Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Questions for Andrew Weaver

Written by Grant G

1) Are you prepared to let Site C dam project on the Peace River plow forward with no BCUC review, with no sound business case?

2) Kindr Morgan tripling their pipeline capacity and a 7 fold increase in bitumen laden tankers on the coast...Clark wants it....Horgan and NDP like you Andrew Weaver are opposed ...

3) Proportional representation ....NDP is willing to hold are too...Clark Liberals will not agree to that..

4)Banning corporate and union political donations...Horgan was going to make it his first Bill/legislation.....Do you agree that campaign finance reform should be first business...not in a year, or in the Fall, but now..

5)Petronas PNW LNG project proposal ..situated on the Skeena estuary.....That location is a no go...Will you Andrew along with Horgan stop that project going forward at that location(if if ever does go forward..very doubtful, uneconomical)

6)all the current BC Liberal scandals....we need to see the Site C financials...Christy Clark refuses to release the data......BC Housing investigation...Rich Coleman has refused to release documents and contract information.....Brenhill..Bob Rennie...we need to see ALL the delays by Guv/Libs..Hand over all the paperwork..

7) no one wants the Massey bridge except Christy Clark and Delta Mayor Lois Jackson..$3.5 Billion plus $8 billion in finance charges, that is if it came in on budget...project must stop..

8) Patullo bridge IS at the end of its life..any new bridge building ....Patullo must be doubt..

9)Seismic upgrades on ALL at risk schools must be first priority along with new schools for Surrey..FAST TRACKED..

10) seniors care and home care supports MUST be ministry of health first priority...$$$$$s

11) increases in disability and welfare rates must be fast tracked too..

I have many more questions.....if anyone has issue and needs not mentioned above feel free to contribute to the list....

Andrew Weaver....You have far more in common with the NDP than you do with the corporate Liberals..clean energy, sustainable industry...value added, ...

Lastly.....If you prop up Christy Clark's pipeline and LNG dreams, destroy the Salmon producing Skeena river, poison our water and air....You will devastate the Green Party...there is no squaring that circle...Houdini couldn't escape from that type of pretzel logic..

Send me an email Andrew Weaver....we need these answers...and so do the 16% of BCers that voted for you..

Time to get the animals talking...including the human ones..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

great questions Grant. You nailed it as usual.

Hopefully Dr. Weaver's ego won't get in the way of working with the NDP for the good of the province.


Anonymous said...

Hi Grant,
hope you don't mind me posting this comment. I also posted it at Ross K's blog just now. This development needs immediate and widespread dissemination. Thank god for the internet and the great work of bloggers.
Civil servants were told today a new government has been elected, the BC Liberals and the transition to this government has begun.

The period called interregnum (i.e. the time between elected governments) is "over".

The LG and the BC Liberals are not waiting for final election results, expected around the beginning of June.

Obviously this is a play straight out of Stephen Harper's handbook of skullduggery and dirty tricks. It is not democracy in any way, shape or form. The BC Liberals with 43 seats do not have enough to form government unless one more seat comes their way.

However civil servants were told that the Cabinet is still the Cabinet (including Ministers who lost their seats: Anton, Virk and Fassbender).

Premier Christy Clark can also swear in a new Cabinet at any point. Again, no need to wait for final election results at the beginning of June.

The Liberal Chiefs of Staff are back on duty and civil servants were told to respond to Ministers and Ministers' offices as usual.

Apparently decisions are being made today, in consultation with Premier Christy Clark's office, under the government's "care taker" role.

Ministers should only take "routine actions". However civil servants should assist government to fulfill the mandate in any areas that don't require legislation. (I'm guessing this because the legislature would need to sit to pass legislation and the BC Liberals could lose the confidence of the House.)

Further more there is no need for this new Liberal government to call the legislature back until September when a new budget must be passed.

This means the Christy Clark Liberals once again has complete access to all of the provincial government's resources, staff, documents and information and all of government's advertising and public relations staff and resources.

There will be lots of confusion in the public service around what is a caretaker role, what is routine and what it means to fully carry out the Liberal government's mandate.

So how much fundraising are the BC Liberals going to do between now and September?

Will the BC Liberals be able to force another election and try and foster a split between the Greens and NDPs (who are natural allies)?

Will the $12 billion Massey Bridge boondoggle go ahead?

Will Site C dam construction go into overdrive?

This is unbelievable contempt for the democratic process and this is obviously an outcome (the BC Liberals with less than 44 seats) that has been carefully planned for and executed. From Christy Clark's "victory" speech on Tues night, picked up by the gullible and incompetent mainstream media, to the LG asking Christy Clark to form government, to the briefings that civil servants got today.

I hope Weaver and the Greens decide that British Columbians deserve more than being a banana republic and the Greens align pdq with John Horgan and the NDP to provide decent, honorable government.

Grant G said...

I hope I can calm your fears...BC NDP is going to end up with 42 seats..the same as Chrusty...

Chrusty is merely posturing, BC Libs flexing old muscles...

I can guarantee you Andrew Weaver will support Horgan...

Not sure how long BC NDP/Green coalition will last...but be rest assured...Christy Clark and the BC Liberals are done..


Anonymous said...

Well you were sure right about Mainstreet Research. I am reassured again! thank you!

Anonymous said...

And immediate stop to delete or shred any documents or other digital data.

Skookum1 said...

The LG and the BC Liberals are not waiting for final election results, expected around the beginning of June."

May 24th is NOT the beginning of June....

Anonymous said...

True, counting the absentee ballots should be finished by May 24 but judicial recounts will probably take longer.

Sometimes ridings go through several judicial recounts. That could easily happen this election given how close the results are in both number of seats and the voting margins within ridings.

Anonymous said...

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Alternatives to invasive surgery should be weighed even for the most routine procedures, the Times article advises. For example, although Americans think of appendicitis as a surgical disease, in England it‘s often treated with antibiotics, no matter the age. Similarly, gall bladder attacks can often be treated with antibiotics or a drain under local anesthesia, and a stent can relieve a bowel obstruction.

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Anonymous said...

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