Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gordon Campbell destroyed BC /Christy Clark continues Campbell`s province killing policies,

The province of British Columbia is dead, that is if you consider Vancouver island part of BC......

When I arrived on the island it was immediately apparent that something was wrong, the weather was gorgeous, the scenery stunning, the fresh air invigorating and the fishing was pretty good too, but all that aside there was a sad undertone so thick you could cut it with a knife..

I was at the Port Alberni Canadian Tire on a Saturday midday, there was 4 young staff in this giant store and I was the only customer, the Safeway store was also barren, Grannies chicken in Port Alberni I was the only customer in hours, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on a Saturday and I was the only customer, the beautiful people of Port Alberni were their usual friendly self, smiles everywhere and big hello`s were standard fare as always from the locals but this time even the happy facade couldn`t hide their pure fear....Fear of total economic collapse!

The jobs agenda, on CTV news last night they did a story on Nanaimo, apparently they have the highest unemployment rates in BC, 12%, but my gut tells me different, the unemployment numbers are climbing throughout the island, there was no summer tourism bump this year, there was zero summer fattening of wallets and therefor thousands more will be idled very soon and what did we see on Global news...

We saw a Clucking Liberal leader stepping out of a float plane wearing a tight orange skirt and high heels, and the photo-op itself, there was Clucking Christy Clark winking and smiling at the male port workers in Prince Rupert, the only thing missing was a brass pole and stripping music, and what was her announcement, $15 million dollar contribution from the taxpayers of BC going towards CN Rail, all part of a larger $300 million dollar private sector project designed to bring more coal to the port, and yes it was also just a re-announcement of a project long ago slated to happen, although the thought of more freebies to CN Rail sickens me, imagine if we had a provincial railway like say BC Rail, can`t anyone see the irony of the BC Government giving money to CN Rail after Gordon Campbell gave BC Rail to his campaign financier David Mclean(and CEO of CN Rail)...As for the rest of Christy Clucking Clark`s jobs agenda, nothing more need be said, both Palmer and Smyth were quick to note that these announcements are all retread photo-ops, maybe Clucking Clark thinks BCers are too stupid to recognize her deja vu traveling been there done that provincial tour..

The BC Carbon tax on British Columbia must end today, schools and hospitals paying carbon offsets must also end today, if we as a province are promoting and ramping up coal exports and natural gas exports and not charging carbon taxes and carbon offset fees than how on earth can a Government punish it`s own citizens for living, or driving, or heating their home...

Vancouver island, BC`s newest but not last ghost town, it takes years and years to build a reputation, it also takes several years to lose a reputation, the campers, RVers, the boaters, for decades they came to the island in droves to spend their dollars but then Gordon Campbell sold BC Ferries to ourselves(for the sole reason of propping up his election budget by $500 million dollars) and brought in David Hahn to hide the very dirty details of the sale, the result was a loss of control of our ferry system and skyrocketing ferry rates, can you imagine, high priced carbon taxed BC fuel and charging tourists $500 dollars each way on the ferry to tow their boat and camper, or charging over $100 each way for a few adults in a little car, the result was a slow bleed of tourists to other jurisdictions, and like I said, you could make the ferries free tomorrow and it would still takes years and years to draw our customers back..

I don`t know if you noticed but I didn`t refer to Clucking Clark as premier of BC, she isn`t, I didn`t vote for her, nobody did, she has no mandate and all the Clark caretaker Government has done is carry on with Gordon Campbell province destroying policies, Gordon Campbell and Michael Campbell destroyed the BC economy with their right wing free enterprise policies, BC Hydro going bankrupt, BC Ferries bleeding cash, raw log exports spiking upwards and now Clucking Clark wants to let Asia come in and take our natural resources for a song, ....By the way Vaughn Palmer/Michael Smyth/Les Leyne/Sean Leslie and you other media hacks, I and the rest of BC could care less if you sunk $millions of dollars into the private power industry, too bad, you drank the  IPP kool-aid Gordon Campbell was selling.....And to correct your latest lies on the CKNW cutting ledge show Vaughn Palmer....We don`t sell Alberta natural gas, and as for buying power from Montana or Alberta in the middle of the night, if we didn`t buy that dirt cheap power it would be wasted, those jurisdictions can`t store power and they don`t shut off, that`s why we buy it Vaughn, it`s cheap.......Mr. Cobb of BC Hydro has already stated on the record the reason for skyrocketing hydro rates is being caused by the BC Government forcing BC Hydro to buy over priced insurance power, and hundreds of BC Liberal insiders all got jobs at Plutonic and Finavera and many many other private power companies...And guess what folks, Vaughn Palmer and other media stooges invested their own private dollars into the Gordon Campbell  private power scam and despite no real environmental assessments and the cumulative damage, despite the uselessness of the spring freshet power, despite BC Hydro going belly up, despite the harm to the people of BC Vaughn Palmer is continuing to cite first nations and jobs when talking about the private power industry....

Give it up Vaughn, just because first Nation`s people were bribed with a few pesos, just because you sunk money into the IPP power market doesn`t make it right...BC Hydro rates and carbon taxes combined with low wages have already started a mass exodus from British Columbia....In other words Vaughn, shut your lying fucking mouth you two-bit sell out stooge, the game is over, your BC Liberal team has destroyed the province, our revenue sources are gone, BC Ferries bleeding Translink bleeding cash, the Golden ears bridge costing $millions per year, natural gas royalties too low, bank taxes gone, all the effing BC Liberals have done with the help of Vaughn Palmer is give the Provincial resources away, destroy tourism and created structural deficits so deep that unless the world recovers BC is toast...Stick your IPP investments you made Vaughn up your ass!

Vancouver Island, the newest ghost town....and, and if you want some free advice Clucking Clark...Fire David Hahn today, announce to the world that RVs and boats and pleasure trailers ride free on the ferries, tell the world that the ferry fee for travelers is 50$ maximum regardless of heads in the vehicle or what their towing, for if not Vancouver island will be decimated!....Put a tariff on raw logs, an escalating tariff...offer payroll tax breaks to companies that actually create jobs in BC and throw out all the Campbell brother`s policies.

Lastly, to all you BC Liberal media stooges, the NDP don`t need John Cummins to take BC Liberal votes to win, the Liberals are done anyway, all this talk about vote spitting on the right, well, what about vote splitting on the left, how many NDP governments would there be without the green party.

Anyway, stop your damn lying Vaughn, just because First Nations people are involved in private IPP power doesn`t change the fact that they are a rip off and BCers can`t afford it, your investments be damned!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

She looked like a cougar on the prowl.

JonH said...

Firstly, I would like to say it's good to hear from you again Grant. It's always refreshing to hear the truth and how you to tell it like it is without beating around the bush. I wonder if people in the Lower Mainland know that the BC Liberals have destroyed the economies of virtually every community outside of the Lower Mainland and that what has happened on Vancouver Island has happened throughout all of BC. The once vibrant hubs of employment in the Hinterlands (whom supplied most of the tax base for the Province) are now just shadows of their former self. What is left of what the BC Liberals haven't given away to their Corporate Friends and Political Insiders they are having a Garage Sale with, so and make an offer. Is it too late do undo all the damage these treasonous and corrupt BC Liberals have perpertrated both financialy and environmentaly on the citizens and future citizens of this once great Province? It sure appears to be the case regardless how those morons in the MSM try to paint it.

Chinese Sneakers said...

Hard-hitting, incisive, passionate, a very good piece.

Lots of stuff to chew on today.

And you're totally right to call out that crispy smile that has never won a popular mandate to be premier; and i thought you put it perfectly when referring to what this all means for the province.

(Did i hear right about the house--?)

Grant G said...

Fire and brimstone, yes it`s true, someone blew up my home...

Volunteer fire department and non-existent police force could care less...

Arson/death threats/financial ruin..

They will have to go all the way to stop me..

Story to come soon...As soon as the tears stop

OCEANTOR said...

Great to see you back Grant. Fishing was good eh! Guess that was because there were not many tourists that could afford Ferries to Paradise Island. My thoughts are on the same page as yours. "Ou" I hate those political corrupt BUMS? How do I get an appointment so I can let my dukes do the talking - Viva la Revolution!

Evil Eye said...

Ah yes, Grant is back!

All say yesterday, the Canwest and Post media, reported on the Cluck Cluck Clark jobs for BC and highlighting this massive infomercial was the promise of a new rail line to Price Rupert.

Funny thing is, Prince Rupert already has a rail line, so what is this new rail line all about?

In todays fish wrap comes the figure of just $15 million for Prince Rupert and that was promised three years ago.

Where the hell is this new rail line?

oh yes, it is a small siding to hold one freight train - wow, golly gee whiz, they build these everywhere without the hype and hoopla.

I'll wager that cluck cluck Chrisy spent more with her traveling circus suck-ups than she will give to new job creation.

We are now entering the age of Chrisy Clark, an age where glam is more important than substance.

Lie on oh great ship of state, lie on, icebergs, rocks and shoals are in thy way.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back, Grant!

You put it all out there and then some. Yes, Palmer, Smyth, Leyne and the rest of you, how many shares do you own in Gordo's private adventures? Michael, how about you?

What a bunch of shameful, despicable goons.
And yes, Christy sure was hamming it up with the "guys" eh? What's her show? Mananswers, right.

And the rest of you sleezy lieberals, how do you sleep at night?

Grant, if there's anything you think we can help you with, please, let us know.

Don F. said...

I am so disturbed about what has happened to your home. I think we are fast reaching or probably far beyond where this can be worked out with talk.
It is obvious that these lowlifes will stop at nothing to hang onto power in this province. The saying,"Fight fire with fire" has never carried as much weight before as it does now.
I am disgusted!
Please let us know all of what has happened and please know myself and all share your anger.
Don F

BC Mary said...

You're writing better than ever, Grant.

Over at my place, I collected about 8 headlines from what "Evil Eye" calls yesterday's "massive infomercial" about imaginary jobs, jobs, jobs when Christy starts laying track. Disgusting. There's lots more bafflegab but I quit collecting them before it made me sick. You're welcome to the posting, if interested. And I'd like to borrow a chunk of your comment today as it portrays a stark reality about the province we love ... a reality which simply hasn't been seen in Big Media.

Terrible news about your home and three treasured pets. But when I started reading your column today, I thought "Bravo!" you've found a way to channel your rage and sorrow into the work you do for us.

oceantor said...

wow - I'm hogs swallowed? I am truly sorry of the painful deprivation you are enduring. I know the feeling? If I can help in some way email me - "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."- Edmund Burke

Grant G said...

Have what you want from the people`s site(The Straight Goods) Mary..

You deserve so much more than I can deliver Mary...

And all of you faithful readers and contributors, please forgive my personal selfishness...

You all must be getting tired of my tears.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Dear Grant, I am just sick about your home and your beautiful cats. This is an atrocity and an outrage. You have been going through enough, coping with the loss of your dad. As well as feeling sick, I am now very angry for you too.

I used to live on the island, and have friends there. They are all deathly afraid, of the situation their island is in. They feel almost hopeless. There are very few jobs to be had, anywhere in BC.

The Campbell/Clark and the BC Liberals, I hold directly responsible for the demise of this entire province. Not only that. I feel Campbell is so vindictive, evil, full of hate, spite and malice, he deliberately destroyed this province.

For the evil Campbell did to BC, he is named for the OBC. However, rumor has it, he won't be present to receive his award. Very typical of all cowards, liars and cheats.

I was in tears when I read your post. I certainly hope, you find out who did this to you. I join the others with any way we can help, please say so.

Anonymous said...

Grant I want to add my sincere condolences for your losses too. It must be serious shock.

It does not surprise me in the least that no one in authority will give the suspicious burning of your home and animal companions any attention. The thin, worn veneer of BC civilization is becoming more and more exposed now. We’re on our own now.

First we saw the police fall into a morass of corruption and gang-style behaviour, back of the head executions of young men just out of school, murdering a visitor who spoke no English and was given no help on arrival by us "nice" Canadians, officers lying to protect their own at the cost of everyone else, bristling at the slightest suggestion that they might ever be wrong, lie, cheat, steal or murder. To serve and protect? Man, that’s last century thinking.

Then we had the political appointee hallmark phase of Campbell's reign of pillage in which those who did not get massively, obscenely “generous” slices of the public pie dished out at the first grasp of power got appointments to faux independent bodies, where they can wield unassailable powers (e.g. health authorities, "special" prosecutors) under the guise of protecting the public, get paid for it and draw lovely pensions later to round out their future political patronage plums.

Then the judiciary bellied up to the trough and said “Hey, what about us? Two hundred grand plus in salary is peanuts compared to what lawyers make.” Soon we saw the BC judiciary fall into deception and disgrace in the BC Rail matter and supreme court judges letting major drug criminals off with almost invisible sentences (Judge Leask comes to mind) while punishing ordinary folk with massive legal costs and an insufferably inept, elitist and corrupt system including toothless watchdogs sucking at the public teat. A little 9 year old girl, raped by a man in his thirties who had care of her, watches as this man avoids prosecution because the (sly, complicit) police took too long to provide evidence to defense council. The judge acknowledged but neither investigated nor chastised the police for their tardiness (over a year) in handing evidence over... The man lives near this little girl. Yup that’s BC’s preening judiciary and enforcement authorities. Meanwhile Chief Justice Lance Finch takes the time to issue a press release sporting his authority that there was nothing wrong in him awarding Gordon Campbell the Odour of BC. I wonder what that little girl must think of justice in this stinking province.

Actually now that I think about it, “Gordon Campbell, the Odour of BC” has a nice ring to it when you use it as a descriptive phrase. Maybe that should become his slogan for life. You know, like “BC, the Best Place on Earth”.

Gordon Campbell is a poison that has permeated this province, something that will take several generations and decades to recover from, if we’re lucky.

We can start to take back our province – October 4th in Victoria. Let’s shame the guy out of town, and make sure he has a welcoming committee of posts sent to the Brit media waiting for him in London when he goes back to take up his sinecure. They should be made aware of the Dirty Dangerous Bastard that he is, as a favour to the citizens of Britain.

Apologies to all for the rant, but Grant's loss has sparked extraordinary outrage in me.

kootcoot said...


So sorry to hear about you home and cats......

I've already been feeling really pissed off for a couple of months, this just helps keep the feeling going. I keep feeling more and more like talking and writing just ain't doing it, nor voting. There are are lot of VERY Impotent People that should pray nightly that I don't receive any kind of terminal diagnosis about anything - you know something that would make any kind of societal sanction IRRELEVANT and death little more than a release from pain - do ya hear me?..... Oh High Commissioner Dude and Sleazie Stevie of the Regressive UnReFormed Cons?

Grant G said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Grant, I am dismayed by this news. I am so sorry for all you have suffered. I'd hoped you were peacefully fishing with your Dad.

What a great, passionate post, it must have been therapuetic to vent.

I agree with you about Koot, time we heard his voice more often.

Peace brother. Kim

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant

I am stunned with your`e bad news, if their is anyway of us helping you get ahold of Jean don`t let pride stand in the way.

On other things Madame Clark, corporate hand puppet, corporations first,families last candidate"I WANT TO BE PREMIER OF BC", if she wants to create a few jobs she should go to the rainbow birdman Falcon and tell him were out of the HST. Jan, 21st 2012. It would also be politically smart on her part , but knowing she is just a puppet it will not happen . Corporate welfare bums will not give up that HST welfare cheque .

I wish I lived closer to where you are so I could help you rebuild, for like you I built my own house with help from some friends.

Walter v E.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loses. Hopefully things will look up as we go toward a new year. People like Bill Boring laugh when I say separate the lower mainland from the rest of BC. Build a highway from Powell River to Lillooet. So we seldom have to frequent that brown belly of the Province. Then we can quit electing Premiers to whom the rest of the province is just a nuisance that is here to be trod upon. A Vancouver Island Separatist

Anonymous said...

Hi all. What is this about Grant's home being burned/blown up? If I missed the post could someone here please direct me to it? If Grant is in difficulties because of it I recommend that someone like BC Mary take charge of contributions so we can all kick in to help out. If it is true that someone burned/blew up Grant's house for political reasons it would be huge! It should be featured prominently on every real Canadian alternative site. She could use something like Paypal (although I despise them they have their uses) to get donations. And she could set up a postal address for contributions. If some right wing fascist was responsible this it will be a huge!

This is British Columbia, where it is simply not acceptable to engage in terrorism. Let's have the details as publishing them would provide at least some measure of protection. It's true that we can't influence the msm, whose members will often lie or obfuscate to protect their own jobs - but there are tons of sites where this could published in the comments, and if someone like BC Mary; who has a lot credibility, and all the alternative sites across Canada, were to publish this and advertise it on sites like thetyee it could get huge in a few nanoseconds.
From the little I can glean from the comments here, it would appear very much like a mafia intimidation tactics - where they burn your house/business if you don't agree with their ideas of how the 'sheeple' should be run. I'm not going to go overboard here as I know absolutely no details, but would just like to say to Grant that if you have any evidence that your misfortune was politically motivated you are sitting on a gold mine. As well as contributing to rebuilding your house, I would be happy to publish your plight on sites like Commondreams.org. Let the light shine!

Grant G said...

Hello friends, all I need right now is time, time to heal, however....

However I have some clues, do you remember Luke Skywalker, .Luke, now he uses the handle Cool Hand, you know who, he hangs out at the Tyee...And he is also Brad over at AGT`s place...And I suspect that Luke Skywalker is none other than Brad Zubyck...You know who he is...

What am I talking about...Well, Luke Skywalker/Cool Hand started a web site called..Briangoughisawesome

On that sick twisted site dedicated to attacking me solely, the site owner posted my address, my phone number, my town, he talked of my cats and called me every name in the book, on that site Luke Skywalker even solicited money in my name(although no paypal was set up)...

What does this have to do with anything, simple, Luke Skywalker/Brad Zubc is a direct arm of the BC Liberals, I so harmed the BC Liberals they went after me, the link to Briangoughisawesome has been left everywhere, including over at AGT`s place...And, AGT must have Brads email address, so does David Beers, neither has given me the email for luke skywalker/Brad Z..And yes I requested it from both parties, they are all complicit with what Brad Z has done!

You are welcome to confirm everything I said and to visit that sick site...

But..That site may well have led to my home being burnt up and the death of my animals..

I hope you are real proud of yourself Cool hand er, I mean Brad Zubyck..

A nutbar website that led a killer to my abode...

There are many more clues in this post here.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loses my friend, words cannot do justice for your plight. If this asshole you refer to as luke, etc is responsible for your home and animals been destroyed, we will have a lynching party for this animal! Speaking of animals, cougars that is, whats the latest about this certain political cougar and Blair Licksome? Hmmmmm, all makes sense, they are travel mates. Keep up the good work sir, and remember Karma will get them.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... interesting blog site but seems very one sided as everyones agrees with your views. Makes me think you read the posts and decide what ones to put up... how is that different from the government you judge?

Anonymous said...

ahhhh> now it makes sense...you do "approve" comments... I see