Thursday, October 15, 2009

The HST surprises just keep coming

Well here we go again, the Campbell Liberals have quietly put out some more trash today, maybe they thought the unveiling of the recycled metal olympic medals would distract people from hearing about this.

Well have no fear my friends,I got the straight goods fresh from the government web site on the HST, these little goodies were hidden in a section called transitional rules..Everyday more and more things are coming out about the HST, and I found a couple of more goodies that I would like to tell you about.

The first one doesn`t effect most people but I am going to throw it out there, if a company/corporation sells someone a shopping mall in January 2010 but the buyer doesn`t receive that mall until august of 2010 the HST WILL APPLY, so from what I gather is the HST is going to apply to the sale of commercial buildings,real-estate and businesses, gee, I wonder if the big boys are aware of that little nugget

This second one effects many people and BUSINESSES, the HST will apply to the lease of cars and trucks to individuals and businesses, I wonder if the people in the leasing business are aware of that?

This section on TRANSITIONAL RULES was just released today, it has many sections, for example if you buy a ticket in may of 2010 for a hockey game that takes place in october 2010 the HST WILL APPLY.....If you buy airplane tickets before july 2010 and the flight is after july of 2010 the HST WILL be applied(Read more details here)

Listen up folks, if you pay for year long or lifetime memberships in January 2010..6 months before the HST goes into effect the HST WILL apply to MOST of that membership.If you buy a dishwasher BEFORE july 2010 but the installer can`t install it until after july 2010 the HST will apply.

First off, how can any transitional rules be enforced or be considered legal when the legislation hasn`t been brought to the legislature yet? If Campbell wants transitional rules for the HST he should of brought the legislation forward in the fall/2009 legislative session, this is putting the cart before the horse.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

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Anonymous said...

Campbell, does not have to follow the law. At least thats the way a lot of BC citizens see it. Has anything been done about his crime in selling out the BC Rail, and that is only a drop in the ocean, he is selling our province, a piece at a time for his own personal gain, and helping his buddies to gain as well. All has been engineered for Campbell to make sure he taxes the citizens, so they will pay eight months of their pay to the government, rather than the seven months we pay now.How else could a criminal be a premier, unless there is approval from Harper, who is in glee, for all that wonderful money in his coffers. The HST isn't known as the Harper Sales Tax for nothing. Canada is rotten with corruption, as we people know, however,corruption pays very well and don't expect Harper to do anything about cleaning this country up.

Have a look at the Western Block Party's views, that party may save the Western Provinces from the fascists of the east. We in BC could kick Gordo's butt to the east. We could keep western tax dollars in the west, and I am in favor of many of their new ideas.