Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From traffic to parking to weather Vanoc controls everything

Let the games begin, I`m not going to go into heavy details on the transportation plan but I would like to highlight a few specific items that I think are disgusting and I have but one and only one thing I am happy about.

Before I start lets talk about the millennium sky train line...Guess what,for some unknown reason the millennium line is broken down in the last few hours, technical experts are busy trying to figure out why it`s not working, good luck with that....Skytrain is unreliable, I used to travel on skytrain everyday and it`s always breaking down,especially after the first heavy snowfalls or cold snaps.

I don`t know why the seawall near false creek will be out of bounds as of november 1st, I guess they don`t want PEOPLE,average people to be visible from the olympic village.....Also there is a new bike path and area to lock up your bike and Vanoc wants people to get around on bicycles in Vancouver,hmmm, I wonder if they are going to plow the snow from the bike paths and you know it NEVER rains in Vancouver in february..HA HA

All homeless people will be removed that are living under our bridges, who knew? imagine that,the greatest place on earth and people are living under bridges,huh, it must be for the view! Another one I find upsetting is the Richmond dyke trail will be closed to the public from february through to march, I don`t know why, I guess the security goon squad is worried about BCers going down to the dyke trail with their rocket launchers and blowing up aircraft......

Another one I find amusing is, Vanoc states that if there is a rock slide or road closure on the sea to sky highway BC ferries will transport olympic vehicles,athletes and spectators to Squamish by ferry...Hmmm, well we have no spare ferries as you know, this last long week-end was an unmitigated disaster for ferry travellers, I wonder which ferry will get yanked from it`s normal route if needed? Why some of the roads are being closed for months for a three week event is puzzling, I am of the opinion that Vanoc and the IOC are doing this for one reason,because they can, you see folks, every town,city, country that capitulates sets the precedent for the next IOC victim, every olympic forward is getting worse and worse, any town the bitches gets told, hey,Bejiing cooperated,Vancouver cooperated so shut up and tow the line, we are unfortunately falling victim to this because of all the weak knee,ed countries before us.

There are a couple of more items I would like to share with you, there is a regular shuttle that takes people to Cypress bowl and another that takes people to Whistler, these shuttles have been around for a while and the idea of the shuttle is to offer people a way to get to the mountain to spend their hard earned money, the round trip to Cypress is currently 12.00$ and the shuttle to Whistler is 25.00$...That doesn`t include food,ski lift pass,it just a way to get people there,well guess what? As of January 4 the price is doubling to 24.00$ and 50.00$ respectively...According to Vanoc they need to double the price to get people to book ahead of time so they know how many extra shuttles they are going to need, HUH...Bafflegab, I don`t know what that statement means except this, In my opinion, they are doubling the price because they can...HA HA...Gouge away.....The last item I would like to bring up is this, the second narrows bridge and the lionsgate bridge will have only one lane going into Vancouver in the morning and only one lane going to the north shore in the afternoon...HA HA...I love it...I can`t wait for Gordon Campbell`s rich friends in west Vancouver to start squealing like PIGS ( I apologize to the ten voters who voted for the NDP in West Vancouver)

One last item to talk about, the Vancouver Sun had a story of the weather worries for the 2010 games but for some reason when I went to look for it, it had vanished,hmmm...But,have no fear, apparently Vanoc is working closely with Environment Canada and have staff working one on one to make sure they can control the weather..HA HA....That`s right folks, Vanoc has a weather controlling device,HA Ha....well all kidding aside, this winter our old friend El Nino is in the pacific ocean and has decided to attend the 2010 winter games and El Nino will be bringing it`s friend the pineapple express with it, warm wet weather,thats the long range forcast, there may be snow at Whistler but as for our local mountains Cypress and Seymour and Grouse,well,can you say bare spots..HA HA....As for environment Canada they have cut off communications as to long term weather forecasting,ssshh...They don`t want anyone to know,please faithful readers, dont tell anyone where you got the information,Vanoc might send a lightning bolt my way with their weather machine.(read about the weather forecast for 2010 here, I got the goods from the Seattle times)

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