Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christy Clark, Her Ex-Husband Mark Marissen, BC Rail, Ego, Corruption, Skeletons


Christy Clark, BC Rail Questions, We Need To Talk To Your Brother Bruce Clark

There are many unanswered questions surrounding BC Rail and a public inquiry is definitely required..The Gerrand conflict of interest case that was conducted only looked at a very thin slice of the BC Rail corruption scandal, and despite Gerrand`s ruling, too many questions remain unresolved..

First off, I believe taking anything to any conflict commissioner in Canada is a waste of time, these positions are patronage, their rulings and opinions are always soft, tempered tsk tsk milktoast fare, scathing rebukes and critical thought will not be found in any conflict commissioner`s words, written or verbal....

Bruce Clark(Christy Clark`s brother) who had his home raided via search warrant wherein the police found cabinet documents related to the Roberts Bank spur line..

Lobbyist Eric Bornmann was interviewed by Gerrand, Bornmann stated he received leaked information from nobody but Basi and Virk, yet we have no answer as to who leaked information to Dave Basi and Bobby Virk....Bruce Clark(Christy Clark`s brother) was granted immunity from prosecution for telling on the activities of Basi and Virk(Telling of all the bribes they were paid)....Yet that raises another question, one can only assume that either Bruce Clark received cabinet information on the Roberts Bank spur line from Basi n Virk or from someone in cabinet, ..If that is indeed the case, who gave Basi n Virk get the Roberts bank spur line data..Who leaked those documents to Basi n Virk, was it Christy Clark, was it Pat Bell, was it the corrupt Rich Coleman, or perhaps Mike De Jong..For nowhere have I seen evidence that Basi n Virk broke into cabinet offices and stole the data they leaked....That means there is still a leaker out there, a leaker who had unfettered access to cabinet materials.

One can easily take the leap ...Since Bruce Clark had top secret cabinet documents in his possession, and in his home it only makes sense that he received those documents from his sister Christy Clark...However..

Gerrand`s mandate and scope of review didn`t allow him to conduct an entire BC Rail public inquiry..

John Van Dongen`s complaint was..Christy Clark didn`t recuse herself from the very first cabinet meeting involving BC Rail, Dongen was suggesting that a conflict existed from the very first cabinet meeting, and the fact that Christy Clark didn`t recuse herself until the later cabinet meetings..This angle John Van Dongen was pursuing was a very thin slice indeed, Dongen also claimed Christy Clark met with lobbyists, that too is true but that`s what politicians do, and Christy Clark met with all the bribe giving lobbyists on many occasions.. 

Let me be perfectly clear, from the day Gordon Muir Campbell was elected in 2001 BC Rail was gone, and was going to David Mclean, CEO of CN Rail..Everything else is just white noise..

The WIDC scandal in Prince George involving the fleeing Pat Bell and Shirley Bond, the fairness commissioner looked at that scandal and declared everything was above board, yet she had no scope to investigate the charges levied by two Prince George businessmen,,So the BC Liberals use that selective sound-bite to declare all is good, that case is presently meandering its way through our courts..

Last night at 6:00 pm the lead story on BC`s chinese news channel, they led their newscast with Christy Clark beaming, smiling and clucking about how she was completely exonerated by conflict commissioner Gerrand, after the segment none of the important needling details like the ones noted above were mentioned, only the exoneration sound-bite..
There was the $6 million dollar legal fee payment, a payment that was illegal and contrary to longstanding Government indemnity policy, the act clearly states that those convicted of crimes receive no such legal fee financial relief, yet two lowly deputy ministers, one who had only been employed for one month granted/authorized this relief, with no apparent authorization from the cabinet minister in charge, that Minister being Mike De Jong, yet we know that cabinet had to clear this payment, another section of the indemnity act clearly states that no decisions of forgiveness of monies over $100,000  can be granted without explicit cabinet, and or cabinet minster approval..and there is also talk that Basi n Virk were given an extra  1 $million dollars personally to accept the plea deal, that money allegedly came from the BC Liberal party itself, call it a be silent, keep your mouth shut, I call it, "the gift of non-gab"...

Christy Clark, warts and all was still cluck clucking on cknw radio when the illegal tainted legal plea agreement was reached, yet i was listening to her show when the plea agreement was struck and announced on cknw, and I can tell you, I have never heard Christy Clark sound so giddy, giddy with excitement, or was that giddy with a sigh of relief..?

This is why we need a complete public inquiry, an inquiry where Gordon Campbell is forced to testify under oath, David Mclean, Bruce Clark, Christy Clark, Dave Basi and Bobby Virk, all those and a hundred more must testify under oath..

We need to know why Bruce Clark was given immunity, we need to know who he received that top secret cabinet information from..

Gerrand did the job that was asked of him, Christy Clark met with lobbyists, that`s true, however, those lobbyists and companies they represented won nothing, they lost the tainted bid process for BC Rail, BC Rail went to David Mclean, a company who`s main lobbyist was Patrick Kinsella, ...Patrick Kinsella who was working as a CN Rail lobbyist and employed by BC Rail, employed by both at the same time, he was also employed by Gordon Campbell, Patrick Kinsella(who is moving out of Canada) was also Gordon Campbell`s election campaign manager..

Patrick Kinsella needs to testify under oath in a BC Rail full public, judicial  inquiry..

Yes indeed, a full BC Rail inquiry is required, Bruce Clark is corrupt, Basi n Virk were corrupt, Gordon Campbell was corrupt, the whole damn BC Liberal party including Christy Clark is corrupt, a bunch of public cheese eating rats scurrying around trying to find a life-raft, and scapegoat..

Christy Clark has not been exonerated.

Gerrand completed his task, limited in scope as it was...We need to get to the bottom of this scandal and that won`t happen without a full judicial/public inquiry, if that means dragging Gordon Campbell from London England and Patrick Kinsella from Arizona so be it..

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...


Does Crusty send her child to private school or public?

Anonymous said...

Private, religious, school according to her.

A private school subsidized by taxpayers (as are most if not all of them).

Here I am a poor, agnostic taxpayer subsidizing a wealthy woman sending her child to private school.
(Pet peeve: public financing of private schools.)

She's stated she wants a "free" vote on the HST in the Legislature if she gets selected.

Which she wouldn't be able to vote on because she's not an MLA.

Anonymous said...

What a phony puke Cluck Cluck is ( I can see now how she got the nickname, lots of clucking but nothing of substance). Let's just hope that she wins the Liberal leadership vote because they'll be reduced to 2 seats or less in the next election when people get a load of her.

Gary E said...

Let's not forget how she labels voters who want to exercise their democratic right (recall) as terrorists or taliban or whatever.

cosmicsync said...

What exactly are you getting at wrt Bob Rennie?

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder if a lot of people in this province realize how sick our social dynamics really are. On one side you have a family whose mother and father both work minimum wage jobs and are never home just to make enough money for rent, whose children are lucky to eat kraft dinner and weiners every day and go to school hungry and cold so they can't learn, and never even dream about owning transportation of their own to get to those slave labour wage jobs (and hundreds of exmiddleclass joining their ranks daily regardless of how the government want to spin the employment numbers). On the other side you have Christy Clark ( whom I doubt has ever done an honest days work in her life and in fact has added more plight onto the aforementioned souls while in government) the Liberals and their Corporate Welfare Elite Friends who sit around on their useless asses and dream up new ways to screw the downtrodden, living in mansions, eating in fancy restaraunts (or have some slave cook diner at home for them),riding in lomos and fancy cars, while sending their kids to private school and all they want is more. It's a sick situation in BC right now. What's that you say Christy? Everthing is fine, let them eat cake!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but Christy is the biggest phoney; totally insincere. And she appears to be their star candidate; how sad is that. You can already tell that her rivals despise her the way they reacted to her idea of having an open vote on the HST. She will be in for a rough ride with that caucus.

Elwood said...

Grant, I told you that Mustel and Angus Reid are corporate shills that play with the numbers and then make them look good for the LIEberals. But you didn't listen.

Look at the Angus Reid poll today..... the NDP and the LIEberals equal? That was a staged poll for the MSM. It was planned all along by these people.

Meanwhile, the world's most accurate pollster, SCE Robbins, also put out a poll three days ago showing the NDP with a total of 42% to a total of 18% for the LIEberals. Now that's being honest and what I also hear on the street. He's not a paid corporate shill.

Why doesn't the MSM report that poll? Because they want to withhold the truth from all of us. That's why!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can remember a time when my daughter and Crusty were having a discussion about the minimum wage. They went back n forth for many minutes, and in the end all crusty would, or could say was, "Well its better then nothing". That was 5 years ago at the "Golden Spike Days in Port Moody. Then very soon after she left for Vancouver. What a waste. She should stay at home and watch the tv. What a waste of skin she is, and not an honest person to boot.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I believe Cristy Clark will crash & burn or I only hope that she does.
Regardless; she is shallow & an opportunist ; little else.
She has taken a leave of absence from CKNW leaving open a return (if she fails) to the limelight.
The more I thik about it the more repulsive she becomes! somewhat like my feelings about Mo Sihota!!

Tony G said...

Like maybe you guys should lighten up on the Cristy she`s tight with Patty G...Condo Bob and Mr. Munk. Dese are guys who play hardball.. ya don`t fool around wit dese guys...some pretty powerful people...hey..dey want da Cristy..they gonna get da Cristy. They love Cristy then Da marks gonna love the Cristy.`s written!

Crankypants said...

Grant, I believe that the vote held in the spring session was to eliminate the Social Services Tax(PST). As a matter of fact, I believe in one of your earlier posts you brought up the fact that Hansen signed us on to the HST with the feds before the issue even began to be debated in the Legislature.

As a person who wishes to see the BC Liberal Party suffer the same fate as the BC NDP Party did in 2001, I am glad Christy entered the fray. Stillwell, Abbott, Falcon and DeJong were creating about as much excitement as watching paint dry. They seemed to be trying their best to not make any waves, much as if they are running as a team, rather than competing for the privilege of being called Premier. Christy's entry should ignite some fireworks and with that begin to create some animosity within the party. Remember, the Libs are a coalition of pretty much anything right of centre one can find with the only objective being to keep the socialist hordes from the gates. Provincially they are nothing more than a coalition of the federal versions of the Liberals and Conservative/Reform Parties.

I think that if anyone can drive a wedge in this seemingly cohesive group, it is Christy. She will attempt to emulate Gordon Campbell's successful coup over Gordon Wilson, but her path will not be nearly as easy. Kevin Falcon, or Gordo II, ascribes to the same credo. I suspect that the meltdown we witnessed by the NDP Party recently will seem to be nothing more than an earth tremor, when compared to the earthquake that is about to erupt in the Liberal camp.

It will be interesting to see if the MSM gives as much coverage to the pending implosion of the Liberals as they have to the recent rancor of the NDP. As leadership races go, this one could well be one for the ages, and the collateral damage may well prove to be of gigantic proportions.


rashid1891 said...
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rashid1891 said...

Why doesn't the MSM report that poll? Because they want to withhold the truth from all of us. That's why!!!!

Anonymous said...

nevermind new sensation...her platform should be the new adventures of old christine! bwahaha!

S. David Lalonde said...

Polls are skewable depending on the questions, the order of the questions, the order of the proposed answers, the tone of the questioner, the intended/expected outcome of the surveyor, etc. Given a quick perusal of Glenn P. Robbins website I'd say he is a left-wing shill of the NDP, and his polls and their bent demonstrate this directly.

Tom Cantley said...

I have better idea rather then eliminate the social services tax why not eliminate the social services. As for the retard who has a problem with private schools being financed by public dollars think how I feel paying school taxes when Ive chosen to not have any kids. Basically Im paying for your kids to go to school and drop out at 16 fair???

Grant G said...

Well Tom Cantley....You are also paying to for Basi/Virk to go to work and watch TV...

You are paying to lock up murderers, I haven`t killed anyone..Is that Fair?

Your argument fails...The Province giving money to the private doesn`t save you even $1 dollar.

How it works...There is a per-pupil-funding program....If a family opts for a private school, the Province gives the school the per-pupil-funding amount, then the parents pay a premium over and above that amount...

That takes money from the public school...

Let elaborate...If a single public school loses 10 students out of 400....The school loses roughly $80 thousand dollars...But the public school still needs it`s teachers, it`s janitor, light and hydro bill....

The formula is flawed, before Campbell screwed up public education it was a block funding formula.

Try doing a little research...I don`t like paying Plutonic power or Ecana gas millions of dollars when I use none of their products.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking her kids go to an independent school, not a private school. If this is the case, I believe the funding from the province is much different.

Anonymous said...

all liberal goverments prov. or fed. are a coalition of egotists.

Anonymous said...

Christy is a loser. Family values...BS

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

She is now using our tax dollars to put forward plans to alow free parking in parks, but there is no plan to remove the meters... thats because if she wins in point Grey she will reinstate the parking fees and increase the rates as well.
Cristy cluk Campbell is just another disgusting politician waiting to twist the knife in our backs!

Anonymous said...

She used to be the head of the most corrupt Ministry, the so-called Ministry of Children and Family Development aka the Ministry of Destruction. That should tell you everthing. She learned a lot while there about spinning lies and faking concern for families.

Anonymous said...

she really is bitter disappointment not that I vote Liberal......but I have gotten way leaner during her term as premier while she has expanded to the point of morbid obesity

she looks and acts as crooked as the day is long tim she got long down thee road enough of her empty promises

J. Galbraith

Anonymous said...

she really is an idiot fat frumpy bed hopping toad

time for her to pack herself longgggggggg down the road