Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When there is a glut of supply commodity prices crash(British Columbia`s LNG Delusions)

CKNW radio all through April/2014 can be described as nothing more than a spindoctoring propaganda pandering BC Liberal bootlicking ad nauseum drone...."Putting B.C. to work...Skills shortage" jobs jobs jobs, blah blah blah all the while promoting British Columbia as a one trick pony relying on resource extraction.....

Clearly Billy Good and company have the BC Liberal election platform guiding their lame amateur producers...Talk about boring radio....they trotted out guest after guest preaching from the corporate bible, industrial scripture based on lore, on fable, fairy tales and bold-faced lies targeting weak-minded rubes, targeting those who can`t add 1 and 1, targeting those who not only can`t think but those who don`t want to think...Sheep, mindless grass munching sheep..

Corporate scripture indeed, millions of new jobs, resource extraction creating wealth beyond our dreams, drill it, dig it, burn it, boil it and ship it off to China in exchange for more money than we can count.....Oh how sad Billy Good, Global BC, Balderdash Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer have become..

These clowns have turned their backs on the truth, journalistic integrity has been replaced by three stupid monkeys sitting around scratching their asses while eating bananas, my gawd, ....How on earth can they even look in the mirror, so deep into the cesspool of putrid bullshit, descended below the lowest sludge barrel rung....

For years now, at least a decade corporations in Canada have been beating the drum about the need of millions of workers, more jobs than grains of sand on all the world`s beaches...

Such utter bullshit, self serve gas stations, teller-less banking, factories of workers reduced to factories of robots, company X employs 100 workers today in 10 years company X will employ 4 workers and produce more, ......Examples, we have examples right here in British Columbia..

Kitimat-Rio-Tinto smelter upgrade, oh for sure, Rio-Tinto is spending a pretty penny upgrading their smelter in Kitimat, newer, faster, more efficient, once complete can compete is their motto..

The old Rio-Tinto smelter employed 1500 employees while operating, the new upgraded smelter will employ 50% fewer employees...roughly 750 workers..

More aluminum smelted by half the employees......Mines too are becoming more automated, robot trucks, disposable workers, temporary foreign slaves available as easily as ordering a pizza..

The biggest corporations in the world are playing the game of slash and burn workers, oh those so rare skills that can`t be filled, coffee servers, burger flippers, form strippers, ditch diggers, oh indeed, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Earls, to name a few...

Shouldn`t honest media report how Rio-Tinto`s upgrade is being executed to slash its workforce in half, that`s newsworthy...

Resource extraction, a future tradesmen and women can depend on according to industrial corporate scripture...Remember HD mining, the need of coal miners, well....

I had cknw droning  as background noise today, .....As reported, all month long cknw has been blathering about the need for more trades, welders, miners, the coming boom and creation of 1 million new jobs by 2020...Yet on their newscast, all day long not one word mentioned about the layoff of 700 miners, a longterm layoff at that...

Isn`t the layoff of near 800 hundred miners worth even one mention on cknw`s radio news, ah...but that would be contrary to their month-long blather about job jobs jobs, everywhere are effing jobs..

Here`s the deal, Walter mining paid $3.3 billion dollars several years ago to enter the coal mining game, coal was $200 per tonne, today coal, because of excess supply, a slowdown in China and stockpiles of coal everywhere has dropped to $110 per tonne, ...the Walter group stock value has plunged by over 90%, ....Executives decided it`s more prudent and financially savvy to leave the coal in the ground...

Bang bang bang....Workers, miners in Tumbler Ridge showed up for work and were told to hit the bricks, no notice given, no warning, just peons, expendable workers punted out the door, told to pack their gear and have a good life...!

Oh, and what about the hollering by the Port of Vancouver and Delta Port, the urgent need for coal export terminal expansion, oops....I guess they really don`t need those proposed coal terminals after all....

Resource booms come and go, now you see it now you don`t, if ones reads the above linked article two things are apparent, these layoffs are for years, maybe forever, and the most important point in the article, when there is a glut of supply commodity prices crash

I want you to remember that above bolded statement of fact...

What a delicious turn....if one was to believe the incoherent blather from Christy cluck cluck Clark..

"British Columbia LNG will wean China off that dirty thermal coal"

Coal mines in British Columbia employ anywhere from 400 to 600 employees....The largest LNG plant proposed will have roughly 200 to 250 employees, if what Christy Clark said was true any jobs gained in LNG will be offset by job losses in coal mines, net gain in jobs not, ....

So many corporate greed monsters playing the game, use, abuse, bullshit and promise the moon, but soon as the gravy train runs dry those oh so valued tradespeople are discarded like soiled diapers.

When there is a glut of supply commodity prices crash

At present there is no shortage of LNG for sale, plenty of supply with gobs of new supply coming online from places like Papua New Gunea..Australia, East Africa....New supply coming online from the USA too...Furthermore, Asia, China and Japan know how to play the spin game, oh indeed, yes they talk a big game, offering up monies for equity shares, 10% of this plant, 20% of that plant, a nibble here and a bite there, wink, wiggle grease the palm with vague commitments.....Why...?

 When there is a glut of supply commodity prices crash

 Already new LNG plant proposals are finding it near impossible to get longterm gas buying contracts at prices making the investment worthwhile, not by accident but by design..

No LNG liquefication export plant will get built in B.C. unless the provincial Government offers the moon and surrenders 80% of their originally proposed taxation royalty scheme, ...

When commodity prices crash, just like the coal mines the corporation will just lock the doors and send the workers home, there are no guarantees in the resource extraction commodity game...

Our media never talks about this fact, pom pom waving rose coloured glasses wearing corporate owned stooge media concerned with nothing but feathering their personal nests while dropping turds on the gullible sheep below..

There was another interesting article this week, a very important story that our BC media ignored, pretend they never saw it, like children chanting I can`t hear you while their hands are firmly pressed against their ears..


Solar Cheaper Than LNG in Asia Power Generation, Bernstein Says

Solar power is cheaper in many parts of Asia than electricity from liquefied natural gas, meaning photovoltaics don’t need subsidies to compete with fossil fuels.
The Middle East will consume less oil, off-grid areas in developing markets will reduce kerosene and diesel demand, while Asia, the U.S. and Europe will burn less gas as the adoption of solar accelerates, according to a report by Sanford C. Bernstein& Co.

The market for costly plants built to supply electricity at peak daytime hours could collapse, while distribution utilities which shut out rooftop solar projects that reduce demand for grid power will drive consumers to start storing energy in batteries, according to the report. The rise of solar may begin to depress fossil-fuel prices within the decade.


Here is what we do know, last year Japan bought 39% of all the world`s LNG....Japan spent in 2013 $69 billion dollars on LNG...That with all their nuclear plants shut down...Shinzo Abe is going to start up Japan`s nuclear plants, maybe not all of them but most of them over the nest 2 years, Japan in 2014 will be buying less LNG than they did in 2013 and pay a cheaper price for the gas...

For argument sakes, let`s assume Japan buys $70 billion dollars worth of LNG each of the next 10 years...

$700 billion dollars spent on LNG over 10 years and what would Japan have to show for it?


Nothing but increased greenhouse gas emissions and right back at square one, having to buy, and buy and buy some more gas..

Do any of you really believe Japan will do that....How much clean, green reusable solar, tidal, electrical energy could $700 billion buy?

How much new, clean, nuclear waste free thorium reactors could Japan build with $700 billion dollars?

Fuel for electrical energy generation is in rapid change mode....China and Japan are playing both sides of the same coin....First off China and Japan are moving fast into a new technology era while Canada under Stephen Harper, British Columbia under the BC Liberals are being led by greedy oil corporations, selling a tired old saw that all we can be is hewers of wood and drawers of water, stupid bought and paid for politicians chasing the 19th century past, like a cat in heat or male teenagers following their penis....

Actually, our governments are more like a mule chasing the unattainable carrot because eventually the cat and teenager will find the pot of gold..

  When there is a glut of supply commodity prices crash...

When commodity prices crash corporations discard those oh so valued tradesperson like soiled diapers..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...


You are the ONLY one who has drawn a parallel to Tumbler Ridge.

Jon Ghun said...

You make a very important point about the abject folly of continuing to base our economy on the mere extraction of resources that are perennially subject to boom-n-bust cycles, to say nothing of depletion. The Tumbler Ridge situation was a most telling, tragic one, indeed. My heart goes out to the those folks who just got shafted.

On account of this condition, I believe that we need to develop a strategy for developing and maintaining a long-term, high-value-added manufacturing base for our economy. We have simply got to stop acting like a colony and start taking care of our own house like it's a castle that we are planning to live in for the long-haul.

Having said that, however, I also believe that the Western leadership has been paid-off to abandon the working classes of their countries. They are now committed to greedily gaining profits at any and all cost the world over. They are fully committed to arbitraging low-cost off-shore labour against our higher standards. They will never reverse this course until they are made to do so.

Instead, with the western economies in a debt-to-the-death spiral, and not enough demand from the increasingly indebted, stressed-out average working person, they are now intent on fomenting war in one or more of several hot-spots they have gotten stoked up. Any one or more of these conflicts will likely result in disruptions in the supply of energy. And it is one or more of these break-downs that harpie is counting on to raise the demand for, and thus the price of, energy to be extracted in our environs. The fog from a serious conflagration would also give the harpies the cover they need to make such decisions without having to face much or any of the presenting opposition.

Consider the following stories:

1) NATO increasing troop strength on eastern European border in preparation for conflict with Russia:
"We will have more planes in the air, mores ships on the water and more readiness on the land," Fogh Rasmussen told reporters in Brussels, declining to give exact troop figures.

2) Deployment of Canadian Troops Into Eastern Europe Part of Harper Government Plans To "Counter Russia?":

The possible deployment of Canadian military forces into Eastern Europe will be top of mind Wednesday when senior NATO officials present alliance members with options for dealing with the crisis in Ukraine.

3) US Congress secretly approves sending small arms to ...‎

US Congress secretly approves sending small arms to 'moderate' Syrian rebels. Published time: January 28, 2014 03:48. Edited time: January 29, 2014 16:42.

4)Report: Saudis To Arm Syrian Rebels With Anti-Aircraft Weapons‎

Feb 15, 2014 - Report: Saudis To Arm Syrian Rebels With Anti-Aircraft Weapons ... Meanwhile, the U.S. has increased its financial support of the rebels,

5) Canada Plans to Invade Syria

The pro-Israeli government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is making diplomatic and military preparations for military intervention in Syria, leaked documents show.

Grant G said...

Mr Ghun....I do hear what you`re saying..

I can also read Stephen Treason Harper like a book..`s all about the polling and winning the next election..

Harper thinks he can pull a George W Bush...George W Bush the Lessor would have never been re-elected without America going to war, a war that was based on lies and deception..

America knew Wdubya was an idiot.

However, Canadians aren`t a warring nation..

I talk in person to many people, people of all stripes..

No one I know is concerned over Russia jousting with Ukraine..

No one, only Harper and the Cons are obsessed with Russia..The issue just isn`t resonating with Canadians..

Also, we have no warships, no submarines, no helicopters, transport vehicles, fighter jets, we got nothing but obsolete junk..

Harper has deliberately botched every military procurement...We might have some stealthy snowmobiles? But unless we are going to Russia via the top of the world..

Any military incursion the Canadian Government is planning would expose how pathetic our military status is...We have great troops, unfortunately great troops driving around in hoopdes is pathetic..

Harper always wanted war, wanted to be a commander n chief, however, Stephen Harper is reading the public sentiment all wrong.

Canadians will not allow Harper to bring Canada into an unwinnable war..

Mr. Ghun...

You are bang-on one particular item...

Stephen Harper would go to war, and or start a war if he thought it would enhance his re-election bid..

Stephen Harper is that deranged..

However, Canadians won`t allow Harper to warmonger with guns...only with words..


Grant G said...

Like I was saying, even the far rightwing Sunnews commenters say no to military intervention..

And very few comments at that...

Like I said, Stephen Harper is a yappy little shitsu, one swift kick and he`ll run away..

warm biffy said...

i enjoyed the siamese cat pic as well. Chris C.

Anonymous said...

A little side note here, but I see from the following article that Mr. Harper is unhappy and disappointed with the Keystone delay.

Some quite interesting comments also.