Monday, December 19, 2016

Two hours of blogtalk radio..Kinder Morgan..Site C..LNG..Political corruption

Christmas post coming soon..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Jon Ghun said...

Great work! You are most certainly one of the most significant voices in opposition in this province.

Full of reasoned analysis and offering up the straight goods.

You lay out nearly everything that is wrong with the BC Government under the BCLibs.

Do hope Horgan can pick up on some of this information and use to bring down the incumbents come next April.

Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I like these broadcasts. Good content. Which is totally missing from the MSM these days.

Grant G said...

Thanks Mr. Ghun...Horgan definitely heard the broadcast..Not sure he listening though..


These blogcasts are great, especially the long format..2 hours and no commercials..

Radio interviews and or the odd TV spots politicos do/stage..

You can't unravel the threads in 10 minutes..

For example...If Horgan says (I'm against Site C)..he gets blasted by Liberal spindoctors..

One must tell the voters, tell BCers why you take a position..drill down all the details..

Cost..benefit(if any).risk..cost of alternative money money..

Voters need to be AS informed as you,,,,you being my regular readers..readers of Ross K..Farrell..Laila..Merv Adey..The Tyee..Bob Mackin..

Low information voters need to be elevated to informed voters..

Horgan needs to start shouting the messages, the same messages we bloggers have been shouting for years..

Horgan needs to start his election campaign be no later than the end of January...

Take a few months for low-information voters to absorb facts..

I'll be doing at least two more blogcasts before our election..


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the depth of content is great.

I agree with you about Mr. Horgan.

Looking forward to the next broadcasts.

Anonymous said...

" Horgan needs to start his election campaign be no later than the end of January..."

Think they are waiting for De Jong's budget Feb. 16/17 to come out before hammering out their platform. Agree though that they should be doing more now and forget about keeping 'powder dry'. You can be sure the disability bus rates will bounce back.

Jon Ghun said...

Below is some glaring evidence of the flagrant conflicted connections between the media corp$(e) and the BCLib$. These people are rubbing our noses in it and it has got to be brought to an end in April.

Journalists Jumping to BC Liberal Jobs a Problem for Media Credibility