Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Keith Baldrey,Michael Smyth,Sean Leslie,STOOGES

This article was posted by me March 14th/2010......9 years ago...Today, February 13th/2019...Vaughn Palmer finally reported on the crimes the BC Liberals foisted on BC Hydro ratepayer..and wild salmon....the thing is..Where was Vaughn Palmer a decade come I knew, Norm Farrell....but Vaughn Palmer legislative reporter didn't?...Vaughn did Bill Good and Keith Baldrey..and Michael Smyth...they all knew of the IPP run of river crimes..Those stooges had their Canwest(now Post Media) corporate marching orders..and they had their heads firmly stuck up Gordon Campbell's asshole....Here is what Palmer reported tonight(Feb/13/2019)

Not just me...and Norm Farrell....John Calvert wrote a book on these crimes 2007..Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold

Energy Privatization in British Columbia

By John Calvert  
"John Calvert shows how BC’s successful public energy system is being supplanted by a deregulated private electrical system. This will effectively transfer control of the system to private interests. It will also expose BC ratepayers to the risks and uncertainties associated with the United States energy market as BC’s system in gradually integrated into the larger Pacific northwest transmission grid–a grid largely controlled by US energy corporations."


Vaughn Palmer..Keith Baldrey..Bill Good..Sean Leslie....Michael Smyth...STOOGES

Three individuals who have betrayed the public, three legislative reporters who are negligent in their duty to report facts, three stooges who I believe have financial motivation to not disclose serious information to the tax paying public.

What am I talking about, I`m talking about IPPs,private power buying contracts, these three individuals are well aware of Gordon Campbell`s obsession to privatize our public power, back in 2002 Gordon Campbell by cabinet order made it illegal for BC Hydro to generate new power sources with the exception of upgrading existing heritage power sources, other than upgrades BC Hydro was shut out, Gordon Campbell said that all new power must come from private IPPs.

And it`s my opinion that these legislative reporters knowing how stubborn and obtuse Gordon Campbell is, rather than report the probable negative results from these actions,they decided to buy in to private power IPPs, it`s no secret that Naikun Power and especially Plutonic power`s new directors and staff are almost all former BC Liberals from the Gordon Campbell administration, and of course Keith Baldrey,Sean Leslie and Michael Smyth are aware of this, yet they never ever report it, don`t you think this is something the public has a right to know? I DO!.....(read about all the BC Liberals that have gone to work for Plutonic Power here)

Of course Sean Leslie,Keith Baldrey,Vaughn Palmer,Michael Smyth must be familiar with or have met at one time or another all these BC Liberals that are now working for Plutonic power?

It would very alarming if these legislative reporters bought stock in these IPPs and for whatever reasons failed to report the whole story, that would be negligence or worse, indeed that would be SHOCKING, I don`t know for sure if they have bought stock in these companies,I am attempting to find out.

Here`s the deal, Gordon Campbell and his government have lied so many times I have lost track, from selling BC Rail,tearing up contracts, and even very recently with the HST lie,the budget deficit lie, and all the social cuts they have made, lie after lie after lie, every MLA from the Campbell government are complicit in the lies, yet no matter how many times Gordon Campbell lies every time Gordon Campbell comes up with another statement or plan those above individuals act like it`s the truth, they act like Gordon Campbell is trustworthy, you know friends,if you are in a court of law and you lie once and get caught the court can dismiss anything further statements you make as lies, but if you lied over and over again the court would tell the jury to disregard any statements from the said liar.

But that`s not the case with legislative reporters, it`s a tight knit group in Victoria, and if those legislative reporters are aware of the mass exodus from Government present and former all heading to Plutonic power and Naikun the above legislative reporters should know that the fix is in, because that`s what it is, a fix.

Today on the Sean Leslie show Sean compared IPPs to the forestry industry, Sean said that private forestry companies sell lumber to the USA so is that any different than private IPPs selling electricity to the USA, that is the most ridiculous argument I have ever heard,of course Sean Leslie had on the head of Citizens for Green power, a BC Liberal front group promoting IPPs.......,IPPS are big donors to the BC Liberals, in fact they have donated roughly $1 million dollars since 2002 to the BC Liberals, Sean Leslie also had on a spokesperson for Citizens for public power, but from the listening I did,Sean Leslie was in full support for IPPs and argued in favour and agreement with Bruce Sanderson from citizens for green power.

I want to discuss the phony argument Sean Leslie made, where he said what`s the difference between IPPs selling electricity to the USA and private forestry companies selling lumber to the USA......Listen up Sean Leslie.......Private forestry companies don`t have the BC government guarantee a price for their logs triple the going rate for 30 years, that`s the difference, forestry companies get paid what the market will bear, they have no guarantees, if the price collapses forestry companies lose money, if the price of lumber skyrockets they can make money,there are no guarantees,NONE.....Where as the IPPs, the only way they can get money to build the power generation on our rivers is if BC Hydro,an arm of the Provincial Government gives them a 30 to 40 year guaranteed price, once they have the contract they go to the banking world and borrow money and build, there are no private companies(IPPs) that use their own money to build power generation, if they had to use their money,had no lucrative guarantee,had to go fend for themselves on the spot electrical market, they wouldn`t be here at all! So for Sean Leslie and citizens for green power trying to use that comparison, the comparison of private forestry to private power, my god, that just reeks of desperateness!

Presently the spot market for electricity is about $40 to $50 dollars,yet BC Hydro has signed deals for $120 dollars for this power, BC Hydro cannot refuse to buy this power,once they sign the contract they have to buy the power for that price, yet all this IPP power is for export, so what happens when we sell it.

If we buy power for $120 dollars and sell it for $40 dollars we lose a fortune, and,the best electrical power forecasters in the game don`t believe electric prices to go that high for decades, in fact all of our top power traders have quit PowerX and gone to work for Morgan Stanley power trading division,these traders get performance bonuses for making BC Hydro/Government profits,no profit,no bonuses, so they left.quit,adios, the head traders were making 1/2 million dollar plus yearly pay cheques,why would they leave, because with trading losses there will be no bonuses. (read about the top BC power traders quiting PowerX and moving to Morgan Stanley here)

So I ask you faithful readers why Sean Leslie,Keith Baldrey, Michael Smyth,Vaughn Palmer, why have not one of those legislative reporters reported the obvious...

Sean Leslie,Michael Smyth,Keith Baldrey,Vaughn Palmer.....I have a question for you stooges...

What happens when we buy export power from Plutonic Power for $120 dollars and sell it for $40 dollars on the spot market? Well boys,what happens? Do we not lose lots of money?

You see friends, those 4 stooges can believe in their own mind that electricity will rise to that rate and above, anyone is entitled to a faith-based belief, but it is the responsilbility of the legislative reporters to tell all of BC what happens if the spot market doesn`t rise up, since their silence is deafening let me fill you on what will happen, We lose our shirts boys,that`s what happens.

So when these legislative reporters fail to inform the public I get suspicious, I get the feeling that they have bought into these companies looking for a killing,a killing at the expense of the BC Taxpayer, that`s what I think.

And I can hear their arguments already, Sean Leslie and the spokesperson touched on it today on his Sunday show, they said, states like California are mandated to buy 33% of their power from Green renewable power sources by 2020, well, that may well be true, but here in lies the rub, all 4 of those stooges are aware of the fact that the California senate has ruled that these mega run of river projects in BC are not green, the environmental footprint,habitat destruction and fish hydrology problems are too large for these projects to be considered Green Energy,and my dear friend bitter Brian has called into the Sean Leslie show and the cutting ledge show on Fridays and said as much about the ruling from the California Senate!(read about the California senate rejecting big run of river projects here)

Yet Sean Leslie,Michael Smyth,Keith Baldey,Vaughn Palmer,not one of those legislative reporters have told the public about the ruling by the California senate,to my recolection,if they have I have never seen it,California senate has stated that Hydro electric renew ables must be 30 megawatts or less, some of the run of river projects in BC are over 1000 megawatts, they divert multiple river systems for miles, hundreds of miles of roads,thousand of miles of transmission lines, dozens if not hundreds of bridges, fish bearing streams diverted into pipes full of turbines which means certain death to fish, fish that bears,eagles, and the whole eco system relies on.

So Keith Baldrey,Vaughn Palmer,Sean Leslie,Michael Smyth, how come none of you legislative reporters have told the public about the ruling from the California senate?How come indeed?

Sean Leslie, how is a guaranteed price for 30 to 40 years from the taxpayers of BC at triple the going spot electrical market the same as private forestry companies selling at the world lumber price that goes up and down,look how well our forestry companies are doing, Chinese imports have crushed the price of lumber,the housing market in the USA is flat,we have lost 30,000 thousand forestry jobs under Gordon Campbell, what would happen Sean Leslie if the BC government guaranteed triple the going rate for lumber for private forestry companies for decades, would we not be losing a fortune Sean Leslie?

Let me answer that question for you....Of course we would lose a fortune, are you that stupid Sean Leslie? Or do you have another motive for promoting IPPs without telling the public of the inherent risk?

And lets look at the Bute inlet proposed Green Renewable power project Sean Leslie.

Lets see, 17 fish bearing streams being diverted into pipes for miles and miles,pipes with turbines in them,gee Sean,that doesn`t sound too fish friendly does it? 450 kilometers of transmission lines, 320 kilometers of roads, 16 power houses, substations, over a hundred bridges, all in a pristine area full of bears,eagles all relying on fish to survive, is that Green power Sean? Will California buy that power for a premium?

Here is the deal stooges, California won`t pay a premium for power that isn`t green renewable power, that means we will lose a fortune on this power, and there is that other little problem all of you stooges have failed to mention, this run of river power comes on line in the spring freshet, guess what boys, that is when hydro electric demand is at its lowest in California, they`re not running their air conditioners then, and that is the same time that all of BC Hydro`s dams are full of water, historically that is the time of year when electricity is at its cheapest.

But you failed to agree with your guest from Citizens for PUBLIC power when she brought that up today, why is that Sean, have you and you fellow legislative reporters got something going on?(read how big the so-called Green IPP in Bute is here)

And lets wrap this up with one more little tid-bit, Sean Leslie,you had Blair Leckstrom on today, and all you did was bob your head in agreement, no tough questions, no nothing, Blair Leckstrom continued the Government spin about BC being a net importer of power, well guess what Sean Leslie, the top traders at POWERX made us a fortune every year trading power, they let our heritage dams fill with water, and Alberta that has gas powered electricity that doesn`t shut off,in the middle of the night theAlberta power and Montana power is dirt cheap, there is no demand at that time of day, so insted of using our dam power we buy that dirt cheap and leave our heritage dam power for when we can charge a big buck to California,like at dinner time or summertime when their air conditioners are running,it`s a win win situation for BC Hydro,but not no more,now we know why the top-traders at PowerX left.

And there`s more, Blair Leckstrom in saying we are a net importer of power,fails to mention the Columbia treaty power we could use,or the Teck Comenco power that is exported, because in Fact Sean Leslie we are a net exporter of power.There are so many domestic sources of Hydro Electric power that have been omitted from the tally, the bottom line stooges, we are a net exporter of power,(read about the export/import debate here

That my friends is why I started this post telling you about the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell,the premier has lied and lied and lied some more,and yet the 4 stooges have forgotten about all those lies and say, well Gordon Campbell must be telling the truth this time!
So I ask you 4 stooges, what kind of game are you playing, what is in it for you, how much IPP stock have you bought? How deep are you guys in? Is that why all four of you have failed to report any of these facts to the public?

So friends,faithful readers, why aren`t our legislative reporters telling us the truth, why the con, they are entitled to believe what they want, but they also have a responsibility to tell all BCers the facts,all the facts,not cherry pick and obfuscate and repeat the lies of the Campbell administration! If anyone wants to hear Sean Leslie making a fool out of himself comparing lucrative power buying contracts from IPPs guaranteed by the BC Government to private forestry selling lumber to the USA . (listen here on the cknw audio vault,cue up 3:00PM Sunday,March 14th)

I don`t know what is going on friends, either the entire media is in on some plot to deceive or a select bunch of insiders are selling out average BC folks down the river for personal gain, I know nothing for sure except all the facts above, if it doesn`t make sense it isn`t true! All of the above is an opinion piece,I don`t know if those 4 have bought stock in IPPs, but all the other facts with links are true, and the part about Gordon Campbell being an Habitual Liar is true,you decide. What other possible reason could there be for those legislatives reporters to not report the above facts?

The deletion of facts, the denial, the obfuscation, the non-existent reporting from the four Stooges is "Deafening" and that speaks volumes to me!

The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Crankypants said...

The green energy plan brought forward by Campbell will be nothing but a financial disaster for the citizens of BC. Buy high and sell low has never been the credo of any successful enterprise in the past and will fare no better going forward.

When it comes to the media, it seems that the only reporters that are willing to step out and question the status quo are online and therefore unheard or unread by the majority of the citizenry of BC.

Those of us that will actually take the time to tell our friends that black is black still face the uphill battle brought forth by the mainstream media who seem to be trying to convince the populace that black is really white.

The future of British Columbia looks bleak if it has any future at all, and a good portion of that can be attributed to the ambivalence of the mainstream media and the citizens themselves.

jaydee said...

Grant G. Thankyou never seems to be enough but again thankyou for all this hard work.
This is where we need to be, clean up the media, we cannot move forward and take B.C. back with the lying and lack of reporting practised by B.C.'s privately owned media. Without a free unbiased press, B.C. is a classic case of a democracy lost to a dictatorship.
The pro-B.C. Liberal Greens are another real problem, all they want is to get elected and in doing it by bad-mouthing the NDP and taking votes away from them (I say NDP only because they are the only electable second party) and by backing Campbell they have played a major role in destroying our province.
Of all the huge government Campbell has created only 3 people Gordon Campbell, Margaret MacDiarmid, minister of education! and has-been unemployed, man-in-waiting Wally Oppal, lawman! have still refused to declare their holdings, another law broken. What are they hiding? It would not surprise me to see the MSM making money on Campbell's 'deals', and the Aspers, talk show hosts, TV news teleprompt readers/hosts, how else could Campbell get such an obliging bunch, and the ones who don't prosper can't speak up because they would lose their jobs. Much like insider trading. I do not believe the 4 stooges or any of the MSM really believe in anything they preach, they don't even try to fake it, but I do believe they will "know" when to bail out. We have a mob-ruled, lawless province, a broken justice system which is a huge draw for organized crime, drugs are a huge business, high end car sales and high end housing all contribute to Campbell's (false) economy. So-called white collar crime is huge in B.C. too.
We cannot continue to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Campbell will stay on and Carole will lose again, probably a nice person and honest but she can't compete with the media which has the voters brain-washed. I think the NDP could win but only with a new face. The Greens will do what the Greens do best, support Campbell again, and are the (B.C.) Conservatives really Conservatives or Liberals. The voting system does not reflect the vote. Campbell does all his big business in foreign countries, Germany, the U.S., China, what's in it for him that would be much easier done in a foreign country.
I believe we must focus on the media.

Anonymous said...

Again sir, you are spot on. These cowards are kneeling in front of gordo, mouthes open, expecting a treat. They have lowered themselves to another level. They lie, cheat, and protect this druggie. He will pay them off in the near future. Senator Bill G, you are included in with these clowns also. YOu like them lie so much and defend this little creep. Ask him hard ass questions, not the softball lobs you throw. You all make me sick, and a po on all your houses! If you had any balls, debate the man here. Come on people of BC, take back your province before gordo sells it for more booze and women.

Kam Lee

Kam Lee

Evil Eye said...

It is what to be expected, BC's mainstream media is bought and sold like a common whore, but a common whore at least has some scruples.

The truth has been denies or ignored so often that it doesn't exist. The MSM is complicit with Campbell and his lies by reporting them as truthfully news stories.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Joseph Goebbels

This is Campbell's modus operandi, this is how BC is run!

kootcoot said...

You forgot Vaughn Palmer, Les Leyne, Gary Mason, and of course Kirk LaPointe and Lucinda Chodan - who rarely have a byline, but decide just what is important enough to be covered at all.

Marc Jaccard has been making a jackass of himself lately extolling the benefits of Rape of River power and lying about BC's net importer status. He also dismisses the idea that the Liars agenda is privatization of BC Hydro, in spite of the amount of their business that has ALREADY been shunted off too such great protectors of the public interest as Anderson....ooops....Accenture.

JackCard points out that BC Hydro wouldn't be investing in all the upgrades (Revelstoke, the deal with Cominco-Teck re: Waneta etc.)if that were the case. Right pal, that's what the "Shock and Awe" Reich Wing neo-cons always like to do with public assets before handing them off to their buddies - I mean making their buddies pay for such improvements would be so mean and so un-necessary when the tax-payers are so happy to make things all shiny on their own dime.

As always:

Privatize Profits - Socialize Risk

Gary E said...

I would like to ask everyone this. Have you noticed that your winter hydro bill is much higher this year?
I installed wood heat this year, virtually eliminating all my electrical heat. I heat the water on the wood stove for most things. Changed the bulbs to those new fangled little twisty things. And we turn the lights out if they are not needed. We don't have TV and this computer is shut off when not in use. Yet my hydro bill went up by at least 22%.
And they are looking for another 33% to pay for this ridiculous scheme that the chief liar conjured. We in BC are in fact paying out of our pockets, California's electrical bill.
And guess what folks, the HST is coming. So we can make the increase about 40%.
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Grant - A new Angus Reid Strategies poll is out today about approval ratings for all premiers in Canada.

King Gordo is now tied for 4th place in approval with freshman NDP premier Darrell Dexter of Nova Scotia. We do need to get rid of the three stooges ASAP!!!

Grant G said...

1:35 PM...I wouldn`t worry too much about that poll..there are 10 premiers...

Mcguinty is hated in Ontario..

Stelmach is toast in Alberta..

Shawn Graham is done like dinner in New Brunswick.

Danny Williams is loved in New Foundland.

Sask...NDP has good support.

So 4th place for Gordocchio scum.

That puts him at 25% support.

Gordoh is sooooo done, watch Campbell wipe out his entire party on the way out.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why Tony Parsons left global,he couldn't take watching them take us for a ride,so I'm waiting for chec tv, tonight is his first night on the news ,I hope they start reporting on some of the scams going on and I've heard he's a good friend of Oberfeld,could make for some interesting times in B.C. wonder if the lieberals are worried?

Curt said...

To Gary E
I too experienced the increase in hydro costs for our house, so you're not the only one. And the two tier crap is bull$$hit too. If people looked at their bills, I'm sure they would be surpised at what they're charged and the different charges on the bill. Same goes for natural gas. Carbon tax of 23.00 on what we pay. So when the HST comes in, LOOK OUT PEOPLE. More tax and tax on tax on levy, on ... and the list goes on.
I know I sure in hell didn't vote for the lying, corrupt bunch in Victoria.

jaydee said...

PAB was very busy today, I was switching between the 3 tv news channels and happened to be back at Global when AGT came on, sounding ever so much like a left winger who cares and not a right wing developer, agreeing with the (union) electricians that there is a problem with the wiring in some of the Oly venues....His appearance came complete with his blogspot displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, was quickly followed by Gregor almost sounding like a madman ranting there is no electric problems and there were no safety matters occurring during the Olys, says the used to be left winger wing nut. Looks like the ruling mob would rather have people, IF THEY MUST, going to a safe political blog than one that tells the whole story, factually and honestly, both sides. Go Grant go.

Anonymous said...

Grant - you have excellent political acumen.

A new Harris Decima poll today showed that 65% of Canadians identify themselves with the "Centre" in terms of political ideology.

Another 18% identify themselves with the "right".

Only 6% identify themselves with the "left".

Will this hurt us in trying to oust the habitual liar criminal Gordo in the next election? I get a little worried when I read stuff like this.

PS. Since you have a more popular blog than AGT and City Caucus and these guys give their spin on the news, why don't you also get on the 6 o'clock news to counter balance these right wing nut jobs?!

Grant G said...
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Grant G said...

Federal polls are meaningless,lets be perfectly clear, there is no difference between the federal Liberals and the federal Conservatives.

Just look, they both shoved the HST down our throats,they both have slashed corporate taxes,neither will go after the tar sands, both parties are weak on crime,especially their own crime, they are both loading the senate with slugs.

Keith Martin was on the Sean Leslie show on Saturday,and guess what,Federal Liberal Keith Martin was promoting medical tourism in BC.

Elizabeth May for the Green party merely wants money and fame,she is a clueless!

The only choice is the Federal NDP/:Layton,yet Layton won`t win the next election,so federally all we can hope for is minority Liberal or minority Conservative government,god help us if either gets a majority.

Out here in BC, Campbell and the Liberals are done,I`m waiting for the next provincial poll,my guess is Campbell has dropped even lower.


Grant G said...

Bernard Schulmann wrote an accurate assessment of the political situation in BC,the shift has happened,BC Liberals are finished, I am not a Schulmann fan,he likes fish farms,polluting industry,but he is politically astute,Schulmann like me can taste the political wind,he knows that Gordon Campbell is finished,there is no recovery.

But as for Baldrey,Smyth and Sean Leslie,palmer, they have a different motivation for promoting private power,I would bet my last dollar that they invested large in private power,it`s the only answer.The below adress,Schulmann is predicting 49 NDP seats to 29 Liberal seats in 2013

Crankypants said...

Mr. Schulmann may want to revise his predictions. He seems to be short about 7 ridings. Personally, I'd like to see the BC Liberals tally in the single digit territory, but as long as they get their collective asses kicked then our province may still have a chance to recover from the last 9 years of draconian governance.


Anonymous said...

Grant, Schulmann stated that his prognostication would change - "There are 101 one things that could happen that could change everything, a change of leaders".

Are you saying that the habitual liar Gordo and washed up Carole will continue to be leaders in the 2013 election??!

Grant G said...

There is no recovery from these numbers in the latest Angus Reid poll..23% approval rating for Campbell, so much for an Olympic bounce..

In fact Liberal Governments across Canada are oh so toasted!

isn`t that funny,cknw never ever mention polls when they show Gordon Campbell and his party swimming with the fishes.LOL LOL...You can`t recover from those numbers.


kootcoot said...

"Federal Liberal Keith Martin was promoting medical tourism in BC."

Birdbrain Pizza Face Falcon was on CBC's Almanac this afternoon, waxing about how medical tourists could take advantage of the "under-utilized" capacity in our system. If I were the husband who called in because his wife has been waiting on critical (not so-called elective) cardiac surgery, I would be inclined to strangle him by the neck through which blood flows to supply the "under-utilized" birdbrain.

Yer local PsychoArtic case

Rob said...

I knew this news would bring you out of the woodwork. Ten years later, the investigation must have had rigor mortis.

Anonymous said...

Thing that pisses me off enormously is that I can no longer comment on any site without the permission of some America jewish controlled editor site.
What's left? Nothing.
We can't examine history because it is completely against the law. And from that is encompassed all the shit we do have to believe in or go to prison or be absolutely murdered in real life. What kind of choice is that?