Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Written by Robin Mathews


Something is wrong with all the recent terrorist incidents.  As if a part of deliberate policy, it seems, the “terrorists” are shot dead.  They aren’t disabled and held for important questioning and investigation.  Being dead, almost all information about them comes from controlled police or Intelligence sources – with a closely cooperating Mainstream Press and Media. 

Mr. Said Kouachi, alleged attacker in the Paris Charlie Hebdo offices, not only carried his identity card with him when he set off on that escapade, but he also left it (?) in the stolen Citroen used for getaway, enabling police to get on the trail of the Kouachi brothers.  The Kouachi brothers can’t deny that story; they are both dead.

If the two men were completely disguised, how else would the police know who to track unless one conveniently dropped his identity card in the getaway car?

Paul Estrin, president of the federal Green Party, recently posted a defence of Israeli military and political policy that could only create an explosion and bring about his resignation. No major official in any Canadian political party – I suggest – could innocently do what Paul Estrin did. 

To me, the question is not whether Paul Estrin was set up to write that piece.  The question, to me, is who set him up?  Was he – to use an increasingly popular phrase – a “False Flag”?  Was he pretending to be A Wide-Eyed Innocent Green who was, in fact, working for B’nai B’rith (say), or the Conservative Party of Canada?  Or was he really innocent of all political intention?

There is so much dishonesty in public affairs in our time that on-going suspicion has to be aroused in all people who care about public integrity.  The failure of all federal Opposition Parties to address Israel’s violation of law, of human rights, and of territorial claims, for instance, leaves those Parties wide open to being victims of False Flag activity.

Will it be a major Liberal Party member who next makes a ringing endorsement of Israeli crimes, placing himself/herself squarely as a supporter of mainstream Conservative Party policy?  And will Justin Trudeau do as Elizabeth May has done and state that the Liberals have “a posture of engaged neutrality” – a code phrase (in these dishonest times) which means  “in this one case we refuse to comment or take a position on globally recognized and continuing brutality and inhumanity”?  Every time that happens Stephen Harper adds supporters to his 2015 list.  If the Opposition Parties have no morality or courage, why not vote Conservative?

That Party has cheated and False Flagged itself to power … and has continued in order to maintain power.  Criminally guilty of financial fraud in the 2006 election, the Conservatives are generally accepted to have fought (and probably won) the 2011 election with election fraud and Robocalling.  After that, despite the huge outcry about the 2011 election fraud, the Conservative Party flooded Saskatchewan in 2013 with fake Robocalls to destroy honest Election Boundary re-drawing.  Caught red-handed (or, rather, blue-handed), the Party paid a fine of $78,000.00 for that fraud.

To quote Michael Harris (author of the book, Party of One) “Lying, cheating at the polls, suppressing free speech, cooking statistics at StatsCan with a bogus voluntary census, crushing individuals with full, institutional powers of government, pretending dirty oil is the answer while the planet gasps –all this would suggest that this group has failed.”


To quote Erik Anderson, economist: Harper “campaigned on a promise to reduce the debt by at least $3 billion per year each year in power”. “8 years later … the [debt] increase is $134,500,000,000”.
We know Stephen Harper fraudulently shut down Parliament to avoid questions about the Conservative government colluding in Afghanistan with on-going prisoner torture.  And we know the Conservative government is determined to continue an on-going, cruel and punitive policy towards wounded Canadian veterans needing government assistance.

The next question almost has to be this one: would the Conservatives in power initiate or go along with arranged murder as a strategy for holding on to power? That will seem to some an obvious …”next act”.

If the answer is Yes, ex-senator Mike Duffy will be advised to check carefully any food or beverage he intends to consume.  Strong Christian, rich Conservative, and long-time friend of Stephen Harper – Nigel Wright, on the other hand, will not have to bother with such precautions.

Joking aside … False Flag researchers are asking us to believe that the Quebec murder of a Canadian soldier and the October 22 killing of a Canadian soldier at the Ottawa cenotaph – and the following shoot-out in the Canadian Parliament Buildings were – yes – False Flag incidents to curry support for the Stephen Harper Conservatives and their War in the Middle East. Would that be a big step beyond all the other lies, frauds, and violations of this government?

Whatever the answer to that question, Anthony Hall (professor of Globalization Studies at University of Lethbridge) pulls together other specialists, and he works his own argument to make the case: that the Canadian murder of soldiers in Quebec and Ottawa were False Flag activities.
Make up your own mind.  I say that sincerely.  Go to


When Anthony Hall’s image appears in the run-past of contributing  

“Harper, The Ottawa Shooter, and the Selling of War”.

Read this and be shocked...


And … also … think about the Wonderful, apparently Innocent Piece by Paul Estrin.  Was that simply to inform fellow Greens…? Or was it a False Flag flown with the purpose of bloodying the Green Party and pushing ahead the chances of a 2015 Conservative election victory?


You decide.

Written by Robin Mathews


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Anonymous said...

I remember just around election time here in B.C. the R.C.M.P. broke up a pair of "terrorists" that had or were planning to bomb the legislature in Victoria. But we were assured that the R.C.M.P had it ALL UNDER CONTROL. Why even crusty got a press (photo op) conference already the day they were arrested . Hmmmmmm ,VERY INTERESTING .

Anonymous said...

Harper is the worst monster PM, in the recorded history of this Nation.

Harper out and out blatantly lied when he said, he was requested to play a role in this war with ISIS. Obama said, he did no such thing. Harper was an abysmal failure in Wales. His speech to the UN was pretty much to an empty room. Obama had thanked the other countries for their support. Harper didn't even get a mention.

Is Harper wanting to bring the vile Gordon Campbell back to Canada? Nigel Wright is already in the UK. Could he possibly be our new High Commissioner to the UK?

Any thing remotely to do with Harper will stink, right up to the space station with corruption.

Most of us know, Harper will use every dirty tactic in the book to stay in office.

Merv Ritchie said...

I hoped you might say something on this topic. I heard one of the "gunmen" called a media outlet and told them who he was, who financed him and what country was behind it all. That didn't sit well with me. So now those apparent words spoken are truth?

I also not today we are bombing inside Syrian borders. Guess we needed an excuse to go further into Syria.

As for the Victoria Bombing mentioned by anonymous, those who were accused had been arrested and charged months earlier. We have a picture of their arrest details.

Grant G said...

By devoted reader

3rd July 2013 · They arrested them in MARCH - Search Traffic/Criminal

https://eservice.ag.gov.bc.ca/cso/ run the names.. 198990-1 1 02-Mar-2013 CCC - 465(1)(c)

Conspiracy to commit indictable offence Commit



Surrey BC 198990-1 2 02-Mar-2013 CCC - 83.19 knowingly facilitate a terrorist activity Commit KORODY, AMANDA Marie/ NUTTALL, JOHN Stewart Surrey BC 198990-1 3 25-Jun-2013 CCC - 83.2 makes/has in his possession explosive substance

Police in Canada have arrested and charged a man and woman with terrorism for attempting to leave pressure cooker bombs at British Columbia’s provincial legislature on Canada Day, when thousands of people were expected to be there.

John Stewart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody were inspired by al-Qaida ideology but were self-radicalized, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Assistant Commissioner James Malizia said Tuesday. He called it a domestic threat without international connections.


They arrested them in MARCH – Search Traffic/Criminal


run the names..

198990-1 1 02-Mar-2013 CCC – 465(1)(c) Conspiracy to commit indictable offence Commit KORODY, AMANDA Marie/ NUTTALL, JOHN Stewart Surrey BC
article here


It turned out, of course, that the bombs had been disabled by the police before they were placed on the grounds.

Grant G said...

Yea, I know Merv...There are many false flag events in Canada..

As for increasing government spying tools..

The Ottawa nutty shooter was known by police..

Paris shooters were also known to police as trouble..Meaning they don`t need anymore spying tools..

Harper is committed to run an election campaign of fear..

Merv, the people should be very scared, not of terrorists but of Stephen Harper!..

I don`t condone any violence

Read this article, and you tell me who the real terrorists are


Hugh said...

It's almost funny, in a dark, twisted, sick way:


Grant G said...

I wouldn`t worry too much about Gordon Campbell returning to BC..If he does, this information will be at the ready..


Canadian official fined
for driving drunk on Maui

By Gary T. Kubota

LAHAINA >> After drinking three martinis and some wine, British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell drove erratically on Maui, speeding and nearly crossing into a lane toward another vehicle.

Campbell pleaded no contest yesterday to drunken driving and three other offenses.

As a first-time offender, Campbell was fined $500 for the petty misdemeanor of driving under the influence of alcohol. He also was ordered to pay $50 for failure to drive on the right side of the road, $50 for disregarding lane markings and $125 for speeding, going 70 mph in a 45-mph zone.

Campbell, who has publicly apologized for his behavior, did not appear in court, but was represented by Honolulu attorneys Steven Barta and Philip Lowenthal.

District Judge Reinette Cooper did not require Campbell to undergo 14 hours of alcohol abuse counseling and a substance abuse assessment, since he fulfilled the requirements before his court hearing.

Cooper said based on an assessment, she was satisfied Campbell required no further counseling.

"I do not believe there are aggravating circumstances," Cooper said.

She said she felt Campbell had been sufficiently embarrassed in the public, "as well he should be."

Barta said Campbell immediately accepted responsibility and has accepted a harsher penalty than usual.

Barta said usually, first-time drunken-driving offenders have lesser offenses dismissed, but Campbell decided to plead no contest to all of them.

Barta said Campbell's license was suspended for 90 days in Hawaii immediately after he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and that Campbell has continued to observe the suspension while in Canada.

Campbell, 55, was arrested on the early morning of Jan. 10 on the two-lane Honoapiilani Highway near the Napilihau residential subdivision in West Maui while driving a rental car toward Kaanapali.

He has told the news media that he had three martinis and some wine while dining with friends Fred Latremouille and Kathy Baldazzi during his annual vacation on Maui and was returning to a place where he was staying.

Deputy Prosecutor Mark Simonds said that about 12:55 a.m. a police officer stopped next to Campbell at a traffic light, and when the light changed, Campbell sped his vehicle forward.

The police officer said Campbell crossed the double solid line to his left, then pulled to his right crossing into the bicycle lane, Simonds said.

Campbell's driving was erratic, sometimes hitting his brakes, and he almost crossed into a lane that had a motor vehicle going in the opposite direction, he said.

Simonds said when the police officer stopped Campbell, he had a strong odor of liquor, an oily face and slurred speech.

When asked why he was speeding, Campbell said he was tired and wanted to return home, Simonds said.

Campbell was recorded to have 0.161 percent blood-alcohol in a field sobriety test and was tested at the police station in Wailuku to have an official blood-alcohol of 0.149 percent, well above the state limit of 0.08 percent, Simonds said.

Nonresidents arrested for drunken driving are subject to the same procedures and penalties as Hawaii residents arrested on the petty misdemeanor charge and can arrange to enter a no-contest or guilty plea by mail without being present, usually through an attorney licensed to practice in Hawaii.




John's Aghast said...

What IS that thing in the picture? Or, what is it a picture of? (Of what is that picture? Never end a sentence with a preposition?)

I thought I could figure it out, but must admit that I'm stymied.

Grant G said...

Maybe this link will help you..



John's Aghast said...

Thanks! Glad I waited until morning to watch it!

Michael And Ingrid Heroux said...

Michael And Ingrid Heroux said



Very nice story you wrote and it's all true, the harper government tried to use my family in one of their false flag operations but we were warned by our daughters and Kathy Liknes and they murdered our daughters and the Kathy Liknes family for warning us. Follow the money my friend.