Sunday, October 4, 2015

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Written by Grant G

First Justin Trudeau pummeled Patrick Brazeau and now he`s Ko`d Stephen Harper in the late rounds..

Watch this Trudeau campaign rally video(linked directly below), witness a powerful performance by Canada`s next Prime Minister....(Make sure to watch the last 10 minutes)

I wrote several years ago in a Straight Goods`s post titled (Justin the Thunderbolt Trudeau) that Justin Trudeau would be Canada`s next Prime Minister...

Check out this poll, pay special attention to the riding rich Ontario numbers..

Trudeau and his Liberal team.....When Stephen Harper dropped the writ on August 2/2015 Justin`s team was in distant third place.....Now Justin Trudeau is leading in the polls and surging..He`s run a fabulous campaign and his people deserve kudos for leading Trudeau to victory..

Thomas Mulcair played it too safe, he will however have many pockets of strength, including here in BC and Quebec..

Justin Trudeau has endured three years of personal attack ads from Harper`s smear machine, Stephen Harper many years ago vowed to destroy the Liberal party of Canada...That is not going to happen, change, Canadians want change in Government and that message is crystal clear leaving only one question remaining to be answered,,, Change to who, who would grasp the brass ring and inspire Canadians from coast to coast...

Justin Trudeau...He`s walking with forceful stride exuding the confidence of a man whose date with Destiny is near....And it is.

Justin Trudeau`s family.....Today in Ontario at a campaign rally Justin Trudeau hit homerun after homerun out of the park, his family was beautiful, stage perfect, his youngest child bubbled with pride, he smiled and gave an Oscar winning performance in the position of Best Supporting Actor....You can`t script what went down today in Ontario..

Pure power, belief, bravado and confidence and it`s all Justin Trudeau...

Play it safe Mulcair cemented his third place position in Federal election 2015

Stephen Harper with his deranged Joker grimace striped across his face infused with arm-flapping shoulder shrugging terrorist threat invoking divisive scripture has lost this election, lost direction, his  flailing of fear and division promoting sermons are falling on deaf ears in an ever shrinking flock...

Canadians on mass are rejecting Canada`s Conservative Party and more importantly are rejecting Stephen Harper....Change. Canada wants change..

I have very little to say about Thomas Mulcair, he ran a safe, too safe campaign and yes many of his policies are progressive and have merit but you need more to win....Canada`s NDP party failed to rectify, purge or rid itself of a disease it has ailed from for decades...Too safe disease..Carole James was afflicted and Adrian Dix was far along in stage 4, in the fatal zone..

Justin Trudeau didn`t play it safe....He was bold!

Running infrastructure deficits.....More money for senior`s healthcare, including more money for Health Canada`s next medical growth sector, home-care...Legalizing marijuana...

Justin Trudeau`s team ran the anti Harper campaign, no fear, no worries no middle ground.

Thomas Mulcair ran a Stephen Harper light campaign, Tom muddled, nuanced and instead of firing heavy guns at Harper he fired blanks against Teflon Trudeau...Mulcair`s last fatal mistake came in the Munk debates..And he can`t come back..

Don`t mess with someone`s father...Especially when his name is Trudeau, as in Pierre Elliot..


Lastly,....I`m still voting NDP as I`m in a strong NDP riding....Strategic voting still matters, stay informed, do your research and vote for the candidate most likely to win the riding, anyone but Harper..
Also, I hope Thomas Mulcair concedes his errors and chooses to spend the remaining two weeks damning Harper and his anti democratic deeds....

For the good of Canada Trudeau and Mulcair need to forget about each other and attack the real enemy, that being Canada`s Conservative Party under Stephen Harper`s deranged leadership..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 



Jon Ghun said...

I believe you've got it exactly right here, my good man.

We must, however, keep a close eye on the northern neo-cons, for they will resort to criminality if they think they can get away with it.

Stay vigilant people. The long night is nearly over!

John's aghast said...

Let's hope they can bury the hatchet and concentrate on the common enemy. HEAVE STEVE!

Jeff Barkley said...

Thanks for a great blog, as usual. I enjoyed the video of Justin. I was kind of upset that it gave me hope, and now i'll be crushed, yet again, if Canadians don't pay attention. Funny anecdote, when I was younger, I always imagined meeting Pierre Trudeau while hiking in the mountains of the west coast. At the time I was a political science/history student who had read his books. Fast forward 30 years and a couple of summers ago I ran into Justin Trudeau on a trail near Squamish :).

I also will be voting NDP, because in my riding they have a superior chance of winning as well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Grant,

I am so happy you are concentrating on the election now!

Mulcair was a liberal who crossed the floor to the NDP and was a huge fan of Margaret Thatcher so that says all I need to know about Mulcair.

The NDP told me they would have lots of orange signs out there and they would run a "nice clean campaign". Sounds like Dix who lost one election and James who lost two elections.

I live in an extreme right wing riding and I think they would vote Trudeau ahead of NDP to rid us of the treason Harpo.

Once Trudeau got off and running I was very impressed with him and trust him 100% more than Mulcair.

This is not the time to play nice so I was leaning towards Trudeau because of the extreme right wing South Surrey/White Rock riding I am in. I believe they would vote Trudeau rather than NDP.

Of course Trudeau would have to run a deficit for a few years to catch up on all the things people need like infastucture, etc. that Stevie and his criminal gang have completely neglected.

If the so-called religious believe Harper and will vote for him they are so unaware that Stevie is no more 'religious' than I am as I don't believe in any religion, I am a secular believer. Science has proven the bible never happened but it seems to me that the NWO is following it to a T so I think I know who wrote the bible!

Unless Mulcair grows some balls and calls the Stevie Cons and his criminal gang on the thousands of reasons not to vote for them he seems to me to be deliberately letting the Cons win again.

Justin Trudeau you have my vote. First past the post will be done with finally and we will have each and every vote count.

I would like to advise that no one vote early as that is the easiest way for the Cons to rig the vote as they have done in all three of Stevie's 'wins'.

With the criminal Cons gone I would feel so much safer with Justin knowing Canada can get back to being Canada.


My dear Grant I hope you stay on top of this election right up until October 19..and a big thanks for all you do for us.

I don't have a sign up this year but will be heading for the Liberal office to get me a Liberal sign!


Anonymous said...

Chainsawmillerman said...

There is no candidate running in this election.

How can you vote for JT? His father ruined this country when old P E T (Pierre Eliot Trudeau - pet of the bankers)joined us up with the BIS (Bank of International Settlements). If Rocco Galati was running he'd have my vote in a heartbeat. I'm afraid we have no hope of any real leadership with these selected clowns.

Anonymous said...

Grant G said...

Thanks for the comments....@Jean...I really don`t have much more to say, Mulcair can`t come back, he ran a dull campaign, not enough fire in the belly..

Trudeau will be Prime Minister...I called September 15th/2015 in this Tyee article, in the comment section..


Liberals' History of Broken Progressive Promises

By Bill Tieleman, 15 Sep 2015,

Wide Open Eyes John Merriman

•6 days ago

"Yes, we must be permitted to hear spin from all sides on this site and if we don`t the Tyee comment thread will be a reversed mimic of the National Post.

I`m prepared to listen to or read editorials and
opinion pieces from all sides, we are grown up and most commenters here at The Tyee can separate the wheat from the chaff....

Tieleman,....remember his Translink referendum misinformation articles?..And not only that, he had personal vested interests in a successful yes outcome..

I don`t really care who wins the election as long as it
isn`t Harper`s Conservatives, ..My gut tells me Justin Trudeau is moving up in the polls. Maybe Canadians want to build major infrastructure projects and are content running deficits..

I`m of the belief that Trudeau will squeak out a minority win, with a big assist from riding rich Ontario..

Lastly..Harper was here in BC this week, in his campaign speil he was bashing the NDP of the 90`s...Harper was pulling a BC Liberal smear job, the exact same
attacks the BC Liberals used during the last four provincial elections,,Harper even brought up the fast ferries...

Why do incumbent Governments feel the need to go back decades to find smear, are not political parties always evolving??? Do not party/political leaders change course, are not some leaders better than others? or is one
branded for life at birth?

Maybe Trudeau will keep his promises, or most of them.

Infrastructure projects procured with honest bidding, the time is right, interest rates have never been this low..

Victoria needs a sewage treatment facility to name one.

How about a highspeed electric bullet train across Canada...

Mulcair...Trudeau...I don`t care which one wins, anyone but Harper"


Nothing more to say...I called the Trudeau win weeks before the herd..


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Please share.

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