Thursday, July 7, 2011

Michael Smyth to be removed from CKNW(Updated July 7th/2011) Tsakumis dives into the sewer!

(originally posted March 4th/2011)

A working story in progress folks....My source tells me that tensions between CKNW and Michael Smyth is growing by leaps and bounds..

My source also tells me that CKNW will remove Michael Smyth from the airwaves shortly....The main reason is Smyth`s opposition to the HST and his aggressive interviews with BC Liberals....

Early names being bandied around for his replacement are Simi Sara and or Alise Mills....

That`s folks rings true...For Michael Smyth was kept off the air in the week leading to the BC Liberal leader convention vote and replaced with a week of Michael Campbell(Gordon Campbell`s brother, who ranted all week against unions, health care, pensions, teachers, public servants, entitlements), and he has been told to stay home on other BC Liberal bad news days...

My source tells me that when the HST referendum gets ramped up that Michael Smyth is gone...

I have no confirmation yet...

And if you think I am kidding...Slow news day or what, what else is in the news right now, police shootings, Old driver gets no jail time for killing a flagperson, and what has been the lead item on CKNW newscast all afternoon....

Haven`t you heard, the latest massive intriguing story....The NDP brass want Nicholas Simon`s pass words to  social media sites he visits....Yes friends Simons should say no but......Are you kidding me!....The lead story on CKNW newscast`s all afternoon!

Stay tuned.

UPDATED HERE(July/7th/2011)...AGT has confirmed the story without attributing my March 4th scoop(low class)...A story I wrote months ago, 4 months ago! I could care less but I do care about fawning commenters on certain sites who laud AGT for breaking stories....Hogwash...I wrote months ago that Michael Smyth was to be removed for the reasons listed, his hard interviews of the BC Liberals...His opposition to the HST and the fact that Michael Smyth would not go to the sewer and promote lying BC Liberals...Billy Vanilla Good or Crusty Clucking Clark have no such shame....

Credit due where credit is due....Christ sakes Alex G Tsakumis....You are bordering on slap tickle and obfuscating posts....You posted months ago trying to debunk my Michael Smyth story...You were wrong then and you are wrong today...And you have no class as to admit that it was the Powell River Persuader, Grant G who broke the story...Next!....Heck, I even named Michael Smyth`s replacement Simi Sara, 4 months ago(March 4th/2011)!....Desperate days eh AGT?...In fact AGT wrote this story as a direct attack on this post on March 7th/20...Who`s laughing now Tsakumis!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Don F. said...

This sounds like and is without doubt payback for questions asked and embarrassing one Christy Clark about her involvement in B.C. rail and the need for an inquiry.This is a message she is sending,"How dare you put me in the hot seat I am Christy Clark" she is saying. This is her true self being displayed now that she has become premier in waiting. Sends shivers down my spine! We are in for quite a ride.

Anonymous said...

full of poo you are

Anonymous said...

We all know what happened to anyone, who opposed Campbell, they lost their jobs. Don't even think, Christy will be any different. She is Campbell in a skirt. Christy too is, full of hate, spite, malice and just as vindictive as Campbell is. And, don't think Campbell is going away. Some time back, he had said, he may stick around, as an adviser to the BC Liberal government. Campbell will steer, Christy every step of the way.

hydr0l1c5 said...

Just imagine if Michael Smyth was to report on the fact the major newspapers in Canada are owned by people of Jewish Extraction? All hell would break loose and he would need to publicly apologize and then take a sensitivity course and then be banished to reporting oblivion, never to be hear from again. Just ask Rick Sanchez previously of CNN. "There won't be any facts told here people, move along".

Anonymous said...

hydro011c5: "Jewish Extraction" ???

Is the capitalization of extraction meant to portay our fellow Canadians who are Jewish and may or may not observe the faith as sinister?

'"There won't be any facts told here people, move along".' ??????

Code for the "Jewish Conspiracy is alive, don't be fooled".

Dave Barrett is Jewish. Did the media embrace him?

As a journalist, Michael Smyth has a duty to a professional code of ethics, both as a journalist and broadcaster.

Don't use his dismissal for asking appropriate hard-ball questions to attempt to slide your racist agenda under the radar.

Like the HST I'm not buying.

Anytime I get a whiff of the "Jewish Conspiracy" I am reminded of those in Israel who have supported the rights of Palestines. People are all the same: good and bad, and most in-between.

Canada's finest died in W.W.2 to liberate the Jews. The Dutch risked everything to hide and protect their Jewish friends,neighbours and colleagues. Rember that little conspirator Anne Frank?

Provocative comments like yours disrespect the very values Canadian blood was spilled for.

Go in Peace.


FYI google genome project...we all decend from a common mother in Africa. We are all brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

I have only known of AGTs existence for a month or 2 and after reading only 3 columns, I discovered he is so full of himself. The colourful, but nasty language I came to the conclusion that he has self esteem issues.
Dr. Phil has a chair for you, Alex.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to an image bank of cartoons. Look for the copywrited one of the rotund fellow with the pink shirt: caption:

"It's not the same. I was caught stealing office supplies. You, on the other hand, got caught stealing ideas."

cut and paste to address bar

Enjoy. F.F.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

July 28 - it's official; Michael Smyth is gone and replaced with Simi Sara. Bummer, I can't stand either one.