Monday, January 12, 2015

Liquefied Natural Gas, Christy Clark And Rich Coleman Running Out Of Gas

Written by Grant G


More bullshit headlines about BC`s super duper on its way LNG industry, this time the filler piece, err, I mean story was posted in the Globe n Mail and written by Brent Jang(pictured above).

I really don`t understand why this particular article was assembled, the only conclusion I can come to is, clearly someone in the British Columbia Government or in the BC Liberal party holds sway over what articles get printed and what contents they hold...

 This article by Brent Jang was very revealing in a cryptic way, it exposed some bitter truths and laid bare the reality of the coming welfare industry, also known as LNG exports...

I have cut n pasted the relevant points, and to tell you the truth as I see it, the pertinent points appear to have soared over Brent Jang`s pay grade..

First off, look at the very bold and eye catching headline(directly below)


  Exxon plans to spend up to $25-billion to export B.C. LNG



"Exxon Mobil Corp. plans to spend up to $25-billion on a B.C. terminal to export liquefied natural gas, saying it has the global expertise to make the Canadian project viable.

The U.S. energy giant is positioning itself to make up ground on Malaysia’s state-owned Petronas, which is widely viewed by industry experts as the front-runner among 18 entrants in the race to export LNG from the West Coast. But Petronas decided last month to delay its decision on whether to forge ahead with its Pacific NorthWest LNG joint venture near Prince Rupert, citing the need to decrease anticipated construction costs, overcome environmental hurdles and consult further with First Nations."


Did you read that opening statement directly above?... It contradicts itself, Brent Jang states that Exxon is trying to make up ground on front-running Petronas..But Petronas has deferred any decision to build for years, probably no decision from Petronas until 2020...Brent Jang then utters something to the effect that there is a horse-race between energy companies, but that`s not true, British Gas, out..CNOOC out...EnCana, out...Quicksilver, out...EOG, out...Japan Gas Co, out...Apache, out....And even more LNG energy companies are abandoning British Columbia..

There is no race, pure spin, data twisting to reflect a fake headline..

Brent Jang makes sure to say Exxon Mobile Corp has the "global Expertise"....That`s good to know, is he implying that British Gas, Petronas, EnCana, Apache etc etc etc do not have the expertise....?

Then further down in the article some very revealing facts come to light, freudian slips from Brent Jang, perhaps?

(WCC LNG, ...That is Exxon Mobile`s chosen name for their British Columbia LNG proposal)


"WCC LNG hopes to secure a provincial environmental assessment certificate by the end of 2016. Engineering studies are slated to be completed in 2017. That would clear the way for WCC LNG to make a final investment decision in 2017 on constructing an export terminal at Tuck Inlet, near the community of Prince Rupert in northwestern British Columbia."


If Exxon Mobile submitted a request for an environmental assessment Christy Clark and or Gassy Man Rich Coleman would fast-track provincial permissions, this LNG obsessed government would make sure Environmental go-aheads would arrive on Exxon Mobile`s doorstep in less than 6 months, guaranteed...Brent Jang then mentions a horse-race for building LNG export plants?...Huh...Exxon Mobile has a vague timeline for an environmental assessment completion, sometime in 2016, 2 years away, then an engineering study in 2017...To perhaps allow for a Final Investment Decision in late 2017...That is no horse-race, that analysis is HORSESHIT...

Pure propaganda garbage, late 2017...Does that timeline seem familiar, that by chance just happens to be just past the next provincial election...This story was created, written to give strategic cover for the BC Liberals....In other words, vote in the BC Liberals in 2017 because LNG final investment decisions and 100,000`s of jobs are justttttt around the corner... Boy oh boyare these BC Liberals getting creative, 2 1/2 years out from the election and they are already spinning the next batch of futuristic lies!... 

Brent Jang then reveals some very disturbing facts about this LNG industry, ... 

The capital cost for the first phase could range from $15-billion to $25-billion, depending on factors such as whether a barge-based marine facility or an onshore terminal is built.

A cost projection between $15 to $25 billion dollars, that`s quite a spread, why...Because, read what it says..Exxon Mobile could either ship in LNG plant modules from South Korea and Japan for a land based facility or Exxon Mobile`s LNG export facility could be entirely placed on mobile barges, meaning floating, meaning the entire plant and the majority of costs associated with building it would be spent in other countries, those countries being South Korea or Japan...

So here we have Exxon Mobile talking about floating facilities, a plant on barges, in fact with Exxon Mobile`s timeline they may even have one of these little darlings come to Prince Rupert..

That pictured vessel could be what is coming to Prince Rupert.. Then what, with a LNG facility like that literally all that would be required in way of construction in British Columbia would be a pipeline from northeast B.C. to Prince Rupert..

Brent Jang then makes another outrageous statement, ....


It would mark one of the largest investments in British Columbia’s fledgling LNG industry.
While there are 18 proposals to export B.C. LNG, no project has rendered a final investment decision yet.


It would be the largest, because we have NO LNG industry as of yet, therefore no investments have been made...But the major faux pas Jang makes is....The money total Exxon Mobile is quoting is not money spent in British Columbia, the engineering work is done primarily by offshore tax-havened companies, and as for the hardware, the LNG modules and mainframes, they will be built in other countries, South Korea, Japan, Poland, Turkey to name a few...

I find it outrageous that Canadian mainstream media columnists state, write, scribe such nonsense, how is it called investing in Canada when the money is spent in other countries..

Here in B.C. all the main media stooges do the same thing..Baldrey, Stooge Sean Leslie, and of course gassy man Rich Coleman and Christy Clucking Clark....All of them have stated time and time again that Petronas has invested $6 billion dollars on LNG in British Columbia...That is a big fat lie...
Petronas did no such thing....Petronas paid $5.4 billion dollars for Progress Energy..

Petronas bought an existing asset, a Alberta based energy company named Progress Energy,...Progress Energy has assets in Alberta, in Texas, in other parts of the USA and assets here in British Columbia...Yet every one of those media stooges mentioned above as well as BC Liberal government mouthpieces have made statements claiming Petronas has already invested $6 billion dollars in BC`s LNG industry...It`s a lie, a soft lie, ..propaganda, ..Brent Jang`s Globe n Mail article is nothing but propaganda riddled with some scary truths...An article describing how Exxon Mobile is going to be doing nothing in British Columbia for years, and even if they do something in British Columbia most likely it will be a facility floating on the water, on barges, all built and designed in foreign countries..And there is even one more fact Brent Jang let slip. and it has to do with LNG plant employment..


If all goes well, more than 250 plant workers will be hired for WCC LNG’s opening in 2024. Another 150 people could be required on contract to run services such as cleaning and catering to support the operation.


Do you see that, Exxon Mobile`s large LNG exporting facility will employ a mere 250 persons in the plant with another 150 spin-off jobs supporting the operation..

Okay...Let`s take a leap of faith, let`s assume for a moment that 3 large Exxon Mobile in size LNG export plants get built....And for now we won`t talk about temporary construction jobs....

3 large LNG export plants, all employing in the range Exxon Mobile has expressed...And it`s not just Exxon Mobile...British Gas, before they bailed on building an LNG facility in British Columbia said this about employment at their proposed LNG plants,... British Gas also stated that the LNG mainframes and Modules would be built overseas..


 "BG intends to build a facility on Ridley Island capable of producing 21 million tonnes of LNG a year. Called Prince Rupert LNG, it would be built overseas in modules and shipped to Prince Rupert for assembly.

 Even so, the plant would create 3,500 jobs during construction,

 250 permanent direct jobs and another 250 spinoff jobs.

 BG says it is planning to build it in two phases, beginning in 2016.
The first phase — two seven-million-tonne-a-year processing units, or trains — is to be completed by 2021" 


So here we have British Gas...Exxon Mobile claiming their plants would employ 250 person each with an equal or so amount of  spin-off jobs....Let`s assume 3 of these plants are built...500 full-time employees apiece...that`s 1500 employees...Yet last year(2014)...Rich Coleman said this about employment levels for 3 LNG plants...And I quote..

Rich Coleman on February 22/2014 made this outrageous statement while giving a 30 minute speech on LNG..

Read it carefully..


"I get a kick out of some of the other folks out there saying: 'You're behind schedule.' "No we're not. We're actually right on the time frame that I established."

One thing that works in the government's favour is the scale of the enterprise. The values are so vast that even delivering a fraction of the potential could count as a win.

Coleman said: "They say: 'They can't all go ahead.' "I say: 'OK. Let's have three.' That's $100 billion. That's 100,000 jobs."

It's that comfort level that's giving him the kicks, and the amusement. snip..


I reported that in this Straight Goods article....

So, 1500 full-time employees from 3 LNG export plants....Where are the other 97,000 jobs going to be???....Can you answer that Rich Coleman...

For round numbers, let`s call it 100,000 jobs.. ...Where are those 100,000 jobs going to be Rich Coleman?...3 LNG plants equals 100,000 full-time jobs, that IS what you said Rich Coleman...And these are supposed to be high paying jobs...Let us say, for argument`s sake..Each job counting benefits is worth/cost, $100,000.00 per year($100K per year)...

Simple math people....100,000 jobs paying $100K per year is $10 billion dollars in wages alone...Are you BC Liberals really expecting us to believe that $10 billion in wages per year are required to make 3 LNG plants operate...HA!  Whatever you are smoking Rich Coleman, can you please share with Straight Good`s writers and readers..

Rich Coleman is either delusional or a habitual liar....You choose.

And....Rich Coleman repeated those lies again just days ago, and I quote..


The Province of British Columbia expects its LNG industry to take flight in 2015 as it expects developers to make final investment decisions on several projects. 

"According to the Minister of Natural gas development, Rich Coleman, as many as 100,000 new jobs could be created through diversification with the natural gas sector.

First Nations also stand to gain from the promise of LNG with the finalization of many new benefit agreements in 2015, similar to the one recently signed with the Nisga’a Nation that allows them to collect property tax on their land for industrial operations.

Coleman added that over the last year, the Province has put in place a competitive policy framework that defines the playing field. The LNG income tax framework gives companies the certainty they need to make investment decisions, while legislation has been passed to establish greenhouse gas emission targets that will make B.C. LNG facilities the cleanest in the world.
B.C. currently has 18 proposals for LNG export operations while five have been issued the Environmental Assessment certificates.

Coleman further said that realizing British Columbia’s LNG goal will take time, and a lot has already been achieved"


And as reported here....In a Financial Post article from 3 days ago, they commented on Rich Coleman`s above statement...They literally called Rich Coleman crazy as a shit-house rat..

 So let`s finish up with the facts, just the facts maam..

Each large LNG export plant will employ about 250 persons, with an equal amount of spin-off jobs supporting plant operations...LNG mainframes and modules will all be built in foreign countries and barged to British Columbia, these companies may in fact bring floating facilities to British Columbia thus requiring only pipelines from the gas fields to the west coast, also, the designing, engineering and technical work required to make these LNG plants tick are almost exclusively offshore companies with home bases in tax haven countries like Bermuda or Panama...

That means the investment dollar amounts quoted by industry and especially by our BC Liberal Government, giant $dollar amounts being called investments in British Columbia, that is nothing but gibberish..That`s like buying a fleet of France`s commercial Air Bus jets for $5 billion dollars, flying them to British Columbia and claiming I just invested $5 billion dollars in our province..


Brent Jang...When the BC Liberals request you write articles hyping, promoting and spinning about wishy washy vague LNG investments 3 and 4 years out, with operations starting in 9 to 10 years from now(2024)....Your nose starts growing..

Maybe it is time to change your name to Pinocchio Jang

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

The fantasy of LNG riches that is being spun by the Liberals and Christy Clark, that constantly relies on delays and orchestrated manipulation of the facts, indeed reminds one of the excrement of horses. Perhaps the song chosen for the end of this article should have been "Road apples" by the tragically hip.

Jon Ghun said...

Well, there goes another name, Brent Jang, into the black book of pressitutes who've whored for the main media corps(e).

They're all going to get it when the time comes for justice to be done to the masonic grifters who've temporarily seized power.

Grant G said...

Yes indeed Jon Ghun..

I believe, the new game with LNG..The game the BC Liberals are playing now..

They are hyping up LNG to happen in a big way AFTER the next election!!!

Can you see it...That Jang article...

2 years for an environmental assessment.(Late 2016)...Then another year for engineering(2017)..

And the articles specifically states this..

"WCC LNG hopes to secure a provincial environmental assessment certificate by the end of 2016. Engineering studies are slated to be completed in 2017. That would clear the way for WCC LNG to make a final investment decision in 2017 on constructing an export terminal at Tuck Inlet, near the community of Prince Rupert in northwestern British Columbia."

Now can you all see it..

The BC Liberals know nothing with LNG is going to happen before the next 2017 election..They are starting the hype for AFTER the election..

I can already hear the LNG election ads...Vote BC Liberal to save the LNG industry..And or..

$billions and $billions of LNG dollars coming in 2018..


Anonymous said...

The only 2 words that come to mind are graft and corruption, and or both.

theyre going to double down on lng to win next election in 2017 and the public will believe them once again.
unless NDP pull a rabbit out of their

Elwood said...

Grant said:
Pure propaganda garbage, late 2017...Does that timeline seem familiar, that by chance just happens to be just past the next provincial election...This story was created, written to give strategic cover for the BC Liberals....In other words, vote in the BC Liberals in 2017 because LNG final investment decisions and 100,000`s of jobs are justttttt around the corner..

You are on the exact right track. When I read this in the CBC article on the same story, it all but confirmed it:

"Exxon Mobil and Imperial Oil say LNG plans DEPENDENT on B.C. 'INVESTMENT CLIMATE'

Grant, guess what Chrusty Cluck Cluck will be clucking during the 2017 provincial election? "Elect us. Only we can make this happen"

"Elect the NDP or Greens and they will destroy BC's investment climate and ExxonMobil will leave BC with all of the jobs and revenue".

Snookie will then snookie BC again. Like you, I can also see it all playing out. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

"Now can you all see it.."

You explain it better than anyone else and I love your humor and style.

Thanks friend,


Anonymous said...

Square peg round hole we will make it work dammit even if we have to bankrupt bc to stay in power.?

Anonymous said...

So is Alberta?

Anonymous said...