons built yet so you Grant, won't be going to jail any time soon for preferring democracy. (but it is coming)
Just saying that we don't only need a change in government - we need a change in how our government works. I for one am tired of the elected government assuming I'm too stupid to make my own decisions. Forget your campaign contributions and put it on the ballot - it's not as though the representative government has made good decisions for me in the last ten years, so I would like to decide for myself.

cherylb said...

What do you think? Is the Advisory Committee correct in determining that Gordo is eligible for appointment; even though he wasn't eligible for nomination by the deadline? Isn't that splitting hairs just a little too finely? - Start in the audio vault today (Sept. 7) from 1-2 pm at 06:20 and run until about 27:45
And then sign the petition....

Anonymous said...

I see Mikey Campbell is still crying about the HST loss - that's all he's talking about in his radio segments.

Anonymous said...

Where is the money going?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

By the way Grant, I have recommended you for the Order of BC at thetyee. Here is what I said:


I'd recommend Grant for the humor he has provided over the last difficult years, the hard hitting articles he writes, and because he always has lots of facts to support them. Takes a lot of research to do what he does and to the best of my knowledge he doesn't get paid for it. Nobody offered Grant a duckshit in England with round the clock bodyguards to protect him from wrathful BCers.'

Hope you come back soon.