Saturday, November 26, 2011

The World Moves Left While Corporate Money Moves Wrong

Spin, distortion, skewed facts, call it what you like, I call it bought and paid stooges who are prepared to sell their souls and future generations for a fistful of dollars...

The HST, the referendum, the results.....By an overwhelming margin....56% of B.C. voters, despite a $30 million dollar barrage of deceptive if not lying pro-HST advertising still voted the HST gone....56% to 44%..

According to recent polling by Angus Reid over 1/3rd of BC Liberals voted against the HST....Now let`s look at CKNW on air radio voices...

CKNW`s Early morning radio host Philip Til voted FOR the HST....He stated on air what his reason for accepting the HST was... Here`s the quote from Philip Til....

"A 10% hst tax makes for easy math, even an old guy like me can figure out that math"

Bill Good voted FOR the HST,,,

Christy Clark, CKNW`s previous afternoon host voted FOR and promoted the HST..

CKNW`s late afternoon host John Macolm voted FOR the HST.

CKNW`s news and fill-in radio host Gord(idiot) MacDonald voted FOR the HST.

Michael Smyth who was REMOVED from CKNW was opposed to the HST, ?

CKNW`s weekend host Sean Leslie was in favour of the HST too.

Not one CKNW radio voice voted against the HST or even attempted to promote the majoritiy`s wishes!

So let`s look at the numbers, the large majority of BCers soundly rejected the HST, Conservative voters rejected the HST, Liberal voters rejected the tax as did NDPers and Greens, so if we look at pure math surely one CKNW radio voice would have been Anti-HST, but there wasn`t even one, on mass every CKNW radio host defended the HST to the bitter dead end, how could they be so wrong, even Christy Clucking Clark on Vaughn Palmer`s last Voice of BC show admitted on his show that the phone lines at CKNW would light up and the screaming public would rage at the radio hosts on their support of the HST, clearly that happened on Philip Til`s, Sean Leslie`s, Bill Good`s, John Macolm`s and Gord MacDonald`s show...

So considering all that public noise, all the lit up phone lines, all the polls telling media BCers hated the HST and would never accept it, considering all the HST lies that were revealed long before the actual mail-in referendum...{Revenue neutral...No added cash for the Province...not on our radar...etc etc etc)...Even when Colin Hansen, Kevin Falcon and Gordon Campbell were caught red-handed lying their faces off and distorting every aspect of the HST and the $4 billion dollar deficit lie(Pre-election) that was used to justify the back-stab..

Despite all of that backlash including BC Liberals threatening the BC Public with doom and gloom if the HST went down, even with all the dirty low-down tactics deployed by the BC Liberals not one  CKNW radio voice sided with the majority of BCers, not one!....Coincidence, not a chance, these radio voices were told point blank either promote the HST or lose their job...Michael Smyth didn`t play the game and he was canned from CKNW in a heartbeat!

On last Friday`s cutting edge of the Ledge show.....One of the Victoria occupiers called in and defended their group`s plan to disrupt the Santa Claus/Christmas parade, this woman called in and stated that people should stop buying Corporate crap, boycott Christmas, her premise which is correct, the best way to strike back at the corporate thieves is to stop buying their junk...The woman was well spoken, she suggested giving to charities and the like...And the response from Billy Good was expected...Bill Good lashed out in anger, Billy proclaimed .....

"Well then don`t buy"..

And the other night Corus radio`s Charles Adler had on on air rant against "Occupy Christmas"

Charles was very critical, and I say, there is no way in hell radio voices or any media would ever support or promote Occupy Christmas when their existence is solely dependent upon corporate advertisers peddling their wears on said media!

How is it that not one radio personality on CKNW came out against the HST, CKNW including the habitual liar Michael Campbell promoted the HST to the bitter end!...Pure math tells us that some radio voices must have been personally against the HST, it also tells us that the CKNW power brokers demanded HST support or their jobs would be gone!

Global news, Vancouver Sun, CKNW, CTV, everyone of those outfits bashed occupy Vancouver and the protesters, everyone of those media stooges denigrated the movement and attacked Gregor Robertson, now don`t get me wrong, Gregor Robertson is a little flaky however...

However the ad nauseum relentlessly attacked Gregor on the NPA Olympic village corruption scandal, they attacked Gregor on the bike lanes with vigor for years, they attacked wheat fields and backyard chickens, the right wing corporate media came out with misleading polls endorsing Susan Anton.

Abbotsford City spent $hundreds of thousands of dollars of public money advertising a P3 water project, a project that Stephen Harper promoted via ultimatum, and what I mean by that is....The Federal Government would only contribute money to the project if it was private, Stephen Harper`s Government said the $67 million dollars of Federal money is off the table if the project stays in public hands!....Imagine that, Abbotsford, the bible belt of Conservatism where the Haperites won in a landslide and still....

And still the public by a 3 to 1 margin voted the Federal P3 project gone!...Ad nauseum failed, CKNW`s spin on the HST failed, Global and CTV`s non-stop Gregor Robertson bashing fell on deaf ears...Gregor Robertson won by a landslide...

The people, they voted the HST gone, they vote the water P3 gone, when the public is given an opportunity to vote on key issues they almost without fail make the correct decision..
In Europe despite their corporate media defending the status quo average people are protesting in the streets, in Egypt the same thing is happening and even in China protest and revolution is boiling over...

The streets of Guizhou in southwestern China took a lesson from London on Thursday evening, erupting into riots with the smashing and burning of vehicles.
Xinhua reported that the riots, which quickly attracted thousands, were set off when officials injured a female cyclist while trying to confiscate her bicycle for illegal parking.
The riots carried on through the night Thrusday, with 10 police officers wounded.
It is the latest instance of percolating discontent in China bubbling over.
In recent months, groups of migrant workers, parents and townspeople have demonstrated over everything from discrimination and a growing wealth gap to government corruption and lead poisoning among children.
Last month, hundreds of people in another southern Chinese city rioted after authorities beat up a one-legged fruit seller, who later died of his injuries.
In the city of Chaozhou, also in south China, 200 migrant workers demanding their wages at a ceramics factory recently attacked government buildings and set vehicles on fire.
GlobalPost in Beijing: Protests grip China
But are these incidents becoming more frequent, or is it that they are getting more media attention?
According to reporting by GlobalPost's Beijing correspondent, Kathleen McLaughlin, it's almost impossible to tell.
In 2007, China had over 80,000 "mass incidents," up from over 60,000 in 2006, according to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. But no official statistics have been released since then.
Experts say the number of protests has likely grown to around 100,000 such incidents every year.
“For me, I think the question is not why are so many people protesting, but why are not more people protesting given the day-to-day social injustice that ordinary people have to endure?” Geoffrey Crothall, communications director for the Hong Kong-based China Labour Bulletin, told McLaughlin.
“We shouldn’t be at all surprised that people are taking to the streets, because the vast majority of them have no other alternative.”(Whole Story here)

Occupy Canada, Occupy America, corporate media, especially in Canada ran a deliberate smear and destroy campaign, the endless drone from Billy Good, the vicious childish name calling by some egotistical bloggers, the Vancouver Sun, the Province, all of them.

Every big media personality knew full well what and how the public felt and deliberately distorted facts in an effort to reward the criminals, their jobs were more important than the truth!

But the good news is this...They failed and there is a reason, the internet, bloggers, websites, despite $billions in advertising the real truth is coming out.

The day of reckoning is coming, the message, our message is winning the day!

For those of you with netflix I recommend this real life documentary,

It`s very clear, around the world and here in Canada, especially BC, Conservatism is dying, I`m not talking about fiscal prudence, I`m talking about the myth of corporate good, the myth of Harper Conservative and religious zealots being good money managers, and with Harpo Marx preparing to slash public services to the bone, any political parties planning on riding Harper`s coattail to victory is living in the land of the make-believe, in fact I hope Harper does slash n burn from coast to coast, it will galvanize the NDP orange surge that`s currently sweeping Canada..

And there is no more proof needed than the re-election of Gregor Robertson, concentrated media attacks and even the self-proclaimed king of Blaggards, err, I mean  bloggers couldn`t put the slightest dent in Gregor`s campaign.

 And please remember, the media is not your friend, they are gutless cowards!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

The Conservative government of Steven Harper slashed corporate taxes and reduced the GST, to run up the largest deficit in Canadian history.
Now, through his corporate financiers, he tells us we have to slash social spending to reduce the deficit that he purposely created.
He is lying and should be called to task for being an economic misfit. He is unfit to operate a lemonade stand.

Crankypants said...

Not only did those CKNW types you mention shill for the HST up to and including voting day, they have used every opportunity possible to blame all the BC Liberal's mismanagement of tax dollars on the results of the vote.

In my humble opinion, the occupy movement faces an uphill task simply because they will get no positive coverage from the corporate run media. I really think that the only way to get the attention of those that have made a total mess of finances around the world is to hit them where it hurts, which is the bottom line. If as many of us as possible just turn off the money taps wherever possible on things that are not vital to our well being, we can make a statement that will not only be effective, but totally legal. No court injunctions to worry about, no negative press directed at those of us that refuse to buy the Michael Campbell type of Kool-Aid regarding such things as if the mega corporations don't make gazillions of dollars, the world will end, and best of all, we may actually find that the many must-have dust collectors we tend to accumulate do little to enhance our lives while impacting our bottom lines in a negative fashion. We have become nothing more than the Pet Rock society.

I read an article a few days ago where one of the Asian countries has decided to increase the wages of some workers who make clothing for such chains as H&M by the equivalent of $5.00 per month. The reason they are doing this is not because the employees(slaves) deserve a raise for good performance, but because they are earning so little that they are starving themselves into ill health simply because they do not earn enough to provide the basics of food and shelter for themselves and their dependents. This is unconsciounable. We are basically aiding and abetting greedy mega corporations that entice third-world countries to enslave their people just so they can live in the life of luxury at the expense of those they pretend to care for.


Anonymous said...

When you had a slave, you were expected to feed and house that slave. Now, you just pay em minimum wage and not worry about their survival.

Go Lions! said...

Damn fine blogging, bro.

And you're irons are right where they should.

Somethin's gotta' give--that's for sure. And when it does..., i'm betting you'll be more prominent, and that patrick kinsella will be nowhere around.

Go Lions!

Anonymous said...

Occupy Christmas is a good idea. Giving to a charity in the name of a friend you would usually exchange gifts with is great! However, some of us are so into the Christmas shopping thing, its hard to give up.

There is a way to buy and avoid supporting Corporations making products in foreign countries.
It keeps the money in the local community, supports the crafters, and avoid the commercializm of Christmas.
B.C. wines are wonderful, there are handmade toys for children, handmade soaps, knitted clothing, art, etc.

Anonymous said...

Food costs are price gouged very badly, especially in BC's supermarkets. I have saved thousands of dollars, buying my food through the underground, since the HST. The vegetables, fruit, eggs and meat, tastes so much better. I will never go back to the supermarkets, and take the chance of being poisoned to death, by life threatening poisons and diseases. I ordered my x-mas turkey early, to make sure I got one. Those turkey's go very quickly.

I had an urgent bathroom reno, I saved two thousand dollars by paying cash, to one of our underground trades persons. Again, no HST.

BC loses billions of revenue dollars, by people saving up to 50%, by shopping in the U.S. They also save mega bucks, gassing up their vehicles in the U.S. Everyone that are able, will x-mas shop south of the border...With no HST and much lower prices.

I bought my little granddaughter, a beautiful doll house for x-mas at a craft fair. I even found the cutest perch, with a house on the top, for my cat. I bought beautifully hand knitted sweaters as gifts, and all kinds of stocking stuffers.

BC obviously doesn't want our business. So I try very hard not to give this province my business.

Harper being Harper, doesn't want to explain why, Canada has obscene prices, compared to the U.S. He refuses to answer, why our gasoline is grossly overpriced. He doesn't want our business either.

Anonymous said...

We need a good researcher to post all of the top salaries as is shown here:

To think contract negotiations are upcoming, I think all workers deserve an increase, at least a cost of living one as they are falling further and further behind, if they're lucky enough to hold on to their job with this gang in office. The deficit they have built up in this province is astonishing, but despicable.

Anonymous said...

As I have said before, why are some of you still listening to AM static? Tell the sponsors you will no longer support businesses advertising on 980.
As for the HST, if it is still there as the election approaches, it will spell serious trouble for the Libs, a party doomed to oblivion.

Anyway I am off to Arco in Ferndale to load up on gas. The wife reminded me to buy some dairy there too.
PS. Harper, you are the most anti environmental government in our countrys history. More asbestos and dirty Alberta oil for corporations, more pollution for voters.

dan said...

You vote with your money. Remove it from one of the five chartered banks and use a local credit union.

Stop using charge cards and get rid of them completely. If you do not have the cash in hand to purchase an item then you do not need the item in question; do without.

One million flyer points will get you a free flight from Richmond to Abbottsford. Who cares; be a tourist in your own country. Canada has many diverse and beautiful communities to be discovered by you.

Every time you purchase food, or other items you keep that local farm and part of the country strong.

Buying local strengthens the local communities and keeps the money circulating locally. If you purchase cheap foreign food you strengthen foreign countries and farms producing cheap food and goods.
Look around, read labels, plenty of stuff is still made in North America.

Anonymous said...

I have just returned from Rmd Centre (Sears & The Bay) searching for men's dress socks ...MADE IN CANADA....NOT one pair was found, they were all from China, Korea, how is that keeping our Canadian jobs - I did not buy any of them and WON T ! So we should consider avoiding anything not made in Canada, we need the jobs here otherwise we only encourage more jobs going offshore.


Anonymous said...

Back from my day trip to the US.
Gas is $.97 per litre at exit 266.
$2.49 for a jug of skim milk at Rite Way in Blaine.
2 pound block of cheese is $5.99
Cream Cheese for Christmas baking is over a buck less each.(wife needed it!)
To hell with the carbon tax AND dairy marketing boards. Canadians demand a free market economy, not price fixing for the top 1%.

Anonymous said...

Going to the U.S.A to buy isn't a solution. It is part of the problem.

Dairy marketing boards ensure farmers can make a living wage and hang on to their dairy farms. Other countries such as the U.S.A. and France give their farmers huge subsidies to ensure they continue to remain in business. Canada used another method which in the long run will help keep farms in families instead of them being taken over by agri business.