Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christy Clark's Taxpayer Funded LNG Advertising Blitz, Fictional Ads Versus Economic Truths

By Grant G

What i'm about to tell you is nothing new(for regular readers)...

This post is another slight against our domestic British Columbia media...

The Vancouver Sun....they reported nothing..

The Province.............they reported nothing..

Global BC................they reported nothing...

CTV.........................they reported nothing..

CKNW.....................they reported nothing..

LNG Canada.....It was reported a few days that LNG Canada(Shell) cancelled all bids, service proposals, procurement contracts..all cancelled.

In other words...Shell Canada has officially scrubbed their  $40 billion dollar LNG terminal proposal..

To be clear....Shell(LNG Canada) had an environmental certificate, their project site wasn't at issue like Petronas' ridiculous proposal to build on Lelu Island and the Skeena River estuary..

Shell Canada had a 25 year export license, then the BC Government gifted them not just a 25 year export license but a 40 year export license...

Shell had every permit required, they had a pipeline deal secured....LNG Canada had First Nation benefit agreements signed....

Shell had everything but will...will they build...Shell had no longterm buyers of the gas in a glutted market and had no shareholder support to proceed with a pricey B.C. greenfield project...

Shell Canada is officially out......


Lead contractor CFSW LNG Constructors has, in a surprise move, cancelled the bidding process covering fabrication of production modules for the liquefied natural gas project, operated by a Shell-led consortium, reported Upstream, the industry’s global news publication.
Sources involved in the tender exercise told Upstream they were only recently informed by CFSW of the cancellation, having submitted bids back in March 2016 and having held numerous clarification meetings over the past six months.
Low commodity prices have been causing cash flow problems for oil and gas companies, which is understood to have spurred the decision by project partners to shelve the contracts for engineering, procurement and construction of modules for the two-train LNG plant, Upstream reported.
“The bids for module fabrication have now been cancelled with no award to be made,” a source from one of the contenders told Upstream.



Breaking....There is more LNG news rearing its ugly head..

Kitimat LNG has revealed to Kitimat City council that the project is being deferred, the company is saying ...if they build they won't have a shovel in the ground before 2021...a 2025/26 start-up time..

In other words.....This project proposal(Kitimat LNG), like Shell Canada, like Petronas  ...There is no economic reason to justify the expenditure...There is no urgent need in the world for LNG supply...

The project is being effectively cancelled because of poor economics..


Kitimat LNG say they could be almost a decade away from production

 A final investment decision for Kitimat LNG won't be coming anytime soon
Kitimat council heard from the company at Monday's meeting who say they still need to meet their five condititons before n FID date is announced.
Commercial Manager Fred Eastwood says they aren't going anywhere and feel Kitimat is still the right place to be.
"When the market does recover, the current supply overhang is basically eaten into." says Eastwood.
"We believe BC LNG has an opportunity to fufill that demand gap. The mid 2020's is the time frame we are looking at."

A funny thing happened with our British Columbia mainstream media.....They, at present have their coffers and Christmas stocking stuffed full with B.C. taxpayer paid for $$$$$$$ ...The BC Liberal Government is puking out dollars with feel-good-partisan ads that are essentially bold-faced lies...LIES

At the same time our airwaves, TV channels are being polluted with BC Lberal LNG ads...talking about jobs, about $20 billion dollars spent already on LNG...and on how BC LNG will clean the air in China...

Oh please...where are the truth police....The BC Liberals are the biggest producers of FAKE NEWS there is..

Our domestic media while taking gobs of taxpayer money, at the behest of the BC Liberal Government refuse to report any news on LNG..especially all this news on an industry dead and buried for at least a decade.....

BC is not creating LNG jobs....BC has not seen $20 billion in LNG investment..

BC is not cleaning China's air with LNG, nor will they..


China Nov coal imports hit highest in 18 mths

BEIJING, Dec 8 China, the world's largest coal buyer, imported its largest volume of the commodity in 18 months in November, customs data showed on Thursday, with utilities replenishing stocks to cope with higher winter demand.

November imports of 26.97 million tonnes were up a quarter from October and more than double the 12.45 million tonnes imported in the same month last year, according to figures from the General Administration of Customs of China.

We here at the Straight Goods...we know about China and coal..we know how China will use their redundant NEW COAL-FIRED Power plants to dictate the world LNG market..
China is building hundreds of new coal-burning power plants..cleaner than LNG burning power plants..Cleaner Coal...And leverage..

China's Insurance Policy Against High-Priced LNG, COAL= Death of British Columbia's LNG Super-Power Fantasy!

There is no honesty left ....When the Vancouver Sun...Global BC...CTV..CBC take all that advertising money yet refuse to report even a blurb about Christy Clark's whopper endless 2013 LNG riches fantasy falling apart, splitting at the seams..delayed by a decade, cancelled, money, no nothing..


B.C. government doubles advertising budget on eve of election

Not a shovel in the ground and now promised future shovels are gone too..

Yet the LNG Taxpayer ads blaze on while our domestic mainstream media is swimming in a taxpayer-cash-filled river named...... Denial..

2 hours of robust talk on LNG---Site C--Kinder Morgan--BC's Lame Media--and some political insight..
 The Straight Goods
Cheers Eyes Wide Open


sd said...

But,but Grant,Advanced Education (propaganda) Minister Wilkinson says it's to create "awareness" of the fentanyl crises and new "affordable" housing. What about the 500 recovery beds promised but not delivered.What about funding needed extra ERT teams due to this crisis.Just because they didn't care before doesn't mean the public wasn't aware of these issues. Doubling the ad budget just tells me they're in trouble and know it.But, we have to keep pushing the issues and failures of this government leading up to the election.

John's Aghast said...

Thank goodness for weakened commodity prices! If they stay low we may continue to exist.

astrom47 said...

The MSM is in bed with the the BC Liberals and they will not publish the truth.
They are a waste of money unless you need a fire starter.

Evil Eye said...

As long as Clark has the mainstream media in her back pocket, nothing will change.

The Clark regime is one of blind obedience to the Queen and one grows ever more nauseated when one hears the likes of Brenda Steele patting herself on the back lobbing slow pitches to Clark and Trudeau the Younger.

It is sickening, my gorge rises with the tripe.

The Sun, Province are like Pravda, Dead Dog 98, like Radio Moscow, and CTV and "Lowballs" is like watching the fireplace channel.

Bullshit is truth, in the MSM parlance.