Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Michael Levy and Fraser Institute Unplugged!

Time for the Fraser institute and Michael Levy to get pitchforked where it hurts, right through their heart, the Times Colonist has a follow up story about the Stats Canada and Fraser institute report on the HST.

Big time economists are laughing at the Fraser institutes assertions, they are calling the Fraser institute report "Cryptic" ...."Methodology skewed"...."Numbers out of Whack"

Indeed friends, as we here at the Straight Goods reported yesterday the Fraser institute numbers are bunk, crap, garbage, nothing but right wing drivel!

Yet Michael Levy on CKNW today tried to discredit Stats Canada report while he was lauding the Fraser institute garbage mystery report!

Like I have been saying, anything Michael Levy says must be considered messaging from the enemy, Michael Levy is a con man, a stamp salesman(no offence meant to honest stamp salesmen).....Michael Levy has agreed with the Fraser institute in NEVER RAISING the MINIMUM WAGE.

Tomorrow Michael Levy will probably be on CKNW spinning again, I implore you readers to call in and hammer Michael Levy, hammer Bill Good! They both have their face kissing Gordon Campbell`s butt cheeks.

I`m sorry for being so graphic but it`s time that the public removed Bill Good and Michael Levy from the airwaves, they are working for Gordon Campbell, they are attempting to hurt you financially, they don`t care about you, your family, your children, they care about nothing but the ideology, Rich people first and to hell with everyone else.

Please friends, read the story in this link, call Global news, email all the editors at newspapers, scream at them, time to sharpen the pitchforks!

Time for the public to be in front of B.C. Liberals MLAs homes 24/7 with protest signs, bullhorns(keep it peaceful)......

Time for MLAs to look over their back wary of an outraged public, time for Michael Levy and Bill Good to go to hell!

Read the story debunking Michael Levy and the Fraser institute here.......

By the way, on CTV news tonight Bill Good...... Again he was pimping the Fraser institute garbage report, no mention of Stats Canada report....On Global news, no mention of the Stats Canada report, no mention again on BC Rail trial, yet they had a piece from the stooge Keith Baldrey, his piece tonight was.....B.C. is booming, tourism up, business confidence is up, employment is up(Really Keith, explain how B.C. lost 10,000 jobs last month?)...Home sales are up(really Keith, explain why May was dead month for real estate sales in B.C.)....

You see folks, no matter how much Gordon Campbell lies, no matter how much he screwed the economy, no matter what our Government does Keith Baldrey, Global news, Bill Good,Michael Levy will defend, lie, use propaganda, manipulate, and people wonder how Hitler got away with it!

Look in the mirror Bill Good(try not to throw up)...Ask yourself, why am I doing this, why am I lying to people, why am I defending a corrupt liying bastard who hates children, who hates seniors, who hates everyone who isn`t rich.......How much damn money do you need Bill Good?

Make sure to read the link, it explains everything that was deliberately flawed with the Fraser institute report.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes wide open


Doug said...

Many years ago Michael Levy was a guest on Dave Abbott's Global TV Talk Show.The show took calls.One caller commented that Levy had some financial dealings with his mother that had problems.Levy denied the allegations but he was caught like a deer with his eyes in very bright head lights.He was lying.What a shady character.As for Bill Good, he should stick to reading the news.

jaydee said...

The red army in Vancouver is abusing the people and taking pictures of them with their families and Campbell's games' spy planes still fly over my house, just less often. The minimum wage has not been raised but for sure it has been lowered, there are now 175,000 illegal scab workers in Canada, thousands and thousands more to come, all being abused, (not specified how) but would be long hours, no breaks, no benefits and physically and mentally abused and living in squalor.
The MSM is absolutely corrupt, there are no exceptions, if they are allowed to speak they are all part of the corruption, no exceptions.
Again I ask, where is Carole James and Moe? Carole James will stay with the HST and go down as the worst opposition in the history of B.C. Give me Jenny and Joy, without expense accounts and a little hole in the wall at the back of our legisture buildings, compliments of Campbell and his mob. Moe should be put on the same trash heap as Oppal and Heed.
So, my question is....who is there to vote for? There is no party and it sounds like the "independent" vickie is willing to go with "independent" leckstrom, still carrying a B.C. Liberal membership card, sounds like part of the bigger plan to me. It just keeps getting worse.
.....same old.....this country and province is run by organized crime, Elections B.C., like everything in B.C., is in control of frontman Campbell's hand-picked....and in the event that the mob let's the IP be heard, we do not have a Plan B.

Anonymous said...

Look at this:
Some politicians under foreign sway: CSIS

Canada's spy agency suspects that cabinet ministers in two provinces are under the control of foreign governments, CBC News has learned.

Several members of B.C. municipal governments are also under suspicion, Richard Fadden, the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told CBC News in an exclusive interview.

"We're in fact a bit worried in a couple of provinces that we have an indication that there's some political figures who have developed quite an attachment to foreign countries," Fadden said.

"The individual becomes in a position to make decisions that affect the country or the province or a municipality. All of a sudden, decisions aren't taken on the basis of the public good but on the basis of another country's preoccupations."

He said the politicians and public servants see it as a long-standing relationship and have no idea they are being used.

"There are several municipal politicians in British Columbia and in at least two provinces there are ministers of the Crown who we think are under at least the general influence of a foreign government."

Fadden said the agency is in the process of discussing with the Privy Council Office the best way to inform those provinces there may be a problem.

"We'll do the same with the public servants. I'm making this comment because I think it's a real danger that people be totally oblivious to this kind of issue."

Fadden warned that foreign regimes — through universities and social clubs — will develop a relationship with people who have a connection to the homeland.

"You invite somebody back to the homeland. You pay [for] their trips and all of a sudden you discover that when an event is occurring that is of particular interest to country "X," you call up and you ask the person to take a particular view," Fadden said.

At least five countries are surreptitiously recruiting future political prospects in universities, he said. Middle East countries are also involved.

But China is the most aggressive, funding university clubs that are managed by people operating out of the embassy or consulates, Fadden said in a recent speech to Canadian police chiefs and security experts in Toronto.

Chinese authorities also organize demonstrations against the Canadian government in respect to some of Canada's policies concerning China, Fadden said.

"A number of countries take the view that if they can develop influence with people relatively early in their careers, they'll follow them through," Fadden said. "Before you know it, a country is providing them with money, there's some sort of covert guidance."

Fadden said he is concerned that too much of the agency's resources are focused on fighting terrorism and not counter-espionage. That concentration leaves more chances to steal Canada's sensitive technology and trade secrets, worth billions of dollars a year.

"The difficulty I have, as does everybody, is you have to balance where you allocate resources, but it most definitely is as serious problem, and if I had to guess, I'd say it was going to get worse," Fadden said.

getting it said...

Hey Michael I'll be out over $400 before this thing barely gets going.Between kids hockey and a minor deck repair I'm already down by July 1.I'm sure I will not be getting this back.Our family is middle income and this baby is going to get us for at least$1500 a year.According to my math 1.6B Divided by 2 million paying the tax= $800 minimum.There could be even less people paying when you include low income as well as children so I'll rely on my math over anyone elses.And don't give me the bs about paying less taxes.I will be paying cold hard cash and that is what affects my bottom line.You have been sipping to much Liberal love juice

Anonymous said...

Re: the politicians under foreign sway. I have little doubt whatsoever that BC is one of the two...and our neighbour may well be the other. Think Tarsands.

More than one city in BC is involved too, I'd bet. Think Interior of BC.

Anonymous said...

Funny isn't it? The first one to set his hair on fire was gordo the impaler! Then its his
stooge Wally" It's before the court" Opal. Hmmm, if it was me, I would check them out.
You say they are already? Thats the reason they are whining?


Kam Lee

BC Mary said...


Better check this with a genuine cowboy ... but I am thinking that your weapon of choice (pictured above) is not a pitchfork (which has long, thin, sharp-pointed tines;

no, it's a manure fork.

Good choice.

Grant G said...

Thanks Mary, bless your sweet soul...

All I know is it would hurt alot if used...

I`ll take your word for it.