Friday, August 26, 2011

WE WON!...The Day the HST Removal Begins

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Michael Campbell...Mike Jagger...Christy Clark..and Sam.....

Thanks everyone, thanks Dad for keeping the faith and giving me courage to speak..

Thanks Bill T..Bill Vanderzalm..Thanks Cherylb..Chris Delaney...Thank you British Columbia voters..

Falcon has stated that March1st/2013 the PST will return to its former self....That just happens to be 2 months before the next scheduled election...

That tells me that Christy Clark will hang on by her fake fingernails for 2 years with no mandate...If that is her plan, good, the BC Liberals will go the way of the Whigs, who?

And anyone needing any comic relief, tune in tomorrow and listen to Michael Campbell squeal like the pig he is on Money Talks...Saturday morning(8:30 am to 10:00 am)

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Gary E said...

Baldrey is still ranting about it taking up to two years to get rid of it. It took 22 days short of a year to bring it in and they had better announce today that they are immediately repealing the legislation. They have until the end of the month or, can you say REVIVE RECALL?

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Finally, some good news! By rights, if they were normal people they should be chastened, but that would require a conscience. I reckon now they will try something really stupid and or devious. Interesting times ahead!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news. Thanks for the HST team, who worked so hard for the BC people.

I have grave misgivings too. How long will the BC Liberals, drag out the repealing of the HST? It didn't take Campbell, Hansen and Harper, very long to force the HST onto the citizens. I doubt they will work very fast, to undo their damage.

Falcon has threatened the BC citizens with dire consequences, if the people win the referendum. Flaherty has said, he expects the HST deal to be honored. That deal had nothing to do with the BC people, what-so-ever. We said, NO to the HST.

The HST was colluded on by, Harper, Campbell and Hansen, before the BC election. The BC citizens made no deal with any of them.

Harper, Campbell and Hansen lied to us, extorted us, they can pay the money back. Harper has all the BC HST money, for two years now. The BC people have paid dearly to Harper, for absolutely nothing in return. Harper owes BC people, the money the three of them scammed from us.

However, I forgot. Politicians are free to thieve from the people at will. They never have to pay, for what they have done to the people. In Canada, corrupt and thieving politicians, are rewarded.

Anonymous said...

I saw on the 250 Opinion site.

Falcon has said, they hope to restore the PST by March 31/2013. The BC Liberals crap, just never ends.

I think we had better go back to the recall. Or. The BC citizens are used to to living on nothing. I think we need a general strike, and shut this entire corrupt province down.

Don F. said...

Hello Grant,
Certainly cool and good news!!
It's going to get really interesting now we can bet. Saw Falcon on Global saying it will take Eighteen months because the Feds with have to set guidelines for everyone to follow and that will take time, WHAT??? They need the eighteen months to rape another 1.6 billion to pay the Feds back.
The people of the province shouldn't by right have to pay for a backroom deal they took no part in and had absolutely no say in!
Start with David Hahn and many more like him and give him his walking papers minus the pension, next all the excess like Pamela Martin and many others!
Falcon had the look of Gordon Campbell just before he was forced to resign.
Today is cause for celebration!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Grant G. This is truly a great day. Kim

Anonymous said...

It only took, Campbell, Hansen and Harper 90 days, to install the HST onto the people. But it will take until March 2013 to undo, that mess? I don't buy it. More underhanded dirty tactics, and out and out lies. Harper owes the BC people, the HST money he helped scam from us. Are we to pay Harper for thieving from us? That's like paying Campbell for thieving the BCR from us. We were forced to pay the two patsies, that took the fall for Campbell's dirty deed. We paid over 6 million of our tax dollars, for Campbell, stealing from us.

What is it going to take, to be rid of this corrupt, BC Liberal Slime Family? We want our BCR back. We want our rivers back. We want, the dirty diseased fish farms ripped out. We want, the evil of the BC Liberals, gone.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all! A great day in democracy!

Anonymous said...

Great day for BC but the monsters are still in power and backed to the hilt by corporate BC. Time for a big changes in politics as well as our TV and newspaper media which is in step with every move of the BC Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant,

Sybil and I went into the 'big smoke' today. Whatta team, whatta day.

We also owe Lillian VZ a huge thankyou. She couldn't travel with Bill because she had to stay home to man their computer, a huge job. They are two of the nicest people I have ever met. Hopefully they can soon re-retire!

I think Cluck Cluck better re-think where she is planning to run....seems she did worse in Port Moody-Coquitlam than she did in Vanouver-Point Grey if anyone believes the numbers. Perhaps she should re-hire Iain Black!

....and again a big thanks to you for all you do and all the people who helped get the job done.


Crankypants said...

I'm glad to see that the margin for the "YES" side was close to 180,000 votes. That alone should leave no doubt in any pro-HST type's mind that the electorate was not buying what they were selling. Also, at a quick scan of the voting results by riding, 60 out of the 85 ridings voted to extinguish the HST which is another good indication of the mood of the voters in BC.

I do have to say that I do not like voting by mail one bit. I have no idea at all if my ballot actually made its way to Victoria and got counted.

I also think that Elections BC needs to get their act together and update their voters list. The anecdotal stories of deceased people and people that no longer live in BC being sent ballots shows that they have been lax in their duties.


Anonymous said...

Grant, I will not be listening to Gord's brother whining about the hst. I've given up on mainstream media to report the "true facts" on anything. They too are bought and paid for by the elites.

With the results of this vote it tells me the people do still have a say, we always have a say, that is what democracy is about. We must not stop now, it is only the beginning. Time to have all politicians and those who work for them held accountable. It's our dollars that pay for these public servants and they should not get away with deceiving us and thieving us.

We are not stupid people; we care about what goes on around us, we care about our province, our country. We care about our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children.

We have a great province here, let's use our resources for "all" the people, fairly, and not a token few.

We cannot afford to lose any more of democratic rights, we must stand up. This is just the beginning I'm sure. We must all educate ourselves even more about what is being done behind closed doors. We must do what we can to make this a fairer and better place for all.

(And Grant, sorry about your loss. Sounds like you had a great father who believes in you. My condolences to you and your family.)

Anonymous said...

Well that's it for me.....

I'm packing up the ole Datsun truck, renting a U-Haul, gathering the little woman, children and dog and we're heading back to Ontario, Quebec or the Maritime Provinces where they have the HST because prices are cheaper (passed on by the corporations) and jobs, jobs, jobs are there for the taking like low hanging fruit.....

Anonymous said...

Nothing good or proper will happen while the BC Liberal government continues to be in Victoria.

The confusion with the voters addresses and deceased people names - a contrived confusion by the BC Liberal party - don't forget that Craig James is a BC Liberal "lackey" .

Let us not forget too, the continued dishonesty, deception, deceit and lies from the the BC Liberal politicians - particularly those of Clark, Falcon, Colman et al.

It is not over yet until these BC Liberal barstids are out on their ears and have to earn an honest liviing for a change.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's great that we won. Now they are going to take almost two years to claw back the HST. Why? And who the hell gave them that right after we just told them we DON'T WANT IT! Well, one reason I'm thinking is because it would never do for us plain old BCers to appear to have made the right decision. That is why they will drag it out and make it as expensive as possible to do. Because you see, if we were right about this tax - and we are - we might be right about other things, and then we might want a vote on them. We might like a binding vote on important issues put right on ballot at election time. As in 'We will choose our candidate, but he/she shall also be bound by our decisions.' The cost would be minuscule - just add a few questions to the regular ballot to mark in the same way as your choice for candidate. Something like:
1. Do you wish to continue the Independent Power Producers program? Yes/no?
2. Do you wish to have your electric meter changed over to the new 'smart (spy) meter? Yes/No?
3. Do you approve the Northern Gateway pipeline? Yes/No?

Then, instead of the weary cynicism of voting now for the party we believe will do the least damage, we could all examine the issues and vote on what is actually best for us. The candidate elected would be there to represent us and make damn sure that our decisions were implemented - or go home. There would be no more Gordon Campbell taking huge donations from someone like CN (based in Texas) and in return selling them our railroad for pennies on the dollar. No more corporate fish farm contributions deciding the fate of our wild salmon and so on.

The truth is that the Liberal Party of BC gets most of it's financing from corporations - both foreign and domestic - and that is who they represent.
So who speaks for us? Nobody. (except for people like Grant and a dozen or so other blogs and *sometimes* thetyee.) The NDP often has its heart in the right place, but they too are subject to financial and media pressure. And mark my words; the government and the mainstream media are going to go all out to try and prove what fools we BCers are for making this decision. So when they do, always remember that it is because if we start making our own decisions and become richer and more socially and politically aware because of it, their whole house of cards will fall down while the sun rises on a brighter future for us.

Paul said...

I was listening to the Weekend Morning News with Jill Bennett at 8:45 and heard Michael Levy who is replacing Pinocchio's brother on his 8:35 AM MONEY TALKS show say that the people who voted to extinguish the HST were "stupid" because they didn't understand the difference between politics and policy.

He also said that on his 8:35 AM MONEY TALKS show this morning he will be talking about the "greater good".

How pitiful is that?

I will be recording this one using my Wiretap Studio.

Anonymous said...

When the liberals talk free enterprize, does the word free apply only to corporations and the wealthy. You greedy S O Bs start paying your fare share of the taxes and quit trying to stick it to the working class. If you assholes paid 40% tax like the rest of us have to the government would have more money than they could spend. Harper we owe Sweet F all to you feds.

Anonymous said...

1. Do you wish to continue the Independent Power Producers program? Yes/no? "NO"

2. Do you wish to have your electric meter changed over to the new 'smart (spy) meter? Yes/No? "NO"

3. Do you approve the Northern Gateway pipeline? Yes/No? "NO"

Anyone else? Anyone? Anyone?

Michael Campbell: shut the hell up. Really, shut up.
Levy: you too.
Ozzy: what the hell were you thinking?
Crusty: want your old job back? We can arrange it.
With Pamela, and Chris Olsen on yourrrrr ssssiiiiiidde the three of yas make quite the trio.
And all the rest of you so called expert economists. The lot of you no fool us again!

Anonymous said...

So, until March 1, 2013 they have shut down major purchases that currently include HST but did not before and presumably will not after. These major purchases folks include new homes. What a screw up. Get rid of it now.