Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Conservative Disease, Vanishing Backbones and Forked Tongues

Ah, the ability to stare one in the eyes and boldly lie your face off, Stephen Harper`s team is full of these spineless losers..

Last week when it was revealed that Harper dictated shuttering the busiest coast guard station in Canada Conservative jellyfish James Moore was ordered to lie, Conservative MP Moore, like a good useless mindless toady told the media that the Conservatives consulted the closure of this life-saving service with interested parties, James Moore used the utterance.."We consulted broadly" snip...Well, they consulted no one, maybe they consulted someone with the last name Broadly(insert sarcasm here) but no one else was notified....Basically, Harper told James Moore to lie his face off, and he did, no questions asked.....This is a Harper Conservative trait, lie, steal, cheat, abuse while stuffing their own pockets with largesse from the public purse...James Moore isn`t alone..

When this coast guard station closes and people die, which they will who will join with me in a class-action murder charge against Stephen Treason Harper, on the water seconds count, minutes are precious, the question isn`t...Will someone die the question is....How many will die before the coast guard station is returned to its locale in Kitsalano?

Slashing food inspectors, coast guard stations, direct assaults on Canadians...

Let me be clear, Stephen Harper will be punted from office in the next Federal election, 1 year after being granted his majority he`s already 10% points behind Thomas Teflon Mulcair, no mud will stick, Mulcair speaks to truth and Harper is preaching to his choir and his choir only, which by the way are dying by the thousands everyday, he, like Christy Clark is in a political death spiral, neither can be saved from their destiny of headliners in the Museum of Political Losers...

Here in BC we have elected politicians who are walking around committing felonies against the public purse, Rich Coleman is a bold-faced liar who should be arrested, John Les should be jailed for land zoning fraud, jailed for betraying the public trust, even if El Bloatto thinks John Les is great, as written here at the Straight Goods, John Les is a criminal, period, we have Kevin Krueger wandering around looking for a brain and we have Christy Clark searching for an ESL school who will teach her how to speak English..And then there`s Kevin Falcon who hasn`t yet told the public that corporations will be able to keep all their HST inputs and carry on as if we voters accepted the HST, for those of you not paying attention the PST exemptions are coming back, along with new taxes, legal fees will remain taxed at 12%..Used car sales, boat sales will remain taxed at higher levels then pre-HST days, there is also a planned restaurant and entertainment tax, in other words these spineless lying BC Liberals have about $1.4 billion in new taxes coming to British Columbians, with the elimination of the HST rebate for the poor BC doesn`t need $2 billion in new taxation, only about $1.4 billion...

I`ve looked at the legislation to bring back the PST/GST..There isn`t a single past exemption listed, not one, what we have brewing in Patrick Kinsella premier`s office is a back-door HST, corporations will not be returning to the previous tax structure, in other words BC Liberal corporate masters will keep all their exemptions... Has even one mainstream media asked the direct question to Kevin Falcon...What direct question you might ask, this one..

{Minister Falcon, are corporations, corporations like Canfor, Teck Cominco, Encana gas going back to the exact same tax regime as before the HST was implemented?}

For if anyone asked Falcon the answer would be one of spineless deflection, it doesn`t matter to Christy and the Fiberals, they are done, there is no need to appease the public when maybe 4 or 5 Liberal MLAs at most might stand a chance of being re-elected.

It just amazes me how easily corrupt Government stooges can lie their face off, remember Shirley Glug Glug Bond telling BCers how with the new, tough-hard-nosed negotiated RCMP contract we control cost, we have more say, we have virtually 50/50 partnership with the NEW RCMP...Yet a mere week later Shirley shoeless Bond was shocked over wage increases, retroactive wage increases, ...Let me be clear, Shirley clueless and shoeless Bond had zero say over the RCMP contract, it was a take it or leave it offer, everything else was bullshit....We in BC have visitors tasered at the airport, we had Ian Bush shot in the back of the head in police lock-up, we have sexual deviants hiding behind a badge, we have Monty Robinson who killed a second time and obstructed justice still getting paid and Shirley shoeless Bond talks of our control....And as a deliberate slap in BC`s face the RCMP are shipping a disgraced drunken cop, a sexual abuser of power and position being transferred to BC and not one word from Shoeless Bond or even one blathering from ESL enrollee hopeful Christy cluck cluck Clark....Have they no shame...

And if it wasn`t bad enough shutting down the BC Rail corruption trial, fighting our auditor general John Doyle on pertinent BC rail documents, shutting down the Boss mining trial, now shutting down the BC utilities commission not for as Christy Clucking Clark states(to help families) but to stifle information on Smart meters, on run of river ripoff contracts, on $billions in hidden deferral accounts, a BC Liberal diseased Government who have so screwed BC`s economy that they will go to whatever means to hide the truth...An arrogant bunch of hell-bound political public trough lickers....

Federal Harper Cons and BC Liberal Harper Cons.....Birds of a feather who lie and thieve together...

And this rant ends with a Federal Harper CON MP who has admitted that Harper`s budget is pathetic, his draconian add-ons in a budgetary bill, assaults on Pensions, on the environment, on food inspectors..

" A Conservative MP says plenty of government backbenchers share opposition concerns about the wide array of controversial measures crammed into the massive budget implementation bill.

But British Columbia MP David Wilks says there’s nothing a lone member can do to defeat the bill or force the Harper government to split up its 425 pages.
Wilks made the comments during a meeting Tuesday with a small group of constituents in his Kootenay-Columbia riding.
Portions of the meeting were videotaped and posted online Wednesday, prompting Wilks to quickly backtrack.

In the video, Wilks is urged by several constituents to vote against the omnibus budget bill, which features a host of non-budgetary measures including changes to the environmental assessment process, Old Age Security, immigration and Employment Insurance rules.

But Wilks says without similar defiance from at least a dozen fellow Tories, voting against the bill would be an empty gesture that would get him booted out of the Conservative caucus.

Me doesn’t change the budget,” he tells the constituents. “If I stand up and say ‘no,’ it still passes.”
Pressed by one woman to break party ranks and represent the views of his constituents on the bill, Wilks responds: “If you want me as an independent, I’ll do that.”
In the candid exchange, Wilks reveals frustration over the way in which the bill has been presented.

“I think you’ll find a barrage of Conservatives do hold your concerns and I am one of them,” he says. “I do believe some of (the provisions) should be separated out.”

Opposition parties have dubbed the legislation a “Trojan Horse bill,” designed to sneak through a host of controversial changes to a wide array of programs with little individual scrutiny. But Wilks is the first Conservative MP to echo those concerns.

Shortly after the video surfaced, Wilks was back-pedalling.

“I wish to clarify my position with regard to Bill C-38, the Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act,” Wilks said in a statement posted on his website.
“I support this bill and the jobs and growth measures that it will bring for Canadians in Kootenay-Columbia and right across the country.”


Let me translate what David spinelles Wilks had to say.....

Hello voters, my name is David Wilks, I`m a trough sucking pig, I`ll say anything to you in person to appease you and get your votes but in reality I`m a spineless jellyfish who doesn`t want Jim Falherty and Stephen Harper to yell at me and kick me out of perkville, the Harper Government also reminded me that I gave a blood-oath to be a bootlicker and treasonous bastard, and rumour is rampant that I might get Bev Oda`s make-up artist to call my own..
My name is spineless jellyfish and unless others do the right thing and in the right numbers I`ll remain a silent bootlicking useless slug...Sincerely David Wilks, a true Conservative..
Hat`s off to Bob Mackin for some great work on the LDB privatization corruption scandal involving premier Patrick Kinsella and ESL enrollee Christy Clark, Bob is all alone on that file despite el bloatto clinging onto other`s hard work...
For shame on you commenters who allow the sponge king to mooch credits from real(honest journalists)...Typical MO of those who slag the dead and pretend to know those famous folk who died...Give my best to Ronnie Raygun and all the Popes, Prime Ministers, writers(of fame), celebrities, Cortes Island artists, give my regards to all those famous dead-people you wined and dined with.....National inquirer lives in BC..

You were right Charlie Smith, Not in his right mind....

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Crankypants said...

Grant. You may want to edit your article to read James Moore. The only Greg Moores of note that I can think of are the deceased race car driver from Maple Ridge and the current mayor of Port Coquitlam.


Grant G said...

Thanks Cam...I`ve made the correction..

I always get the Moore`s mixed-up..

Thanks for wide-open eyes Crankypants..

Crankypants said...

The more I hear and read about our political scene, no matter whether it's federal or provincial, the more I view political parties as the most undemocratic type of democracy. I don't know if it makes sense, but it seems that a party that gains power runs the show with the input of only a handful, if that, of the elected party members while the rest are sent out to lie their faces off in support of these few. It seems to me that the only prerequisite for the majority of the people elected as an MP or MLA is the ability to lie with a straight face and clap like a trained seal when called upon.

Federally we currently elect 308 MPs of which a party with a majority must get at least 155 members elected, which theoretically represent over half of the electorate of Canada. Unfortunately only a handful of these 155 or more MPs have any meaningful input into our governance while the rest are given the job of representing their party to the electorate. If one was given the job of explaining our form of democracy to an alien, they would look at us as if we had our brains removed shortly after birth.

By the way, I think that Kevin Krueger found what he thought was a brain. Unfortunately for him it was only the remnants from the lobotomy performed on Harry Bloy.


Anonymous said...

When will the average voter learn to put integrity ahead of party when they mark their 'x'?
If we just keep on voting out those that do not represent us and insist on gorging on the public trough in the name of self interest, then we get what we deserve. Not that I voted for Harper or a BC Liberal. We need revolving door politics until those that end up governing us realize that is just why they are there.
I love your new term 'perkville'. I must use it.

Gary E said...

Wilks and many other politicians seem to have forgotten the only real elected politician this country had. One who when faced with the power machine ran as a independent and held Parliament to task. Chuck Cadman

Anonymous said...

Great commentary as usual Grant, however I would urge you to refrain from leading with 'Let me be clear'.

Everytime a Lieberal or a CRAP Con is about to tell a stretcher, they preface it with the phrase 'Let me be clear', and then of course proceed to be as ambiguous and incomprehensible as humanly possible.

I think that lead is part of their training in Harperland.

kootcoot said...

Good to see you back on fire Grant!

As to Gary E. why is that the good ones like Cadman or Jack get cancer and die on us, or is it part of the vast right wing conspiracy to not just poison kids playing on a soccer field with carcinogens and F.N. members living downstream from the gooey tar pits, but also those politicians who stand up to the thugs. What was Cadman's widow threatened with to dissemble about the bribe?

BTW, Stevie Sleazy, when in opposition complained about Martin bringing in a budget of just over 100 pages but now that he his king thug almost 500 pages with all kinds of major changes, non-budgetary, are just fine and dandy. I neither recognize Spiteful Steve as my P.M. nor Clueless Crusty as my premier, I consider them both un-indicted felons!

Watch out cuz anyday now el Bloatto will be claiming to be buddies with your dad..............

Don F. said...

But, but, but Alex did an 'exclusive' on the LDB story, I swear I saw it with mine own eyes!

Anonymous said...

Good job Grant.

Harper has more than a few lawsuits against him. It's amazing Harper's Conservatives back him up. That is one way to destroy their political careers. Same as Campbell's BC Liberals. They all sat with their fingers up their noses, and backed Campbell's evil corruption.

He is using more of his, dirty tactics/dirty politics. Harper is appointing two new, Conservative judges. I wonder if Harper will use one of them to hear his appeal regarding, the Etioboke Center election being declared null and void?

Harper is trying to halt the robo-call investigation. Harper wouldn't stop the investigation, if he were innocent.

The Sixth Estate is opening an investigation. Seems the HRSDC's funding is being diverted to Conservative ridings. This is a part of the Sixth Estates pork barrel projects. The Sixth Estate has many excellent postings.

Anonymous said...

Before Harper won his majority he manipulated in getting, he was quoted along the lines of - you won't recognize Canada when I'm through with it, of course not a big story reported in the media - but one thinks he's truly working on that goal. Grant, maybe he'll be booted in several years, but there's a number of budgets and announcements yet to come before that time. Are you not a little worried?

Keep up your reading, research, opinions, articles and exposure on your blog of these people. Have you noticed something in common?? Harper and Campbell work much the same way, whether it be the provincial Leg or the federal Parl; it's one of the same in the way they work, and the current BC Lib gov't more or less are carrying on the same way. And look at where Campbell is thanks to Harper. They work from the same Big Business tea leaves.

Anonymous said...

Harper, Campbell, Clark, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and all dictators, have the same typo characters in common.

Harper and Campbell are identical personalities. They lie, deceive, threaten, thieve, control, are corrupt, dirty tactics, paranoid, dirty politics, and most certainly cheat to win. Neither one of them have any morals or ethics, what-so-ever.

Anonymous said...

Odds on that just like Mulroney before him, Mr. Harper will be appointed to the boards of several large corporations after he is booted from office. The more things change, the more they remain the same.
I want a vote on issues rather than politicians. Because the system we have now doesn't for us. It is the same system which is screwing ordinary people all over the planet.