Monday, October 5, 2009

A performance worthy of a majority

I don`t delve into the world of federal politics very often,the reason? The pickings are ripe in BC,a sea of corruption,cronyism and outright crime, add the fact that federal politics have become dull,bland,un-inspiring recordings of the same old mantra from both sides, that all changed yesterday with a performance for the ages(politically speaking).
"I get by with a little help from my friends, I get high with a little help from my friends."
Two short musical lines,classic beatles, classic Stephen Harper, political savvy or a look into the mind of the man with blue eyes,ruthless, a political assassin, a man who has handily defeated all challengers except one, the Canadian public.
A love hate relationship, so polarizing a man I have rarely seen in the public forum, maybe it`s me, maybe I am so starved for a hero,a political hero who gets the job done, am I alone out here, we as people have read,heard and still reap the rewards of the "Great leaders" when is our generation going to get our hero? WAC Bennett....Tommy Douglas....Kennedy.....I`m too young to remember them, but I can remember the slugs that we all have had to endure...Vanderzalm...Barrett....Clark...Bill Bennett, 9 long repressive years with Campbell(and counting)....Federally, Trudeau...Chretian....Mulroney...Clark...martin...Harper..
The bar is set so low,is there anyone who can inspire us, it wouldn`t take much,maybe I`m the eternal optimist? Is Harper our man? He has a Canadian family, a boy,a girl,pretty wife,likes hockey,sports, I could drink with Harper,kick back,watch a hockey game,order up a couple pepperoni/cheese wheels, "I get by with a little help from my friends" and I can picture Harper lighting up a big honkin bc bud reefer ......"don`t bogart that joint my friend"...." I get high with a little help from my friends".....OK, I`m starting to wander a bit but would it bother you? A premier that can kick it, let loose, I`m no boy scout and I say bring it! Does our generation not get a hero?
That performance with yo yo ma has done more for Stephen Harper`s career than a 50 million$ ad campaign,Premier Harper singing wasn`t the next American idol but he held key, faced a short early bit of laughter only to win over even the most sceptic in the room, slippery Jack Layton is still mortally wounded from the attempted coop and Iggy has fallen off the charts, a performance worthy of a majority government, Stephen Harper, the man and his music.
Maybe my criteria for our leaders is different than yours, I have listened,watched,read, I am un-impressed with any of them, Harper didn`t go to Bejiing, he`s no patsy with the UN/G20/security councils etc etc....Maybe Harper will fill my opening for political hero ,maybe he will crash and burn and take me down with him, but until iggy gets his Karaoke going or tops Stephen(piano man)Harper, the world is his stage and we need a hero........
" Oh I get by with a little help from my friends,oh I get high with a little help from my friends"
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

So what are ya saying? That Harper is our own version of Susan Boyle? :)

But yeah, right now he's probably the best of a bad crop (not BC bud mind you)!

islandcynic said...

Harper is no hero and never will be. He plays a good tactical political game. His team is simply working on his image as they know that is what is stopping him from getting his majority. Remember, he hates Canada. He will dismantle it so fast you wont know what hit you once he gets his majority.

Grant G said...

Island cynic,I agree,I don`t trust any of the feds,I wrote a story titled :There is no one to vote for federally:..

Harper`s musical performance was the highlight of his career,so far,now can he make the next step and actually do something for the Canadian middle class?
But who would you like running the country Island cynic? Iggy, slippery Jack Layton, when I read garbage bills from Ruby Dhalla it tells me the Liberals are up to their old tricks again(giving away the farm for a few votes)

Do I trust Harper? No but, for a brief moment I had visions of a "Cool Prime minister" who might start to do the right thing...

I will wait patiently,no Iggy,no Jack,no Bloc....For the time being lets stick to minority governments.