Thursday, January 28, 2016

Another Reason Why British Columbia's LNG Fantasy is Over Before it Even Started, Clean Green Renewable Energy/Technology Will Be Cheaper Than Gas


Northern Ireland is watching as the cost of wind energy falls

Wind energy may soon be less expensive than conventional forms of power in Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland Renewable Industry Group suggests that onshore wind projects could soon produce less expensive electrical power than new gas projects taking form in the region. By 2020, wind energy is expected to become a leading power source for Northern Ireland, which will allow it to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This may also help Northern Ireland save money on energy expenditures in the future.

Industry group calls for more support to be placed in the wind sector

According to the Northern Ireland Renewable Industry Group, wind energy has been able to grow less expensive due to supportive energy policies. The United Kingdom has been supporting wind energy relatively aggressively in recent years, hoping that this and other forms of clean power will help it become more environmentally friendly. In 2015, wind power alone satisfied 20% of Northern Ireland’s energy needs. As such, government officials are calling for more support for clean power, ensuring that wind projects continue to receive the support they need.

Sumitomo Corporation and The Japan Steel Works Enter into Joint-Venture with Gerdau to Manufacture and Sell Wind Power Products

PR Newswire
NEW YORK, Jan. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sumitomo Corporation ("Sumitomo") together with The Japan Steel Works ("JSW") announced today their partnership with Gerdau to manufacture and sell wind power generation forged products under the joint-venture.  Gerdau is the largest long steel manufacturer in Brazil. Production of these forged parts is expected to begin in 2017.


And more....Big wind power news out of Iowa......



Need more.....


POWERCHINA starts preparing investment in alternative energy of Azerbaijan

Baku, Fineko/ The State Agency for Alternative & Renewable Energy of Azerbaijan (ABOEMDA) has received a delegation of company POWERCHINA.
According to the Agency, its chairman Akim Badalov praised Company’s initiative to invest in development of alternative energy in Azerbaijan, stating that such projects already exist and are able to bring fast profit. Chinese company’s reps are ready for their joint implementation.
"In this regard, the POWERCHINA experts have already started discussing a prospective plan with Azerbaijan Alternative Energy LLC (Azalternativenerji), got acquainted with photovoltaic cells plant AZG√úNTEX, Gobustan experimental polygon and a solar farm on Pirallahi settlement," the Agency said.


The renewable-energy boom is here. Trillions of dollars will be invested over the next 25 years, driving some of the most profound changes yet in how humans get their electricity. That's according to a new forecast by Bloomberg New Energy Finance that plots out global power markets to 2040. 

Here are six massive shifts coming soon to power markets near you:

1. Solar Prices Keep Crashing

The price of solar power will continue to fall, until it becomes the cheapest form of power in a rapidly expanding number of national markets. By 2026, utility-scale solar will be competitive for the majority of the world, according to BNEF. The lifetime cost of a photovoltaic solar-power plant will drop by almost half over the next 25 years, even as the prices of fossil fuels creep higher.
Solar power will eventually get so cheap that it will outcompete new fossil-fuel plants and even start to supplant some existing coal and gas plants, potentially stranding billions in fossil-fuel infrastructure. The industrial age was built on coal. The next 25 years will be the end of its dominance. 

2. Solar Billions Become Solar Trillions.


Whether or not an LNG terminal gets built in British Columbia matters not...The promises by Christy Clark, Rich Coleman and all BC Liberals have fallen away..There will be no retiring BC's debt...There will never be a prosperity fund created with LNG revenues, there will be no elimination of the British Columbia sales tax through LNG terminals, and as for Christy Clark and Rich Coleman's 100,000 LNG jobs claim(an outrageous lie)  whether there is three..five or even seven LNG terminals, employment per LNG terminal is a mere 200 to 300 employees...and it doesn`t matter how one multiplies, speculates or spins...There is barebones minimal employment generated by LNG...At present in British Columbia, the LNG industry..The oil industry and mining industry combined total a mere 0.4% of BC's total employment...

Despite the LNG cheerleading from hack scribbler Michael Smyth.

Despite the thin gruel LNG articles offered up by Vaughn Palmer and Les Leyne....The LNG game has changed, it won`t be a bridge fuel, not even close...With China going full-bore nuclear and renewable energy....Japan stepping up wind power energy...and many other countries going renewable energy...By 2020 renewable energy will be cheaper than natural gas...So who will be buying LNG....NO ONE!...

British Columbia's pathetic media need to stop cheerleading LNG...I mean cmon..If the BC Liberal advertised LNG job numbers were true, but they aren`t....If the Christy Clark LNG revenue blatherings were true..But they aren`t, not even close...If LNG was a clean fuel, but it isn`t..LNG once all the upstream and liquefaction emissions, once all the methane/fugitive leakage emissions are accounted for LNG is no cleaner than thermal coal...

In other words.....The Christy Clark BC Liberals sold the British Columbia voters during the 2013 election a Bill of Goods..A sham, a fraud, a deliberately orchestrated con...

By the time British Columbia sees a dime of money from Petronas we won`t have any natural gas left...

And...The most shocking thing about the BC Liberal LNG scam is how our mainstream media promotes the codswallop...

Nuff said..

The Straight Goods

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Anonymous said...

Why do you show the smile face of the one you hate the most.
Is it to insite a reaction.

I wonder of you and alex. You pop up before aformentioned elections with a kind of an idea.

Tell Us The Bad News before hand. Then get elected again. There is a pattern. This time should be different, with criminal charges Grant. You are the go to guy to relay a guilty verdict to the powers to be, arn't ya! I have witnessed many of the them getting mor rich. As Have You.

I No Longer will be a party to you. Say how bad they are. Just like Alex.

Where is Alex before an election, with his kids at the same school as Miss Christy

Anonymous said...

I really like some of your write. Most of it is made. I am not your fan. I am a reader of truth. You are a write of script.

Grant. Grant Me Ten Thousand bucks to write a letter to the Premier. With a FULL Legal Team.

Let Us Shake Up This Province and Our Country and Abolish Corruption.

Anonymous said...

You have such distain for Keith and Palmer. Your friends. Yhey write the news, you explain it.

Part of the problem may be you. Maybe they just love you Grant. You do All of the work and they debunk you. ON TV. Find some sort of a way to just write. The truth. Keith and Palmer are accessories to a Lie. Write On That. Get the fake reporters to renounce A Lie. Then Resign.

Maybe Mr Baldry will donate his hair piece to The Donald presidential Bid.

Anonymous said...

petromas downgrade?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or do some of these comments seem hateful and unhinged?

Grant G said...

You noticed...It's one of my regular readers/commenter/contributor who had a little too much to drink...No need for me to name the person..


Anonymous said...

A troll working for the B.C. Lib mafia I would think whether a drunk regular or not. Drunk people always show their true colors.

Go play somewhere else trolls. Grant is one of a few who call it like it is.

Oh, and keep playing somewhere else. Grant and commenters have more serious things to think and talk about.

Keep on keepin' on Grant and thanks for all you do for us and B.C.


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I can help you. I am not a Famalia of the mafia you write of. You are. You are right though Winston Churchhill said "The only way to avoid a hangover is to never stop drinking".

Drunk persons do write.

Grant, I mean well. This was a test and only a test. Not only are the drunk are writing, also the BC trolls. Thanks for leaving me up on your site for ridicule. From (B.C.Lib mafia). Well done.

I await another write from you and Robin. Batman and Robin, Ha!

Anonymous said...

all these bc liberals are getting rich on the backs of the taxpayers
vacation homes hawaii arizona ect look at phil gaglardi's clan thats
how its done. this lng is bs they're all getting rich.

Anonymous said...

bankrupting bc with unwarranted infrasructure.?