Thursday, May 25, 2017

John Horgan and Andrew Weaver, Paths Merge to Create a New British Columbia, a Province where people come first, not corporate looting

BC's hottest political talk.....Blogtalk radio featuring Canadian Glen and yours truly...

First 50 minutes Glen discusses Nova Scotia's provincial election, they go to the polls on May 28th....the remaining 1:05 minutes is BC's Hottest political talk....Green/NDP merger, or possible coalition and just how many knives are firmly stuck in Christy Clark's back.....

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Cheers Ears Wide Open


Anonymous said...

It was another awesome broadcast. I sure hope you are correct with respect to the way eventually things shake out. This really is the Greens' big chance to make history and make things better for all British Columbians. Your comments on the media coverage were really accurate, in my view. Most of the MSM in this province has gotten quite lazy and pathetic. They have completely forgotten how to be journalists. Shameful!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed that interesting hour of radio conversation on BC politics. Need more of that! Thanks!!

I'm still thinking Dr. Weaver will choose the BC Liberals. Ditto Adam Olsen.

However, what if Sonia Furstenau decides to sit as an Independent Green?

Most of the Green supporters are strongly progressive and I could see her being a wonderful *progressive* Green leader with a base that would rally around her.

The NDP and the *progressive* Greens would work very well together. It would be great to have that independent progressive Green perspective to keep the NDP on the right track.

A progressive Green and NDP alliance could win the next election (which likely will still be FPTP) with some smart cooperation.

Plus if Sonia sits as an independent Green that only gives the Liberals a two seat majority; which makes it highly unlikely that they could govern for a full four years.

And with Sonia as an independent progressive Green, the Greens would have a base to rebuild from.

What a great win-win for progressive voters and citizens!


John's Aghast said...