Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Contrition

Well, sometimes I get a little testy, my fatal flaw......Never-the-less, the Michael Smyth story, his removal from the airwaves, I wrote about it several times, early on on CKNW Michael Smyth was yanked from the airwaves and was substituted, these radio removal events seemed to coincide with hot scandalous BC Liberal stories, ..The Liberal  leadership race, BC Rail and now that the HST is front and center poof...Smyth is gone, time after time Smyth was pulled from the air and replaced with BC Liberal lovers, it was then that rumours circulated about Smyth`s job security...Michael  Smyth was prodded to avoid the HST by CKNW brass.....Last week to add insult to injury CKNW ran a HST special....But it wasn`t hosted by Michael Smyth(staunch HST hater) was his time slot but the brass at CKNW had no other than Michael Campbell host the show, Gordon Campbell`s brother and Pro-HST booster club member, in fact during the week leading up to his HST special his morning talk on money segment was all HST all the time, that being all FOR the HST,... The selection of Michael Campbell to host that 3 hour HST promotional was a personal slap aimed at Smyth!......

Well after the Michael Campbell segment that was slanted big time for the pro-HST side, a 3 hour special promoting the HST, Smyth`s issue, hijacked, a 3 hour special that was advertised ahead of time....It appears that Michael Smyth wasn`t going to play the game anymore....CKNW has the idiot Gord MacDonald... They have Bill Good, Gordo`s neighbour and personal friend and the biggest BC Liberal stooge on the air....Now remember who Smyth was replacing?...Christy Clucking Clark, a teacher hating, NDP hating, loud mouth blow hard who touted the BC Liberal platform on air, an ex BC Liberal.....If anyone couldn`t see that he would never survive on CKNW if he went after the Liberal Government wasn`t thinking clearly....Nw`s track record for sending commonsense or slightly left radio voices into purgatory is well known....The days of Rafe Mare, Pat Burns, Berner and Bannerman are long gone.....

The bigger story is this, another anti-HST voice has been drowned out by corporate media,.....Take Bill Good, the man is the biggest phony on air, it`s so laughable when he claims he`s neutral on the HST, how many people out there can see what I see, or should I say hear....I see/hear an old man whose game is gone, a tired old boot that no one believes but is humoured, ....There there, leave Billy Good alone, he`s old and senile, just humour the old boy.....And I love this, Billy Boy has been spouting this line on air for the last week...and I quote..

"I don`t want to hear from politicians on the HST, I want to hear from economists, accountants and tax lawyers"snip

You see folks, that line above says it all, what happened to the voice of the little guy.....A tax lawyer deals with usually bigger customers who are hiding as much income as possible, that`s his job, these tax lawyers make pretty good cash.....Accountants,..If you ask any accountant what system of taxation is more efficient, the answer will be the HST...But if you asked further questions about taxation, like for example...Would the elimination of all sales tax and switching to straight income tax be even more efficient?.....The answer again would YES from an accountant....And as for economists, how many economists predicted the Wall Street fraud, the US real estate bubble and worthless triple AAA assets backed securities, didn`t Harper in 2008 say Canada was immune to the economic funk, Colin Hansen, Gordon Campbell cited economists before the 2009 election, we were told that there would be no recession in BC, a tiny deficit, no HST, we were told that BC was the best jurisdiction in the world and almost immune from the affects of the Wall Street fraud, the BC Progress board echoed this sentiment as did the handful of economists the BC Liberals dragged out to spin the party line pre-2009 election......And what happened?

We had an election, we were told the debt is now $4 billion dollars, we were informed of the HST, we saw gaming grant cuts, cuts to the autistic children, charities, literally over night we went from the best place in the world to a Province that can`t survive without the HST, big business, the corporations, the bridge and road builders, the miners, the exporters, all these industries that scored big through the last decade have all come out in favour of the HST, we see their ads, the robo-calls, and now on CKNW Bill Good and company don`t want even one real voice on air on the side of the people and against the HST....And do we hear any contrition from the "economists" for their blunders and errors, no, we hear nothing but ...Listen to us, were economists!

How about an HST special with nothing but voices of dissent, the home owner who replaced his roof, the senior whose $40 dollars he had left over each month is now gone,  the person that eats fast food everyday  and the family that canceled a summer trip because the kid`s team sports and household expenses have risen to the point giving up little luxuries!....When will these voices get heard.....For people with empty pockets can`t buy goods.

Here is what we do know...Atlantic Canada has had the HST since 1996, 15 years, how come Atlantic Canada has had the highest unemployment numbers in Canada every year, how come no corporate headquarters or manufacturing hubs have opened up there, explain that one, if the HST is such a boon why haven`t they flocked to New Foundland...

We are also being told that almost every country in the world has an HST/VAT tax and we must adapt....Well, isn`t that comforting, Canada is in the best fiscal shape of almost every country in the world and we are told to adopt the same taxation formula as Greece, Portugal and Ireland!....Greece is about to default and bring down down a dozen big banks and were told we must follow Greece`s taxation system.....Well that`s rich, Are You Kidding Me!

So the HST provinces in Canada lead with unemployment numbers...Countries that are going bankrupt have HST taxation..

How did BC industries survive the Canadian dollar rising from 65 cents American to over $1.05 ...A 50% swing in currency value literally overnight with our biggest trading partner....Oil has gone from $25 dollars a barrel in 2001 to as high as $150 dollars a barrel in 2008 now hovering around $96 dollars a barrel...How do businesses adapt, how do consumers adapt, those swings in currencies and commodities prices make the HST look like nothing!...

We are being bombarded with ads by big exporting businesses who claim  the world will come to a sudden end if the HST goes, how did they manage to survive before July 1st 2011, how did EnCana gas and Teck Cominco make $billions and $billions every year before the HST, how did the banks survive pre-HST, how on earth did the BC Construction industry survive before the HST, the road builders, coal exporters, gas drillers, miners, on and on, just how did they survive before the HST and oh my Gawd, how on earth did the Tax lawyers, accountants and economists survive before the HST was imposed....Oh the humanity..

There is anger brewing folks, the HST is going down unless the vote is cheated....I have done a random poll with strangers, 18 voting yes to remove the HST and 2 for keeping the HST...

Lastly, sorry about letting my anger get through, I don`t ask for much, AGT should have at least acknowledged that I nailed the story on Michael Smyth 4 months ago..Blogger etiquette and class you know!

The HST  vote is the people`s referendum and it`s about time the media let us be heard....

And the above post, it`s not about Michael Smyth, it`s about the media silencing your voices.

Vote Yes to Kill the HST

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Send that gorgeous little critter at the top, with those beautiful green eyes. I accept C.O.D.

I certainly do remember your post. I'm sure everyone else does too. I read my comment.

Through the years, I have had people take the credit, for things I had done. That used to make me angry too. I would be in disbelief, like how can they do that?

That's why, I hold Campbell in so much contempt. To lie to win two elections, is no win at all. To me that's slimy. That's why I don't like Christy and the BC Liberals. Like, you decide on the HST. While Christy, is lying her face off, and really is telling citizens, to accept the HST. The HST ballots, trying to confuse voters by the wording. Falcon's threats, he doesn't have to honor the HST. He can leave the taxes on, anything he pleases.

I intensely dislike, hypocrites and liars. As a kid, growing up in our house, you did not lie, or you would be in deep doo doo. I think that's how decent people were raised.

JonH said...

Anon 6:20, That's the point, the BC Liberals weren't raised as decent people but they were raised as hypocrites,liars and thieves to which they have exceeded their own expectations.

Anonymous said...

Grant, I'm on your side. You broke the story first and AGT's claim that he spoke with M Smyth about it doesn't seem to consider that Michael may have not been honest with him. Why would Michael say anything to him at the time? Some people are busy protecting what is theirs.

People have an ego to feed, that is how it works.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, off topic.

I am sort of curious, of Christy's family's first diatribe. Is BC the only province, that parents have to pay $200.00 per year for the school buses? I think they said, $300.00 per year for two children? What happens to the family's, who just can't afford to pay that amount? I gathered, these fees will start next school term, in the fall.

I was astonished to hear, how many students are being home schooled. Are there children, who can't be sent to school by bus, who will have no schooling at all? I'm asking because, I met a mother who was home schooling her six children. I didn't want to pry. However I thought, it would cost her a pretty penny, for school bus fees for six kids.

This province, must be in it's death throes, ready to crash. I don't understand why Christy is so rabid and frantic, to force the HST onto struggling BC family's. BC's HST, goes directly to Harper. There is no benefit to the people of BC. Christy should be doing something worthwhile, instead of wasting tax dollars, this province doesn't have, fighting for the ridiculous HST, that benefits no-one in BC, except greedy, big businesses.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant,

Heres a link to a blogger that has spoken out about the media across the country as well as other important issues.


Anonymous said...

Anon 6:28

I remember when Sooke School District started charging for bus service. I could not pay. My son would have had to leave home in the dark to walk or cycle to school with his heavy backpack, through bear and cougar country where there are no streetlights or even neighbours to turn to. Fortunately, when I discussed the matter with the Principal they filled out a form and the fee was waived. I had to go back every year to fill out the form. But at least we were able to subsidize those expensive private schools who benefit equally from our tax dollars! Kim