Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Canada`s Rebirth, The Rejection of Harperism

There really isn`t anything too hopeful or awe inspiring to write about, here in British Columbia we have a rat-pack Government running scared,and what`s even scarier than Kevin Krueger`s breath is what Ken Bosenkool is telling BC`s puppet Government to do..

Destroy the economy on your way out, gift your friends, reward your corporate backers and set British Columbia up for financial ruin, yes indeed, with the next BC election already over the only thing Christy Clark can do is sabotage the economy for future Governments..

Remember  Justin Trudeau giving the Federal con a beatdown, oh to dream, oh how I would love to see John Horgan stuff his fist up Krueger`s empty cranium, John Horgan is a maverick, a skilled artisan with more gusto then 10 Kevin Kreugers combined.

John Horgan has too much class to stoop to Kevin Kreuger`s level, actually, the lowly omoeba one-celled organism has more class then Kevin Kreuger.

You are a gutless coward Kreuger, have you noticed a pattern, Ken Bosenkool directed Harry Bloy, Kevin Kreger and Rich Coleman to slag the NDP, these weren`t accidental slips of tongues, these were orchestrated sleaze, orchestrated by Harper Conservative Gordon Campbell and Ken Bosenkool, too bad these attacks are falling on deaf ears, have any of you watched question period of late, there isn`t one BC Liberal who has aged well, Ida Chong looks like she`s ready to cry, Shirley Bond`s face needs to be turned upside down, George Abbot has angry clown mouth syndrome, Rich the tick Coleman(nuff said about him)...Even Christy Clark is suffering from botox face freeze, have you noticed her frozen  droopy left side of her face, that my friends is known as botox freeze...

Run Richard Branson run, Christy Clark is known in popular circles as two-face, you never know what you might wake up to in the morning..

Anyway, the bottom line is this, we have very angry BC Liberals, angry that their political careers are over, angry that they allowed Gordon and Michael Campbell to ruin their future legacy, to ruin their sleep, angry that for the rest of their days on earth they will have to watch their back and when the day comes when they`re in a seniors home, will that healthcare worker exact revenge, even in death these Harper clone Liberals will find no solace for the journey continues south to a burning sea of hell-fire, there will be no quarter given and no forgiveness granted, charity starts at home, so does vengeance..

British Columbia, a refugee province dying a slow death, Harperland is in a direct assault campaign against us, against the left coast, a shallow man filled with anger and revenge is his only weapon, a temporary weapon mind you...His HST rejected, his pipeline rejected, his BC Liberal/Conservative Government rejected, from the king of the heap to outhouse door after a 1 term majority, Harper is seething, a boiling meltdown, his revenge is to take boaters lives, to order BC fuel sellers to jack us up at the pump and the more Harper pushes British Columbia the more he looses...Yes indeed, Thomas Mulcair, the next Prime minister of Canada and you know what, it might never had happened without Harper showing his true corporate colours, the darkside, the belly of the beast his number be 666 but his name be Stephen Treason Harper...

This post is one of hope, yea I know what hope, what effing hope do we have, well...

The CP rail strike isn`t about wages, shareholders want employee pensions gutted and new hire employees to receive none, Aveos betrayal, Air Canada, a Federal Government who cares only about shareholder profit and fuck the worker, now a self-funded EIC(UIC) worker safety net is under assault too, healthcare, Canada pension all under assault, let`s lay out all the cards, Federal Liberals and Federal Conservatives have stolen $100 billion dollars from a self-supporting UIC fund and now laid off workers get the shaft...

Here are some UIC facts that existed before Harper`s assault....It now takes 3 months before you receive your first UIC cheque...If you are a worker laid off after 30 years with one company, you never collected UIC before, the company pays you 30 weeks severance pay, for every week of severance pay you receive from company X you will have to wait an additional week before receiving your first UIC cheque...In other words..You worked a lifetime, never collected until now you will have to wait 40 weeks before you receive even $1 dollar from UIC....That`s right, exhaust all your severance before you get dollar $1....Now Harper wants people to work for less money, to take any job...First off, low-paying employers do not like to hire those who made double or triple elsewhere, they know these workers will leave soon...Secondly, if you made $80 k per year most workers would take a $60 or $70 k job, but let`s be clear, those jobs are rare and dying, now people are working for $14 per hour..$16 per hour, to expect these workers to commute AND TRAVEL TO WORK FOR $10 DOLLARS PER HOUR or be cut off IS ANOTHER DIRECT ASSAULT...Thefts of $billions from UIC fund make these changes a crime..

Background (from CBC story)
Labour unions appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada last Spring to argue the federal government has been improperly spending billions of surplus dollars in the unemployment insurance fund.
The court reserved judgment Tuesday afternoon and didn't set a date for a ruling.
Brought by the Quebec-based labour union Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN), the unions' argument is that the Employment Act fund shouldn't go into general revenue and pay for things such as debt reduction. Doing so turns it into an indirect tax and is unconstitutional, they argue.
"The reality is the government owes $55 billion to the insurance system and they need to pay it back," Barbara Byers, vice-president of the Canadian Labour Congress, told CBC News before the hearing began.
Intervening in the case are the Canadian Labour Congress as well as the attorneys general of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario and Quebec.
They argue that the government has misused EI funds dating back to 1996, when the act was amended to make it more difficult to qualify for unemployment benefits. Since then, the employment insurance account surplus has ballooned to $54 billion.
EI premiums are set once a year by Ottawa based on employment expectations. Some employers complain the government has been underestimating, resulting in an ever-increasing surplus that then goes into general revenues.
"The surplus has been used to pay down debt, It's been used to give tax cuts to large corporations and oil companies, it's been used for all sorts of other purposes, but not for unemployment insurance," said Byers.
"That's money that comes from workers and employers for unemployment insurance. It's not an extra tax, it's not to be spent on other things."
The Quebec Court of Appeal ruled against the unions after finding the EI premiums collected were within federal taxation powers. 

Canada's top court ruled on Thursday that the federal government acted constitutionally when it spent an employment insurance surplus on balancing the books.
The ruling found that it does fall within the federal government's purview to use the EI funds as it wishes, whether to pay down the debt or use on social programs relating to jobless workers.
But the Quebec-based union organizations that brought the case to the Supreme Court of Canada did score a minor victory. In Thursday's ruling, the top court found the government acted unlawfully in the way it collected EI premiums over three years.
In 2002, 2003 and 2005, a new rate-setting criteria was used for setting EI premiums that the court found to be unlawful, CBC's Rosemary Barton reported from Ottawa.
During those years, Parliament authorized the Governor General in Council to be responsible for setting the premium rate.
The Supreme Court did not make any recommendations on how to address the problem, and gave the federal government a year to respond to the decision. 

The Toronto Star's version:
EI financing ruled illegal by top court - Canada - EI financing ruled illegal by top court

December 11, 2008


OTTAWA–The Supreme Court of Canada says the federal government broke the law in financing the employment insurance system by transforming premiums paid by workers and employers into an unconstitutional tax.
In a 7-0 judgment, the court ruled the former Liberal governments of Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin collected EI contributions illegally in 2002, 2003 and 2005.
In those years, EI rates were set directly by cabinet without proper authorization from Parliament, violating the ancient constitutional principle of no taxation without representation.
However, the court rejected claims by organized labour that the Liberals deliberately ran up massive surpluses in the EI fund, then diverted the money to balance the federal budget and fund other initiatives.
The Confederation des Syndicats Nationaux, one of Quebec's leading labour organizations, had demanded that $54 billion in allegedly diverted premiums be returned to the EI system and used to fund future benefits to jobless workers.
The confederation also contended that federal jurisdiction is strictly limited to providing such benefits, and that any training, placement or other social services should be left to the provinces. The court rejected that claim, as well.
The dispute has its roots in the deficit-fighting efforts of Martin as finance minister under Chrétien. Critics have long maintained the strategy amounted to balancing the federal books on the backs of the unemployed.
The Liberals brought in legislation in 1996 that tightened eligibility rules for EI benefits but simultaneously opened the door to new training, education, placement and other programs.
Critics say the government then went on to set the premiums charged to workers and employers at higher rates than were necessary to fund the reduced benefits and new programs.
The result was a ballooning surplus in the EI fund – a revenue windfall critics said could be used first to balance the budget and later to support other Liberal initiatives that had no connection to EI.
Opposition MPs, labour unions, business groups and Auditor General Sheila Fraser all complained repeatedly about the new regime but to no avail.
The current Conservative government promised earlier this year to set up an independent Crown corporation to run EI on a break-even basis. But the Tories didn't offer to restore the $54 billion diverted in the past.


There you have it, a self-supporting UIC fund has been robbed and ripped off by both Federal Liberals and Federal Cons, any further thefts and reductions will be known as Stephen Harper`s China Stndrome...

The China Syndrome, the race to the bottom, the experiment failed and China is caput, done, finished, the commodity decadal boom has turned to bust....Harper and Campbell were too late, Christy clucking Clark is too late, there will be no LNG bonanza, there will be no tar oil savior, can`t you see, oil is $90 dollars per barrel and falling, oil companies are in shock, they want their summer bonus dollars and it isn`t there, there is world glut, herein BC oil companies at the behest of Stephen Harper are charging BCers at the pump the price of $150 dollar per barrel oil....

OK...Are you happy yet, this was supposed to be a post of hope, well here it goes, change is coming, Kinder Morgan has scaled back thei tripling of the pipeline, there is a reason, oil orders are being curtailed, oil is falling back to $60 dollars per barrel and staying there, that means the tar sands die, they lose money, America is cranking up coal burning, drilling, fracking and it doesn`t matter who is in power down south...

The super-cycle commodity boom of the last 10 years is over, Europe is broke, Asia is not only flat-lining they`re retrenching, The US of A is broke, the people are broke, Canadians are drowning in debt, after a 10 year supercycle commodity boom Canada is broke, Alberta is running massive debts, BC is broke, the game is over....

Stephen Harper was a decade late, so was Gordon and Michael Campbell, their ideology is now a proven failure, a intrnet driven fact filled electorate with the last of the kool-aid drinkers dying in droves, Dutch Disease, poison, corporate corruption, cronyism run amok, banking profits setting records while the future is stolen in plain view, the day of reckoning is here....A decade of zero gains on the TSX exchange, zero gains on the dow, the S&P..Chinese markets, Japanese markets, American markets, a decadal commodity boom and almost every market is lower today than a decade ago, the people have awoken to the scam..

Youtube, bloggers, writers, heros, facts facts and more facts, the truth is coming out so fast, stories are disected and bisected, sliced and diced by brilliant minds and intuitive thinkers, before the ink is dry on the latest criminal Government liefest press release these brilliant minds have dredged the truth and told the Straight Goods...


Sun to Set on Commodities Super-Cycle: Morgan Stanley Strategist

"The massive commodities boom of the past decade is at its tail end given the slowdown in one of the largest consumers, China,"

 China's growth is downshifting to a lower plain, its very commodity-intensive phase of growth is coming to an end. This to me marks a big decade of increase in commodity prices coming to an end,”

" we're headed now for two decades down as far as commodity prices are concerned. This is the sunset of the big commodities super-cycle,” he said.

The 200-year history of commodity prices shows a repeated trend of two decades of price declines, followed by one decade of price gains, according to Sharma.
The current up-cycle in commodities led by Chinese demand together with stupendous growth in other emerging economies is now reaching its end, with raw material markets seen under pressure in recent months.
Copper prices, which are seen as a gauge for the world’s economic health due to its extensive use in the manufacturing industry, have fallen 13 percent over the last three months. Brent crude [LCOCV1  106.36    -0.32  (-0.3%)   ] and gold [XAU=  1550.01    -4.53  (-0.29%)   ] prices have fallen 14 and 9 percent, respectively, over the same period.  
Earlier this month, the world’s largest miner, BHP Billiton [BHP  64.02    2.21  (+3.58%)   ], announced that it has pulled back on plans to spend $80 billion on expansion projects, warning that it expects commodity markets to cool further.

  Australia, Brazil, Russia - I think all these economies will have to cope with lower commodity prices over the coming decade compared to the big windfall they enjoyed over the past decade,” Sharma said.

“What these countries forgot is that the big boom over the past decade was very much because of a global tide lifting all boats; it was not about their own economic policies,” he added. 


We chased Gordon Campbell out of Canada, we rejected Harper HST, BCers are embracing the Big Orange Star, Canada is ready and willing to elect Thomas Mulcair to majority status, Canada will once again be a leader in human rights, in social justice,...

Christy Clark and every BC Liberal have ruined their after-life and are destined for a life in purgatory, a blazing hell, and even before that their days will be spent hiring security guards and looking over their shoulders...Deliveries of severed feet will be the least of these politician`s worries, some might find a horse`s head in their bed, or is that Kevin Kreuger...

Canadians are angry, Harperland is on fire and the clock is ticking.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


kootcoot said...

Good one Grant.

We need to get rid of Christy Clueless before next spring, demand an election this fall. Harper's government is illegitimate and the results in many ridings need to be overturned. The 750 pages from Harper's lawyer attacking Maude Barlow, asserting camperty and maintenance and even setting aside the usual gentlemanly manners of lawyers shows the desperation of the Harperites in their desire to cling to power and render Canada unrecognizable to those who love her - in order to pimp her out to Harper's corporate masters!

BTW add Timken in St Thomas, Ontario to the list that includes Aveos and Caterpillar.

Anonymous said...

Actually being the fundamentalist wacko that he is, he may actually have changed the 'v' his parents gave him to 'ph', as soon as he realized the truth.

steven (6) joseph (6) harper (6)

Anonymous said...

The "Peoples" resources.

Anonymous said...

Grant G said...

Mining company Cline mining is sueing the BC Government for $500 million dollars...

There is a mining ban, an oil n gas exploration ban in the flathead valley, now this money sucking min ing company wants $500 million dollars for a mining claim that never would have been approved..

And guess who granted these mining permits in the Flathead valley?

Effing BC Liberals...

Anonymous said...

The Etioboke Center election, was declared null and void by the
Supreme Court. Ted Moritz is appealing the decision. Problem is, Harper is appointing two new Conservative judges. I wonder if, one of Harper's new judges, will preside over Moritz' appeal? Harper is trying to stop, all of the election disputes.

Harper is also trying to quash, the election fraud and the robo-calls investigation.

Campbell sold BC out to China. Our mill industry has taken a big hit, because of Campbell. Freighter after freighter of raw logs, go to China non-stop. 12,000 more mill people will lose their jobs, because of a shortage of logs. China is also bringing their own people over, to work their mines in BC.

Harper has permitted China to buy up the tar sands. China refuses to pay Canadian wages. They are allowed to bring their own people to work their vast tar sands holdings. They even have Chinese cooks. China refuses to have the oil refined in Canada. They can pay their own people crap wages, to do it in their own country. China is also bringing thousands over, to build the Enbridge pipeline.

Canadians own none of their resources. They have all been thieved, and sold out to foreign country's..who are also taking our jobs.

Fadden of CSIS even warned about, China making huge inroads into Canada. He is exactly right. Fadden also specifically named BC. Remember Campbell's hissy fit over that? He was named and caught out, by Fadden.

e.a.f. said...

Fadden was correct & most of the voters chose to ignore him at their own peril.

Foreign ownership of a country's resources is never a good thing for the country or its citizens. To control your own destiny you need to control your resources & land.

We need to take a good look at foreign ownership, whether it is our resources or homes in the lower mainland.

Anonymous said...

I guess that our EI program is not insurance after all, according to the Quebec Supreme Court. If it is a tax, then why not come out and say it is? Then we expect it to be thieved by right wing governments and funnelled to the coporistas.