Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cutting the Gordian Knot

 The politicians, the Bill Goods, the investment class, the silver spoonfed elitists, they don`t understand and never will accept the new reality of factual information finding its way to the masses...

I listened to Money Talks this morning, I was expecting a poutfest from Michael Campbell but apparently he has flown to London to conspire with the Gordian nut, with bodyguards in tow.

These BC Liberals, they don`t quit, after every scandal, after every bad story rather than coming clean they launch a new phony spin, for example, yesterday when liver lips Clark was having a press conference rather than show any contrition she tried to turn it into a partisan attack against the NDP, in fact she stated yesterday...

"Adrian Dix was the architect of Glen Clark`s economic plans in the 90s"

Really?...A lowly young member of Glen Clark`s office staff was actually the Premier of BC, who knew!...Also, in Crusty Clark`s press conference when asked about the riding by riding results and the socio-economic class split on the HST she said.

"West Vancouver has always voted for free enterprise parties".....Christy Clark can`t use the name Liberal anymore, infact the BC Liberal party brass has advised all their MLAs to avoid the name BC Liberal at all cost..

Global, CTV, Canwest, Black press, CKNW, Vancouver Sun, the Province, the disgusting Opinion 250, lackeys Baldrey, Palmer, Felcher(Fletcher), Bill Good, Gord MacDonald, Philip Til, Sean Leslie, Chris Galais, you name the name in media and they all with very few exceptions lied and pimped for the BC Liberals and the result....

We didn`t listen, we beat the big media in a slam dunk, $100 million dollars minimum was spent by the elites to save the HST and they never even came close, and that friends has put the fear of God in their minds, we made history, the story went national, it went around the world, our efforts prevailed, you all made me proud, I don`t know how many HST fact stories I wrote, perhaps 30 or more, I and 5000 others canvassed names, no money, a grass roots volunteer movement, no we aren`t Taliban, we aren`t Tea party, we are Canadian, we are proud, we would rather die than bend over for Gordon Campbell or Michael campbell....

What we have in Canada and many other places in the world is a corrupt media, they lie on air, their cousins and wives and family members are employed by the Government all in the name of currying favour, Sean Leslie`s wife works for PAB..Pamela Martin for Christy, Rebbecca Scott, Stephen Smart, Baldrey`s wife works for the Liberals, and there are no less than 2 dozen members of PAB that have direct ties to the family of media, it stinks, the Government put a stop to retailers scamming the lottery games and actually prevent them from playing the games in their own store, shouldn`t the media have the same criteria when covering stories, Government stories, I think so, so does Harvey Oberfeld.

The media failed us, not one big media ever asked these questions about the HST..How come it took the Jim Dinning independent panel that studied the HST to tell us that the HST was not revenue neutral but a $600 million dollar tax grab(not counting the $2 billion dollar yearly tax shift)...Where was the entire Ministry of finance, why do we have a ministry of finance when we need a three person independent panel to reveal facts, not one person in media asked that question and the Jim Dinning panel games are continuing after the HST died...For example, Kevin Falcon has cited the Dinning panel`s number of 18 months to 2 years to untangle the HST, my question to the Fraser institute led editorial board of the Vancouver Sun is this...

Why do we need a minister of finance or ministry when the only one with any answers is Jim Dinning and his two cohorts?

Why indeed, why hasn`t it been mentioned that the bribe money from Ottawa($1.6 billion) was money the Federal Government borrowed from the taxpayer to give us, let me put it this way, put BC`s $1.6 billion dollar bribe onto that tally sheet(The bottom of that sheet) and when Ottawa pays off the $700 billion dollar debt preceding our little tidbit then we will pay off the bribe, for Canada like the USA will never pay off the national debt.

The Gordian Nut, now bear with me, Gordon and Michael Campbell increased BC`s debt by $40 billion dollars in 10 years not counting future obligations, the BC Liberals are running huge deficits, what Government in their right mind  while running huge deficits would take $3 billion dollars yearly from taxpayers to give to Big business?

If the province wants to give more tax breaks to the corporate world they can, but they can only do it when they have a surplus, until then hit the bricks!....Natural Gas, several years ago when the gas was trading for about $12 per BTU the BC Government was reaping about $1.7 billion dollars in royalties, natural gas has tanked, the price is well under $4 dollars, the Government take on natural gas after offering royalty relief is about $200 million dollars per year...That market price will come back in time, in the meantime until the price goes up there is no rush to giveaway a finite resource, when it`s gone its gone...

The big business cry babies, the mining outfits are mad, they claim they aren`t competitive without the HST, well, I tell you what, when gold drops to $1000 per ounce and copper falls to under $1 dollar per pound we will give you tax breaks, right now commodity prices are at record highs and if these companies need help now well,....Well what a load of bullshit....The head of Forestry council called the HST defeat "Catastrophic"...He claims business will flee to Ontario for the HST...Really, let`s see, does Ontario have any dirt cheap pine beetle infested trees for sale?..No they don`t, how much money to ship trees from Ontario to BC for further transport to Asia?....It wouldn`t be feasible would it....How about our coal exporters, will they move to Ontario, the trans-Canada shipping costs dwarf any HST savings...Nobody is going anywhere...The movie industry in BC has flourished, they flourished when the Canadian dollar was 65 cents compared to the greenback, we have been at par or near par for years and years, they survived, Ontario 3 years ago trumped our movie tax credits with an even bigger tax credit to the movie industry, they cried and howled that the sky is falling and the BC Liberals caved and matched Ontario`s race to the bottom number, now the HST and the movie boys are hamming it up for more sop....

They shot a movie once, in my home town, everyone was in it, for miles around, including me, it was filmed partially in Garden bay, it was called Vipers, it was about mean old deadly snakes, the movie company paid us extras a whopping $8 dollars per hour, minimum wage, BC`s minimum wage is and has been lower than Ontario`s minimum wage for years, the movie business had that advantage too...Go ahead, leave, take your effing studios and go film in Saskatchewan, or Bangladesh, the movie boys can make oceans and rain forests, majestic mountains and stunning scenery in their studios,....The movie business can cut their own costs, perhaps Johnny Depp and Tom Cruz could appear for $30 million a picture rather than $60 million, have any movie prices dropped anywhere after any of the financial gifts?...Not a chance..

And it all falls back to the corporate scum that caused the current world economic collapse, and the bought and paid for media that reports the propaganda as news!

The Christy Clark jobs agenda, that`s all I hear, well that and families first(the first to get screwed)...Has the media asked any questions about this so-called trade mission to India and China?....Can anyone tell me what we can sell to Asian or Indian people`s?...We don`t make cell phone, we have no manufacturing, we can`t compete with slave labour in the manufacturing of clothes, electronics, housewares, furniture, we don`t make one damn thing that those countries would buy so this trade mission means promoting more destruction of the land, selling more coal, more wood, more farmed fish, there is zero job creation going down that route, existing coal mines either ramp up or down production, is Christy Clark`s job plan to open up 100 new coal mines for producing coal for export, for even if 100 coal mines opened up it would create but a few thousand jobs, and the hypocrisy, carbon tax this you scoundrels, no carbon tax on millions of tonnes of coal but charge your own school boards and hospitals for turning on the hydro powered lights....You can`t make this stuff up....And the failure of the media, well that game is over, for billions of words were foisted on the public from the media in support of the HST and we, we the people and the new real news media online trumped them, and we`re just getting started!

Anyway, I nominate Jim Dinning as new BC Finance minister and if we hire his two panel associates we can eliminate the entire ministry of finance, after all, we don`t need a second ministry of finance echoing Jim Dinning on all matters related to finance.

Politics in BC have changed forever, the BC Liberals are dead, the Baldrey`s and Palmers and Goods are dead to the masses and if Jim Beatty or Stephen Smart want to fill the void of honest journalism they better start now, for if not I and my fellow writers will blow you away..

"Turn him to any cause of policy,
The Gordian Knot of it he will unloose,
Familiar as his garter"...Shakespeare

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Another great post Grant - agree with you 110% !!!!

Thanks for all your unselfish efforts - along with the other bloggers, who strive to make British Columbia a better place after the "financial raping by the Campbell Clan".

Only in Canada is corruption this bad, possible. Great Britain needs to watch out for the thieves that move from Canada.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't have laid it out and said it any better!
Thank you Grant.

Anonymous said...

'Poor and uneducated people more likely to vote against the HST!' scream some msm pundits.
Then they go on to use that fact as evidence that the poor and uneducated are not smart enough to see the advantages of the HST. How insulting.

The real reason poor people voted against this tax is because they can see with their own eyes that it is a heavier tax on the poor than on the rich.

Poor people pay HST on 100% of their income because they spend 100% of their income. Better off people; who don't have to spend 100% of their income in the year, are only taxed on that portion of their income which they spend. So generally speaking the richer you are, the less the HST affects you. The government tried to confuse this issue by offering a 'rebate' to low income people, but it didn't begin to cover the difference in cost which most of them experienced.

Christy Clark told a press conference today that "the public has very clearly spoken". But she neglected to inform them that she has gone deaf in both ears and fully intends to carry on this travesty for another two years.

Anonymous said...

Canada reeks with corruption. Harper has totally destroyed Canada's good name.

Britain used to have higher standards than Canada. Right now, there are two British M.P's in prison for theft and corruption. Never would that happen in Canada.

As we have seen in our nation, corrupt politicians are rewarded for their evil deeds. Harper has even participated in corruption. But corruption in England, is fast catching up to Canada's, corrupt political leaders.

The world is taking notice of, the decline in Canada's democracy, ethics and morals. This is because of Harper and Campbell. They have shamed Canadians, in the eyes of the entire world. Canada is just another, sleazy corrupt country. The rot at the top, needs to be cleared out too. That rot contaminates, the rest of the country.

Thanks to the Fight HST team and all the bloggers. We have got back some democracy to BC, after 10 long dreary years of lies and corruption. That's all the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, ever gave to their own citizens. Rather than protect the people and the province, Campbell and Harper conspired the, destruction of our beautiful province. They have planned a lot more, eco destruction for BC.

Anonymous said...

I know people with family's, who run out of money between paydays. They are bridging the gap, with their credit cards. House insurances, car insurance and even groceries, go on credit cards. Any major house or car repairs, also go on credit.

The HST is murder on the average and low income family's, seniors and students striving for a higher education. We have University graduates, slinging beer for a living. All of these people are, stressed to the nines. The more money the government takes from them, the more angry they become.

The longer the BC Liberals force the HST onto those people, the more danger of an explosion. The HST has brought these people, no jobs or saved money. The HST has caused, the cost of living to go up sky high. The rage is really out there.

The BC Liberals, ripping these people off until 2013, may be the catalyst. Every where you go, you hear the anger of the people. They seem to be more angry about the stalling, than they were about the HST.

Anonymous said...

That's it, you've said it.
No further spin - just the straight goods!
Thank you!

And a brief note - my condolences to you and your family for your recent loss.

Anonymous said...

With respect to the film industry: Background performers are paid $10 per hour. The agency fee is 15%. That reduces your wage to $8.50 per hour. The agency now charges an additional 12% on the commission. That's another .18 cents per hour.That brings the backgrounders wage to $8.38 per hour. The minimum wage in this province is $8.75. They can kiss my butt before I will ever work as a backgrounder again. Even if the HST is dropped and they start serving prime rib for lunch. BTW, all your camera operators and grips and make-up people are ALL substance abusers. Leaving town soon there folks? Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

RossK said...


It's the Sunday after the Friday when everything went down.

And I can't help but wonder....

Where's Johnny?!


Grant G said...

That picture in the Garden Bay link is my front yard...

The home on the very right side of the photo is my place..

I wouldn`t trade my view for nuttin


Grant G said...

Anonymous said...

Yes CTV did a story last night on how axing the HST has companies now packing up and leaving the province. The story featured some old codger that has a software company (it looked like he was working out of his living room with a TV tray to hold his laptop) and he said he was ready to hire 5 more people but now he's outta here. Then a business analyst came on saying major job losses will be the fallout of the vote. These guys just don' know when to admit defeat gracefully. Whats next?; a Phil Hochstein/John Winter lawsuit challenging the referendum?

Anonymous said...

What? No more 'Liberal Party' mentioned by Crusty? Trying to put a new face on her new face?

Paul said...

Trying to put on a fresh face?

Well, here's a blast from her past behaviour

Here's an article from Christy Clark's time at SFU, with a picture of her during her university years.

It mentions that she was elected to be the president of her Student Union but was soon disqualified and removed from office for breaking rules.
The Peak
The independent Student Newspaper of Simon Fraser University

Premier-designate Clark’s colourful SFSS past
By David Proctor
August 01, 2011

In spring 1989, Clark set her sights on the seat of president of the student society, centering her campaign on promises to fight what she saw as wasteful expenditures on membership in the Canadian Federation of Students and the B.C. Public Interest Research Group, re-joining a Unity slate that was now characterizing the SFSS as chronically mismanaged and run for the benefit of special interest groups.

She was the only Unity member to be elected to an executive position, squeaking through with a six-vote victory.

This victory was short-lived, however, after the society’s Electoral Standing Committee disqualified her for failing to pay fines for breaking rules governing campaigning and she was removed from office.

Clark fought the decision for months, repeatedly threatening legal action, asserting that the SFSS constitution’s rules regarding deadlines for payment of fines overrode ESC rules.
Full article here:


Anonymous said...

Minimum wage in the film industry??!!! David McLean ought to be ashamed...especially after ripping us off for BC Rail. He can afford to pay real wages...mind...the rich don't get rich by being honest and fair.

JonH said...

Paul that article also implied that she graduated from the University of Edinburgh and the Université de la Sorbonne. As far as I heard she's never graduated from anything but High School. Is it true?

Paul said...


I have also heard that she had never completed even one university she’s attended.

Out of curiosity I went to Wikipedia to see if they had a page on Christy Clark to find out.


How embarrassing

Right at the top of her page are two warnings from Wikipedia:

[1] The neutrality of this article is disputed. Please see the discussion on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until the dispute is resolved. (January 2011)

[2] A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject. It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia's content policies, particularly neutral point of view. Please discuss further on the talk page. (January 2011)

Also on her Wikipedia page was this:

"Clark attended Simon Fraser University (SFU), the Sorbonne (France) and the University of Edinburgh (Scotland), studying Political Science and Religious Studies."


Her website says:

"Christy studied at Simon Fraser University, the University of Edinburgh, and at the Université de la Sorbonne in Paris."


If she had actually 'graduated' from any of these institutions, I'm positive that she would be announcing that fact.

For example, Kevin Falcon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University and has no problem whatsoever declaring it.

It sounds to me like she was padding her credentials and hoping that people would simply make the assumption that she actually graduated.

Then I dug up this gem:

Deja Vu - written and produced by Glen P. Robbins with Jim Van Rassel Mar 04, 2011

The supervisor of public records at Simon Fraser University Burnaby campus:

"We have a record of Christina Joan Clark of that specific birth date who attended Simon Fraser University but did not complete a degree."

Here's another from

"Although she studied at three different universities, including the prestigious Sorbonne in Paris, Clark never graduated with a degree, a fact pointed out by many teachers who often fought with Clark during her tenure as education minister."
Having a university degree doesn't necessarily indicate good judgement or good sense of course, but she is clearly trying to fool us into thinking that she has one.

The discussion on her Wikipedia talk page is fascinating reading though.

Here's her Wikipedia page link:

Spread it around


JonH said...

Paul, thanks for clarifying that for me. Her background explains why she is obviously suited for the job of figurehead of the BC Liberal party, since the whole bunch of them wouldn't recognize the truth or facts (if it bit them in the ass)if it doesn't suit their agenda and we all know the MSM in this Province are cut with the same corrupt cloth as the BC Liberals. I'm just glad that the general public has come to recognize the BC Liberals for the scum that they are and that the MSM are just their toadies. Thank God for the expotential growth of Blogosphere for the truth in this Province, much to the demise of the traditional news sources, oh well they brought it on themselves and I say good ridance

I find it hard to believe that Christy even graduated High School judging by how out of her league she is in the Premier's chair. Everytime she talks, if she was in Elementry School she would get an F in Grade 7 debating class as she cannot string two sentences together on the same line of thought. I guess that's what happens when can't cut somebody off or talk over them but that hasn't stopped her from trying.