Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Ok folks, the rhetoric is getting to be a bit much, I don`t know why some ndp members, the minority of members are flipping out over Carole`s resignation,  some of the nasty personal attacks aimed at Jenny Kwan and the faction...

If  one is senior in ranks does that predipose them to higher intelligence, I don`t think so, a picture of a cartoon popped into my head today, I don`t remember where I saw it but the first caption was of a child playing with toy guns, the second caption was of an adult playing with real guns, the third and final caption was of an old man, the old man was playing with toy guns, ..........

I will never be as smart as my old man, but at 82 years, sharpness, perception, attention to detail isn`t what it was...Sometimes people need to take a step back and reflect, Leah last week got mad at me when I suggested that true NDPers would still vote for Carole James and the party despite their mis-givings towards Carole, I received alot of flak over that and I do stand by my assertion, the point I am making, me, us, most of us would have grumbled and carried on had Carole reined in the "faction for Democracy" and remained on, I would give a little vent of emotions and make the best of a bad situation, a flickering candle I would have lit.....However on the senior side of political pundritry I don`t see that, I do see claims of the sky is falling and vengeance be mine against the devil 13 spawn, lifetime members and articulate writers issueing their own ultimatums, this disturbs me much......Perhaps I am partially responsible, I wrote a scathing critique on Carole James on January 1/2010 asking her to resign, almost a year ago....

I can`t explain it in real terms, I have visions, sometimes I can taste the mood of the people, ....My latest vision, a surge of support, over-whelming relief and a peaceful feeling overcoming  a voting public, John Horgan has thrown his hat in the ring, I suspect a couple of more will come forward, my mind tells me that when the public hears Horgan speak,when they get to know him as I do the party will burst at the seams.

So instead of celebrating some.......Some cry in their cornflakes and it`s not helpful, Global news tonight along with Keith Baldrey and the latest directive by PAB are trying to paint a picture of untrustworthy knife throwing backstabbers, Palmer and Canwest, samething.........Can`t you see it friends, faithful readers, if the main stream media tells us it`s a duck trust me, their lying, it ain`t a duck....I have listened to sean Leslie and Bill Good for years, the inflection in their voice changed today, sheesh man, this has got them scared shitless, Kevin Kreuger, Campbell`s enforcer and sometimes mistaken as the "missing link"  today said of Carole James, he feels sorry for her, Carole was reaching out to business when the radical demon spawn wing of the party had a coup de tat....Well folks, 2 weeks ago the same Kevin Kreuger called Carole James a weak ineffective leader that even their own members wouldn`t vote for,.....And today he states Carole James is the leader except for the internal revolt by party radicals, today Carole was a good girl in Kreuger`s mind, what a simpleton, I look at Kevin Kreuger and I see nothing, void of life, unable to escape a world built on lies and deception.

We have to be smarter than that, Carole is still an integral part of the party, we have so much ammo, a BC Rail public inquiry, minimum wage, workers rights, Hydro rates, MSP premiums, education, therapeutic initiative`s program, seniors care, I could go on and on.....Today Global news ran a long BC Liberal infommercial on the town of MacKenzie and the great forestry recovery, they were talking about the new 200 jobs in that town, but failed to mention the 1000 plus workers that used to work in MacKenzie a few short years ago, the comeback has been weak, yes some jobs are better than none but......Global played up the exports to China and the HST as the reason for turning things around....Hooey I say, exports of cheap Cants is up, lumber dumping in the US is up...1000 board feet of lumber is around $300 dollars, it`s been as low as $200 dollars in 2006......And as high as almost $1000 dollars a 1000 board feet in 2004.......The HST, if you believe Pat Bell the embedded PST on a 1000 board feet is  about $7 dollars  .....$7 dollars, considering the huge mobile price range of 1000 board feet(from $200 to $1000 dollar swing in three years) what`s $7 dollars, nothing....And folks, Global failed to mention that the American Lumber lobby has filed a $1 billion dollar plus soft-wood lumber complaint against British Columbia, their case is compelling.

This is just one example of the phony PAB spin, on the day Global news and Baldrey claim the NDP aren`t ready for prime-time because of dumping Carole James out comes this archived spin story on the great not-going-to-happen-forestry-recovery....

The tactics won`t change, let`s get Bob Simpson talking forestry, he`s clear and precise and can debunk the forestry myth, 60 plus mills closed since 2001 and a couple come back milling junk wood and the great recovery is on....Hooey I say Hooey.

CKNW have been featuring everyday for over a week one or more of the BC Liberal candidates, certainly the NDP candidates will get equal air time, the stooges might not be as friendly to NDP leadership contenders and lob soft balls but that`s good.

The point I am making, let`s rejoice, let`s ham it up, let`s show the people what we have, let`s fight for all we`re worth, we need David Shreck slicing and dicing the HST and the financial`s, we need Ian Reid with his inside knowledge and subtle jabs, we need every darn articulate voice we have,  we need some of the Tyee faithful to get on board...We need the Straight Goods.

But more importantly, we need a communicator, are we going to let a Kevin Falcon run this Province, a Christy Clark, George Abbott, I am prediciting the largest NDP majority in the history of B.C......

And until someone knocks us down from our lofty perch and set goals....We`re going to remain comfortably smug!

And I reach out to all of you from where it counts,  my heart  and soul

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

The fact is, Carole James could not win the next provincial election and every day Carole bumbled along dithering lost more support.

Remember, only about 21% of the provincial electorate voted NDP, while 50% did not vote at all! To win the next election, one has to motivate that 50% to vote and Carole James was stuck at the same numbers as the previous election which would translate at about 21% support of those who voted.

Now both parties will have new leaders and new looks. The NDP night of the long knives will soon be forgotten as the job at hand is to defeat the BC criminal Liberal party.

That is the way to get the voters on side, not dated rhetoric. The NDP have less than one year to get it right.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those forestry workers that lost their job and after 40 yrs in the industy I've seen a lot of ups and downs but I can tell you one thing the jobs are never comming back. As anyone who works in the industry can tell you it's a direct result of years of disastrous Liberal forestry policy. Mainly raw log exports(why would a country buy lumber when they can get the log for a fraction of the price and cut it into lumber with workers whom are paid no benefits and slave labour wages) and the closing of just about all the sawmills ( most of the mills have been disassemled and sold for scrap and the more modern ones have been loaded on ships and shipped to China, Korea and other low paid labour countries). Like I said on your post before the lumber lorries haven't slowed down their pace so the wholesale rape of the forests has continued with machinery and instead of 6 people doing the work they have been replaced with 1 operator. So please MSM don't insult our intelligence and go crawl back up whatever liberals ass you happen to be kissing at the time.

Anonymous said...

The fact is, Carole James could not win the next provincial election

Well, if your crystal ball is that good, just tell me. What's going to happen to the polling figures over the next few months. With James' resignation, will the NDP go up or down? Will they be leading the Liberals or trailing them?

Anonymous said...

Baldrey is really wringing his hands on this one...poor Carole James. the party in disarry, knives out,will take a long time to rebuild,in shambles...yada yada yada!Soooo glad I found this blog, many thanks to the Powell River Persuader (and many others) for digging for the truth and spelling it out in black and white.

Grant G said...

Well, if I may be so bold...04..17..24...Oh, you wanted polling numbers not the next super max...

Well...The NDP soar to unheard of heights..Can I say above 50%...Ooops, I just did...

Peace Brother, peace

Anonymous said...

I agree with, Anon 7:07. Mills had been the economy, for central and northern BC. Every time Campbell closed a mill in BC, another mill opened in China. Our raw logs, also go to China, BC mill workers, don't even get the processing jobs. Campbell loves that cheap labor, and child labor is cheaper still. Then idiots Campbell and Hansen, forced the HST onto the very citizens, who just can't afford to pay. People lost their homes, their vehicles and everything they had. The tax hikes in the provincial budget, were bad enough..put the two taxes together, it's impossible. However, big business were lined up at the trough, squealing for the HST. So, as usual Campbell steals from the poor, to give to the really big pigs.

Boxcar Bob said...


you 82? How many years ahead of the pack ..usually? 10 years ahead I`d betcha...not always easy huh?

Grant G said...

Not me...My hero is 82.

"If wishes were horses beggars could ride"

Thanks for the song Boxcar Bob

Keep the faith..


Anonymous said...

I want Corky Evans to lead this province. He's a person that understands the global market and its impact on our resources. He has a real social consciousness with a wider awareness that time and age has given him.

I implore Corky Evans to public service - you are needed - please step up!

Anonymous said...

Whoever the new leader may be, they will have the perpetual risk factor of the baked dozen lurking in the very near background.

What would it take to set them off again? Suppose there's a reception and the new leader has already had a couple of drinks and greets the Member's wife using the Mistress's name? Would that be enough to reignite the fuse???

Anonymous said...

Bill Good and Pamela Martin are leaving CTV.....this comes a week after CTV's news chief Robert Hurst (who hired them) steps down.


Grant G said...

Yes, all is going according to plan, CTV have heard the people and sense change...Not to mention my little campaign with that station, I got my answer.

Christy dives in the race tomorrow and then she`s off the air, she won`t get the nomination, her timing is terrible...

But that begs the question, I don`t see how she can go back to radio without being called a political opportunist with too much ego...Her radio show would have to give a disclaimer..."I am a true red Liberal"

It`s going to be a win win...Good losing his power,his radio gig next...Cluck cluck`s beak closed and a battle with the "rat pack"

"I like our Chances"

King Henry said...

The Clark woman will announce from the Segal School of Business ..South Granville..doen`t leave much to the imagination. Just whos interests will be served by Ms. Clark?

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our B.C. dead.
In peace there's nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility:
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the tiger;
Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage;"

Anonymous said...

Grant,do you think that the owners of the MSM are getting the hint as to how fewer amounts of people are going to their stations and newspapers to recieve their news and that's why their starting to shake loose the likes of Good and Martin or dare I dream. If so who is next? I think that Pamela Martin said that in her opinion the internet will be the way most people receive their news by 2014, if so then the likes of Palmer,Baldrey,Good and all the Liberal mouthpieces will have no audience.

Anonymous said...

I predict that Christy will be received with about as much enthusiasm as getting a lump of coal for Christmas. Remember her bid for mayor of Vancouver?

Did you hear Bill Good say today that he is so proud of his 17 year career, working 12 hour days. He is ready to embrace spending more time with his family - his radio family!
How is it that he has family? He could never have been there for all those times when anyone needed him. When do they get to 'see' him? When he is hungry then tired and off to bed. Next day....'seeya'. I predict that this man is headed for a deathbed deficit. A million regrets and unable to figure out a way to take his multi-millions with him to the great beyond.

Anonymous said...

Communicator - check.

Tough - check.

Doesn't send the public screaming away from their name on a ballot - check.

We need Mike Farnworth - somebody PLEASE DRAFT this man. I don't care if he doesnt want to be leader, we NEED HIM:


Crankypants said...

Getting rid of the BC Liberal Party is of uppermost importance come next election, whenever that may be. To that end, I hope that the rank and file of the NDP Party come up with an electable leader.

However, I think that we have been exposed to a much bigger problem with our governance. Bill Bennett's accusations of Gordon Campbell operating as a one-man band, and Jenny Kwan's assertions that Carole James was doing the same bring one to believe that our democracy is not very democratic. Neither leader strikes me as being bright enough to run their whole show on their own. So, if they are being either advised or directed, then by whom. If not their duly elected, respective caucuses, then one must assume that they are being influenced by unelected types. and most important of all, who are these masked people. In my books, this is no democracy at all. Nothing more than a ruse.

Could this be why voter turnout diminishes from election to election. Has the electorate become so jaded with the process, that they have just thrown up their hands in surrender? I suspect the answer is a big yes.

We need more than just a change in government, we need a change in how our governance operates. The sooner, the better.