Thursday, September 22, 2011

Michael Campbell is demanding everyone who voted against the HST to Send Ottawa over $2000 thousand dollars each!

Well well well, Gordon Campbell`s sick n twisted brother Michael Campbell wants everyone who voted against the HST to send a cheque to Ottawa for over $2000 dollars each...Michael Campbell also stated that the corporate elites and rich people who voted to keep the HST should pay NOTHING!

And, the money moment segment this morning(September 22/2011) at roughly 8:26 am was sponsored by North Shore Credit Union.....I urge everyone to boycott anyone who sponsors  either Money Talk show Michael Campbell hosts or Campbell`s daily 8:25 business comment on CKNW...

Michael Campbell had what only could be described as a childish hissy fit this morning, perhaps his precious metals portfolio got crushed today, perhaps Michael Campbell(who was Gordon Campbell`s financial advisor) sees his policies of destroying the middle class economy are finally being exposed for what they were...Smoke and mirrors and fraudulent accounting...And, and Michael Campbell was caught blatantly lying on his money talks show...

On several occasions Michael Campbell stated on air that the BC Government was going to be sending...And I quote what Michael Campbell said..."The BC Government will be sending everyone in BC a transition cheque of $175 dollars" Snip

Wrong Michael Campbell...Only ultra low income seniors and families with children UNDER 18 years of age would be sent this bribe!...Gotcha you lying bastard, and yes I can prove every bit of it...Bring it on you sick bastard Campbell!

I urge everyone to listen to the CKNW audio vault, cue up (8:00 am September 22/2011)and fast forward to 8:26 am and be prepared to see a mental defect having an HST hissy fit...I also urge you all to call North Shore credit union and demand they separate ties to CKNW, and also to call CKNW and tell them enough is enough!

CKNW by allowing Michael Campbell to berate the BC majority has in fact chosen sides, people against corporations....Bill Good is also complicit in class warfare...The people be damned, CKNW could care less about the suffering public...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Ears Wide Open


Don F. said...

Hello Grant!
Well I voted against the HST and I would demand that this government send me a cheque for the $4000 this tax has and will cost me by the time it is removed! The public had nothing to do with the implementation of this ludicrous tax so go cry the blues somewhere else Micheal Campbell.
It's time now we get rid of these fools as we did the HST as they offer nothing to a society wanting to improve itself, they offer only venom. How is it Mr. Campbell that with all your pomp and self proclaimed wisdom this province is in the sad state we are in, how could this happen in the midst of your very presence? The answer becomes clearer with a little thought, the answer is you are part of our problem!

George on Lulu Island said...

Grant, I cannot believe the kind of crap that comes out of Michael's mouth. Indeed, he is getting more infantile than usual.

Tell me Grant, why doesn't Michael (or anyone else for that matter) remind us that he was successfully sued by his pals at Equity Magazine a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the law suit. Any sources to peruse?


Stuart said...

No Michael, if we had really true accountability your dirtbag brother would be hanging from a lamppost for all the harm he has done.

George on Lulu Island said...

I have been looking for direct sources, but I distinctly remember hearing about this on the radio a number of years ago. Apparently, Michael put together some kind of business deal and got his fellow buddies at Equity Magazine to invest. The whole thing went kaput and the co-investors sued Michael to get their money back. One of the things the co-investors said that Michael did not present a proper business plan among other things.

One may have to surf through the British Columbia Gazette (I think that is the publication that relays law news and notices).

George on Lulu Island said...

I have tried all the usual online search methods for this Equity lawsuit to no avail so far. Perhaps the only person who really has the talent to dig this sort of thing up is Laila Yuile.

George on Lulu Island said...

Well, have not dug up the lawsuit info on Michael Campbell, however, his buddy Ozzie is under a cloud. My apologies if links are not allowed.

George on Lulu Island said...

By the way, if any of you have nothing to do on Saturday morning, phone CKNW during the moneytalks show, tell the screener you want to indicate how you feel shafted by the anti-HST people (sure to get you on air) and then question Michael why Ozzie is still a "guest" on his show, given the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Michael Campbell is living proof that there really are no broadcast standards in Canada. One day on his Saturday show he was ranting how dioxin is benign. The man is a complete corporate hack. He has also denied climate change and his broadcasts are filled with half truths and outright nonsense, generally backed up by "studies".
I have seen better men carved from bananas.

Anonymous said...

In other words, even Michael Campbell doesn't believe that "revenue neutral" bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I just might call up Mike Campbell and tell him his brother deserves the Order of BC... after braver men and women get theirs like uh Kevin Falcon, Alise Mills and himself for putting up with the pints of bile you and your ilk serve.

I just might call up Mike Campbell and tell him I kinda agree. But also write a check back for all the infrastructure Confederation has put into BC as well...

I just might call up Mike Campbell and tell him it's time for him to join his bro in London. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone told Michael Campbell that he should buy shares in goats? The future is filled with them. If there ever was a get rich quick ponzie scheme, this is it.

Evil Eye said...

Michael Campbell is a throw back from the age of free for all Victorian business era, where those in the know got richer and those not, got poorer.

The HST was a very clever attempt to download corporate taxes onto what is left of the middle class. It failed.

Campbell is the purveyor of questionable business practices and business ethics. Sad to say many follow his lead, just like those who followed that funny little Austrian chap in Germany in the 1920's.

The public saw through this Campbell charade and the rest is history.

That 'NW still airs Campbell is not surprising and one of the reasons for not listening to the radio station any more.

Paul said...

Boycott the businesses that advertise on this clown's show.
QUOTES: (from


Michael Campbell is British Columbia's most respected business analyst.

Listen to Money Talks with Michael Campbell every Saturday morning on CKNW at 8:30 to 10:00am.

Campbell's Comment:

Get financial advice from Michael Campbell.

Well, no thanks.

Campbell Comment - Sept 23 (1 min 52 sec) = nothing more than dumping on public service pension plans.

How in the hell is that "financial advice from Michael Campbell" CKNW?

If Pinocchio Campbell's brother Michael is such a financial wizard, why has he been working part-time for so many years (1.5 hours/week) and occasionally filling in for full-time CKNW radio hosts (sick/holidays) on a Corus talk-radio station?

Corus is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (CJR.B).

Why didn't Michael Campbell purchase major shares in Corus Entertainment Inc. years ago and own the company by now?

Corus Entertainment's voting majority is held by the Shaw family which owns cable operator and media group Shaw Communications Inc.

Why is Shaw and Corus still controlled by the Shaw family?

Why didn't Pinocchio's brother buy them out years ago?

Why is he still doing a little call-in show for an hour and a half at 8:30 on Saturday morning where he enjoys hanging up on callers who don't agree with him while scolding them and pretending that the caller is still on the line?

Why would anyone trust any business that try's to legitimize him by paying money to advertise and support this person's little call-in talk radio show called "Money Talks"?

"Money Talks"?

How original.

"Money Talks" News is also the name of the longest running personal finance news series on American television.

It's viewed by approximately 15 million people, three days a week, on more than 80 network-affiliated broadcast channels in the U.S.

"Money Talks" is also a collection of daily columns from The Business Network, which airs weekday mornings on CBC Radio One at 5:45 a.m. ET.

Go there for some real professional financial advice.

Pinocchio's brother Michael Campbell is and always will be nothing more than an amateur talk-radio mouthpiece promoting his and his brother's agenda.

He's a one-trick pony.

He's not the only one-trick pony in CKNW's stables.

There's absolutely no reason to trust him or any of his sponsors.

BTW, I notice that "Michael Campbell's MoneyTalks" Facebook page has 287 Likes.

As of July 2011, Facebook had more than 750 million active users and this financial wizard can only manage 287 Likes? lol

Paul said...

OK, where do I puke?

Out of stupid curiosity I went to Michael Campbell's MoneyTalks site and at the bottom of this page in Italics was this:
Michael Campbell of MoneyTalks - "He is independently wealthy and only continues Money Talks for altruistic reasons."


It must be nice when someone can create their own website and promote themselves this way.

He must think that someone will actually read this nonsense and nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize.

What a nobel guy.

Speaking of Equity Magazine, here's a picture of a cover from 2000 with a Bill Vander Zalm picture and a now very funny title.

Paul said...

Here's the direct MP3 Michael Campbell rant (September 22/2011) (1 min 48 sec) for people to download and share or listen to without going to the sponsor laden CKNW website.

CKNW should get rid of Pinocchio Campbell's brother immediately after this, but of course they won't.

Was he actually sober when he came out with this rant against the majority of BC people who voted to kill the HST?

As I posted earlier, how in the hell is this "financial advice from Michael Campbell" CKNW?

Boycott the sponsors and tell them why.

The only thing that CKNW respects is money, not the citizens.

Anonymous said...

If I might add another dangerous talking mouthpiece. Kevin O'Leary promoted shamelessly by CBC. The guy is nuts with his opinions on free markets, pensions, government workers and unions etc. Same as Michael Campbell. These guys think the world should solely be made up of entrepreneurs. There is no room for anyone else but for those who love to exploit everything and everyone around them.

Anonymous said...

Michael's show should be called Money Walks Bull shit talks. Much more appropriate to the knowledge he imparts.