Friday, November 25, 2011

Money Talks, Hopefully Con-Man Ozzie Jurock Doesn`t Walk

The B.C.  Supreme court has approved a class action lawsuit against Michael Campbell`s regular on air real estate buddy Ozzie Jurock.

The lawsuit cites fraud, deception, faulty construction, Ozzie used Michael Campbell`s pulpit to peddle his frauds!.....And with luck Ozzie Jurock has seen his last radio broadcast.

Gordon Campbell`s brother Michael Campbell gave Ozzie a public soap box in which he could sell his snake oil...

Ozzie Jurock, Michael Campbell....Criminals and liars..Remove them both from the airwaves..

Those two are nothing but corporate scum, Michael Campbell allowed Ozzie Jurock to peddle his wears even as this case wound its way through court, over to you Michael Campbell!

The Straight Goods


Anonymous said...

We can certainly tell, Gordon and Michael Campbell are brothers. The stink of corruption follows the two of them, and will for the rest of their lives.

Corruption stink is now following Harper as well. How he could have been so stupid, as to send scum like Campbell to England as High Commissioner, is unbelievable. Seems Harper's caucus is splitting up. Harper's dictatorship isn't being well received, by the people either.

The Campbell/Clark Liberals have ministers, deserting ship again too.
Seems Christy will not call an election. Too bad, she would lose for sure.

Anonymous said...

I learned a long time ago not to pay attention to individuals with similar programs on the radio. I haven't heard Ozzy for a few years because I seldom listen to radio. However if someone needs to do a weekly show to try & sell his/her goods, to me it means they are not very good at it or have other reasons. The same applies to Campbell. If he is so great at making money/investing, he would not need to go on the radio every week. Take a look at CFAX in Victoria who in the past couple of years have had similar on air hosts force to resign because of illegal activities. Either the station is getting these guys for free or it pays peanuts.

Anonymous said...

One day on his show Michael Campbell educated us that dioxin is benign. Another day, he informed us that those against GMO foods were causing starvation in Africa.
He's an ultra maroon!