Friday, October 26, 2018

Donald J Trump......Coward in Chief

Donald J Trump......Coward in Chief

Written by grant G

        It's gone almost as predicted in a post I wrote November 8th, 2016..the night the US elected Donald J Trump president.

here's the last few paragraphs in a post titled....

Donald Trump, King Lizard


I feel very sad for the 50% of Americans who voted for Hillary, I feel just as bad for the 50% that voted for Trump because they believed he was their savior, the swamp drainer, wall builder and immigrant deporter...

Mark my wall will be built, the swamp won't be drained and the immigrants won't be deported, they'll be jailed..

The financial elites of Wallstreet will continue to run the world and run Washington...

I blame you Hillary Clinton, I blame you Democratic party, I blame the Wallstreet juggernaut and I don't listen to self-absorbed consolation speeches...

Enjoy the next 4 years listening to and watching King Lizard build the biggest swamp America has ever seen...


Pretty well gone to script, man, i'll tell you, ......Who is Donald trump...he's a coward and habitual liar....

Yesterday, October 26/2018 ... the day before Cesar Sayoc was captured and arrested as the domestic terrorist mail bomber Donald Trump sent his secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen out to his favorite propaganda television station Fox News to change the channel from the bomber story...Kirstjen  Nielsen in a Fox exclusive to pump up the "wall"..pump up the immigration strawman issue and change the conversation from bombs sent to Trump's espoused targets to Border security... ..


Think about that for a moment.., a dozen bombs have been sent to ex presidents, Democrats, movie stars, CNN and others...all targets Trump has denigrated.....think about it...two ex-presidents(Clinton and Obama) targeted and Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security secretary, ..her number one job is to protect America from terrorism both domestic and foreign.... and she goes on Fox news not to talk about the mail bomber but to fear-monger about a slow-moving caravan full of woman, mothers, daughters, many little children and job wanting men that's over a 1000 miles away from the southern US border..

Donald Trump proudly asserts the the US Military has never been stronger, brags about the over $700 billion dollar one year budget he approved..


Standing with Easter Bunny, Trump boasts of military, economy, 'tip-top' White House

"President Trump taught the kids at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll a really big number on Monday — $700 billion.
"Just think of $700 billion dollars because that's all going into our military this year," Trump said while addressing kids and their parents at the annual event on the White House lawn.
Trump spoke to the crowd from the Truman balcony flanked by First Lady Melania Trump and the White House Easter Bunny with its perpetually shocked face.
"Our military is now at a level, will soon be at a level, that it's never been before. ... The funding of our military is so important and so many military people are with us today."


There is so much to say....I barely have words....Donald Trump next week is sending a 1000 military personnel armed to the teeth to the southern border in preparation of the arrival of a caravan full of unarmed mostly woman and children....the Caravan is still a month away..

Think about that, .....America, they possess enough nuclear weapons to burn the earth to a crisp, they possess smart bombs, attack drones, spy satellites, they have the most extensive network of espionage and intelligence gathering... ..FBI/CIA/informatives, Homeland security...American military, American intelligence can freely and easily place personnel smack dab in the middle of the moving 25 miles a day caravan ...and Donald J trump is so scared that he's sending the military?..

Trump is a coward, he was to bought and owned to face-off against Vladimir Putin, ...Trump was too awestruck to do anything but smile at Kim Jung UN......Trump has too many personal business interests to play hardball with Saudi Arabia.....

but .....Big Brave Donald J Trump suddenly found his military spine and who is the target....a few thousand desperate people who are wanting to come to America for a chance....for a chance at  what...For a chance to get one of the millions of jobs Donald J Trump claimed need workers that aren't presently available.......

That's right folks...Words have consequences and over the last month and a half trump has told the world that "millions of American jobs are in need of workers"..and considering the US is directly responsible for much of the hardships Hondurans face today..

Donald J Trump himself was the genesis of the migrant caravan...

These poor scared desperate people fleeing their home countries, for fear of death, fear of gangs, fear of their own government they risked everything and are attempting to journey to the once bright light known as United States of America....

Big tough Donald Trump sending the military to the border next week to wait another three weeks for the arrival of the desperate..

And tonight in Charlotte North Carolina....Donald Trump, at his rally, when talking about immigration and the caravan told his supporters that a really big surprise was coming to the border next week...Trump was referring to sending the military to their southern border..and he is...


Many Gang Members and some very bad people are mixed into the Caravan heading to our Southern Border. Please go back, you will not be admitted into the United States unless you go through the legal process. This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!


Well America....What have you become, you elected a buffoon, not the first time you elected stupid but never before, at least in my memory where you elected the biggest coward....

Donald J Trump.....The president who needs to use world's most lethal military machine to protect him and the equally cowardly GOP from a few woman, children and work wanting men...

It doesn't get any lower than that how the mighty have fallen

The Straight goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Written by Grant G

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e.a.f. said...

one day he is in a press conference announcing he is a "nationalist" and the next day a man goes into a Synagogue and kills 11 Jewish people. Is that just a coincidence or did he do his dog whistle and get those people killed?

In my opinion dtrump has Hitler's play book and has been working through it, right down to the use of "fake news". Hitler used to say the same thing in German. Hitler was into divide and desensitize people and that is what dtrump does. He has been pushing the envelope to see how far he can go and how far the Republicans will let him go. Well we have seen it all for his test runs. Racism is rampant, separating children from parents like they did at concentration camps, permitting Saudi Arabia to kill Mr. Khashoggi. Thought it would be two years before they'd do it to an American on American soil and then we have the pipe bombs sent to CNN and of course all the others. make America great again has always been about make America white again.

As hitler disenfranchised Jews, so trump and his republicans have disenfranchised Latinos and AFrican Americans. Sending the military to the border with Mexico, will not end well. He will either order them to shoot and kill the migrants or he will actually try to invade Mexico or push their border further inland. That of course may activate Communist China. They keep a 400 acre space base to study the other side of the moon, in Argentina. Doesn't matter what they call it, its a base in South America and dtrump is too dumb to figure it out.

All I know is if the trumpster win next week, Canada is in for a lot of refugees and trouble.

dtrump wants to change federal law so people who under go a sex change or are gender fluid can not have their birth certificates changed. Your sex will be determined at birth by your genitals. No changes on birth certificates. while dtrump's attacks on Latinos continues publicly, he much more quietly attacks the LBGBQ community. Perhaps he thinks he is in Tanzania.

Yes, you were quite correct 2 years ago. I'm really sorry about that because this is not going to end well for any of us.