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Stephen Harper, LIar and Chief

 Updated once again, January 13, 2015....As reported here, Stephen Harper is a bold faced liar, in 2011 Stephen Harper stated he would bring in income splitting when the budget is balanced, not only did Harper make income splitting retroactive to the deficit fiscal year 2014/2015...He will continue income splitting for fiscal 2015/2016...That too will be a deficit year, as is/was 2014/2015...Directly below was the last update in December, 2014....That update confirmed that 2014/2015 fiscal year is in deficit...

So, the Canadian public needs to to know that Stephen Harper is borrowing $100`s of millions of dollars, adding to Canada`s national debt for one reason, to give Canada`s wealthiest people even more money through income splitting, a $5 billion dollar tax cut the only the top 13% of earners can take advantage of..

(This post is virtually the same post as this    http://powellriverpersuader.blogspot.ca/2014/10/stephen-harper-lies-to-his-conservative.html  ) The only difference is the latest update..


"The federal government looks set to continue running a deficit until 2016-17, two years later than it previously forecast, according to a report from TD Economics on Thursday.
Barring the introduction of any new fiscal restraint measures, the budget will not be balanced until then, said the report's authors Derek Burleton, vice-president and deputy chief economist, and Sonya Gulati, economist. TD Economics predicted a $2.5-billion surplus for the 2016-17 budget, but deficits of $1.8 billion and $5.2 billion in 2015-16 and 2014-15, respectively"



Updated here, December 22/2014......Exactly what The Straight Goods and The Powell River Persuader reported October 31/2014.....Stephen Harper is a Bald-Faced LIAR....Stephen Harper promised Canada`s wealthiest people income splitting tax cuts as soon as the budget was balanced or in surplus..

Stephen Harper made his tax cut/income splitting announcement nearly 2 months ago... Stephen Harper the disgusting habitual lying Conservative made income splitting retroactive to this current fiscal year...That being 2014/2015....Well it has been confirmed today that Canada in in deficit, the Federal Conservative Government is running a $2 billion dollar deficit for this current year, and...Canada would not be in deficit for this current fiscal year if income splitting for Canada`s wealthy wasn`t made retroactive to the current fiscal year...

So, Stephen Harper the lying Conservative hiding in a closet coward is adding $billions to Canada`s debt, all to put borrowed money in the RICH voter`s hand before the next federal election....

Here is the proof that Stephen Harper is an effing loser and LIAR..


The Conservative government’s recent tax cuts have added $1.6-billion to the deficit so far this year, but Ottawa remains on track to post a smaller deficit than the year before

Finance Canada released monthly tracking figures for Ottawa’s bottom line on Monday that show the federal government posted a $3.2-billion deficit in October, in contrast to a $2.5-billion deficit in October, 2013. The report said this reflects a $1.6-billion downward adjustment to revenues based on the year-to-date impact of two personal income tax cuts announced that month that were effective immediately: income-splitting for families with children under 18 – which the government calls the Family Tax Cut – 

Over the first seven months of the fiscal year that started April 1, the federal deficit stood at $3.95-billion, a significant improvement over the $12.8-billion deficit recorded between April and October of 2013. However the figure is $1-billion higher than the government’s stated target of posting a $2.9-billion deficit this year. 

Monthly deficit and revenue figures can fluctuate significantly.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government announced several tax cuts this fall

The government also announced a two-year tax credit for small businesses in September.
Finance Minister Joe Oliver’s Nov. 12 fiscal update indicated that the expected cost of all of these measures will be $3.2-billion this year, $5-billion next year and then slightly less than $5-billion-a-year going forward. 

The update also indicated that the government expects a deficit of $2.9-billion this year, meaning the package of tax cuts announced this fall had the effect of moving Ottawa from a projected surplus to a projected deficit

The government is projecting a $1.6-billion surplus in 2015-16. The Prime Minister recently insisted that the surplus will be achieved even with lower oil prices, which have a negative impact on federal revenues.


below is The Straight Goods article highlighting what an habitual liar Stephen Harper is...Can you imagine any normal leader, a prime minister who would add $billions to Canada`s national debt to hand more money to Canada`s richest demographic...Only a deranged loser would do that...

Stephen Harper was crystal clear when he said in 2011....and I quote.."A Conservative Government will bring in income splitting as soon as the Government returns to balanced budgets"

News flash, the budget isn`t balanced, we are in deficit this fiscal year and will be in deficit next year, so how does it feel, having a prime minister who is adding $billions to Canada`s debt to give money to his wealthy friends...Canadians having to pay $millions and millions of dollars in interest payments so the rich get richer!!!

Stephen Harper is the lowest form of slime, the worst prime minister in Canada`s history..

Stephen Harper Lies to Canadians, All Canadians

 Written by Grant G

Stephen Harper in 2011 promised income splitting as soon as the budget is balanced, so why has Canada`s mainstream media fallen asleep and not reported Stephen Harper`s latest betrayal and whopper lie?

Stephen Harper has slashed the income splitting measures he promised Canadians, when Harper proposed income splitting on the condition of a balanced budget in 2011 the benefit was supposed to amount to a $7000,00 yearly benefit....That benefit has been capped at $2000,00 yearly benefit, those who qualify(which I certainly don`t qualify for by a country mile) will now have to collect that benefit for 4 years to see that $7000,00 dollars, clearly that is a blatant lie..

Let me be clear, I totally disagree with income splitting, it rewards only15% of the population, that would be the wealthiest 15% of Canadians, the one group that needs no financial assistance, story after story about the growing gap between the haves and the have nots, medium income in 2014 is 17% dollars less than it was in 1970, and that`s not even adjusted for inflation...

Those who won`t qualify is separated parents, single parents, gay parents, only extremely wealthy will qualify and how shameful is Canada`s media, they all know that income splitting helps only the wealthy, every newscast I listened and read made the assertion that by lowering the income splitting benefit from $7000,00 to $2000,00 makes it all better, they claim that amount of money($2000,00) is hardly worth mentioning, ...Those statements show how completely out of touch with the majority of Canadians they are, how they only represent the corporate and well-to-do demographic..!

Not only will the wealthy get $2000,00 dollars they will also receive increased child benefits too.

No increase for those with disabilities, no increase to a meager old age Canada pension, Stephen Harper is raising the eligibility threshold to collect OAS to 67 years of age, 2 years longer for us peasants to collect that meager pension...

Stephen Harper stated in 2011 that income splitting would only come in when the budget is balanced, no sooner, no later...

I have a question for Stephen Harper....If Canada falls back into deficit will this income splitting measure be cancelled?

A bold headline atop this Straight Goods article, perhaps you are wondering what the other big whopper lie is?, what did Stephen Harper say in 2011...

"A Conservative Government will bring in income splitting as soon as the budget is balanced" snip

I have a newsflash for all you Canadians reading this story...The budget is not balanced this year, it may be balanced and or in surplus next year(do to the deliberate timeline delay on every multi-$billion dollar military procurement, from jets to helicopters to transport vehicles and particularly those photo-op ship building contracts announced in 2011, not one piece of steel has been cut, no monies handed out, zip, zoodle, nada, not a damn red cent..

And perhaps you doubters of The Straight Good`s assertion are wondering why I`m saying the budget isn`t balanced...

It wasn`t me that said the 2014 budget isn`t balanced, Stephen Harper said it yesterday during his nauseating tax cut/income splitting photo-op...

Stephen Harper took a handful of questions...A Bloomberg reporter asked the 4th question...

"Sir what is your outlook for the budget balance with these cuts in place, do you have any concerns about eliminating the surplus you budgeted for this year"

Stephen Harper answered...and I quote......

"We didn`t budget a surplus for this year, we`re planning on running a deficit this year 2014/ 2015....It`s next year 2015 2016 we`re planning a surplus..We`re not planning on advancing that, we are budgeting to run a small deficit this year and a small surplus next year" snip

This income splitting is retroactive to this year, a year which is in deficit!!!!! remember this statement from Harper..

"A Conservative Government will bring in income splitting as soon as the budget is balanced"  Stephen Harper snip

So here`s the deal, here is the elephant in the room that all the mainstream media missed...

Stephen Harper is borrowing money against our Canadian accounts to advance monies to his Conservative base, that`s right folks, Stephen Harper is borrowing money, adding to Canada`s debt to give money to the wealthiest people in Canada...

Stephen Harper is a liar, he said no income splitting until the budget is balanced, Harper`s own words prove him to once again be a bald-faced LIAR

Those want to see the smoking gun proof....watch this video courtesy of CPAC(Canadian public affairs channel)


The question and offending answer comes just past the 27 minute mark in the above link, ..It`s Stephen Harper`s answer to the question from the Bloomberg reporter .....


How come no one in the mainstream media is reporting on this Stephen Harper lie, the budget isn`t balanced for 2014/2015...Therefore Harper is lying to all Canadians...Harper is adding to Canada`s debt to give the richest among us more walking around money..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


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