Monday, November 28, 2011

Vancouver Sun writer lies, editors let it slide!

I wonder if this Vancouver Sun writer is prepared to retract or edit his story, because clearly he`s delusional or insane....I`ll let you decide...And if you have a minute email the Vancouver Sun and give them a blast...

The Writer`s story is so full of wishful embellishments and lies, perhaps his next articles should be moved to the funny pages!

There are many misleading statements made by this nutcase, but this one shines likes a diamond in the rough..


"The same protest groups have tried to stop the development of Taseko Mines' Prosperity mine project, a $1-billion undertaking to exploit the rich gold and copper resource near Williams Lake. The company has invested an additional $300 million to answer environmental concerns, but the response by the Tsilhquot'in First Nation was to illegally obstruct the company from performing necessary work and to launch court action. The Prosperity Mine would increase employment by 71,000 jobs, provide billions of dollars in revenue to the federal and provincial governments and add $11 billion to gross domestic product. The band and the environmental groups have offered no alternative economic or employment opportunities."


Mr. Harvey Enchin, could you and your corporate bosses please expand on that jobs figure, because as far as I know Tesako stated that the Prosperity mine would employ about 300 employees, with about the same in spin-off jobs....However the environmental damage would be extreme, that`s why the Federal Environmental assessment rejected the project, the Fraser river watershed and salmon/fish survival is far more important.

Harvey Enchin, you are a bold-faced liar, your editors or either sleeping or don`t give a rat`s ass about the truth,  deliberate lies are getting to be synonymous at the Vancouver Sun!

Harvey Enchin, perhaps you should have included this proviso...You know, the one that comes with company future forecasts, ....Here is that proviso..Below is the warning from the Tesako press release, Harvey Enchin literally copied word for word from this release, the below proviso is on the bottom of Tesako`s press release, yet Harvey left it out and other pertinent details and distorted the entire press release....Quality journalism for sure Harvey(insert laughter here)!

No regulatory authority has approved or disapproved of the information contained in this news release. CAUTION REGARDING FORWARD-LOOKING INFORMATION
This document contains "forward-looking statements" that were based on Taseko's expectations, estimates and projections as of the dates as of which those statements were made. Generally, these forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as "outlook", "anticipate", "project", "target", "believe", "estimate", "expect", "intend", "should" and similar expressions.

Forward-looking statements are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the Company's actual results, level of activity, performance or achievements to be materially different from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. These included but are not limited to:
  • uncertainties and costs related to the Company's exploration and development activities, such as those associated with continuity of mineralization or determining whether mineral resources or reserves exist on a property;
  • uncertainties related to the accuracy of our estimates of mineral reserves, mineral resources, production rates and timing of production, future production and future cash and total costs of production and milling;
  • uncertainties related to feasibility studies that provide estimates of expected or anticipated costs, expenditures and economic returns from a mining project;
  • uncertainties related to our ability to complete the mill upgrade on time estimated and at the scheduled cost;
  • uncertainties related to the ability to obtain necessary licenses permits for development projects and project delays due to third party opposition;
  • uncertainties related to unexpected judicial or regulatory proceedings;
  • changes in, and the effects of, the laws, regulations and government policies affecting our exploration and development activities and mining operations, particularly laws, regulations and policies;
  • changes in general economic conditions, the financial markets and in the demand and market price for copper, gold and other minerals and commodities, such as diesel fuel, steel, concrete, electricity and other forms of energy, mining equipment, and fluctuations in exchange rates, particularly with respect to the value of the U.S. dollar and Canadian dollar, and the continued availability of capital and financing;
  • the effects of forward selling instruments to protect against fluctuations in copper prices and exchange rate movements and the risks of counterparty defaults, and mark to market risk;
  • the risk of inadequate insurance or inability to obtain insurance to cover mining risks;
  • the risk of loss of key employees; the risk of changes in accounting policies and methods we use to report our financial condition, including uncertainties associated with critical accounting assumptions and estimates;
  • environmental issues and liabilities associated with mining including processing and stock piling ore; and
  • labour strikes, work stoppages, or other interruptions to, or difficulties in, the employment of labour in markets in which we operate mines, or environmental hazards, industrial accidents or other events or occurrences, including third party interference that interrupt the production of minerals in our mines.
For further information on Taseko, investors should review the Company's annual Form 40-F filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and home jurisdiction filings that are available at

 You also failed to include this from the press release..

"starting with the 2013 construction phase and ending with the anticipated 2036 closure of the mine."

Now what about that retraction Harvey?....Let me be blunt, you Harvey deliberately failed to include the proviso that...That the numbers you used are a company outlook forecast going to the year 2036...Yet you implied this was the here and now date, you implied that 71,000 jobs would be created if that mine opened tomorrow, you Harvey Enchin copied word for word the Tesako company forecast, yet you left out that these numbers are cumulative over 27 years, even the company Tesako included the cumulative time-line and proviso, you did no such thing, a first year journalism student knows better than that, for shame Vancouver Sun!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

If jobs are so important to BC, why did Campbell ship some of our mills to China, along with our raw logs?

Why did the tear down of the smelter in Kitimat, go to an American company, who brought their own workers?

Why is China sending their people to school to learn English? Well, it's so, the Chinese can work the coal mines here.

As for the Vancouver Sun, they are a disgrace to their professions. The V.Sun is just another propaganda rag, for the corrupt Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Glad you nailed him Grant. He's pissed me off so many times with his neoliberal economic bullshit.

Gary E said...

Enchin is a joke.

Not only are the job numbers bogus but it was one first nations person doing the protesting and I can't figure out how they could spend 300 million to move the tailings to Onion Lake a few feet away. Which by the way would have the exact same effect on the leaching to the Nechako and Fraser Rivers and watersheds. The only difference is that they will pollute Onion Lake first.

Doug Pyper said...

Harvey're a brain dead mother f****r. Who hires people like this man and why? He should be working at a fast food outlet...and even then his qualifications would be questionble. Vancouver're a joke...but you're well backed by corporate interests...and running a profitable business no doubt.

But investigative news reporters you are not. I know know that...and most intelligent people know that...but unfortunately the general public doesn't know that. If you adopted just a few morals in your reporting... the situation would improve for all. Why not give it a try!

Grant G said...

Here is a little bio on Harvey Enchen...It`s located in the (columnists)section, at the very bottom of the front page at the Vancouver Sun..Cut n pasted..
Harvey Enchin

Harvey Enchin has been studying Canadian economic and political issues for more than three decades, starting at the Reuters News Agency, moving to the Gazette in Montreal, the Globe and Mail in Toronto and finally The Vancouver Sun, where he served as business editor before joining the editorial board following a secondment in Winnipeg to help establish the CanWest News Service.

A stickler for statistics, he believes every decision is an economic decision, and his columns attempt to relate theory to practice - whether it be in investment, trade, taxation, or social policy - so that we make better ones.

In his spare time, Harvey reads The Economist.

Read Harvey Enchin's blog Everybody's Business. Enchin says every choice is a trade off; every decision is an economic one

This asshole deserves to be hung!


Grant G said...

You see what that says above...

"A stickler for statistics"

You mean a stickler for OMITTING STATISTICS!

Grant G said...

Thanks Gary...I know it`s your backyard, get ready for violence, the day is coming fast!

Steve Cooley said...

No one else repeated that 71,000 number that I remember. Anyone with a bit of thought would realize that number couldn't be taken at face value. It is only about 10% less than the population of Prince George. This implies a city as big as Quesnel and Williams Lake combined would be built near the mine site! It probably would help the Province if that many people were moved out of the lower mainland to the interior. We need the development to stop in BC's best agricultural area, but I would expect that many people in the Cariboo would cause as much environmental degradation as the mine itself.

kootcoot said...

Hey Doug,

as to:" He should be working at a fast food outlet.."

No way, he would cause death from food poisoning in such a position. At least writing for the Sun he isn't hazardous to the health of humans, because hardly anyone with a functioning brain reads that birdcage liner anymore for anything other than laughs! I purchase it once a week, and only then for the TeeVee guide as I prefer to only watch TeeVee when something is on worth watching.

I saw that article also and the 71,000 job figure was just too fucking ridiculous to even consider - maybe he means 71,000 man-days, including construction.

e.a.f. said...

Now please don't pick on ole' Harvey. He needs the job or he wouldn't be working. Given all the places he has worked at, I can only conclude he is at the end of the line, working at the Vancouver Sun.

What the Sun is guilty of is poor management. They don't even review their reporters' work. Anyone could see 71K jobs is out of line, a gross error or some one has been into B.C.'s best export. Then there is the alternative theory, the Vancouver Sun, representing the interests of a few corporate entites is attempting to mislead the public.

Seventy one thousand jobs, where would they even get the workers? Oh, right they would import them from China.

We need to remember mines have a best before date, they have a limited run and then its all gone. The earth, the rivers, the ocean, the birds, the animals, the humans they are part of the "forever". To destroy them all for the benefit of foreign mega corporations is counter productive.

The coal won't even be used in Canada. Why would we want to destroy our country so another country and mega corps could make money?

When we export coal to other countries we export pollution. We assist in the destruction of the enviornment and lives in other countries. Here we are running around in B.C. encouraging people to not use plastic bags because it is bad for the enviornment but we will destroy our water, land, and animals for foreign countries and mega corps to increase their profit margins. Very short sighted.

Coal as a fuel is extremly polluting. Anyone advocating the use of it as a fuel, for mass use, is not playing with a full deck. Perhaps some one should reach back into the stacks of some library and bring out the pictures of what England looked like when it used coal for almost everything. Also have a look at the landscapes and the people.

If coal is king of the fuels and creator of wealth for the masses, why haven't the American coal producing states flourished.

When you look at the American coal producing states you see a ruined enviorment, unhealthy people, poverty, and the rule of coal companies which exempt themselves from state regulations. Nothing much has changed since the documentary Harlen County. Do we really want to bring that way of life to Canada.

Hugh said...

In 2007 the TILM Agreement between BC and Alberta was signed. BC Govt said that it would result in 78,000 new jobs in BC. Didn't happen.

Doug Pyper said...

Hey Koot,

And let's not forget all the meaningful "permanent" fulltime employment that Jumbo Glacier Resort will create. Enchin obviously knows nothing about the ski indudtry either. Snowboarders from Quebec and Australia operating the chairlifts or cleaning toilets in condos (seasonally) for a pathetic wage and a free season's ski in shared accommodation with sleeping bags on the floor. Even middle management at a ski resort make shit for wages.

The bullshit never ends....

Doug Pyper said...

Sorry Grant...unrelated to your current post. But I thought your followers might like to know I just submitted a comment to a Harvey Oberfeld "Keepin It Real" blog regarding the Occupy Movement... basically disagreeing with his views. He trashed me in his 'signature response' with his annoying know it all attitude.

Rebuttal...I don't think seems he's blocked any further response from me.(although not for sure) But it does usually appear immediately..stating awaiting monitoring. Think he nuked me!'s his blog I guess...but the "don't spoil my party" with your a bit much. Won't go back there again. I'm sure he has his followers and doesn't need my input.

Hugh said...

Some news on CBC radio this morning:

1. Premier Clark in Ottawa to talk about HST, described as bizarre situation.

2. Turns out Canadian banks got bailouts from the U.S. Fed in the financial crisis.

3. BC budget deficit a lot bigger.

Harvey Enchin said...

The expression is bald-faced liar, not bold-faced liar. Delighted that you're reading my stuff. Love the feedback. Regards. HE

kootcoot said...

At least Harvey E kinda knows how to spell, now if he can chew his own food he might not choke to death, not that I would give a shit.......

BTW Bald faced liar might be the conventional term, but BOLD faced has a certain extension of the level of bullshit that is appropriate when discussing Harvey the Humbug watercarrying piece of crap. How folks like him can stand to wake up and realize they are them is beyond me!!!!!!