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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time is Running out for John Les

Well well well, more developments in the John Les land fraud case, it has been revealed (not proven yet in court) that Grant Sanborn, a member of the Chilliwack council, he was in charge of approving zoning changes, he worked under John Les when Les was mayor of Chilliwack, police are ready to move in on Grant Sanborn, he has been accused of, by many people of charging thousands of dollars to them, what Grant Sanborn was selling was......He claimed he could help get farm land out of the agricultural land reserve..........All it takes is money!

Let me give you a little background on this case, as you know John Les had to step down as top cop because of the accusations, the accusations were....John Les used his political powers and insider friends to get land he bought removed from the land reserve and rezoned, but....The land John Les developed after the zoning change is land that was refused by city council more than once to the previous owner, as a result the land was sold very cheap to John Les, in short order after John Les bought the land Grant Sanborn agreed to change the zoning for his boss John Les!

Rosebank place, approved by Grant Sanborn, ....Land that was refused twice to be rezoned by Chilliwack council because the property was part of the ALR....The carving up of the land was made possible by Chilliwack council when they voted to rezone the land John Les bought cheap, they rezoned it residential from farmland, something the previous owner couldn`t make happen after trying many times, ......But...

And friends, it was Grant Sanborn himself who approved the zoning change, and there was no review by city council, apparently Grant Sanborn carried alot of weight, .....

John Les`s real estate agent, Lorraine Dyck, gave Grant Sanborn a four page final plan, the final plan was submitted to Grant Sanborn, not Chilliwack council, there were large boundary changes, but the most shocking thing....

Lorraine Dyck submitted a final plan 6 days earlier to city council, but the final plan Lorraine Dyck submitted to council was far smaller in scale than the plan she submitted to Grant Sanborn........................A classic case of "bait and switch"

The plan Lorraine Dyck submitted to Grant Sanborn was night and day different from the final plan Lorraine Dyck submitted to Chilliwack council, yet it was the plan that Grant Sanborn had in HIS possession that was approved, city council approved the previous plan, a smaller plan, the plan that ultimately got approved city council never saw, YET THEY VOTED ON IT!....You can read a good story here on the first revelation

The latest from the John Les/Grant Sanborn land fraud case........

Police are now searching records, a search warrant on Grant Sanborn, many people have come forward to complain that Grant Sanborn, for a price suggested that he can make farm land, land in the ALR suddenly become zoned for residential, he charged thousands of dollars but couldn`t produce the goods, I guess since the land fraud case is heating up it was too risky for Sanborn to pull strings with "Eyes Wide Open" watching his every move, ........

The complaints against Grant Sanborn claim....When the people Grant Sanborn was profiting off of didn`t get results they were promised they complained to Sanborn, apparently Sanborn blew them off, and not until the people threatened to go to the authorities that Sanborn offered to return the monies, but only if the people promised to keep quiet on the whole affair......

Like I said a couple of months ago, John Les will be charged in July, well, you can add Grant Sanborn to that list, you can read the latest developments here.

Of course the above charges against these B.C. Liberals haven`t been proven in court, but from all the documents I have seen, the smoking guns, this is a slam dunk conviction, I expect a resignation from John Les very shortly.

Look friends, Gordon Campbell`s Government is corrupt, liars, criminals, drunks, the worst fiscal managers in B.C. history, Gordon Campbell is going down, when John Les and Kash Heed both resign under a cloud of corruption in July Gordon Campbell will follow suit, I suspect Campbell will hide out in Maui, no one will be able to find him once he has resigned, in fact I wouldn`t be surprised if Campbell doesn`t start liquidating his B.C. assets.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Crankypants said...

The BC Liberal Party and the MSM make such a big deal about Glen Clark's deck and bingo gate, while the reality is that Gordon Campbell and those that toiled under his leadership may well go down in history as the least law abiding governing body in BC's history.

Now there's a legacy for them to hang their hats on.

Evil Eye said...

The CBC have been running a very good story on this case. Where is Can/West Global?

Anonymous said...

I agree that Campbell will leave in disgrace. Unfortunately, him being a sub-human, it will make no difference to him. He is happy to just take the money and run.

The ones left behind will be the ones holding the bag, disgraced and shamed.

Anonymous said...

Almost since my first job after graduating from university I had learned that people are not to be trusted, need to be supervised, and corruption still exists in construction, universities, municipalities, governments, corporations, amongst professionals and politicians as well.

a cheque to paint us all a rosy picture and the gullible apathetic BC electorate will just hand them the reins as our right wing dominated media lead too many of us to believe we really have no viable option at the polls.

Anonymous said...

What has a photo of Kash Heed have to do with John Les or Grant Sanborn.

Here's a link to Thursday article on Grant and John


RCMP probe fraud allegations against Chilliwack businessman

By TIFFANY CRAWFORD, Vancouver Sun June 17, 2010

"The RCMP is investigating allegations of fraud against a Chilliwack businessman at the centre of a land deal controversy linked to the 2008 resignation of former solicitor-general John Les.

The RCMP allege Grant Sanborn defrauded several Chilliwack residents of thousands of dollars through his consulting firm which helps clients with applications before the Agricultural Land Commission, according to new information contained in a 2009 document used by RCMP to obtain a warrant to search Sanborn's office.

None of the allegations has been proven in court."


Grant G said...

4:50PM....Take a close look, the blurry guy IS JOHN LES....

The dishonest Kash Heed wearing his West Vancouver police uniform is also in the picture....